Chapter 156: The Graceful And Lovely “Noble Star”

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Cangzhou, Harsh Sea County1

Great Circle Mountain2 had a Great Circle Castle, which was located deep within the forest. Like a hidden dragon, the city walls encircled it. Like a tiger, the entire Great Circle Castle was an otherworldly existence in Harsh Sea County. The ten li within was a forbidden area, and what made people astonished was that this castle was forged completely out of gold rock materials. Every sunrise, the thing was a dazzling sight. Great Circle Mountain seemingly was surrounded in an aura, and the commoners down the mountain would all prostrate themselves in deference.

The Great Circle Castle’s master had been described as Liangshan’s wealthiest rich woman.

That was correct.

She was exactly the Noble Star, Little Whirlwind Chai Jin!3

Su Xing was on his riding sword looking at this sort of developed golden city from afar. If he originally half-doubted Wu Xinjie’s words, at this moment, he believed nearly completely. The castle that used gold in its creation had a style that was unavoidably too big.

The Great Circle Castle’s inner ten li had a Forbidden Space Forbiddance.4 Su Xing could only set down the flying sword and tread into this Great Circle Mountain.

Approximately a moment after, he arrived outside the Great Circle Castle.

Standing at close range in front of this castle, it seemed even more exaggerated. Its dazzling gold pierced people’s eyes such that they could not be opened. Wu Xinjie entered a Warrant Talisman, and then they waited outside.

“If this Noble Star is so rich, why wouldn’t she participate in the Star Duels?” Idle and bored, Su Xing asked Wu Xinjie very confusedly. Several trillion in wealth, although it could not buy first-rate precious items, it could still buy a great majority of things, the so-called enough ants may bite an elephant to death. Accumulating enough persistence, even sand grains could make a tower and did not lose out to a kind of terrifying power.

“Does Young Lord know why she would break away from the Star Duels?” Wu Xinjie did not answer, but asked a question in return.


“That is because her Destined Star Weapon is a red ink iron certificate!”5 Wu Xinjie slightly smiled.

Su Xing stared blankly. He naturally had heard of this “iron certificate inscribed in red ink.” In the Water Margin, the Little Whirlwind was the posterity of the first wife of Emperor Shizong, also known as Chai Rong, of the Later Zhou. Because of the Chenqiao Mutiny, Emperor Taizu of Song made an imperial edict conferring the red ink iron certificate to the Chai family, a gold medal of death exemption.

“The Red Ink Iron Certificate is indeed a super powerful Star Weapon. Not only can it allow her to break away from the Star Duels, this Astral Treasure6 has a very big ability that is exactly to defend against any attack in this world.”

“This is too defiant of the natural order.” Su Xing was stunned.

Wu Xinjie shook her head, countering: “This has a price. The price’s premise is that she cannot participate in the Star Duels. If she participates, the Red Ink Iron Certificate loses its death exemption ability. Then her Destined Star Weapon naturally loses its usefulness, and without this Star Weapon, Chai Jin certainly is thoroughly deposed…”

Su Xing understood clearly. Losing her Destined Star Weapon if she participated in the Star Duels was a price indeed too great. Even if she used those gold and silver to form a frightening force, it did not have any significance because entering Maiden Mountain would not permit you to bring any random influences inside. What was relied upon was individual ability. Although riches could be otherworldly, when things reached that situation, perhaps it would be a joke.

“Chai Jin also has a very big hobby, which is that she is very fond of hoarding gold. Whatever it is, she must convert it into gold to hoard. Do not see her as being very wealthy, but as a completely stingy cheapskate.” Wu Xinjie giggled.

“Where did all this wealth come from?” Su Xing inquisitively asked.

“Business engagements. Reportedly, Chai Jin has fifty percent of the Azure Dragon Territory’s gold mines, twenty percent of its purple gold ore, five percent of its white ore and other many precious stones and stone materials. Besides this, she has many additional stores…” Wu Xinjie said: “This is also a legend, but it should be right.” Actually, this still did not make Su Xing any more amazed. Legend said that Chai Jin the Little Whirlwind was known as the Great Circle. The Star Cultivators under the banner of the Great Circle was more than a hundred thousand, with weapons and armor at more than a million. She had relationships with all of the Azure Dragon Territory’s Ten Great Sects, so even the Great Liang Dynasty was nearly ashamed of its inferiority. If she did not have this special identity as a Star General, then perhaps Emperor Liang would be restless.

