Chapter 163: Kill The Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon

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A Heavenly Star’s Three Star Destined Weapon!!

Turning a Star General’s Star Weapon to Two Star was a threshold. Each increment of level would be several times more troublesome than the previous, especially for Heavenly Stars. To have a Three Star in the Second Phase, this speed could not possibly not shock people.

The Hundred Thousand Dragon Flame Axe.1

The ranked nineteenth Flight Star, Impatient Vanguard Suo Chao!2

“Extraordinary, extraordinary. This Ancestor did not expect the Divine Flame Sword Sect’s Star General to unexpectedly be Three Star. You deserve to be called the Great Liang Dynasty’s Second Highness. The number one Star Master of the Azure Dragon Territory should yield to Your Majesty.” Ancestor Huai Mu gloomily sneered.

Ancestor Heavenly Fire grunted. If it was not for the urgent state of affairs, he honestly did not want to have the Impatient Vanguard reveal herself. Heh, heh, if this guy knew His Highness’ Star General was about to advance to Four Star, he wondered what sort of expression would be made.

“Elder Sister is very incredible, with a Star Weapon unexpectedly already Three Star.” Su Feng’s black-robed, white-armored Star General also showed a surprised expression. Her hand hefted a red tasseled spear. The two stars on the spear glinted, circulating a dark light, a gorgeous blood red color. This spear was known as “Hundred Wars Bloodthirst,” and this happened to be the forty-second ranked Majestic Star General of Hundred Victories Han Tao’s Destined Star Weapon.3

The Impatient Vanguard Suo Chao hooked her lips into a smile, “Idling will lead to fighting over the chest. As long as Little Sister Han Tao does not hinder This Palace, Elder Sister will be lenient.”

The General of Hundred Victories Han Yao showed a slightly unsightly expression and was unwilling.

“Qingshuang!”4 Zhao Heng ordered her.

The Flight Star Suo Qingshuang nodded. Saying nothing more, she leapt up, her hands raising the Hundred Thousand Dragon Flame Axe. Sneering as she hacked towards the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon, the Three Star Destined Weapon’s might was astonishing, the axe’s edge seemingly ripping apart space, raging flames curling about. It made all the surrounding cultivators have a difficult time drawing near.

“Qing.”5 Su Feng also said.

The Majestic Star General of Hundred Victories Han Qing simultaneously lifted the Hundred Wars Bloodthirst Spear and stabbed at the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon.

The Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon hissed a long cry. The Star Weapon’s attack certainly was not that easy to get through, especially a Three Star Destined Weapon. When this axehead went down, it carved out a severe wound. The dragon blood that sprayed and splashed out was immediately evaporated clean away by the axehead’s blaze.

Ancestor Huai Mu pointed two fingers together, stimulating several threads of Star Energy. The Clear Sky Peak became even more heavy and pushed harder. The Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon’s tail violently swept, brushing aside more than a dozen cultivators, and Ancestor Heavenly Fire also was swept away. Availing itself the time where the Boundless Sun Pearl was not attacking, the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon’s entire body radiated a blinding golden light. Shaking the heavens with its dragon roar, it rushed into the sky.


Ancestor Huai Mu spat out a mouthful of blood, his expression greatly changing.

Such a large Clear Sky Peak had been unexpectedly shattered into fragments by the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon. The Ninth Rank Demon Beast’s power was visibly terrifying. Su Xing to the side watched with his heart pounding in fright. If he alone killed the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon, he did not know what year nor what month forging would be finished. Simply bestowed with such an enormous chance in this Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline, Su Xing absolutely could not miss it. Glancing at the two Star Generals, Su Xing raised the Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword. The sword became a fire dragon that pounced onto the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon, however, there were two large schools vying against each other, so he definitely had no interest in fighting his hardest.

Breaking away from the Clear Sky Peak’s suppression, the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon looked as if it had been set free, its body nimbly rolling inside the purple cloud. Its dragon claws repeatedly launched attacks towards the two Star Generals. The Impatient Vanguard Suo Qingshuang and the General of Hundred Victories Han Qing were of excellent martial prowess, relying on the Two Star and frightening Three Star Destined Weapons to stop the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon’s terrifying offensive.

The disciples of the two large sects successively used their powerful Sword Chants.

