Chapter 145: Bitter Struggle

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Soul Devouring Bug??!1

Su Xing saw from that “Mountain and Sea Bug Record”2 of An Suwen’s a list of odd insects, which had an introduction for it. The Soul Devouring Bug and Essence Swallowing Dragon were similar. It was just that the specialized in eating minds and Divine Sense as well as handling cultivators with powerful Divine Intents Soul Devouring Bug was an extremely frightening and deadly existence. The Soul Devouring Bugs were close to a black cloud, where normal swords and spears would have difficulty piercing through, and common water and fire were seen as nothing.

However, controlling the Soul Devouring Bugs certainly not an easy matter. Because they originally could devour incorporeal Divine Intent, cultivators used Divine Intent and Essence Blood in vain to control them. Only cultivators that necessarily possessed extremely strong Demonic Intents could control them. This type of Demonic Intent was a type of “Who else is there but me” despotism, a deterrent. Franticness made the Soul Devouring Bugs fear him, otherwise, at an unfavorable position they would even eat the Divine Intent of the master they serve.

Only naturally, this Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was a monster.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon inherited the “Demonic Comprehension”3 skill of the Demon King of Chaos. He possessed an excellent understanding of every sort of Devil School cultivation method, and acted as the one the Heavenly Underworld Sect nurtured from youth to be a Star Master. From when he was little, he began to cultivate Devil Cults’ sinister and malicious Eighteen Layer Avici,4 cultivating layer by layer. An oppressive twenty years then created today’s insufferably arrogant  Holy Lord of Draconic Demon. This kind of tyranny would feel egotistical to others. No one was in his eyes, but to the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, this was power.

A kind of destructive power!

“See how you die!” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon sneered. Muttering in a low voice, the black smoke suddenly rushed forth. The towering Soul Devouring Bug army then buzzed, afterwards becoming an immense cloud of insects, violently rolling towards Su Xing.

“Hmph! Using bugs to scare people?” Su Xing saw this very terrifying bug cloud drop from the sky. Not only was he unafraid, on the contrary, after he snorted, he showed a bit of disdain.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon heard this and was not angry, but amused. His counterpart seemed to consider the Soul Devouring Bugs as ordinary Spirit Bugs, which truly was bringing about his own doom. Presumably, when the swarm of bugs fell onto his body, that would be the time he would meet a violent death. At that time, the cultivator’s Divine Intent would have been eaten clean, and he would be no different from a cripple.

Su Xing released a bolt of Blooming Water Divine Thunder, which sprayed out but brought about no results.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was even more pleased with himself.

Su Xing sneered on the inside. When the bug cloud came to cover him, he suddenly clenched his empty fist, and a scarlet sword appeared in his hand. This double-edged sword’s red light was dazzling, and the flame veins on the sword were vividly displayed. In the moment it appeared, the space around Su Xing’s whole body seemed to ignite, becoming incomparably red-hot.

“That is??” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was blank.

“Go!!” Su Xing saw the cloud of bugs cover from above, just on the verge, and the flames of the Astral Treasure Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword in his hand suddenly appeared. Then, countless Earthly Fire Snakes erupted out from the sword’s edge and veins. Shooting into the cloud of bugs converging from every direction, it was like a surging dragon rolling in the sky.

Soon after, popping sounds became a layer of countless bug corpses. Amidst the droning noise, they had been burnt to ash by the flames, without leaving a bit of slag.

These flames actually seemed to be like the nemesis of the Soul Devouring Bugs. The flying bugs originally were difficult to injure with Magic Weapons, and defeated by these flames, they simply had no way to resist in the slightest. Su Xing also had to thank An Suwen for that Mountain and Sea Bug Record, for Su Xing knew that though the Soul Devouring Bugs looked terrifying, they actually had a weak point, which was that they feared Clinging Fire. Fortunately, the Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword was exactly good in such situations.

When the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon witnessed this scene, he naturally was startled and furious to the extreme. His mouth hastily released a sharp cry.

The bug swarm heard it and immediately turned around to fly and escape.

How could Su Xing let go of the chance to burn clean away these Soul Devouring Bugs. Although the Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword’s Clinging Fire was powerful, one use nearly exhausted his Star Energy. How would there be such a good opportunity the next time. Throwing the Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword, the sword became countless threads that shot over and engulfed the bug swarm. Large quantities of the flying bugs continued to burn to ashes within the flames.

