Chapter 187: Auction Of Gold

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The Vermilion Bird Territory was far from prosperous as the Azure Dragon Territory. Everything was very impoverished, but it similarly had its own supply that always exceeded demand. This was medicine materials. The Vermilion Bird Territory had boundless mountains in the ten thousands, continuous across several million li. Just this Mount Danxia’s range was in excess of eight hundred thousand li. Its surroundings were a ring of mountains, and among them, many had magic medicines flourishing, Due to Mount Danxia’s complex terrain, to harvest everything was an impossible task. The only pity was that the mountain range here was continuous and of varying heights, where one mountain connected to another. The Azure Dragon Territory once had the thought to invade and occupy these lands, but they had no choice but to give up.

Thus, magic medicines were very developed in the Vermilion Bird Territory. Just this Five Colors City alone had large and small shops numbering in the hundreds. The absolute majority of magic medicines could be purchased here, and sometimes, some Supreme Grade magic medicines could be bought. The magic medicines for the Evil Smiting Writs that Star Generals found could also be bought here. However, everything was excessively costly, and Su Xing did not want to squander.

Spending approximately a hundred million liang in value, Su Xing bought several magic medicines that could suppress the Gu Poison, but how could he have not seen anyone sell the last type of Thousand Year Medicinal Ginseng.

Spectrum Sunrise Pharmacy1.

Su Xing looked at the last medicine store in Five Colors City. If he could not find it here, Gongsun Sheng perhaps would be somewhat troublesome. Could it be he actually needed to go to the mountains to harvest it?

The store was very clean, with a concentrated medicinal fragrance. The floor was laid out with glazed tiles while white jade hung on the walls. In the cabinets, a dazzling lineup of some drug ingredients was displayed.

“Dear Customer, what would you like to buy?” The shopkeeper was an older woman, who smiled kindly.

“I’d like Thousand Year Medicinal Ginseng?” Su Xing asked.

“Thousand Year Medicinal Ginseng? This item can prolong your life, nourish Yin and supplement Yang, especially the Thousand Years. This type of item certainly is hard to purchase.”

Su Xing impatiently said: “I want to buy it, so naturally I know. I don’t want to hear your explanation. I only want to know where it is sold.”

The woman discerned Su Xing’s anxiousness and was not angry: “This store does not have any. Maybe you could go take a look at other shops.”

Su Xing sighed somewhat in frustration, but he had no alternative. To use Thousand Year Medicinal Ginseng to make medicine, that was a powerful healing item. Even it it was being sold, it was easy to have it snatched completely away. Just when Su Xing was considering whether or not to exchange magic medicines, a voice suddenly came from the side.

“Brother Su Xing!”

Su Xing turned his head and stared. He saw Fang Xin’gu and that Zheng Yanran walk into the store.

“You are alright?” Su Xing pulled the corner of his lips up. He saw that Fang Xin’gu’s complexion was not good, but he seemed unhurt, only somewhat weak. Furthermore, what was somewhat odd was that Fang Xin’gu’s originally pretty face was apparently even more pretty than before. His skin was white as snow, and perhaps even women would somewhat jealous.

“Your Servant is fine.” Fang Xin’gu smiled.

The Zheng Yanran whose white hair was like snow looked Su Xing up and down in interest. She said: “You seem very worried?”

“Did something happen?” Fang Xin’gu also appeared very concerned.

“This customer wants to buy Thousand Year Medicinal Ginseng.” The woman replied

“Thousand Year Medicinal Ginseng?” Fang Xin’gu said in astonishment: “This sort of thing certainly is very expensive. What is the matter, Brother Su Xing? Why do you want this.”

Su Xing did not want to speak about the matter of the poisoned Gongsun Sheng, so he downplayed his reply: “To be quite honest, my wife Siyou’s body is somewhat frail, so I wanted to buy it to supplement her body.”

“Somewhat frail?” Fang Xin’gu stared blankly. Suddenly, he regained his composure and ambiguously smiled: “Brother Su Xing truly is bold and powerful. Things like the joys of the bed are better restrained, however, to have that sort of beautiful woman is normal.” As it turned out out, he thought that Su Xing and Wu Siyou frequently experiencing the joy of being husband and wife had left Wu Siyou debilitated. It was a pity Wu Siyou was not present, otherwise, it was unknown what sort of face she would make.

