Chapter 201: Golden Immortals Linked Life Ring

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“We sleep together?” Su Xing’s eyes rolled.

Su Xing and Wu Siyou gazed at each other. The atmosphere was somewhat silent. Gongsun Huang emerged from the Star Nest and sat on Su Xing’s shoulders. Her body did not have any weight, and her gaze at the two people staring at each other was neither saddened nor delighted. However, there was a sort of feeling that she was watching a spectacle.

“I might as well sleep on the chair, and you sleep on the bed.” Su Xing yawned. With regards to the heavens as a quilt and the earth as a mat, sleeping in a chair was a very high grade joy.

Wu Siyou agreed. She honestly did not have any reason to let a man sleep together with her. This simply was madness.

Gongsun Huang blinked and looked at Su Xing.

“Little Huang, go to the Star Nest to sleep.” Su Xing said to her.

Gongsun Huang lightly kissed Su Xing’s cheek. Like mist, her figure entered the Star Nest to concentrate fully on self-cultivation.

The cool and elegant beauty undressed on the bed. Although they were separated by a hanging screen, the curves that the cloth vaguely showed nevertheless made him stir. Just as his beastly desires were about to be unleashed, Su Xing grabbed at his hair. He seized the chance to practice the Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique, for the Wu Siyou on the bed was not undressing at all. Rather, she had pulled her clothes tighter and crouched, leaned against the wall with her arms crossed over her chest, her two legs twisting.1 As far as Wu Siyou was concerned, sleeping in the same room as a man for the night was more inconceivable than signing a contract. Although she had the hanging screen as a partition, she still felt a sort of unprecedented odd unease.

There was nothing ambiguous, only a moonlight calm as still waters passing through the windows and pouring out, covering the floor in white.

He did not know how long had passed, but Su Xing opened his eyes, glanced at the bed and suddenly stepped several paces towards the window. He had been sharp as he passed through Red Cloud Mountain. Going past several winding corridors, past several courtyards, he then came to a back mountain. Red Cloud Mountain deserved to be called a precious place. The moonlight was abundant, he was carefree and relaxed.

“Sneak, still won’t come out?” Su Xing chuckled.

A silhouette immediately walked out. The newcomer was an attractive man of sharp brows and starry eyes, red lips and white teeth.

Long Aotian disdainfully smiled: “Is your nose sharp? Is this your personal strength?”

“I am a very democratic man.” Su Xing yawned: “You want to peep at my waifu, say it. It will be you castrating yourself. Or I can just take that dog life of yours.”

“You, a Galaxy Early Stage cultivator, dares to be this arrogant?” Long Aortian felt this was laughable to the extreme. His expression was even more incomparably detestable: “What qualifications does your cultivation have that you should live so happily.” This Long Aotian could not bear to see the Su Xing with a cultivation lower than his own by two levels to unexpectedly be able to have a Galaxy Late Stage beauty, “You gigolo had best leave her if you have tact!”

“I can settle you without using artifacts.” Su Xing made hooked his lips into a disdainful smile.

“Arrogance must pay the price.” Long Aotian shouted.

Su Xing scratched his head – was this guy hitting his own face?!

Long Aotian’s figure moved, and his two fists combined. Since Su Xing declared his price of not using artifacts, Long Aotian naturally would not lower his own status. In actuality, he felt Su Xing had already dug his own grave. Previously, in order to be able to comparable to a Star General, he had but cultivated close quarters martial cultivation with all his might. It was unknown how many cultivators had perished in close quarters, and it was precisely because of this that Long Aotian would be this egotistical.

With his Galaxy Late Stage Cultivation against Su Xing’s Galaxy Early Stage, Long Aotian had already planned to cut his arms and legs completely off. At the very end, he would then sever that tongue.

The moment Long Aotian acted, Su Xing could discern this guy still had some assets. However, arrogant people always had some assets – even if it was this type of asset, it was unable to withstand a single blow. Then, I’ll send you on a journey, Su Xing sneered as he charged forward.