“Fuck your ancestors.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was terrified, roaring. These Soul Devouring Bugs were painstakingly cultivated with enormous and meticulous care. Nurturing them for more than ten years, only with great difficulty did he have more than fifty thousand to have the current scale. Burnt down like this, losing more than a ten thousand Soul Devouring Bugs, to tell the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon to not have any grief, when he returned to the sect, perhaps there would be no good fruit to eat.

The River Dragon Li Jun heard her master’s scream. Raising her head, she then saw the raging flames burning the sky. Immediately, she knew what had occurred and pointed the White Night Dragon Carving Sword without the slightest hesitation. Between the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon and Su Xing, the sea’s surface sprayed a hundred meter tsunami. This tsunami’s grandeur was extremely fierce, and although the Clinging Fire was ferocious, the River Dragon’s Star Magic was not easy to underestimate. She wanted to fight for time for her master to call back the Soul Devouring Bugs.

“Hè.” Yan Yizhen saw this and did not hesitate to attack with a fist.

Although she was already scarred all over, this fist went down with ample imposing air.

But this place was the Bo Sea.

The Longevity Star River Dragon’s domain!

The fierce dragon had not passed the river, and the hungry tiger had not descended the mountain. Star Magic activated, and several seawater dragon shapes then pounced at Yan Yizhen, however this was a Star Magic used under military force circumstances. The attacking sea dragon was far from being powerful enough. The maid staked all of her strength, her agile movements avoiding these Star Magics, arriving in front of Li Xiangfei in the blink of an eye. This was a Magic Energy Star General’s greatest weakness – they feared others getting close.


Li Xiangfei’s pupils dilated. Incredibly, there was someone who could attack her on the seas, her body falling backwards a hundred paces.

The maid got there in one step when, “Yan Qing!!” A shadow flashed and intercepted in front of her. The recovered Demon King of Chaos Fan Ming’s sharp claws tore, and there was another bone-splitting wound. Blood directly splashed, “Hè.” Li Xiangfei seized the chance to toss her sword, and the White Night Dragon Carving Sword became a water dragon that flashed over.

The slash pierced through Yan Yizhen’s chest.

The maid groaned.

“Yan Qing!!!” Fan Ming once again coldly shouted. The Demon King of Chaos’ Five Chief Demons Infernal Devil Claws tore over, and the River Dragon Li Xiangfei also used her Star Magic. With the support of a Galaxy Stage master’s powerful Star Energy, Li Xiangfei could use it without stopping.

Yan Yizhen flipped and sweep-kicked Fan Ming away.

But in the next second, the ocean surface that Yan Yizhen stood on suddenly gave rise to a five zhang wide vacuous hole. The seawater rolled towards the surroundings, completely enclosing Yan Yizhen within. The lifted tsunami transformed into ten thousand galloping horses, so imposing that it truly frightened people.

“Yan Qing, go die!” Li Xiangfei shouted.

Yellow Rank Magic!

Iron Hooves Treading Mountains and Rivers!!5

Yan Yizhen raised her head and saw all outlets had been sealed. If this went any further, at the very least, it would make Yan Yizhen completely lose her fighting capabilities. Although the bodies of Star Generals were indestructible, this type of certain death technique was sufficient to make Star Generals handicapped for a period of time. Her vermilion pupils still treated fear with contempt. Su Xing saw this and could only give up his pursuit and kill of the Soul Devouring Bugs as he took out and threw a jade annulus.

The Profound Star Barrier fell above Yan Yizhen, and its warm light overflowed, covering the maid’s body, stunning Yan Yizhen.


The tsunami completely engulfed Yan Yizhen, yet the Profound Star Barrier’s radiance that was actually on the verge of collapse helped her escape a calamity. Su Xing followed up by using the innate Bagua to escape. Flashing to Yan Yizhen’s side, at this time, Fan Ming’s claw attacked. Su Xing slashed with the Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword, and a burst of Clinging Fire forced the girl back with a cut. Immediately afterwards, he held the maid in his arms and flew backwards.

