Chapter 170: Five Stars Dancing Together

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“Wu Song, you heavily wounded This Immortal’s disciple. If you leave that White and Black Unicorn Tiger behind, This Immortal could let you go.” The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal manner was mild as wind and light as clouds.

“How dignified!” Xiao’er chuckled. With golden Star Weapon in hand, its light was lofty. “Since we dared to come plunder, could it be that we fear you?”

Wu Siyou did not reply to the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal’s words. Her cold pupils continuously were faintly hung on Lin Yingmei, making Su Xing see it as very unsettling.

“Yingmei, let’s go!” Su Xing firmly shouted. He grabbed Lin Yingmei’s and fled on his riding sword. How could the Three Great Sect’s three Supercluster monster be things he could contend against as he currently was. Even if they had wasted the majority of their Essence Energy killing the dragons, their remaining power was sufficient to squeeze him to death.

His sword-light instantly escaped a thousand meters away.

Ancestor Huai Mu showed gloom. Not urgently yet not slowly, he asked: “Ancestor Heavenly Fire, we shall go kill this Purple Thunder Monster together. How about we enforce justice on the behalf of Heaven? We shall divide his possessions evenly.” Su Xing using the Blooming Water Divine Thunder to break his mountain ability a moment ago made Ancestor Huai Mu somewhat fearful. Now, he recalled a few instances where this appetizer of a Purple Thunder Monster shockingly reached across ranks to kill people. Ancestor Baili and the Ghost Cavalry King, either one was able to destroy this Galaxy Cultivator with a flip of their hand, yet they were planted right onto the Purple Thunder Monster’s hand. Ancestor Huai Mu’s anger had passed, and he had calmed.

“This Old Man has already wanted render a service to the public by getting rid of this menace.” Ancestor Heavenly Fire nodded.

The two Ancestors did not mind Wu Song or their disciples. Two bolts of escape light together launched a pursuit.

When the cultivators spectating in the surroundings of the White Deer Highlands saw the Supercluster Stage monsters become hostile, they hastily scrambled as far away as they coud.

A foehn wind blew.

Su Xing turned his head to look and spotted Ancestor Heavenly Fire was catching up, his hand releasing a burning flame.

Lin Yingmei coldly grunted and was just about to go on the attack.

Su Xing held her back with one arm, curbing her urge. Then, he turned around and launched the Blooming Water Divine Thunder to block this burning fire. Afterwards, he waved the Astral Treasure in his hand, releasing sky-filling arc of flame.

“A firefly’s glow dares to strive for splendor against the sun and moon!” Ancestor Heavenly Fire laughed. He drew a circle using both hands, and the Astral Treasure’s flame was easily ripped apart. On his empty palm, countless rainbow shadows pierced through the flames. Then, they were shaken back by his power, transforming into a fire dragon barrier that encircled Su Xing in the blink of an eye.

Su Xing’s expression changed.

Ancestor Heavenly Fire coldly grinned, striking a “Sword Chant” hand seal. The flames surrounding Su Xing immediately became a raging Clinging Fire sword. Surprisingly, fifty-six of these densely packed themselves to encircle Su Xing. Just as Ancestor Heavenly Fire was about to clench his hands, to make the flying swords burn Su Xing to ash, Ancestor Huai Mu yelled: “Heavenly Fire, don’t you burn away his Astral Bag…”

Lin Yingmei’s Arctic Star Serpent Spear released ice, snow and cold air to obstruct this inferno. If it was not for Ancestor Heavenly Fire’s Star Energy being greatly exhausted, perhaps this would not have been that simple.

“Overestimating yourself.” Ancestor Heavenly Fire formed another seal, and more than fifty of the Clinging Fire Flying Swords attacked with greater ferocity.

Lin Yingmei was in imminent danger.

Su Xing grit his teeth when he saw. He shouted loudly: “Do you not want my things? Your Servant shall give them to you…” After he spoke, Su Xing flicked his hand, and a bag was thrown out.

Ancestor Heavenly Fire and Ancestor Huai Mu saw this at the same time and simultaneously pounced, wanting to seize the chance.

Ancestor Huai Mu had continuously stared fixedly at Su Xing’s movements, so he was faster than Ancestor Heavenly Fire. In an instant, he snatched the bag, and scanning with his Divine Intent, he was furious: “This is an empty bag.”

