Chapter 185: Gongsun Sheng Has Fallen Into Dire Straits

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The Poison Toad’s eyes flashed an ominous glint. Immediately, it opened its mouth and made a shrill cry. That black pellet instantly exploded, and the black qi in a flash surged forth like a giant river, wrapping the golden swords within in an instant.

The golden swords had turned sluggish. Seeing as how the circumstances had unexpectedly been restricted, from a Life-cast Ability’s perspective, this Demon Beast wanted to consume the Spirit Qi of the golden swords.

Su Xing was blank at first, but the corner of his mouth immediately curled, turning into a cold grin.

How could a Seventh Rank Demon Beast dragonscale sword blade be that easy to digest.

Forming hand seals, he lightly urged the enormous sword. The golden light on the sword promptly flashed wildly, and the swordtip’s Spirit Qi overflowed from the dragonscales. The huge sword seized this chance to slightly trembled. Like a dragon emerging from the sea, it broke out of the poison sea’s enclosure. In the next moment, it appeared over the Poison Toad’s Poison Shield, then powerfully chopped downwards.

The dragon cry on the sword suddenly swelled.

Along with a ripping sound, the Poison Shield instantly broke, and the sword instantly appeared right above the Poison Toad. It aimed at the large head, ferociously slashing downwards. The Poison Toad simply did not expect the circumstances to turn so suddenly. Its meticulously refined Poison Pellet unexpectedly was incapable of corrupting this magic weapon. By the time it became aware, the flying sword broke through its poison smoke, arriving atop its head.

With a croak, the Poison Toad wanted to escape. Su Xing closed his fist, and Dragon Claw Purple Lightning seized it. The Heaven Tearing Sword immediately severed this Poison Toad’s head.

A soul flew out, which Su Xing received with a sigh of relief.

For one person to handle an Ancient Sixth Rank Demon Beast honestly was somewhat exhausting!

The large sword dispersed, and the twelve golden flying swords floated before him. Su Xing inspected them, and his brows slightly wrinkled. This Poison Toad was incredible, as expected. Even if it was refined using dragonscales, Heaven Tearing showed signs of corruption. Luckily, this sort of Immemorial Sword Chant only needed nurturing inside his body for a few days to recover.

Just as Su Xing was about to go collect the Poison Toad, a whistling sound suddenly came from the sky.

Su Xing hastily retreated and raised his head to look. He saw a delicate silhouette fall from the skies, and when he got a clear look of that girl’s appearance, Su Xing firmly suppressed the flying sword’s intent to attack. He rose and caught the girl with a leap.

The young girl was approximately twelve or thirteen years old in appearance. She wore a flower crown and long headcover, a multicolored flower dress, golden flowing shoulder covers. Her button-styled skirt hems and corners hung golden phoenix-like feathers. She seemed just like a fairy that emerged from the Sun Golden Palace, but this time, the girl’s expression was very pained. She half-opened her eyes, and her mouth slightly opened, wanting to say something.


She was no stranger. She was the Leisure Star Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Sheng!


Su Xing shouted in disbelief: “Dragon in the Clouds, what happened?” Gongsun Sheng was Maiden Mountain’s ranked fourth, number one in magic energy, and on several occasions, her attacks had helped him avert disasters. Su Xing held grateful feelings towards this mysterious girl. When he originally saw Gongsun Sheng directly enter the Vermilion Bird Territory, he had wanted to find an opportunity to seek out Gongsun Sheng to thank her. He had not expected they would meet at this time.

Especially now, when it seemed that Gongsun Sheng was in very poor health. Her entire body’s skin released a black qi. Astonishingly, it was poison.

Su Xing opened his mouth and spat out the Detoxification Pearl.

“Open your mouth.” Su Xing hastily said.

Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Sheng obediently opened her lips slightly. Her circumstances seemed to be very terrible, almost to the point of losing consciousness. Su Xing placed the Detoxification Pearl into her mouth, and only then was that unbearable toxic qi suppressed for the moment.

He suddenly heard several sky breaking noises.

More than a dozen figures descend before Su Xing in succession.

The newcomers wore Demi-race attire, and their whole bodies were adorned with many silver decorations. Wings like those of a roc grew out of their backs. The wings still flapped, and among them, a bare chested man made Su Xing feel a chill. The wings on his back unexpectedly were golden. He was taller than the others, and his eyes emitted an evil air. His cultivation was astonishingly at Supercluster Early Stage, one of the Vermilion Bird Territory’s Demi Kings!

These winged men and women looked at the Gongsun Shen in Su Xing’s embrace, and their eyes promptly released radiance.

“Cultivator of the Vermilion Bird Territory, quickly release that little girl.”

“And we will let you live!”

Twelve Heaven Tearing Sword lights wound around, issuing a deterrent.

These people were blank, hastily activating each of their own tricks.

