Chapter 136: Five Spirits Magic Sarira

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“This is really the Daoist Master Qiankun?” Shi Yuan asked, surprised.

“It is written very clearly on the front.” Su Xing indicated towards that slab of a stone monument in the room. Written upon it from the beginning were the two words “A Chance.” Below were an additional few rows of inscriptions. The characters carved on the stele wound and twisted, written in a forceful hand. It showed the carver’s capabilities that were at the pinnacle of perfection, and the stele’s inscription was not carved with any sort of tool. When the pen flowed, it flowed smoothly, as if Cang Jie1 were creating characters, profound and mysterious.

Wu Xinjie looked and nodded. The “Wind Divine Carving”2 of the legendary Four Styles School founder Qiankun’s Four Styles Refinement was comprehended to the highest levels.

Everyone curiously looked at the inscriptions.

The inscription was written thus:

Bagua sets the Qiankun, Four Styles all same schools.

The mundane enters my gatekeeper, the heart’s wisdom births chance.

Sarira3 confers wisdom root, Creative Heaven Astral Winds4 bestowed.

This secret raises Four Styles, Our Self passes to eternity.

The inscription was very short, yet the meaning was completely simple. More or less it said, “As long as the Four Styles School disciples undid the Bagua, then This Daoist Master’s tomb could be found. After that time, because of the heart’s wisdom and resourcefulness of that disciple, a chance would be obtained. This Daoist Master will grant unto him a sarira, presenting to him the Qian Heaven Astral Winds. Use this Daoist name to raise This Sect. Our Self can serve contributions of a thousand years, fame leaving behind these annals.”

Wu Xinjie explained.

This really was the Daoist Master’s resting place.

“Ah? What kind of things are the sarira and the Creative Heaven Astral Winds?” Shi Yuan was muddled.

“Is it this?” Lin Yingmei said as she all of a sudden pointed at the skeleton that died sitting.

Su Xing and the rest shifted their gazes over and discovered after a search that an azure pearl was hidden on the skeleton. It was like jade yet not like jade, like stone yet not like stone. Su Xing held it in his hand, and he suddenly thought of something. From his person, he took out another pearl that bore a close resemblance, just that it was red in color.


Su Xing looked at Wu Xinjie.

“Though Xinjie has heard of Buddhist Sariras, but those are multi-colored. They are not like this.” The Knowledge Star did not understand.

The Efficacious Star suddenly recalled something, shouting in amazement: “Could it be that Five Spirits Magic Sarira??” The Efficacious Star seemed considerably shocked.

“Five Spirits Magic Sarira?” Wu Xinjie was blank.

Seeing that everyone was baffled, An Suwen swallowed and explained: “The Five Spirits Magic Sarira is a legendary tool refinement master’s highest product. The most top-notch tool refinement master on his deathbed can urge the True Flame in his body to concentrate the best feature of his body into a single piece. This is the Five Spirits Magic Sarira. This kind of Five Spirits Magic Sarira is made with the heart blood of a top-notch tool refinement master, and it could be said to be an item anyone would yearn for day and night.”

Of course, this sort of Five Spirits Magic Sarira was not that easy to find. Only those pinnacle tool refinement masters that willingly produced it could work, and in the case this tool refinement master did produce it, then he would have reached the end of his life. It could be said that the tool refinement master traded his life for it, and it would not necessarily be produced every time.

The Five Spirits Magic Sarira was even more legendary than the Buddhist Sarira. Once, the Crystal Dragon King’s Palace came out with a Five Spirits Magic Sarira, and its worth in gold was more than a hundred billion liang!

When Su Xing finished listening, he was shocked: “Isn’t that saying this type of sarira could change a rookie into a tool refinement scholar?”

“Besides tool refinement skill not at the level of a great scholar’s, using it for a tool refinement’s pinnacle True Flame is very much on the level of a great scholar.” Wu Xinjie said. A tool refinement master’s True Flame needed to accumulate a hundred years be able to refine a Five Spirits Magic Sarira. Its power naturally could be imagined.

“How very defiant of the natural order.” Su Xing clicked his tongue.

“So terrifying. Then Su Xing can become a great scholar after refining it?” Shi Yuan blinked, somewhat excited.