Two figures tangled in a battle against each other on the back mountain. Although their cultivations were a little apart in comparison, these realms of cultivation were only a deceptive signboard as far as Su Xing was concerned. His Star Energy could be compared with a Supercluster Stage, and after Su Xing fought the Fiery Eyed Suan’ni, he currently worried about to what degree he could handle cultivators on his own. Now, someone had been delivered to his doorstep, so Su Xing naturally would not mind.

The first time those two fists joined, Long Aotian had been repeatedly pushed back enough that he vomited blood. Su Xing’s power could make this man feel his internal organs rupture. His face bled from its orifices, and Long Aotian thought he had seen wrong. He angrily roared, concentrating his Star Energy onto his fist. “I am going to trample you to death!” Long Aotian’s expression sunk, his pupils flashing a cold light. His arrogance had disappeared, there was only a fierce expression.

A powerful Star Energy flew out of his body and stuck tightly onto him, as if mixing into a single body. It seemed this Long Aotian had practiced an odd cultivation method.

Su Xing’s front glowed, and he remained unruffled in the face of chaos.



The back mountain’s open space suddenly erupted with a large ball of wind pressure. Trees toppled, and sand and stones rolled, for that wind pressure was like a hurricane that spun beside them. It covered the sky and earth as it pressed towards Su Xing.

Long Aotian’s pupils were thoroughly red in the night.

Su Xing’s figure abruptly disappeared.

Long Aotian was stunned.

He had yet to return to his senses, but then he saw Su Xing’s figure was just like a phantom of of the night, rapidly descending to his front.

Long Aotian’s arms suddenly protected his front, joined tightly together. Afterwards, he spread out his arms, and the shadow was completely dissipated from his surroundings. It was just that at this time, Su Xing’s attack had arrived with a flurry of fists.

Continuous banging sounds.

His right hand’s palm chop flashed like crescent moon as it passed, directly ripping apart Long Aotian’s figure, mercilessly striking Long Aotian’s chin. An immense and even terrifying power instantly erupted, striking Long Aotian’s head fiercely backwards so that it faced upwards. Tears, snot and saliva instantly sprayed wildly, and that malevolent face contorted, an appearance of bleakness, misery and shock.

In an instant, this Galaxy Late Stage man had tasted a sort of unprecedented fear. Furthermore, he immediately realized the man in front of him was also a martial cultivator.

He had fallen into a trap.

Su Xing did not pause whatsoever. He jumped, his body suddenly sliding up alongside Long Aotian’s upward facing head, rolling beautifully in midair. His other leg brought the sound of wind as it again mercilessly sliced against Long Aotian’s body.

The leftover strength had not yet faded. His arms and legs were like a windmill, carrying a terrifying sharp whistle that successively sliced the same position. The sharp ripping sound was just like a death god’s sinister laughter. However, in that short instant, the shadows of his fists and legs surrounded Long Aotian’s body, the movements wild and linked. Flowers of blood spattered, and his silhouette was already spun away.

Relying on his Galaxy Late Stage Star Energy, the barely standing Long Aotian violently roared out a mouthful of dirty blood.

However, in their brief face-to-face, the Galaxy Early Stage cultivator in front of him gave him a nearly fatal strike. His entire body from his internal organs already began to burst forth with huge wounds, just as if he was a complaining woman that had been struck a hundred different ways.

“Impossible…how could a Galaxy Early Stage Cultivator…cough…surprisingly be able to harm me…”

The Long Aotian injured to a critical state spoke incoherently. His body shook without stop as an intense pain engulfed his whole body. Anger ignited his will, and his eyes were already completely blood red, just as if he had gone mad.

His body suddenly soared. Although he had already lost the ability to speak, Long Aotian’s actions nevertheless expressed his intense fury, as if he could not believe this fact. This was a matter that was barely an instant as he fiercely rushed at Su Xing. A frightening wind pressure showered down upon him. One hand seemingly became a sharp claw that hid the skies and covered the crazily pressed down, exceptionally vicious.

