Chapter 153: Managing To Fill Clothes With Fragrance of Flowers

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That devil mask of the red Ghost Martial Cultivator appeared even more malevolent, the eyes beneath the mask issuing a cold light.

“Star General!!!”

The Ghost Martial Cultivators present each retreated. Even if they were in the Falling Blossoms Ghost Kingdom, Star Generals’ renown was like that of supernatural beings. Compared to these Fiend Stars, Ghost Martial Cultivators’ Demon Among Demons appeared only so.

“Why would you Star Masters and Star Generals care about our Falling Blossoms Kingdom’s affairs!” The lead Ghost Martial Cultivator voice sunk.

“Admirable people and exemplary deeds do not differentiate nationalities.” Su Xing laughed.

“Do not think Ghost Martial Cultivators’ capabilities are just this. Today, we will let you bury your corpses here!”

The red Ghost Martial Cultivator shouted, and the remaining Ghost Martial Cultivators read incantations. Their bodies turned into shadows, unexpectedly dissolving into the night.

This time, Su Xing was no longer neglectful. The second wave of sneak attacks was just like a clump of approaching, pouncing ghostly shadows. What was different from his expectations was that the attack in the darkness was far from being as simple as he imagined.

Nearly at the same time, the killers in the darkness simultaneously launched an attack against Su Xing. Completely hidden within the dark, even their breathing that seemed to disappear and cease to exist let them seemingly vanish. These illusory shadows became a method of confusion and the greatest concealed protection, and even during the attack, they had no traces. They entirely had reason to be convinced that under their combined assault, any enemy would absolutely be a dismembered body the next moment.

The sound of the cutting edges slicing open the atmosphere filled the space.

This time, a portion of the Ghost Martial Cultivators wound around Yan Yizhen, and the rest of the Ghost Martial Cultivators attacked Su Xing. They also knew that to kill a Star General, they first of all had to kill the Star Master. Afterwards, the Star General could only let them slaughter her.

It was just that they thoroughly underestimated Su Xing’s capabilities. In a close quarters battle between Star Cultivators, he definitely held an even more superior position.

As far as the Su Xing that had neither Sword Chant nor top-notch artifacts and Magic Weapons was concerned, the current Ghost Martial Cultivators’ assault matched his expectations. Although he had completely lost the traces of their attacks and presences, relying on his battle instinct premonitions, his figure suddenly swiftly retreated. Just like that, he broke away from their assault and simultaneously threw out the Origin Heaven Wheel he had just obtained.

The Origin Heaven Wheel swelled without warning. The gear revolved in An Suwen’s surroundings, emitting a golden Starlight, forming a tightly wrapped defense. It made the sneak attacking Ghost Martial Cultivators helplessly recoil backwards, and the other Ghost Martial Cultivators did everything they could to pursue and attack. Each pitch-black weapon simultaneously emitted and took in black saber-light, unexpectedly unleashing full power to kill Su Xing instantly by all means.

Su Xing’s finger moved, and an Intertwined Branch Sword appeared in hand.

This small sword’s tip was threatening, cleaving at the screen of darkness. Under Su Xing’s chanting, it suddenly plunged in.

A shattering sound came from within the darkness, as did a moan, and cold floated over through the air.

A Ghost Cultivator’s brain had been penetrated by green light, and immediately afterwards, the green light arbitrarily wandered under Su Xing’s will, and there was yet another long, blood-curdling scream. Several Ghost Martial Cultivators successively entered the trailing dust.1

“It’s a Magic Weapon??!!”

The Ghost Martial Cultivators were shocked.

When he was controlling the Intertwined Branch Sword to kill, Su Xing at this time also calmly went about this task unhurriedly amidst the chaos. Those extremely mighty cutting edges appeared to be incomparably slow before his eyes. The Innate Bagua Escape Techniques wandered in the midst of several Ghost Martial Cultivators, with a pattern to advance retreat, neither rushed nor slow. The Ghost Martial Cultivators’ seemingly swift and fierce attacks slipped past Su Xing’s sides by a hair’s breadth every time, always unable to connect.  

A fist raised a violent and strong gust, as if every movement possessed a kind of indescribable courage, seemingly spurring the entire space to rebellion. A Ghost Martial Cultivator finally broke through leaning forward on his flying sword, but what awaited him was Su Xing’s nimble evasion and his deadly, heavy fist.

His neck was very cleanly broken.

Su Xing all of a sudden slowed his movements. Along with the progress of the battle, his fingers emitted a faint light ray of purple thunder, swaying back and forth as if carrying a heavy object.  The arms of the Ghost Martial Cultivators seemed to incessantly swing about. The group was very anxious, yet they did not have the slightest bit of wiggle room. Following Su Xing’s the swaying of Su Xing’s palms, they swayed along, as if they were having a nightmare.2

Suddenly, Su Xing’s palms fiercely dropped, and the bodies of the Ghost Martial Cultivators simultaneously shook.