“Awesome.” Su Xing praised in admiration. To be able to trade gold to this scale truly made him greatly expand his horizons.

“However, since she has no needs or wants, and the Red Ink Iron Certificate is that important to her, would she lend the Red Ink Iron Certificate to us?” Su Xing was doubtful.

“Although Chai Jin is stingy to the extreme, can Young Lord guess what her innate skill known as ‘Help the Needy for Justice’7 is?” Wu Xinjie could not help but smile.

Su Xing guessed that it was probably to lend things, lend money, and the like. The fact and his imagination were about the same. The name of Chai Jin’s innate skill was called ‘Help The Needy For Justice,’ where the so-called For Justice was to be able to lend the Red Ink Iron Certificate once and the Help The Needy was to lend some money to the other party. This kind of innate skill could only be used in each Star Duel Stage once, or else the courtesy of any help to others outside of Help The Needy For Justice would be determined to be “participating in the Star Duels” by the Liangshan Maiden, thereby stripping away the “Red Ink Iron Certificate.”

After hearing Wu Xinjie’s words, Su Xing actually was even more curious about how otherworldly this Liangshan Maiden was that she could actually even accomplish this.

After understanding the gossip of Chai Jin, woman in palace dress walked out of the Great Circle Castle. Her hand held a palace light, and her good-looking face was expressionless. “The official has an invitation. Please follow Slave Servant Yuye.”8


The three people followed along.

Without mentioning the golden-bright and dazzling exterior, the interior was also absolutely luxurious. Porcelain, gold bars, ancient texts, household utensils, and more were all priceless. Flying dragons and carved phoenixes, the maids in the castle were like clouds. Su Xing slightly explored, and unexpectedly found their cultivations all to be uniformly Galaxy Stage. Seeing their dignified bearing, their practiced technique, it was just like they were not all just show. Furthermore, this Yuye maid was Galaxy Late Stage.  

Su Xing thought, This Noblewoman Chai is incredible. If she participated in the Star Duels, perhaps she would have the status of the master of a sect. If she actually participated, then everything might as well be meaningless.

Walking past a room of a spread out scarlet carpet, Su Xing entered an expansive main hall. Inside the hall, phoenix pillars coiled around, chiseled out of pure gold. Some red wing tasseled curtains were suspended. With a careful look, these surprisingly were made of Fire Phoenix Feathers. Although its spiritual influence had been lost, the flames were still dazzling. In the middle was a phoenix chair, with only a remarkably beautiful woman laying upon it.

That girl had dragon brows and phoenix eyes, white teeth and vermilion red lips. Her long, light purple hair hung in strands over her chest, suspending red precious stones. Her hair was also stuck with herbs, and she wore a water blue and pink hundred-pleat shirt revealing her shoulders and cleavage. Her white bodice with gilded edges was exposed to the outside, and it seemed to be an Astral Treasure. A ring sash inlaid with precious jewels was tied around her waist, her snow white thighs faintly discernible underneath her long gown. Her feet were white, and her hand held a Golden Thread Feather Fan.9 Her expression was languid, undisciplined, yet she carried a sort of innate respect upon her forehead. The word “queen” seemed to have been made to her measurements.

What a peerless beauty.

One of Chai Jin’s hands played with the fur of a completely black like shadow Demon Beast laying upon the Phoenix Chair, her lips seemingly in a smile yet not.

“Jinzhi,10 Yuye, you can withdraw.11 It has been very long since I have chatted with my sisters, and two of them at that.” Chai Jin called out, and the two palace garbed women then deferentially retreated.

“Heh, heh, Noblewoman Chai Jin, you are indeed leisurely and free. Truly, it makes Elder Sister very envious.” Wu Xinjie sat on a chair.

“Each person has a life, and each has its ups and downs. This Palace12 is somewhat bored of counting gold everyday. Compared to you all who can ascend that Maiden Mountain, that is what is truly enviable. Since you have come here, let us tell each other our true names. This Palace is called Chai Ling.13 It is better to avoid this Chai Jin, for This Palace certainly feels it is displeasing to the ear.” The Little Whirlwind’s smile seemed to both exist and not exist.

Wu Xinjie and Yan Yizhen also announced their respective names.

“How extraordinary, to be able to simultaneously sign the Knowledge Star and Skilful Star…” Chai Ling stowed the fan. Her slender jade thighs lifted off the couch, and her bare feet curiously walked towards Su Xing.