The night seemingly became his most sharp weapon, tearing towards Su Xing together.

Su Xing fell back several steps. Seeing that Long Aotian’s attack this time was simply leaving the door wide open, his right leg kicked, directly striking Long Aotian’s stomach. Along with several of his ribs fracturing, Long Aotian opened his eyes wide as he was kicked to the ground.

“Courting…” Long Aotian loudly yelled. He finally thought to use some thing, but how could Su Xing give him the chance.

After he kicked him, Su Xing flashed past, directly brushing past Long Aotian. His hand already had a sharp blade. Long Aotian had only just said “courting,” but his next word came to an abrupt end. His neck had an additional line of blood as he immediately fell onto the ground and breathed his last. Su Xing coldly looked at this man of rampant name. Taking his Astral Bag, he took out several Corpse Destroying Talismans2 to eliminate his body.

As far as this sort of man courting death that was sent to his doorstep was concerned, Su Xing would never be thankful for him.

“That last move just now was rather fierce, and I don’t know what it was.” Su Xing rummaged through Long Aotian’s Astral Bag. The more he looked, the more he was astonished. As it turned out, this man was a thieving scum. The items inside his bag were innumerable, and their varieties were also myriad, having everything. An ordinary cultivator simply could not possibly bring this many varied things that he could not use at once. Having not used them, a bit of thought would reveal he had stolen them.

“This guy’s death truly was a grievance.” Su Xing clicked his tongue. Just artifacts alone, he had more than forty or fifty, and there were even several magic weapons, hundreds of bottles of pills, and talismans numbering more than a thousand. There was even a Supreme Grade Talisman, “God Transformation Talisman.”3 Upon seeing this talisman, Su Xing felt that Long Aotian dying was very unresigned. It was not out of the question for this Supreme Grade Talisman to be able to handle Supercluster Cultivators. No wonder this Long Aotian was so unbridled.

Artifacts, pills, talismans, materials and more were all uncountable. However, Su Xing did not place the majority of them in his eyes. Actually, a secret text of a cultivation method made Su Xing feel very interested. The “Nine Claws True Dragon Art”4 seemed to be that cultivation Long Aotian practiced. Su Xing looked over it, and it was incredible, as expected, a ruthless claw technique. Suddenly striking during close quarters, it could easily rip apart artifacts. If it was an unaware cultivator, he would have perhaps been easily beheaded. Su XIng could actually take it to practice it. Besides this, there was an introductory Gu Poison Art, “Poison Border Gu Art.”5 There would be help using it to research Gongsun Huang’s Gu Poison Art.

After inspecting the entire contents of the Astral Bag, Su Xing also found a second Ghost Pearl. Su Xing discovered that this Long Aotian truly was fucking awesome. It was unknown how many cultivators he had killed, how many debts of blood from conspiracy to murder, but converting everything into gold, the value was more than ten billion. As far as Star Cultivators were concerned, this absolutely was an astronomical figure.

Just as Su Xing was about to leave, he suddenly spotted that at the place Long Aotian’s corpse turned to ashes, there was an object that twinkled. Generally speaking, if the Flying Swords Star Cultivators nurtured were not used, they would be entirely destroyed alongside their owner. However, it seemed that this Long Aotian had seemingly left something behind, so Su Xing curiously walked over.

That was a golden ring, with multiple talisman script sparkling, its luster lingering.

“Golden Immortals Linked Life Ring?!”6

When Su Xing saw this item, he was startled.

Astonishingly, this was the ranked hundred and eighth Hound Star Golden Haired Hound Duan Jingzhu’s7 Destined Star Weapon!

This guy unexpectedly disposed of a Star General?

Just as Su Xing was swearing, at a faraway place, Wu Siyou opened her eyes, and her figure sunk into the dark night.

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  1. Given the indistinct image, her movements make it seem like she’s undressing.
  2.  滅屍符
  3.  化神符
  4.  九爪真龍功
  5.  毒疆蠱術
  6.  金仙連命環
  7.  地狗星金毛犬段景住


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