The Yi Wood Sword Technique6 and the Divine Flame Sword Technique became two types of opposite powers that continuously battered the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon and its dragon scales that were like a pool of gold. Although it brought about a feeble result, the long term accumulation could produce injuries.

The Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon was somewhat angry it had been tangled by everyone. It spat out a golden light, and this golden light became countless golden dragons that bit at everyone. Whatever flying sword or artifact it hit was completely was devoured. One look showed that the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon had used its special ability. These cultivators hastily retreated, using every sort of defensive artifact.

Zhao Heng grasped in his hand an Astral Treasure. A crimson light protected his body, and Su Feng also raised a gong in front of him. Their Star Generals also consciously guarded the front of their young masters. This power of the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon actually could not hurt them.

Su Xing was anything but reassured. When the golden light rushed over, that speed actually was shocking, and he just was not able to powers the likes of the Blooming Water Divine Thunder lest he expose his identity. He could only completely rely on the Clinging Fire Domain Sword to break these golden lights. The Ninth Rank Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon was very much incredible, for when several dozen golden lights rushed over, even the Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword was beginning to gradually weaken.

Continuously spraying several of the golden star rivers, the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon abruptly rose high into the air, its dragon talons again ripping several Galaxy Late Stage disciples to pieces.

“Heavenly Fire, hold back any more, and we will certainly die here.” Ancestor Huai Mu shouted when he saw this Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon was so tyrannical, throwing out a magic weapon as he spoke.

“For This Ancestor’s protection magic.”

Ancestor Heavenly Fire was also irate. His hand beckoned, and those several dozen flying swords of his became raging infernos that mutually overlapped and slashed towards the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon. Afterwards, he made a hand seal, and the Boundless Sun Pearl returned to his front.

Elder Heavenly Fire’s mouth opened, spraying out bursts of bright red True Fire. These True Flames were odd, for they condensed and did not disperse, revolving without pause in front of Ancestor Heavenly Fire. One flicker mixed with another, and afterwards, they directly dissolved into the Boundless Sun Pearl. The dim light of the Boundless Sun Pearl’s body became very red, its temperature high enough to make the air around Ancestor Heavenly Fire distort.

The other disciples that knew the Ancestral Master was using his strongest ability hastily withdrew upon seeing this.

The Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon also senses that abnormally high temperature. Its mouth opened, pouncing towards Ancestor Heavenly Fire.


Ancestor Huai Mu read his Sword Chant, and several dozen Flying Swords formed a Sword Wall to block in front of Ancestor Heavenly Fire.

The Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon slammed the Sword Wall to the edge of collapse, and Ancestor Huai Mu’s expression was increasingly grave.

“Condensed Flame Boundless Sun. Mountains and rivers entirely burn!!”7

After Ancestor Heavenly Fire finished spitting out several dozen flames, the Boundless Sun Pearl was compacted into a tiny sun. Seeing him squeeze out a hand seal, the Sword Wall immediately scattered, and that Boundless Sun Pearl struck against the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon’s head. This seemingly was as if the Ninth Rank dragon’s whole body had been doused in gasoline, suddenly igniting a raging blaze from head to toe, even stirring the purple cloud.

Su Xing’s heart tightened when he saw this, for he honestly feared that Ancestor Heavenly Fire would burn this Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon to ashes. That was a loss that outweighed the gains.


The sound of a dragon roar made Su Xing calm his heart, and he could not help but admire how valiant this Heaven Tearing Dragon was. When the fire cloud dispersed, the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon surprisingly directly swallowed the Boundless Sun Pearl in one gulp. Then, it spat out hundreds of streaks of sharp golden light.

When Ancestor Heavenly Fire saw this, he immediately operated his Sword Chant. More than thirty Red Fire Flying Swords promptly clumped together and wrapped him within.


At this moment, the Majestic Star General of Hundred Victories Han Tao was like an acrobat, the bloody spear carving out an arc that ripped apart the sky as it slashed the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon.

With a great shock, she used her Yellow Rank Spear Technique –

One Stroke Violent Death!8

“It will do for This Palace to assist you a bit.”

The Flight Star Suo Qingshuang coldly chuckled, slashing with her long axe. Unlike Han Qing, she did not use her Yellow Rank Style. As far as Heavenly Stars were concerned, using Yellow Rank Styles before the pivotal moment was self-harming behavior, but the Impatient Vanguard used all of her Star Energy. The axehead cut into the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon’s body, like a nail was hammered into it. That maneuver of Ancestor Heavenly Fire already made the Heaven Tearing Dragon rather battered, and that layer of Heavenly Fire had seemingly burned off its drive. In the battle afterwards, two Star Generals shifted and moved, their Star Weapons repeated attacks eliciting howls of grief from the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon.