“Is this also a Five Spirits Magic Sarira?” Su Xing held up the red pearl and asked.

This piece was obtained from Yuchi Qingshan, meaning he also was a peak tool refinement scholar.

An Suwen examined it and drew in a breath of cold air. She looked at Su Xing in disbelief: “Big Brother, you perhaps are this world’s most envied person. This is a Five Spirits Magic Sarira. From the color, it seems to be ‘Fire type.’”

“The Daoist Master Qiankun’s is wind?”


“With things like this, Master having two sariras of “Fire” and “Wind” is equivalent to a tool refinement scholar.” Yan Yizhen stared blankly.

“However, refining it requires time. But if Big Brother wants to master the Four Styles Refining, it can actually save much time.” An Suwen said. If they proceeded, Su Xing’s Five Styles would have the three types of “Earth,” “Fire,” and “Wind.” If only he mastered “Water” and “Thunder,” then it would be settled. The form was not just very good, it was a major good.

“And where is that Creative Heaven Astral Wind Art?” Lin Yingmei asked.

“Right under your nose.”

Su Xing looked all around the walls. The complex and cryptic relief sculptures like tadpoles on the wall were densely packed and decorated the entire room.

“Everything on these?” Shi Yuan’s eyes spun. “He made things so troublesome and for what.”

“This also is probably a test.” Wu Xinjie guessed. The Bagua mechanism of a tomb hidden underground or the Bagua Terror Inflicting Array just now, perhaps the Daoist Master Qiankun wanted to choose someone that, regardless of the root of wisdom, was a disciple whose capabilities that were outstanding to inherit his Creative Heaven Astral Winds. In addition, the characters on this wall were the final hoop. If these writings were ignored, even if the Five Spirits Magic Sarira was obtained, it could not display its effects.

To Su Xing, this was not a difficult problem.

The Heart Like Mirror Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique broke, and those complex characters were projected into his ocean of consciousness. In an instant, the incantation upon it appeared line by line. Su Xing hurriedly memorized it, discovering that besides the Creative Heaven Astral Winds secret, the entire room’s script had additionally hidden an “Innate Qiankun Escape Technique.”5

“Disciple Su Xing, though the Four Styles School cannot guarantee that it can bring you to the height of your development, it will exhaust everything it can.”6

Su Xing carefully bowed towards the Daoist Master Qiankun three times with his arms held in front of him. The Daoist Master Qiankun putting so much consideration into this had made him moved.

After reigniting the Longevity Lamps in this grave, only then did Su Xing and the girls leave this quiet tomb.

Just as they left, the Daoist Master Qiankun’s remains turned to dust. As if his wish was satisfied, he did not leave even the slightest trace.

Coming out of the Bagua Diagram, it was just like a century had passed. Su Xing slightly sighed. Originally, he only wanted to let Wu Xinjie sound out the difficulties and retreat after finding how things really were, but who would have that not only did they accidentally find the Daoist Master Qiankun’s tomb, they also obtained the Heaven and Wind Relics as well as the Heaven and Wind Arts, the Innate Qiankun Escape Technique. Even more gratifying was that An Suwen’s Essence Swallowing Dragons also finally reached more than a hundred fifty in number.

“How was it, Su Xing. Solving the labyrinth has brought many benefits.” Shi Yuan excitedly said. “This time, Sister Xinjie and I can go all out, right!”

Su Xing was just about to reply when an escape light shook straight from the sky. The girls immediately entered the Star Nest upon seeing this, and Su Xing inwardly said, “Shit,” still deferentially going up to greet him.

“It’s you!”

The one who came was not just anyone, but precisely the Four Styles School Headmaster, the Daoist Master Xuantian

“How are you here?”

The Daoist Master Xuantian’s eyes revealed confusion.

“Disciple passed by this place and thought something happened when he saw two senior brothers fall asleep, thus Disciple entered the tomb.” Su Xing said.

Only when the Daoist Master Xuantian sensed a difference in the Qiankun Tomb did he rush over, and hearing Su Xing’s explanation, sure enough, the mountain guarding disciples had fallen asleep.

“Do you not know this is a forbidden area?” The Daoist Master Xuantian wrinkled his brow.

“A brief moment of anxiety made Disciple forget. Disciple willingly accepts punishment.” Su Xing sincerely said.