Ancestor Heavenly Fire caught the bag, and then he also knew they had been toyed with. In a split second, an air-shattering noise boomed. It was a Galaxy Stage Artifact in the form of a seal. Ancestor Heavenly Fire said, “How laughable.” He waved a hand to split this artifact into dust, but just as Ancestor Heavenly Fire prepared to launch a Sword Array to grind Su Xing apart, he suddenly saw three red lights closely following behind the seal.

Not good…

Ancestor Heavenly Fire had only just reacted.

Swish, swish, swish.

Three crossbow bolts red as blood broke straight through his defenses and pierced into his stomach. Ancestor Heavenly Fire yelled, only feeling a pain that was as if his four limbs, his bones, his entire body’s meridians were being ripped apart. Raising his head to look, he discovered Su Xing already had another servant girl beside him. She grasped a crossbow in her hand, and that blood-red crossbow had been fired from that hand.

“A Star General??”

Ancestor Heavenly Fire violently spat out a mouthful of blood. Scowling in anger, his Sword Art loudly covered Su Xing, and a range of a hundred meters could only see the sky seemingly burn.

“Heavenly Fire, are you alright?” Ancestor Huai Mu had lingering fears. He had not expected this cultivator that looked as if he would buckle at the first blow would unexpectedly also have the Skilful Star.

“This Old Man will kill him!” Ancestor Heavenly Fire bared his teeth. He shouted, and the swords were like burning fire.

But just at this instant, there suddenly was a cyan hurricane that abruptly rolled by. These hurricane winds rolled about his sword chant’s surroundings. Surprisingly, it unbelievably extinguished the burning flames. Su Xing, Lin Yingmei and Yan Yizhen once again appeared. Although they seemingly had gone through a harrowing ordeal, overall, they were considered to have pulled through.

“Essence Swallowing Dragons.” Ancestor Heavenly Fire could not contain himself, “How is there this kind of Ancient Demon Dragon.”

“Don’t think you can hurt Big Brother!”

An Suwen at this moment rushed over, unleashing a hundred Essence Swallowing Dragons. These Essence Swallowing Dragons assumed an air of Essence Qi, for this fire energy was classified as one type of that. Ancestor Heavenly Fire’s burning flames suddenly turned into treats for the Essence Swallowing Dragons. The Sword Chant assumed its original appearance, and Ancestor Heavenly Fire hastily recalled it.

The Essence Swallowing Dragons became a cyan hurricane that violently surged. Ancestor Heavenly Fire was furious, and a red ring flew out from his palm. This treasure was known as “Fire Dragon Mirror,”1 depicted as a dragon biting its own tail. It could be said to be the strongest magic weapon Ancestor Heavenly Fire had aside from the Boundless Sun Pearl. This counted as good fortune for Su Xing, for the Boundless Sun Pearl had been eaten confronting the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon. Otherwise, how could Su Xing have persevered for this long.

Ancestor Heavenly Fire threw the Fire Dragon Mirror, and the ring became a blazing dragon. The Essence Swallowing Dragons could consume any of the elementary forces in the world. The only way to hand them was to delay these Essence Swallowing Dragons from eating. Thus, history had the legend that “Essence Swallowing Dragons exceeding a hundred million had no rival.” Thinking about it, a hundred million Essence Swallowing Dragons simply could consume the entire Liangshan into an infertile wasteland.

An Suwen hastily recalled the Essence Swallowing Dragons, and the Fire Dragon went to bite Su Xing once it saw its objective had disappeared.

Lin Yingmei raised her spear, and jumped forward to stab it.

Ancestor Heavenly Fire coldly harrumphed, and the Clinging Fire Sword directly went on the attack.

Under this precarious battle tempo, Ancestor Heavenly Fire suddenly sensed something amiss. He instinctively dodged, only to see two Flying Claws overshoot him from behind. The claws had a cold light, twinkling the light of a single star.

“Hoodwinking Flying Claws?”

Ancestor Heavenly Fire was stunned. Those Flying Claws turned around like snakes; the Ancestor yelled loudly, and his spiritual pressure unexpectedly directly shook the Flying Claws back. “Watch This Young Lady’s.” A silhouette powerfully emerged, and who else could it be besides the Thief Star Shi Yuan. Then, with the boots refined from the Clear Sky Feathers, this jump of the Flea on a Drum brought her right to Ancestor Heavenly Fire’s body, and she thrust in five needles that were fine as hair.