Muffled echoes continuously sounded out in the air. Su Xing carried a cold smile on his face, and he leaned his body slightly to the side, his legs stepping in a mysterious pace. He leisurely strolled between and passed by them. His fingers slid past in the void, and the spiderweb-like Purple Thunder Strings were scattered freely into the darkness. He abruptly tightened his ten fingers, drew in his palms, and along with Su Xing’s gestures, his five fingers shot out a net-like purple colored thunder-light. These thunder-lights wandered like electric snakes, and under Su Xing’s control, they scattered in all directions, grabbing all of the Ghost Martial Cultivators’ bodies like sharp claws.

Blooming Water Divine Thunder blossomed in the night.

All the Ghost Martial Cultivators immediately lost their breath and fell onto the ground, having already met a violent end under the Divine Thunder.

“Divine Thunder???” The red masked Ghost Martial Cultivator shouted aloud, turning around to flee.

How could Su Xing and Yan Yizhen let him go.

At this time, a girl walked out from within an alley. Seeing from head-on the devil mask, she immediately was frightened.

Not good!!

Su Xing thought.

The red Ghost Martial Cultivator’s figure flit by, and the edge of his blade pressed against the side of the girl’s neck. He laughed evilly: “If you want to do a good deed, then fuck off. Otherwise, I will slit open her throat.”

“Ah.” The girl’s complexion was deathly pale. “Su Xing, please save me.”

“Eh? How does she know me?” Su Xing stared blankly.

An Suwen and Yan Yizhen cast expressions of astonishment and doubt.

When the Ghost Martial Cultivator saw this, he was even more pleased with himself: “So you know this person. This is even better. Hand that girl over to me, otherwise I will kill her!”


“Who are you?” Su Xing said. How could this woman be all boobs but no brains. What was she doing calling out his name at this time. The other had even thought they were rather close.

“I am Kong,3 my grandfather is the Daoist Cang Jing. He called me to come find you.” The girl’s flowery expression lost its color.

This time, Su Xing hesitated.

What was it that this old man had nothing better to do than call for his own granddaughter to find him.

“Quickly hand her over to me, or else I will kill her!” The Ghost Martial Cultivator’s blade edge already began to stir.

What did this count as.

Su Xing glanced at Chise Sakura, then looked again at that Kong. He asked to make certain: “Are you truly the Daoist Cang Jing’s granddaughter?”

“Fucker, hurry and hand her over to me.” The Ghost Martial Cultivator angrily said.

Su Xing secretly gathered a Blooming Water Divine Thunder, his mind rapidly devising countermeasures.

“It would be better to let Sakura-chan go with him in order to not hurt that Big Sister.” Chise Sakura shyly said. Forget that she was but seven or eight years old, her heart was contrarily and unexpectedly kind. When she said this, Su Xing was even more unwilling. His mind thought, that since An Suwen was here anyways, even if the throat was slit, she would not die. It would only hurt just that little bit.

“Ah.” An Suwen suddenly shouted in surprise.

Su Xing turned around to look and was immediately stupefied. He saw Chise Sakura had closed her eyes, but her forehead had a purple gorgeous crest flash. As this crest circulated, a faint purple light floated. This was exactly the characteristic Star Crest after a Star Master and Star General signed.

Star Master?!

“Ah?” When the Ghost Martial Cultivator saw this, he abruptly threw Kong down and pounced towards Chise Sakura. Just at this moment, a purple light lifted past his body.

“Taking a woman for a hostage. Ghost Martial Cultivators are indeed the scum of society.”

A cold voice suddenly sounded.


The Ghost Martial Cultivator heavily fell onto the ground.

The leg of a woman stepped on his body. She swung what was in her hand, beheading the Ghost Martial Cultivator.

This unforeseen event transpired in the blink of an eye.

Su Xing was astonished as he looked at her arrival. Yan Yizhen clenched his fists, already completely guarding in front of Su Xing.

“Aunt Manxiang!!” When Chise Sakura saw that woman, she drew back her lips in a smile.

Aunt Manxiang?

This was that nanny that set down the little girl without permission? Su Xing looked at her. This woman was even more capable and mature than he had imagined, with extremely gorgeous purple hair, a pair of amber eyes. When her brows creased, she was filled with a sharpness. When she smiled, she brimmed with maternal love. She was draped in a magnificent robe, and what was alluring was that she did not wear a bodice.4 She had just a red armor belly band5 as protection with her snow white skin laid bare. Her slender thighs were covered with purple stockings and red shorts. Su Xing estimated that chest to be a 37D at the minimum, truly violently surging waves not just in name, but also in reality.

Her whole body emitted a perfume-like fragrance, and that aroma floated a hundred meters.6

What made Su Xing sense in his mind was that purple Star Crest on the woman’s forehead, which unexpectedly mutually reflected with Chise Sakura’s

Star General??

This answer really made Su Xing too shocked, much more startled than when he originally saw the loli and shota combo of Bao Xiaoyu and Han Yu.

The woman in front of him had a bold and powerful imposing air. The Star Weapon clutched in her hand was concealed in a sheet of wind, its form unable to be discerned, but judging from that sharp movement just now, her martial arts were considerably formidable. This leader Ghost Martial Cultivator simply could not react.

“You’re a Star General??” Su Xing asked.

The woman raised the Star Weapon in her hand.