Due to Chai Ling wearing an exposed bodice, her towering twin peaks seemed to want to spill out. These swaying lotus steps shook and shook, waves that were dazzling.

“What are you called? From which sect?” Chai Jin’s hand hooked Su Xing’s chin.

Su Xing took her hand away, hooking onto it himself. “This one beneath you is Su Xing, and the unwed We are single.”14

Wu Xinjie laughed, thinking the dallying Su Xing was still inexperienced some.

Chai Jin did not mind this sort of appearance of being assailed by a man. Slightly wiping the corner of her mouth, her smile pondered deep meanings. “A charmer. Do you have interest in remaining by Elder Sister’s side? Elder Sister can let you have glory, splendor, wealth, rank and beautiful women seemingly like clouds.”

“It would be better for you to come with Us. We guarantee a lustful night every night, each new climax replaced by another, such that you would wish you were dead.” Su Xing chuckled.

Wu Xinjie went, “Pfft,” and in her heart said, Su Xing is actually too good at telling stories.

Even the Yan Yizhen to the side could not help but slightly smile.

“Your mouth sure can talk.” Chai Ling looked over Su Xing, then once again returned onto the phoenix chair. “What business do you have of This Palace? You must have come for the Purple Rose Birth Outline.”

“Precisely. As you have heard, our Young Master is without a sect or school. These Ten Great Sects will plunder the Birth Outline despicably with evil methods, so Elder Sister wanted to use the Red Ink Iron Certificate.” Wu Xinjie spoke forthrightly.

“It cannot be. Your Young Master is virtueless and incompetent, how could he sign two great Star Generals, especially Yan Qing. You always cannot give your body to a man completely lacking a background.” Chai Ling smiled.

Yan Yizhen sternly said: “Master also is without a school. Slave Servant also is willing to serve him.”

A bright light flashed past Chai Ling’s eyes, coincidentally laughing: “How interesting.”

“What do you say? Chai Ling, there is no problem, right. This Help The Needy For Justice can only be utilized once in each stage. It would be too pitiful if it was not used in this stage.” Wu XInjie said.

“There is no issue with Help The Needy For Justice, but This Palace shall not lend it to people without cause or reason.” Chai Ling opened the fan, covering her red lips. Her expression was somewhat crafty.

Wu Xinjie had already foresaw this. Calmly, she said: “Little Sister, you may speak without hesitation, but we certainly do not have any money?”

“You dare turn to This Palace to borrow the Red Ink Iron Certificate without money. Knowledge Star, you truly can crack a joke.” The Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Ling’s attitude was graceful as a civet. She indolently reclined on the phoenix chair. Her expression gazed at Su Xing, indistinctly carrying a trace of eroticism.

“This Palace loves money the most. One hundred billion, and This Palace shall Uphold Justice!” Chai Ling said.

“A hundred billion? We do not have even one billion.” Wu Xinjie shook her head.

“So it is like this. For the sake of Elder Sister Knowledge Star visiting the Great Circle Castle for sightseeing, then This Palace shall give you another chance.”

“We do not have money.” Wu Xinjie said.

“This Palace does not want your money…” Chai Ling elegantly pointed at Su Xing, carrying a bit of gracefulness and charm: “The Great Circle Castle has never had a man stay a night. This Palace is actually somewhat lonely. How about letting your man remain at the Great Circle Castle with This Palace. Whenever you return this Red Ink Iron Certificate, your man shall then be returned to you…”

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  1. 滄州,橫海郡
  2. 大周山
  3. 天貴星小旋風柴進
  4. 禁空禁制
  5. 丹書鐵劵
  6. So, is it a Star Weapon or an Astral Treasure, make up your mind, author!
  7. 仗義疏財
  8. 玉葉
  9. 金絲羽扇
  10. 金枝
  11. Jinzhi and Yuye are an idiom 金枝玉葉 for the nobility
  12. 本宮, though it means I Of The Palace, four words is tiring. Unless it is Gong Caiwei, I’m swapping to This Palace.
  13. 柴靈
  14. Yes, Su Xing changed the way he addressed himself to a more royal form.


  1. She rich, refined, lazy and subtly lewd. Perfect girl. I SO wish for him to contract her, especially since she expressed interest in the idea of ascending to Liangshan Mountain.

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