Chapter 161: Five Dragons Protection Palace

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White Deer Highlands

When Su Xing arrived at the location this Purple Rose Birth Outline would appear at, the entire was already filled with people. As far as the eye could see, every sort of dazzling robe each shone. The Ten Great Sects were half of the number while the majority of the rest were sects of all names that had come.

Su Xing already spotted more than a dozen Supercluster Stage Cultivators alone.

The elder “Ancestor Longevity”1 of the Lifeless Hall and the “Xuan Zhenzi”2 of the True Immortal Hall of the Two Halls were especially conspicuous. Of the two, one had a ghostly gloom, a dark presence, with a cultivation of Galaxy Late Stage. The other faintly released dust, unsullied with the mundane and was also Galaxy Late Stage.

In robbing and killing the Purple Birth Outline, these two Late Stage Great Cultivators certainly could even be said to be powerful existences.

The Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline was far from comparison to the Earthly Fiend and Heavenly Spirit. Its Demon Beast escorts all were Eighth Rank and above. At this rank, the so-called “ants could bite an elephant to death” was a ridiculous matter. If there was not a favorable matchup or tacit understanding among them, even more Scattered Star Cultivators would be cannon fodder. Thus, when the Purple Rose Grade appeared, besides the large sects and schools, the majority of Scattered Star Cultivator schools all assumed an evasive state. It was not simple for Su Xing to masquerade his identity, for An Suwen’s Change Appearance Pill and Shi Yuan’s sect plate were randomly arranged by him.

Sneaking in among the others by pretending to be the disciple of a sect, Su Xing discreetly observed Star Masters. Yan Wudao was foregone, but as for her chilly figure, the long departed Princess Ling Yan, Zhao Hanyan, had also appeared. Seeing her elegant and slim noble grace, it really was hard to imagine the secret relationship she had with the Steadfast Star Dong Junqing.

“Eh???” Zhao Hanyan suddenly lowered her head, her gaze sweeping across the surroundings below.

“Princess, is there something wrong?” Xuan Zhenzi faintly smiled.

“Yan’er is oversensitive.” Zhao Hanyan said. In that instant just now, the Intertwined Branch Sword of the Thousand Year Contract briefly pulsed, seemingly sensing that the other Divine Sword was in the vicinity. Could it be that he had also come?

Zhao Hanyan immediately recognized that this was not strange. He could not possibly not come for the Purple Rose Birth Outline.

“Daoist Master Xuan, it appears that the True Immortal Hall is amply imposing.”

With the Lifeless Hall on this side, Ancestor Longevity brought every disciple to welcome him. From the pure black robes distributed among the Lifeless Hall, as if glancing at a deep pool, it made those people exude a chill. The sect’s disciples each had excellent cultivation and a pitch-black flying sword upon them.

“How could it compare to the Lifeless Hall’s imposing air. With unexpectedly more than fifty Galaxy Cultivators approaching, this certainly is a great style.” Xuan Zhenzi laughed aloud. Though the Purple Rose Outline was good, its Demon Beast escorts were extremely powerful. The majority of the sects all braced for the unpredictable. Only dispatching several Great Elders was enough, so as to avoid making a few disciples into useless cannon fodder.

“This Palace naturally will do his utmost. Princess Lingyan, This Palace has heard you obtained the Purple Rose Token. Truly, the young show promise!” Ancestor Longevity smiled gloomily.

“The younger generations are but only lucky.” Zhao Hanyan warmly said. The Dong Junqing beside her coldly stared at this Ancestor Longevity, coming across as a bit rude.

The thousand cultivators suddenly made several noises.

A cyan magical cloud appeared from out of nowhere, its magic breath lingering. In an instant, it attracted the stares of all the Star Cultivators present.

Upon the cyan magical cloud was a cyan robed, extremely aged old man with a long beard. His glistening expression had spirit, and the White Deer Highlands immediately was enveloped under a serene light. In the old man’s surroundings were a hundred Galaxy Stage and higher disciples. Relentlessness was in their eyes, full of an imposing air, seemingly like divine troops, completely awe-inspiring.

“Heh, this Clear Void Most High Path’s ‘Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal’3 is indeed fond of playing this sort of spectacle.”

Ancestor Longevity sorrowfully smiled, yet Xuan Zhenzi was indifferent.

“Xie Zhenyuan was defeated by some monster, yet is that all?”

“It would be best to not be careless.”