“You bastard son of a bitch. Do you not know how much meticulous care This Holy Lord needed to nurture the Soul Devouring Bugs?” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s face was unsightly to the extreme. Watching helplessly as Su Xing swallowed him whole, he originally thought this would be a not in the least suspenseful battle, but what he did not expect was that his counterpart unexpectedly subdued his powers repeatedly. First of all, his Supreme Grade Galaxy Artifact being broken did not need mentioning. Then, the Nine Phantasms Ten Banes Capital Demon Sword he had the most confidence in was rendered completely motionless by that magical stone stele. Now, it was his most prided trump card Soul Devouring Bugs that not only were unable to kill him, they even sustained disastrous casualties instead.

Truly too motherfucking inconceivable.

To hell with it, just from where did this Nebula Cultivator pop out so many magic weapons. Was Xie Zhenyuan not the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Star Master?

This even more hardened the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s determination to throttle Su Xing. If he was currently this frightening at Nebula Stage, should he master a Sword Chant, Heaven knew what other things could be even more beyond expectations. He certainly would not think that even if it was the Sword Chant Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword that it would be sufficient to shake Liangshan.

“Young Master!”

The two Star Generals showed surprised expressions for the first time. Even when they faced Xie Zhenyuan, they did not ever do this.

“Are you both fine?” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon asked, concerned.

“En.” Li Xiangfei raised the White Night Dragon Carving Lance as she stared at Su Xing and Yan Qing. This place was on the ocean, and the people that could injure the River Dragon were few. She had only sustained light injuries, but the Demon King of Chaos Fan Ming was somewhat a little more serious. Still, the two were bound to still have some leeway.

By contrast, the Skilful Star Wanderer Yan Qing already was an arrow at the end of its path. Bruised all over her body, she needed to be supported by her master.

This time, Fan Ming actually did not dare ridicule. Two Star Generals handling one Star General and their master that was but Galaxy Middle Stage only taking up the high ground at this point already made them feel somewhat defeated.

“Kill them, do not let them go!” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon sneered, forming a hand seal. The Underworld Prison Banner’s black clouds overturned the heavens, its power slightly greater than before, all to prevent Su Xing from escaping.

Having received the order their master issued, the two Star Generals each attacked Su Xing.

“Young Master, quickly leave!” Yan Yizhen wanted to break away from Su Xing to meet the enemy head-on.

Su Xing actually ignored her, bringing her tight against his chest, not letting her leave: “You must not show off your ability right now. Quickly return to the Star Nest!”

As they spoke, the two women already attacked. Even if she were to return to the Star Nest, there was not time for this.

Su Xing lifted the Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword to face them.

“The laughable Nebula Late Stage cultivator surprisingly wants to confront us.” Fan Ming sneered, and a claw dashed forth. Originally, she thought she could easily grab hold of Su Xing, but Su Xing’s performance was surprisingly nimble. Su Xing inherited the Majestic Star’s combat skills and was not at all that resigned to his fate as they imagined.

A streak of Clinging Fire burned and slashed its way over.

Breaking open the two’s pincer attack, Su Xing now held the Devil Suppressing Stele in his left hand while his right clenched the sword as a beauty was upon his chest.

Fortunately, Li Jun and Fan Ming consumed too much energy engaging Yan Qing, and their present battle strength was greatly weakened. Regardless of whether it was speed, power, or body techniques, they did not show the standard a Star General should have. Only with this could Su Xing barely contend against them, otherwise, if he alone went to face two Star Generals in close combat, dying a hundred times would not be enough.

However, Star Generals, in the end, were Star Generals, and Su Xing was still in a disadvantageous position. The Five Chief Demons Infernal Devil Claws and the White Night Dragon Carving Sword repeatedly cut open wounds on his body, and before long, Su Xing’s whole body already was flowing with blood. Su Xing was unconcerned as he confronted two Star Generals on one hand while considering escape options with the other.

To defeat them now was nearly impossible to achieve.

Yan Yizhen saw this in her eyes, and a hard to understand complexity flashed through her apathetic vermilion pupils. Tightly clenching her ten fingers, a crimson crossbow emerged.

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  1. 噬魂蟲
  2. 山海蟲經
  3. 魔悟
  4. 阿鼻地獄, the lowest and most cruel level of Buddhist hells.
  5.   鐵蹄踏山河


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