Chapter 197: The Name Of The Married Couple With Wu Siyou

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Gongsun Huang ended the kiss and blinked. Her pupils deep as a lake had only a tranquility while Su Xing had somewhat not yet come back to his senses. On the middle of his and Gongsun Huang’s foreheads appeared a scorching mark. A Star Energy flowed into his body, and the originally extreme repercussions of using the Chaotic Tail Escape had been cured in the blink of an eye. This sort of feeling was the characteristic of contracting a Star General.

We contracted?

Su Xing’s mouth hung open, for he was very surprised that Gongsun Huang agreed so neatly.

“You actually have so much trust in me?” Su Xing asked her.

Gongsun Huang tilted her head, seemingly pondering a bit before nodding.

The Wu Siyou to the side leaned against the wall. She did not show much astonishment at Su Xing and Gongsun Huang signing a Star Duel Covenant because Gongsun Huang’s Gu Poison had already become grave. If she did not enter a Star Nest to recover, perhaps she truly would have been crippled.

Furthermore, ever since after the Roc Demon King fully used the Giant Roc Spreads Its Wings And Flies Ninety Thousand Li for a chase to kill that shocked the entire Vermilion Bird Territory, the land bustled with discussion regarding the target of the Roc Demon King’s deadly pursuit. Wu Siyou very easily guessed correctly just who the Roc Demon King was chasing.

To be frank, when she learned that Su Xing was unexpectedly being pursued by Great Sage Falling Sky, there was an instant that Wu Siyou felt extreme shock. A Galaxy Stage by himself had surprisingly dared to provoke a Supervoid’s agitation and anger, leading to a chase to kill across the entire sky. This completely toppled the notions that Wu Siyou had regarding cultivator ranks. Even if it was her right now, she herself would not go actually provoke the Roc Demon King. Especially after she knew that Xie Bao’s death was what incited the Roc Demon King, Wu Siyou’s mood was even more complicated.

She felt Su Xing was very stupid, to unexpectedly provoke an insufferable opponent for the sake of a Star General that was unrelated to himself, but from another perspective, she felt Su Xing was very crafty. Wu Siyou felt if she encountered such a Star Master, she would inevitably have her interest piqued.

Actually, Wu Siyou had believed Su Xing would use the Jade Pendant to escape to his home, after all, the opponent used the Vermilion Bird Territory’s unrivalled super Escape Technique. Even Wu Siyou had prepared to depart, but something happened that Su Xing would never have expected.

“What’s that?” Su Xing asked.

Wu Siyou glanced at Gongsun Huang and replied: “Gongsun Huang said you would return!”

Su Xing was stunned. He looked oddly at the girl on his shoulders. “Do you believe in me this much?”

Gongsun Huang nodded.

“Your Servant said that even if you actually escaped the Roc Demon King’s pursuit by a fluke, for you to return, you certainly would experience a heavy calamity and become a cripple, undoubtedly.” Wu Siyou said, “Are you suicidal? Even if you do not cherish your own life, think about Yingmei.” This sentence’s tone carried strictness.

“Who could have known the Roc Demon King was at Five Poisons Mountain.” Su Xing was helpless.

Wu Siyou and Gongsun Huang very inquisitively listened to Su Xing’s encounter. When they heard that Su Xing used a type of unprecedented Chaotic Tail Escape Technique to surprisingly contend against the Roc Demon King’s Giant Roc Spreads Its Wings And Flies Ninety Thousand Li, they felt genuinely shocked. Gongsun Huang even used her small hand to tenderly stroke Su Xing’s face, with a somewhat sorry expression. Su Xing felt that Gongsun Huang so simply signing a contract with him could possibly be as Wu Siyou had said. Even if he returned, he would undoubtedly have suffered injuries and taken advantage of the Star Duel Covenant to rise from the dead, like a cripple.

Although Su Xing had gone through half a month of recovery and was halfway there, this Star Duel Covenant actually certainly made Su Xing recover to peak condition. This was more useful than any miracle cures or recuperation training.

After she swallowed Xie Bao’s blood to suppress the Gu Poison, Gongsun Huang’s wan complexion recovered a bit of color. Afterwards, she entered the Star Nest.

“There is a matter I want to ask you.” Wu Siyou suddenly recalled something.

“What matter?” Su Xing asked.

“That day you left, Holy Mother Qi Xia’s1 representative came seeking you.”

“Holy Mother Qi Xia?” Su Xing was taken aback. This was somewhat outside his expectations, and his brow furrowed: “Holy Mother Qi Xia is Mount Danxia’s Demon King? What’s she doing looking for me? I’m not even familiar with her…”

“You used pure gold of one billion at an auction?” Wu Siyou was expressionless. “She seemingly came for this purpose…this is an invitation card…” The Harm Star threw the invitation to Su Xing.

The card unexpectedly invited the Su Xing married couple. Su Xing was at a loss, “How does this Holy Mother Qi Xia know we’re husband and wife?”