The lady shopkeeper to the side clicked her tongue.

“That elder sister really would make men envious.” Zheng Yanran laughed in jest.

Su Xing was not inclined to explain. He saw that Zheng Yanran was somewhat not too normal. Just as he thought of taking his leave first, he suddenly heard Fang Xin’gu say: “However, since this is a matter of the elder sister, Fang actually knows of a place where Brother Su Xing perhaps can buy the Thousand Year Medicinal Ginseng.”


Su Xing’s tone was somewhat urgent.

After Fang Xin’gu purchased a few magic medicines and stepped out of the store, he said: “I shall bring Brother Su Xing over, however, I cannot guarantee they definitely would have it.”

“Having hope is always good.” Su Xing smiled.

Fang Xin’gu brought Su Xing through several streets, appearing to be very knowledgeable. They arrived at a cabin whose outside appearance was simple and crude. Several guards blocked their way, and the language they spoke was not the most widespread official language, but the local Demi language. He did not expect Fang Xin’gu would surprisingly give a fluent reply in Demi language. The guards nodded and let the group past.

“Has Brother Xin’gu come here before?” Su Xing asked.

Fang Xin’gu smiled: “It is embarrassing to speak of it, but Your Servant was born in the Vermilion Bird Territory and has cultivated at Mount Danxia for more than a decade.”

“No wonder. This Demi language certainly is very difficult to learn.” Su Xing suddenly understood.

Entering the house, there was a secret door. Entering that, there was an abnormally spacious main hall. The crowd inside was bustling and exceptionally lively. In the great hall was an elevated platform, where an old man with a white beard past the knees could be seen continuously peddling wares. Su Xing could be considered to have enjoyed this scene before in the Azure Dragon Territory – it was an auction.

Fang Xin’gu explained: “This place is Five Colors City’s underground marketplace. Only those introduced by acquaintances can enter, and the items inside are all rare things. Let alone that the Vermilion Bird Territory has vast numbers of stores, Supreme Grade magic medicines have strict restrictions. Things like the Thousand Year Medicinal Ginseng generally are not sold in stores.”

“Brother Fang sure is versatile and able.” Su Xing praised.

“Brother Su Xing only needs to linger around, then you naturally will also understand. This does not count as any sort of talent.” Fang Xin’gu’s extreme modesty gave others a good impression.

“Cousin, I wonder if that is being sold.” Zheng Yanran covered her mouth, dully eyeing the platform.

This auction was very large with many people as well, but the bidding was not very fierce. Su Xing looked around. There were many cultivators who came from the Azure Dragon Territory, and not finding anyone from the Ten Great Sects made Su Xing feel relief. A majority wore the odd garb characteristic of the Vermilion Bird Territory’s Demi clans. Su Xing only knew the major points about the Vermilion Bird Territory, but he did not know the finer details. With Gongsun Shen wounded, even something as minor as collecting the Evil Smiting Writ was not that simple. It was necessary for him to think of a way to understand the powers of this place as soon as possible, especially Star Masters like that Lady Snake Scorpion and such.

However, the Vermilion Bird Territory’s societal structure was somewhat complicated. This sort of thing was not a simple thing to clearly understand. Su Xing glanced at Fang Xin’gu. Perhaps he should find time to ask him.

“Next is Eight Hundred Year Medicinal Ginseng, two roots.”

The elder’s clear voice pulled Su Xing back from his thoughts. He saw the old man take out a box lined with spiritual power. Inside the box were two roots of medicinal ginseng, wafting a medicinal aroma. Although these were only eight hundred years old, two roots could suffice as replacements.

The Eight Hundred Year Ginseng appeared, and everyone present stirred. Very quickly, someone made the opening bid. The opening bids here were not gold at all. Instead, cultivators mostly brought a few things for a barter. Whoever’s things in the end could come across as the most interesting were able to take the auctioned item, which was considered astute.

“One Nebula High Grade Artifact, three bottles of Sweet Scent Pills.”2

“You want to exchange these two things for an Eight Hundred Year Ginseng? One Galaxy Stage Artifact!” A male cultivator sneered.

“Ten bottles of Miasma Dissolving Pills,3 ten bottles of Poison Expelling Clear Heart Pills.”4 A female cultivator wearing beautiful red clothes began to bid.