“Were you the ones who injured her?” Su Xing expressionlessly asked.

“The Queen has mind to befriend Azure Dragon Territory Cultivators. Give this little girl to us, and we shall let you go.” That Supercluster Early Stage man coldly said.

“What queen?” Su Xing chuckled.

“This cultivator has killed the Poison Toad!!” A woman saw the Poison Toad’s corpse and screamed.

It was at this moment that Su Xing’s expression changed, and the sword lights shot in all directions.

These Roc Wing tribesmen had already put up their guard, each clawing out an enormous sword. These large swords were forged of black iron, slashing with the rumble of thunder.

With a thunder clap.

Two of the men were in disbelief that they had been pierced through by the flying swords.

The rest hastily flapped their wings when they saw this. Their speeds were extremely quick, flying to the sky in a split second. They brandished their wings, and a thunder-wind boomed, battling with the flying swords. Su Xing closed his right fist, and several purple lotus flowers shot over.

The purple lotuses fell before them in the blink of an eye.

The clansmen again used their wings, instantly flying several hundred meters, their speeds honestly swift to the extreme.

Another two were slower a tad, and when the purple flowers touched their bodies, purple thunder instantly surged. Like ten thousand swords attacking, they lost their lives in the blink of an eye.

Su Xing had wanted to use another thunder shot.

Suddenly, he sensed an immense pressure attack. The Supercluster Stage man had secretly approached in the blink of an eye. An iron fist violently exploded towards Su Xing, a thunderclap that broke the air with a boom, incomparably terrifying in power.

The twelve flying swords instantly blocked in front of Su Xing, becoming a shield.


The golden-winged man’s fist directly banged against the swords.

The Heaven Tearing Swords violently rang!

The tip’s sword qi fiercely tore out. This man completely did not care, following closely with another fist. Those golden wings flapped to act as repulsion, unexpectedly raising his speed to the extreme. His pressure continuously suppressed Su Xing.

Su Xing’s throat rolled and nearly bubbled up with blood. The Life-cast Sword Chant and his own life were linked. Whatever harm the flying swords suffered, the cultivator himself would also be injured. This Demi King’s fist was like a thousand catties of thunder, rolling forth. More than a dozen punches had forced Su Xing back a thousand meters. The flying sword’s dragon scales sparkled, continuously crashing into the opposing fists. If it was not forged from Ninth Rank dragon scales, Su Xing could not say for sure whether or not these flying swords would have been smashed to pieces if this continued.

The golden-winged man now was also shocked in his heart. He discerned that Su Xing’s Sword Chant ability was extraordinary, which was why he had an exchange at the start. He never expected a Galaxy Early Stage cultivator could become hostile so quickly. Immediately, he did not hesitate to use his strongest “Golden Wing Thunder Fist,”1 the Roc Clan’s most powerful boxing technique. His punch was like a sudden clap of thunder, one that could cleave the skies and split the mountains, especially with flapping of his golden wings that increased his power to the next level. Let alone that this was a Galaxy Early Stage’s flying swords, even a similar Supercluster Early Stage Demi King opponent could not necessarily endure this. If it was the former, after ten punches, the enemy should have been exploded into dust.

This sword sure enough had oddities.

If he could snatch these flying swords, just maybe he could break away from that she-monster…

Thinking of this, the golden-winged man’s fists were even more violent as swelling waters.

Su Xing was somewhat pained to speechlessness. He had just faced the Poison Toad and now he had encountered this sort of thing. In addition, this man was not like typical cultivators. Cultivators most feared close combat warriors, and that continuous barrage of fists completely immobilized the flying swords, an entirely closed down situation.

Su Xing’s brow wrinkled. He knew that if this continued he would inevitably be at a disadvantage.


Su Xing actually had not thought of this, and seeing that these people had injured Gongsun Sheng, Su Xing already had the desire to kill them.

His eyes were fixed on each of the man’s punches, and in that concentrated instant he received a punch, Su Xing’s Divine Intent moved. The flying swords instantly scattered. With practically no time to hesitate, Su Xing’s gaze turned fierce, and his body exerted itself to step onto a point of the flying sword. His whole body was already like a sharp arrow unleashed. While he was moving, he violently waved his left hand.

That large body of the golden winged man also did not break off in the slightest for this reason. His speed was even faster, turning into something like a rocket in an instant. His entire body became straight line in midair. He drew his right hand behind him, and it could be clearly seen his whole body’s Thousand Catties Thunderclap was concentrating there. However, in an instant, his entire right fist was already like a dazzling ball of light. An enormous thunderclap rolled, and a fierce aura splashed in every direction, mighty as a torrent.



The place Su Xing was at suddenly exploded into a great plume of purple cloud and lightning. Like an earthquake, a heaven-overflowing purple cloud like a hurricane spun around next to him. It pressed towards the golden-winged man, hiding the skies and covering the earth.