Hearing Su Xing’s husband and wife description, Wu Siyou’s brow knit together, however, she did not feel like arguing over this.

“Did you attend?” Su Xing asked her.

Wu Siyou disdainfully jeered: “How could Your Servant possibly be interested in this sort of thing. Besides, who that Holy Mother invited was you, and Your Servant certainly would not accompany her…nevertheless, since you did not attend, her people have urged several times!”

Su Xing nodded.

In his mind, he suddenly heard Gongsun Huang’s voice.

“The Harm Star continuously acted as your wife to decline.” Gongsun Huang said indifferently.

Su Xing was stunned, and he could not help but laugh.

“What are you laughing at?” Wu Siyou said, annoyed. She felt that smile of Su Xing’s brimmed with banter.

“Nothing at all!” Su Xing looked at this card. There would be a banquet tonight, and since Holy Mother Qi Xia urgently needed gold, having a meeting with the overlord of this Mount Danxia was not a big loss. Su Xing raised his head, and his gaze directly fixed on Wu Siyou.

“What are you looking at!” Wu Siyou bluntly wrapped herself in her cloak, covering her supple figure.

Su Xing laughed aloud.

“Let’s go together tonight.”

Wu Siyou said nothing. In truth, she was very interested in this Holy Mother Qi Xia and very much wanted to know what plans she had for Su Xing.

“Right, however, on the card, we are husband and wife. That Holy Mother Qi Xia and the Azure Dragon Territory have a close relationship, and the rumor is that the Shifting Flower Sword Sect emerged from the East District. At that time, there would be no shortage of Azure Dragon Territory cultivators. In order to not arouse suspicion, I have a suggestion for our act.” Su Xing muttered to himself.

Wu Siyou perceptively felt that Su Xing had some terrible idea, and she asked in a meaningful tone: “Oh? Then what do plan on having Your Servant do? Is it only to pretend we are husband and wife?” Her white fingers lightly drummed empty space, and the airflow between her fingers indistinctly formed a line. It seemed she would unceremoniously cast it if Su Xing were to utter some frivolous line.

Su Xing glances at Wu Siyou’s white hands, and he said very earnestly: “Might as well fabricate a husband and wife address to fool them.”

“Husband and wife address?” Wu Siyou’s tapping fingers stopped.

“En. Siyou, you wouldn’t address me as Lord Husband, right?” Su Xing smiled.

Wu Siyou snorted, nodding without the slightest hesitation. Although she addressed herself as Your Servant, for her to address another man as Lord Husband? That was really dreaming. Not having castrated this man was considered a miracle.

“But you like to self-address as Your Servant. If you don’t address me as Lord Husband,  wouldn’t that arouse the suspicion of others.” Su Xing said.

Wu Siyou nodded. Apparently, she felt that what Su Xing said was very logical. It seemed this man actually was not incorrigible. “Then how do you plan to do this?”

“Let’s arrange an address for each other, just to let others think we are a married couple.”

“What address?”

Su Xing pretended to ponder for a moment, “I’ll just address you as Dearest Wife, and you address me as Dearest Husband.”2

“Dearest Wife? Dearest Husband?” No matter what, Wu Siyou felt these names sounded very strange. “Is your servant very old?”3

“The so-called 老 naturally refers to the white hairs of old age. Then, 婆 represents the female gender. 公 represents male. Outsiders that hear this would naturally feel this would be related to a husband and wife.” Su Xing extravagantly embellished his explanation. “This makes others feel it pertains to married coupled and won’t arouse suspicion of us. How isn’t this two birds with one stone.”

Wu Siyou furrowed her brow: “Where did you hear of this?”

“What’s the matter?” Su Xing asked her.

Although Wu Siyou felt this address sounded incongruous, when Su Xing put it that way, she thought it over and concluded these were names for married couples. She would lose nothing calling out this sort of address, and she nodded. “As you wish.”

“Dearest Wife, shall we practice first?” Su Xing awfully wanted to smile.

“What is there to practice about this?” Wu Siyou said disdainfully.

“You must treat anything you do with earnestness!” Su Xing sternly said. “Could it be the grand Harm Star is fond of being undisciplined?”

“Dearest Husband, do not use psychological tactics on Your Servant!” Wu Siyou coldly smiled: “Dearest Husband, of Your Servant’s words, are you satisfied?”

Su Xing sighed. For this cool and elegant Wu Siyou to say the two words, “Dearest Husband,” was incomparable ecstasy, as expected.

“Worthy of being called Your Servant’s Dearest Wife, so quickly have you entered the role.” Su Xing praised.

“Dearest Husband, you are not bad either? Speaking this fabricated address so smoothly.” Wu Siyou’s fingers rolled her long hair that fell before her chest, her smile enchanting and mysterious.

“Who let Dearest Wife Siyou be this cool and elegant, any man would be smooth.” Su Xing chuckled.

Wu Siyou felt the man before her had a sort of pleasure derived from getting away with something.

“Dearest Husband…”

Suddenly, when Wu Siyou said these words, her expression concentrated.