“Big Brother Su Xing, won’t you call out a price?” Zheng Yanran covered her mouth, her eyes brimming with cunning.

“Do not worry, observe first.” Su Xing replied and calmed down.

He paid attention to these cultivators, mentally converting the items of these people into an equivalent value in gold. Although the cultivators were in complete lack of demand for gold, it was acted as Liangshan’s most common sort of currency in existence. The most basic system of values learning was carved into every Star Cultivators as a subject that was required to be learned. Su Xing more or less approximated, and from the things they called out, it was approximately 40 million liang gold.

Su Xing’s heart then had an idea, and he raised his hand, shouting: “Fifty million liang gold!”

The originally warm audience was instantly in an uproar.

“Is this in money, or the converted value of his things?”

“Fifty million liang of gold?”

“What use does gold have?”

“Does he not know the rules?”

Everyone present whispered. From the perspective of Star Cultivators, the value of gold was not that great. Fifty million liang was not essential, and all gazes vaguely glanced at Su Xing. When they saw it was an unfamiliar face from the Azure Dragon Territory, they wanted to make fun of him, but they restrained themselves upon seeing that Su Xing’s cultivation was Galaxy Stage.

“Does Brother Su Xing not have any good items?” Fang Xin’gu was also surprised. “Your Servant has some things that can be exchanged.”

“No need, I have my own plans.” Su Xing smiled.

“Fifty million liang of gold? Hmph. Two Galaxy Early Stage Artifacts!” A large man said, annoyed. He took out the artifacts, and Su Xing took a glance. The value was approximately sixty million liang.

“Seventy million liang.” Su Xing said calmly.

The big man cursed: “You brat, you must be doing this on purpose? Using gold to buy magic medicines? Are you braindead? I will add a bottle of pills worth five million liang.”

“Ninety million liang.” Su Xing did not hesitate at all.

“Fuck you.”

Everyone trembled. Even if the eighty million was in gold, this sort of value made them shocked regardless. Although the Eight Hundred Year Medicinal Ginseng only bolstered qi, it was far from this much in value, and it was not Thousand Year Medicinal Ginseng. This was honestly inconceivable. The expressions of some cultivators that had wanted originally to tease him immediately changed. After all, a cultivator that could bring out this much money was a very rich man.

“Brother, do you have this much money?” Fang Xin’gu gawked. In actuality, the Azure Dragon Territory’s auctions were all conducted with bid values in terms of gold, which was simpler. Just those pills and artifacts had values that were hard to assess, and at times, there were mistakes, which would give many cultivators headaches.

Su Xing affirmed but did not say a word. Moneybag Chai Ling had given Su Xing ten billion,5 which was completely all in gold. There were practically several mountains of gold crammed into an Astral Bag, and what Su Xing currently lacked the least of was money. There certainly was no way that he could not exchange gold for a few precious things he wanted to buy. However, toys like the Thousand Year Medicinal Ginseng were only magic medicines, far from the level of artifacts and magic weapons that required exchanges.

After Su Xing made a bid of a hundred million, everyone was absolutely silent.

“Fuck it, I give up.” The big man cursed dejectedly as he returned to his seat.

Without any delay, Su Xing obtained the two Eight Hundred Years for the Thousand Year Medicinal Ginseng.

Su Xing also observed the subsequent auction, and he never thought that an Ice Kite Arctic Jade would unexpectedly appear. Su Xing again named a bid, and he did not expect to surprisingly actually use eight hundred million to buy it. This made Su Xing greatly shocked. He felt as if he had come across a fool. Some people would exchange for pure gold, however, he was not that generous.

Su Xing in the end spent another hundred million to buy a piece of “Snow Spirit Essence” as a gift for Fang Xin’gu who was unable to purchase it. On one hand, it was a favor to build a connection, and on the other, it was unavoidable to slightly have the idea to become acquainted with one another. In the end, Su Xing had spent a billion liang in gold, which made everyone indignant.

They had seen people with money, but they had never seen anyone with this much.

Author’s Note:

Originally, I wanted the chapter to be 9000 characters. There is no time to be hungry, pleading for a vote. There will be a burst tomorrow or the day after!

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  1. 霞光藥店
  2.  清香丹
  3.  解瘴丹
  4.  驅毒清心丹
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