Yan Yizhen and An Suwen completely did not hesitate to assume attack stances.

“Aunt Manxiang, Big Brother Su Xing is a good person.” Chise Sakura hastily said.

Manxiang hefted the weapon concealed by the wind. Su Xing heard before some Star Generals that did not want to expose their identities often would conceal their symbolic Star Weapons, but some would conceal with the effects of their tools, like Manxiang, who had forged the “Wind Concealment Divine Stone”7 into her weapon. This could hide the weapon’s shape, and the edges of the wind could even make the weapon’s attacks even sharper.

However, it had a cost. In all other aspects, the Star Weapon would greatly lose power.

But judging from the glittering Stars in the wind, this Star Weapon was shockingly Two Star.

“Thank you for just now.” Manxiang’s smile was very benevolent.

“You are too careless, unexpectedly not concerned about your own Star Master?” Su Xing shook his head. “Furthermore, she is only this small…” Only then did Su Xing remember to scout out her cultivation, which was Stardust Late Stage and awfully weak, as expected. However, for a Star Master at only Stardust Late Stage, this woman displayed such violence, so it seemed this was a powerful Star General.

“Those Ghost Martial Cultivators wanted to mount a sneak attack. Your Servant was careless.” The woman’s eyes had a trace of cold light, “What remuneration would you like?”

“No need. Protecting such a cute little girl is a given. It’s just that you had better somewhat prepare for the Star Duels in the future.” Su Xing reminded her, honestly somewhat displeased she had dragged a seven, eight year old little girl into these cruel Star Duels.

“Sakura-chan won’t separate from Aunt Manxiang.” Chise Sakura puffed her cheeks.

“Your Servant naturally knows.” Manxiang nodded, “Apologies for today’s matters.”

“Big Brother, Big Sister, come to Kyoto8 in the future. Sakura-chan will take you along to play.” Chise Sakura blinked her adorable and big eyes.

Su Xing nodded.

Manxiang shook her head as she carried Chise Sakura and leapt away. Even if it was with Chise Sakura’s entire face, the surging waves could not be covered.

This was the first time Su Xing saw such a sexily dressed Star General.

“This Elder Sister seems to have lots of motherly love.” An Suwen piped up.

“Her martial arts are very formidable.” Yan Yizhen said.

Su Xing put away his train of thought, and his gaze returned to the panicked girl, Kong. The girl was scared stupid where she was, having nearly died from fright just now.

“You are called Kong, right? Whatever things happen in the future, calm down a bit?” Su Xing asked.

The girl continuously nodded her head. Recalling the purpose she came for, she took out two distinct items to hand over to Su Xing. One was a conical bullet, copper gold in color, and it seemed to be very ordinary. “Father said that this bullet was found from within a ruin. Having been so long, it may perhaps be more useful when used with that thing of yours.”

There was also a work that was specially introduced the forging of conical projectiles. Inside were recorded the forging of every type of conical bullets from ancient times to present. Although conical bullets were far from comparison to talismans, sometimes, they could display usefulness at critical moments. Seeing that gun of Su Xing’s required bullets, the Daoist Cang Jing actually very generously gifted them to him.

“Please thank him for me.” Su Xing smiled.

“En. I shall leave now.”

Kong looked at the corpses everywhere and quickly departed, still somewhat panic-stricken.

With this encounter, Su Xing did not revive his delight of Kagoshima Market Square’s night life. He turned back his head and said to the two beauties: “Let’s go back.”

Author’s Note: Four new chapters, pleading for a vote. Can’t relax for the last two days.

Originally, there was no “Kong,” but I wrote her in easily when I saw the book reviews.

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  1. They died.
  2. I am really not sure about what this passage means. From what it looks like, it seems he is controlling their movements as if they were marionettes, but I personally don’t think that’s an ability he has yet. Unless I’m forgetting something.
  3. Remember, this is an undergarment. I’ve been told also that this can be tl’d as “frontal cape.”
  4. 抹胸
  5. Hence her name, 滿香, which means “full of fragrance” or “quite fragrant”
  6. 風隱神石
  7. Yes, this world seems to have its own Kyoto


  1. I seriously hope that the Loli girl and shota master will be fine during the star duels, same with this girl and the other two girls he has met before

  2. The red Ghost Martial Cultivator shouted, and the remaining Ghost Martial Cultivators read incantations. Their bodies turned into shadows, unexpectedly dissolving into the night.

    paragraph repeated

  3. Wait, so Liangshan has its own Kyoto somewhere!?

    Gotta admit, I’m none too fond of the cute little Sakura being caught up in these deathmatches either.

    I mean, I kinda get it with Bao Xiaoyu, but the elder Star General shoulda known better than to drag a little girl into this shit… Though, they prolly have their reasons, I hope.

    Welp, it is what it is…

    Ah, n thx 4 the Ch!

  4. 空 should probably read “Sora”, and by the way, Cang Jing can probably have some sort of Japanese reading, too; but I don’t know which characters it uses, so I can’t tell. Of course, he might be an immigrant from Azure Dragon Territory and his name be properly Chinese (excuse me, Azure Dragon Language). It probably doesn’t matter at all…

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