The newcomers were Liangshan’s premier Great Sect, the Most High Path. Standing beside this Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal was a youth, and besides Xie Zhenyuan’s complete conspicuousness, he had an elegance, a warm and sleek jade. At first glance, he actually seemed to be a proper gentleman.

Su Xing and the other cultivators alike were amazed and envious seeing the boundless scene of these Great Sects go up on stage. Then, riding in on clump of clouds and mist, the Extreme Ice Holy Palace also appeared. In the lead was the refined and premier “Ice ,” and the long absent Gong Caiwei was still tranquil as a chrysanthemum, like the first time they met, her attire snowy and unreasoning.

Afterwards, the Divine Flame Sword Sect and the Taiyi4 Sword Sect each arrived. Besides the entirety of Crystal Dragon Palace and the Blooming Water Sword Sect of the Azure Dragon Territory’s “One Clear, Two Halls, Three Palaces, Four Sword Sects” appearing on scene, the powerful imposing air of these Great Sects actually made people unable to take deep breaths.

“Hmph, this lot of crickets and ants also have the idea of obtaining the Birth Outline. Indeed, they act recklessly.” From the Taiyi Sword Sect, a youth with a high forehead hatefully said.

This time, the Taiyi Sword Sect’s leader, the Galaxy Middle Stage Ancestor Huai Mu,5 faintly smiled: “Su Feng,6 you must not be arrogant. If they do not throw away their lives for the Birth Outline, could it be that you would prefer our sect to do so?”

“Master lectures rightly.” Su Feng nodded.

“This time, properly note these Star Masters. They will be your foes in the future.” Ancestor Huai Mu’s expression swept past Zhao Hanyan, Yan Wudao, Gong Caiwei and the rest.

“Disciple engraves this to memory.”

While the White Deer Highlands were all in a clamor, Su Xing also sized up all the intelligence he had, particularly the Star Masters of the Ten Great Sects. These people could be said to be the Azure Dragon Territory’s most famous and most powerful opponents. His mandated glance at Cong Caiwei, Zhao Hanyan and Yan Wudao aside, Xie Zhenyuan actually made Su Xing look at him more closely.

“Never expected this many people would come. This is too extreme.” Shi Yuan was slightly distressed inside his ocean of consciousness.

“Why would so many people come. It seems this Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline is even more thorny.” Wu Xinjie was also deeply worried. There were this many Supercluster Cultivators, and it looked as if the Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline’s escorts were at least Ninth Rank Demon Beasts.

“Heh, heh, follow them as they kill, and we can take advantage of them when the time comes.” Shi Yuan giggled.

This indeed was the optimum strategy, after all, confronting every extraordinary of the Ten Great Sect, let alone Su Xing being only Galaxy Early Stage, honestly had no advantages whatsoever that could be mentioned.

The other sects had a burst of a disturbance, somewhat also unsettled by the Ten Great Sects deploying this many experts. However, the Purple Rose Birth Outline was something once in a century, after all. Bold people would still stay behind, and this number was considerable.

Approximately after another oil lamp.

Suddenly, the horizon exhibited a ray of light, and the Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline already appeared.

Everyone became excited, striking seals and raising riding swords one after another. Each used their powers, standing by at the ready. The Ten Great Sects spoke nothing more, all of them moving in their respective directions, unwilling to join hands with the other sects.

In a short while, this flower-shaped auspicious cloud of multi-colored light flew over, and in the blink of an eye, several enormous silhouettes could be seen quaking inside the magical cloud.

“What is that??”


“This is bad!!”

The crowd abruptly cried out in fear. The expressions of several of the originally still composed Galaxy Cultivators suddenly showed great changes, and when they saw the Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline, they truly were shocked beyond compare. That magical cloud was enormous, close to a thousand li in length. They saw only within that auspicious purple magical cloud the five different colored lights of gold, cyan, black, crimson and silver roll forward without stopping. Wherever it passed, it practically hid the sky and covered the earth. Hearing that dragon roar shake the plains, penetrating the blue dome of heaven, a surging perilous alarm was raised in the hearts of the cultivators.

The countless commoners who witnessed this scene earnestly kowtowed in reverence.

Even Su Xing could not help but tremble a bit when he saw those five multi-colored lights.

Those, astonishingly, were five Ancient Ninth Rank Dragons!