Ancestor Heavenly Fire’s whole body hurt, and he realized then those needles were absolutely not normal items. Otherwise, it would have been impossible to break through his defenses. Enraged, he sent Shi Yuan flying a hundred meters with one palm. The Sword Chant reversed to hack at her. At such a close range, Shi Yuan did not have any room to resist, and her whole body became a specter.2

How was it another Star General?

Ancestor Heavenly Fire did not have enough time to be astonished, for he heard another crackling cold wind. But when he wanted to turn around to dodge, those needles inside his body activated, and his whole body violently ached.


Ancestor Huai Mu wanted to lend Ancestor Heavenly Fire a helping hand, but he heard a bang. He saw a girl hold a strange artifact, point it at him. A conical projectile shot out, and Ancestor Huai Mu prepared to directly use his power to pulverize this projectile. That projectile exploded, and a chill that reached to the bone rolled over. This cold air was like a spider’s thread as it went past his body, and he became incapable of budging. If his cultivation was in peak condition, this chill naturally was nothing to him, but having just killed a dragon, his vitality was greatly depleted. The two’s Star Energies were not necessarily as robust as Su Xing’s, and to break away from this cold required some time.

But it was this time that had been seized by Su Xing.

Ancestor Heavenly Fire screamed, his movements slowed greatly. Lin Yingmei rode the wind, the Arctic Star Serpent Spear running through Ancestor Heavenly Fire’s skull with nearly no resistance. Ancestor Heavenly Fire opened his eyes wide, not daring to believe this. He had wanted to use his Sword Chant with his dying breath, but Su Xing followed closely behind, attacking him with the Blooming Water Divine Thunder. Ancestor Heavenly Fire’s organs were immediately shaken to pieces, and he was incapable of resisting anymore.

The Divine Flame Sword Sect’s generational founder thus sullenly became a departed soul.

“Heavenly Fire!!!!”

Ancestor Huai Mu was aghast, his face losing its color.


Su Xing smirked at him. A Galaxy Stage Cultivator unexpectedly sneered at a Supercluster Stage Cultivator, but this made Ancestor Huai Mu shudder in fear.

Ancestor Heavenly Fire’s death was interlocked. In such a short time, a Supercluster Middle Stage Cultivator had fallen, and Ancestor Huai Mu himself did not dare believe it. From the moment the Purple Thunder Monster took Lin Chong to escape, they already had fallen into a trap. This Galaxy Stage Monster did not wish to run; he wished to kill them. Ancestor Huai Mu’s eyes showed fear.

He saw the Star Crest on Su Xing’s forehead change without pause, and shockingly, he had three more.

Three girls formed a triangle to obstruct him.

One raised a spear.

One called for dragons.

One held a fan.

The foreheads of the three girls had stars. Shockingly, they were Star Generals.

“Just who the hell are you!” Ancestor Huai Mu loudly bellowed: “How could you possibly sign three…no, four, five Star Generals…”

“Ask your question in the next life.” Su Xing’s palms were empty, and then two bolts of Purple Thunder Dragon Claws bit at Ancestor Huai Mu.

“Go!” Ancestor Huai Mu raised his Sword Chant, and a blue light circulated, spinning around his whole body. It broke this Purple Thunder Dragon Capture, but he no longer wanted to battle Su Xing. Instinctively wanting to flee, Su Xing instantly destroying the far more powerful Ancestor Heavenly Fire truly left too terrifying an impression.

Wu Xinjie waved the fan, adding on Speed is a Crucial Asset in War.

Su Xing and the rest’s speeds instantly surpassed his.

An ice-cold silhouette stopped Ancestor Huai Mu, and Lin Yingmei’s speartip stabbed out with cold snow speckled upon it.

An Suwen’s Essence Swallowing Dragons also surged again for the kill.

“Hmph.” Ancestor Huai Mu raised a green banner known as “Eyes Obscured By A Single Leaf,”3 which was a figure concealing Supreme Grade Magic Weapon. Waving the banner, his figure immediately disappeared without a trace.


Su Xing’s Divine Intent swept.

Suddenly, he heard a scream.

With a look, he saw Ancestor Huai Mu had reappeared a hundred meters away, but his entire body had been stuck full of golden needles. The form was extremely frightening, and following the path of the golden needles, Su Xing and the rest looked. To their shock, the one who appeared was not a stranger, but it was Tang Lianxin!

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  1. 火龍鑑, it’s a ring, but it’s called a mirror. Sure, whatever.
  2. Sent into the Star Nest
  3. 一葉障目



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