The nearby Su Xing gradually halted his attacks and dodged away with the other disciples to make a defensive formation. Watching the two Star Generals and two Ancestral Masters battle the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon, in his mind, he controlled the Soul Sealing Bottle to prepare to be the one who got away with the bone.

Demon Beasts were unable to be taken into empty Astral Bags while they had souls. Only when its soul was forced out would its spirit hole open. This corpse could then be easily stored, but looking at these two Supercluster Cultivators also becoming restless, it seemed snatching the dragon’s corpse would not be that simple.

The Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon’s claws randomly flailed, it gold light sprayed, and its talons, tail and horn were all like weapons.

Ancestor Heavenly Fire and Ancestor Huai Mu already were continuously straining, secretly shocked the Ninth Rank’s close combat yielded truly incredible results. If these two had not joined hands, perhaps they already would have been finished. Considering to this point, Ancestor Heavenly Fire’s dozens of flying swords once again flashed with flame, becoming several dozen dragons that rolled towards the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon.

“Ancestor Heavenly Fire, once this dragon is slain, how about we evenly split it?” Ancestor Huai Mu was increasingly restless as he looked at the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon.


“Has This Ancestor ever wronged you?” Ancestor Heavenly Fire controlled his Sword Chant, making the flying swords that filled the sky ceaselessly attack.

When Ancestor Huai Mu heard this, he used his strongest Sword Array.

More than fifty flying swords neatly shot into the sky and simultaneously fell down, vaguely forming a complex array pattern.

“Taiyi Sword Array!!”9

“The Ancestral Master has used the Taiyi Sword Array, we must also advance!”

When the Taiyi Sword Sect disciples saw this, each was excited, the sword chants they used hardly careless.

Su Xing also seized the chance to rush out.

The Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon no longer was capable of supporting itself. Being entangled in the attack of a sword array of several hundred flying swords, the golden light protecting its body was increasingly feeble. Its claws and groans gradually lost their edge. Smart people knew from a glance the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon was at its end.


The Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon at death’s doorstep fought. Waving its dragon claws, it sent Suo Qingshuang and Han Qing flying. The two ancestors shouted, completely stimulating their Star Energy, and the Sword Array fell just like a torrential downpour. The Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon’s cries shook the heavens, and it finally faced the sky and made a long hiss, its protective golden light immediately going out.

When Ancestor Heavenly Fire and Ancestor Huai Mu saw this, they excitedly rushed forth, wanting to seize the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon.

Just at this moment, all of a sudden, a silhouette moved. Flashing in front of them, it made a beeline for the already dying dragon.

“Ancestral Masters, discuss once more. Disciple shall first go help the Ancestral Masters receive it.”

Su Xing loudly yelled, not neglecting what was underfoot in the slightest.

Ancestor Heavenly Fire was blank, having never experienced before that an apprentice would vie for something in front of a Supercluster Stage Ancestral Master. Turning his head to Ancestor Huai Mu, he mocked: “Your Taiyi Sword Sect has honestly taught a good disciple among you. He actually is not afraid to die.”

“What? Is that not your Sword Sect’s disciple?” Ancestor Huai Mu froze, saying in disbelief: “It was actually he who made us help you.”

“This Ancestor indeed wanted to call someone, but then you came…”

The faces of the two Ancestral Masters changed.

“Damn, we have been fooled!!”

Turning their heads to look, they saw an immense bolt of purple thunder shoot out of that youth’s hand. The purple thunderbolt directly cut into the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon. This Ninth Rank Demon Beast unexpectedly was pierced right through and died…

Everyone was shaken, having never seen a Galaxy Early Stage Cultivator possess such a nimble method.

This was bad!

He was the Purple Thunder Monster!!

The calm Zhao Heng could not help but shout when he saw that terrifying purple thunder.

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  3. 地威星百勝將韓滔. By herself, I will call her the Majestic Star. But when Lin Yingmei is present, I will distinguish between the two, the Heavenly Majestic Star and the Earthly Majestic Star.
  4. 青雙
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