The golden one was the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon,7 the silver was the Heaven Swallowing Silver Dragon,8 the cyan was the Heaven Breaking Cyan Dragon,9 the black the Heaven Devouring Black Dragon,10 and the red one was the Heaven Burning Crimson Dragon.11 They were the Liangshan shaking Five Great Firmaments Demon Dragons!!12

The five Firmaments Dragons rolled in the cloud layer, and in this cloud was an immense object, obscured by a purple light. From its shape, it seemed to be a huge palace.

The Five Dragons Protection Palace!!13

Everyone was astonished. No one had expected the ones escorting the Purple Rose Grade to surprisingly be the five Firmament Dragons.

This Purple Rose Birth Outline’s escort team truly continued for a thousand li.

In nearly the next second, the Star Cultivators from the large schools looked at each other in dismay, then turned and ran without the slightest hesitation. Who were they kidding. With Five Dragons tugging a palace, any more thoughts of robbing and killing, and they would not even know what would happen if they actually died.

In the blink of an eye, the White Deer Highlands that was originally packed with people were left with only the Ten Great Sects and the schools whose participation was agreed upon. Other than the Supercluster Cultivators that could maintain their shock, each and every disciple under their banners was pale, their expressions anxious.

“Unexpectedly, it is the Five Dragons Protection Palace. I fear that this Birth Outline will not be easy to plunder.” Wu Xinjie said.

Su Xing did not reply. His gaze was dead set on the faraway golden dragon.

At this time, eight Great Sects each harbored sinister ulterior motives.

“Heh, heh. This Purple Rose Grade is the five Firmaments Dragons. This indeed is not bad.”

These Supercluster Elder Daoists were not afraid. On the contrary, they smiled. In the Azure Dragon Territory, this sort of Demon Beast originally was rare, and those like dragons were even more legendary. Thus, could an insignificant Blooming Water Dragon be sold for a sky-high price. How could these Great Cultivators have any sense to be courteous upon seeing those five dragons. As far as they were concerned, Ninth Rank was Galaxy Stage, with the addition of staking their life.

“They actually drove away those crickets and ants overestimating their own abilities. Saves us the trouble of doing it ourselves.” Ancestor Longevity sneered.

“It is still best to mind these dragons.”

When these words fell, these Great Sects then changed into escape lights.

“Young Master, what do we do?” Lin Yingmei opened her mouth. Confronting a Ninth Drank Dragon, this absolutely was not a laughing matter.

“No need to worry. Heh, heh, if we seize this chance, we could just be able to put the first sword chant in hand.” Su Xing chuckled.


In an instant, the five dragons bringing the Purple Rose Chest arrived at White Deer Highlands. A close-up look at these Ancient Dragons was even more terrifying, and the gigantic purple cloud seemingly wanted to step downwards. The five dragons’ bodies were continuous and unending, their ends not in sight. The dragons shuttled back and forth in the sea of clouds, a sort of legendary tremor made Su Xing unable to breathe.

A dragon roar shook the four directions of the plain.

Although they were five dragons, they simply kept very far from each other, with each dragon protecting the four directions, yet there was actually a very big opportunity. Otherwise, the five dragons were neatly assembled. Granted that it was more than a dozen Supercluster Cultivators, they would be uncertain, but seeing the legendary Five Dragons Protection Palace for the first time, even the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal also had a grim face, not daring to act.

For a time, the atmosphere was extremely calm.

Su Xing had long already used the Oneness of Heaven and Man to conceal himself in a nook to prepare to be the one that ran away with the bone.14 If he faced these dragons, he definitely did not have a chance, however, he did not care about this first pillaging the Purple Rose Birth Outline.

Su Xing pinched two fingers, and a bolt of purple Divine Thunder slashed forth. Not one of the cultivators that happened to be suppressed firmly by the purple qi of the Five Dragons Protection Palace noticed this at all.


The Divine Thunder struck into the clouds, as if igniting a powder keg.

The Five Dragons bellowed, topping mountains and rivers.15


The world immediately was desolate.

Author’s Note:

The scene of a lead that has not learned a sword chant yet is Galaxy Stage encountering a Supercluster Stage is truly not easy to set about…

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  1. 長生老祖
  2. 玄真子, name of a Daoist author
  3. 極清老仙
  4. 太乙, formerly, I translated this as Extreme Winding
  5. 槐木老祖
  6. 宿風
  7.  撕天金蛟
  8.  吞天銀蛟
  9.  破天青蛟
  10.  噬天黑蛟
  11.  焚天赤蛟
  12.  五大蒼天妖龍
  13. 五龍護宮
  14. Be the third party that benefits from a struggle between two others.
  15. Su Xing aggroed the boss!


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