“What did you find?” The Daoist Xuantian did not acknowledge but asked another question.

Su XIng shook his head, “Disciple did not dare blaspheme and did not stop over for long.”

“En. In the future, make no further mention of this matter. Go back first. Afterwards, there will not be anything special. Entering the forbidden area of the Qiankun Mound, excusing the fact that you are a disciple that has just entered the school, this incident will be overlooked. Do not do this again.”

“Disciple solemnly obeys these instructions.” Su Xing repeatedly thanked. Just as he prepared to leave, the Daoist Master Xuantian suddenly recalled something, saying. “Su Xing, follow This Headmaster a while.”

Su Xing was puzzled and saw the Daoist Master Xuantian struck his magic energy to rouse the sleeping disciples. His riding sword then flew towards Pure Heart Peak, which Su Xing followed.

“Su Xing, how are your recent tool refinement studies? Have you encountered difficult problems?”

The Daoist Master Xuantian’s voice that was neither too fast nor too slow appeared in Su Xing’s ears.

“Many thanks for Headmaster’s concern. Master has treated Disciple very well.”

“En.” The Daoist Master Xuantian’s tone was profound: “Ever since you arrived, This Headmaster has not been this lively in a very long time.”

“Disciple has been unreasonable.” Su Xing knew he was speaking of the matters these past few days. He had heard that Ruan Hongxue was the Daoist Master Xuantian’s granddaughter. He had bullied her like that, so he did not know whether or not that uncivilized girl went and grumbled to the Headmaster.

The Daoist Master Xuantian did not show any intent to take anything out on Su Xing. His face carried a slight smile, seemingly as if he was somewhat lamenting while brimming with a trace of joy: “The sect has always needed a little energy, so long as everything is within the old generation.” This Headmaster did not know if he was in his declining years and saw many things had opened.  

“With regards to the matter of Hongxue, she is indeed too tsundere. Your chastisement was very correct.”

“Eh, Disciple does not dare do it the next time!”

“No need to be this reserved, This Headmaster actually wanted to rely on you to correct her tsundere temperament. Ha, ha, ha, ha, her age is also not small anymore. If this Headmaster could obtain a grandson while he still had life, then that would be pretty good.”7

“Young Lord would not fancy that little girl at all.” Shi Yuan was displeased.

Su Xing blushed with shame, feeling that this Headmaster had the intent to act as a go-between.

The Daoist Master Xuantian very quickly flew to the Headmaster’s building and invited Su Xing to enter.

Su Xing did not know what he wanted to do, but the master of the magnificent Four Styles School was unlikely to hurt him.

The Headmaster’s Pavilion was decorated with an old elegance, and the Daoist Master Xuantian directly brought Su Xing to a secret room. He saw the bookshelfs inside this secret room crisscrossed, completely filled with books and works.

“This Headmaster sees your cultivation has reached Nebula Peak and should be entering Galaxy Stage.” The Daoist Master Xuantian only then stated his intent. He warmly smiled: “Su Xing, have you considered what Sword Art to cultivate? Although This Headmaster is declining, and neither is this a Sword Cultivating Great Sect, we have previously gathered many Sword Arts. You can choose any two from here to go practice.”

Su Xing was stunned.

“Although you have only entered this sect for ten days, This Daoist Master treats you like his own disciple. Since you are quickly about to reach Galaxy Stage, this Sword Art should be granted unto you by This Headmaster, as it should be by rights.”

Su Xing clearly understood.

It seemed this Four Styles School indeed was declining in power. He had not reached Galaxy Stage, yet he had roped in the Headmaster like this. If it was any other Great Sect, it would simply be a matter of he being under the banner of a master. How could he be worthy of a headmaster’s worry.

Thinking back to the Daoist Master Qiankun’s grave, Su Xing secretly sighed.

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  1. 倉頡, the one who created Chinese script
  2. 風神刻
  3. 舍利, the relic of a holy man’s corpse
  4. 乾天罡風
  5. 先天乾坤遁法
  6. Don’t know who is speaking this, but I believe it to be like an automated message by the Daoist Master Qiankun that directly addresses whomever managed to comprehend the technique.
  7. Yes, the Headmaster is asking for Su Xing to marry his granddaughter, Ruan Hongxue.


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