“Dearest Wife, what is the matter?” Su Xing was confused.

“Dearest Husband, go die!”

Wu Siyou bit her lip, harrumphed, turned and walked away. That long hair fluttered like a galaxy, indescribably poetic.

Why would the magnificent Harm Star Pilgrim do such senseless practice with this man…truly, her brain was broken.

Su Xing stared at her back. It was quite a pity that Wu Siyou had realized his scheme so quickly.

The Dearest Husband that Wu Siyou said honestly was very satisfying to a man’s vanity.

More than ten li outside of Five Colors City.

A cloaked woman emitted a chilly aura from head to foot, and she was encircled by several tall and sturdy men.

“Take her down!!”

One man shouted.

The next instant, the cold woman’s alluring figure was like a graceful wind. She suddenly rushed forth, completely the distance to the men. She seemed to turn her body lightning quick, stepping across a space of several zhang. She came to the side of a man, and without saying a word, she directly made a slanted chop with her hand.

From her palm chop came a power that was more bone-chilling than any weapon!

The man extended his hand to block it. That thick and solid arm had a powerful contrast to the woman’s supple hand, but though it was a palm, the movement was simply too fast to see a shadow. Along with the chop, there was a sudden soft sound in the air, just like something had shattered. A distinct red line immediately emerged.

The man’s face greatly changed, for there simply was not enough time to react. This man hurriedly protected himself with both hands, fully releasing his self-protection artifacts. The faint red ripple immediately surged like a tide, and a distinct partition suddenly emerged before his eyes, striking against the red abnormality the woman’s chop brought without any ceremony.


A crisp shattering noise once again rang, a violent reaction simply outside of the imagination.

The detached woman’s thrust was seemingly ordinary but actually matchlessly valiant. The opponent’s barrier was ruptured as if it was an eggshell. The man stumbled backwards, and when he came close to a large tree, his neck sprayed a fountain of blood several meters high. His pupils seemed to melt away while he wobbled around before he fell.

The others were astonished.

“What sort of person are you?’

The woman’s cloak fell. Those vermilion pupils had an indescribable apathy, yet when she gazed in the direction of Five Colors City, they had a sort of indescribable softness.

Author’s Note:

Regarding Gongsun Huang, the original plan was for Su Xing to go back, and when Gongsun Huang saw Su Xing covered in injuries, her immediate use of the contract was only to help Su Xing recover from his injuries. Afterwards, I forgot about this with the Fire Horn Mountain plot. In reality, this Fire Horn Mountain plot can be considered somewhat of a mistake – how depressing. The latest chapter today was only off by a few minutes. Fine, then, on the nineteenth, there will be five new chapters!!

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  1. 七霞聖母 I would tl this name into English, but it become awkward becayse is literally “Holy Mother Seven Red Clouds.
  2. 老婆, 老公; Really wanted to use Waifu and Hubby. Which would you prefer?
  3. The 老 in 老婆 on its own means “old,” and this is what she is confused about.


    1. The problem is that she’s supposed to be acting very affectionate, plus Yingmei will eventually be using this…Besides, these are Su Xing’s words from the start, but opinion noted.

          1. But that’s the point, that she doesn’t know exactly what “hubby” or what Su Xing said, entails. I don’t know Chinese, but I’m willing to bet it’s either slang or a term given a different connotation in modern world or some niche community. Not exactly, but something along those lines, hence why Hubby and Wifey would actually be accurate.

      1. I agree now with what Lux is saying. But For Su Xing to say wifey is very natural for his attitude. But for Siyou to say Hubby……….Might as well use it in the future once she becomes his. (not a spoiler its pretty obvious if she shows emotions to su xing.)

      2. I know I’m years late, but I think hubby and waifu/Wifey would’ve been nice since it seems like she doesn’t quite understand the connotation Su Xing is Giving to the terms. You should especially use it if Yingmei will say it affectionately later on, cause hubby IS a very endearing term.

  1. That play was hilarious!

    Siyou… you do realize you’re getting flags raised left and right, yeah?
    …Poor girl is so thoroughly his type that NOT messing with her would be criminal!

    Ah, but Yizhen finally showed up, huh?
    1. How is she gonna handle seeing the “married couple”? Prolly uber naturally roll with it, being a Super Maid n all… maybe. I can see her being the inwardly jealous type. Not like Yingmei, but kinda.
    2. How will she react to learning he’s contracted Gongsun Huang? Genuine surprise aside I mean…

    1. Most likely. It seemed weird, and xianxia authors tend to pull this kind of shit where they introduce characters and plot points that are forever neglected. The biggest offender I’ve seen when it comes to that is Coiling Dragon.

      Its a shame, really. That fire princess and her fire maiden were potentially good waifu material. A girl that cares deeply about her father as to risk her life yet reasonable enough to take responsibility for his actions? A breath of fresh air in the genre.

      Alas, I had an inkling she’d be forgotten, but given author’s note, it’s all but confirmed there is no hope for them ever being important to the story.

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