The man punches, unexpectedly ripping apart the purple thunder, but at the same time his whole body trembled, having suffered a shock.

Meanwhile, Su Xing’s silhouette once again vanished.

The auspicious clouds of the Purple Mansion Immortals Thunder covered the golden-winged man’s entire line of sight. A huge thunder roll left him at an even greater loss of what to do. Under the purple lightning Su Xing fully exerted to bring out, those fast as sound movements of the golden-winged man  promptly were restricted.

“Tiny thunder and lightning dares to misbehave before This King.”

He suddenly threw both his arms in front of himself for protection, tightly joining them together. Then, he opened both his arms, and his wings wildly danced.  Proving himself to be of Supercluster Early Stage cultivation, a powerful Qi Soul directly dissipated the purple clouds, thunder and lightning completely from his body’s surroundings.

It was just that Su Xing had never thought of relying on the Purple Mansion Immortals Thunder to bring him harm, and he seized the chance to already reach his front.


His right wrist flipped, and a Heaven Tearing appeared in his hand. It resolutely ripped upon the golden-winged man’s chin. An immense enough to be frightening ripping sensation instantly exploded in his head and struck him back suddenly. Blood violently sprayed in an instant, and that malevolent face contorted, his expression very wretched.

Without any pause, another sword brought the whooshing of wind and once again slashed viciously on the golden-winged man’s body. While the surplus energy had not yet dissipated, the flying sword simultaneously flashed. Heaven Tearing was like a windmill, carrying a terrifying whistle that continuously cut upon the same place, a sharp tearing sound that was just like a death god’s smile. However, in a short instant, golden sword shadows wrapped around the golden-winged man’s body.There was a vigorous thunderclap.

The swamp suddenly rolled with black waves. Su Xing moved his Divine Intent, hastily switching to the Extreme Sincerity Soul Technique. When he looked again, he saw that Demi King had become a golden light that instantly escaped a thousand meters away, breaking out from the flying swords’ encirclement.

Su Xing saw that of the man’s two arms, one of them had already been severed by the flying swords.

The golden-winged man stared at the Su Xing before him in disbelief. His Supercluster Early Stage cultivation was unexpectedly unable to deal with this Galaxy Early Stage Star Cultivator.

“Flee.” The man shouted.

How could Su Xing be willing to let him go. He pointed his finger resolutely.

Sword qi skyrocketed.

The faces of the other Roc Clan members were pale. Without the slightest hesitation, they flapped their wings to escape far away. Their speed was extremely fast, going a thousand meters with a flap. Su Xing simply could not catch up to them, so he did not wish to pursue.

His Star Energy was nearly spent, and if the opponents were still to aim for a mutual death, the one running would be him.

“Seems this Demi King has his ups and downs.” Su Xing thought. He really could not be too careless around a Supercluster Stage Cultivator.

He lowered his head to look at Gongsun Sheng. The small girl slightly opened her eyes, weak beyond compare.

“I’m taking you back first.”

Su Xing looked at the bag in his hand. It was taken at the same time the flying sword went to kill the golden-winged man. Collecting the remaining items, he then flew back towards Five Colors City. Looking at Gongsun Sheng’s feeble enough to fall at the first blow appearance, his forehead was even tighter.

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  1.  金翅雷罡拳


  1. BLARGH!!!!
    Evil cliff…!!!! Nnnnnnooooooo!!!!!

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    But. At least he could help her 9ut for once. Rather a sudden turn of events!
    Solo’d a sixth rank Demon Beast AND beat the everloving crap out of a Supercluster cultivator!
    Su Xing was kinda lucky that both were one trick ponies compared to the othef Supercluster badasses he’s fought..

    But, will he contract the Leisure Star before Siyou then? Holy crap… if he does, then he’ll have contracted THREE of the Top Ten ranked seats of the 108 Maiden Mountain Sisters, right?
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    1. Who? Gongsun Sheng?
      Well, I wouldn’t concern yourself with how old a Star Maiden looks seeing as n9ne of them are any older than the generation of Star Duels they’re in began… so like, every single Star Maiden is like… 3 or 4 years old regardless of how ‘mature’ they look.

      The only real exception where it matters is if how they think and act completely matches how old they look. There are only 2 cases of this. One is Bao Xiaoyu… but only just barely, and a future character who…. really can’t be calked anything but a little girl.

      Remember Yizhen and Xiao’er?
      Both of them look much younger than you’d think and Su Xing even teased the latter for look8ng like a girl even though she could easily crush him with her finger.

      Star Maidens here are like Heroic Spirits. Don’t let their looks alone fool you.

  2. Given his primary cultivation problem is the bottleneck between realms, I had hoped he would be at mid-stage by now…

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