Chapter 210: Wind Rolls The Clouds

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After passing Five Poisons Mountain’s third poison, Black Toad River, the remaining cultivators including Fang Xin’gu were no more than ten. The remaining cultivators that had just escaped from calamity were all tired and lingering on the shore with their last breaths, secretly cursing. Then, Su Xing and Wu Siyou’s sudden hostility towards the Supercluster Stage old cultivators stupefied them.

By the time Daoist Master Qing Lian submerged into the black river, Ancestor Qianli’s Divine Light Escape left everyone completely unable to return to their senses. They thought their minds were in confusion.

Su Xing and Wu Siyou hastily chased, but the Divine Light instantly disappeared from their eyes. Neither did they look at it any more.

“What happened just now?”

A cultivator asked in a daze.

“P, p, p…Purple Thunder Monster!!”

“We are not blind, are we?”

There was a commotion, and everyone showed shocked and inconsolable expressions. They looked at each other in dismay, their whole bodies trembling.

“I seemed to have heard them say Purple Thunder Monster?!”

“But we did not spot Lin Chong.”

“And that has to be the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus of Wu Song? How could she be the Purple Thunder Monster’s wife??!”

All the cultivators’ minds were completely in chaos.

“It must be the Purple Thunder Monster. Fuck, he is too powerful. Other than he, what other Galaxy Cultivator can get rid of a Supercluster Ancestor?”

“Furthermore, Ancestor Qianli has also fled!”

“Truly inconceivable. The Purple Thunder Monster is unexpectedly this unfathomable. It seems he truly did get rid of Old Monster Extreme Clarity.”

“He deserves to be called the Purple Thunder Monster. Even that Harm Star has become his wife.”

“I feel that who the Purple Thunder Monster signed was not Lin Chong, but actually Wu Song.”

Everyone could not control themselves as they bustled into a discussion. Some people currently still were incapable of recovering their state of mind. The Purple Thunder Monster in the Azure Dragon Territory was an impressive and famous monster and devil, but at this very moment, everyone that had been forced by the two Ancestors only felt the Purple Thunder Monster was the Purple Thunder Saint. They more or less even had a sort of urge to bow in worship and reverence to him.

Fang Xin’gu also looked in shock at his cousin, Fair Skinned Gentleman Zheng Yanran. “Cousin, what do we do about this?”

Zheng Yanran was far calmer than everyone. She wore a frivolous smile, her eyes twinkling with a radiance as she muttered to herself: “Elder Sister Wu Siyou is unexpectedly the Harm Star Pilgrim Wu Song. This truly makes Little Sister expand her horizons.”

“Of course we must properly send Elder SIster and Elder Brother some greetings.” Zheng Yanran’s large sleeves waved, and Jade Dragon Misfortune Snow was grasped in her hand.

“Yanran, you absolutely cannot!” Fang Xin’gu promptly blocked her: “That is the Harm Star Pilgrim Wu Song and the Purple Thunder Monster…furthermore, Your Servant also owes them a favor…” Regardless of what sort of reason, Fang Xin’gu was not at all willing to Star Duel with Su Xing.

Zheng Yanran rolled her eyes at him, “Cousin, you misunderstand. Did you not see that old fart flee? Of course we are helping Elder Sister Siyou kill that old bastard, hee, hee.” The Fair Skinned Gentleman laughed into her sleeve.

When Fang Xin’gu heard this, he sighed in relief and wiped his cold sweat. Thinking about it, it was obvious. To rapidly dispatch Daoist Master Qing Lian and scare Ancestor Qianli away, he believed ten of himself could not do the same.

“Cousin, want to Star Duel?!” Zheng Yanran giggled.

Fang Xin’gu shook his head: “We had better first go help the Su Xing married couple.”

“En, go!”

The remaining six or seven cultivators blankly sat on the shore, staring at each other.

“What do we do now?”

With the Supercluster Ancestor dead, they no longer had a threat while at the same time, they did not have an objective. To have them go obtain the Ten Thousand Year Gu? Everyone present had the self-knowledge to know what was important. They did not dare have that sort of thought to steal food from a Supervoid Stage tiger’s den.

“Are the others not breaking the forbiddance? Wait until the forbiddance breaks, then we had better quickly leave this place.” A cultivator shook his head.

Five Poisons Mountain’s five poisons were pervasive. Just walking wasted enormous energy. The group sat cross-legged in meditation, recovering Star Energy on one hand while waiting for an opportunity on the other.

The others deeply held this to be true. The back of Five Poisons Mountain still had two poisons, and it was unknown what degree of danger was there. Charging any further was honestly too foolish.

“That Purple Thunder Monster is unexpectedly this formidable, no wonder he has killed that many Supercluster Cultivators. I wonder what sort of person he is? He has even signed Wu Song.”

“En, and I hear he also has Lin Chong.”

“Could he be a Star Master sent down by Maiden Mountain?”

Everyone leisurely idled, taking turns discussing together. The Su Xing who had just got rid of Daoist Master Qing Lian and scared off Ancestor Qianli was too shocking to their impressions. In this lifetime, perhaps it would be hard to forget. To be only Galaxy Middle Stage Cultivation, even if his Star General was any more brilliant, as far as they were concerned, they had been given a big scare. However, everyone applauded the Purple Thunder Monster.

“Wu Song claims to be his wife! Heh, heh, it seems these Ninth Generation Star Duels sure enough are different.”

“The Ten Great Sects each are shams. Your Servant feels that the Purple Thunder Monster exterminating them is very wonderful.”

“Hmph, after we get out, we must properly inform our other Fellow about the true face of the Ten Great Sects.”

All of the cultivators grit their teeth, each clenching their fists in resentment, their eyes giving off fire. If it was not for the Purple Thunder Monster beating back these two Ancestors, they naturally knew this trip would be certain death.

Someday in the future, the Azure Dragon Territory’s Scattered Star Cultivators had the rumors of the Ten Great Sects’ conduct and deeds of this time. At that time, the entire Azure Dragon Territory was shocked. Hundreds of millions of Scattered Star Cultivators viewed the Ten Great Sects as if they were maggots. At that time, the purportedly awe-inspiring Ten Great Sects became something everyone in the Azure Dragon Territory would not raise their heads for, something scorned by all. They had a bad reputation while on the contrary, the Purple Thunder Monster’s popularity became the first in the Azure Dragon Territory to surpass Emperor Liang’s. Considered a god by Scattered Star Cultivators, they prostrated in worship. Of course, this was all something to be taken up later.

Su Xing and Wu Siyou chased to kill after Ancestor Qianli. Su Xing certainly would not let this old fart go. If they waited until he joined up with the other cultivators, the result probably would far from good.

Fortunately, this Five Poisons Mountain was saturated with poison gas, the forbiddance boundless. Ancestor Qianli had no opportunities, however, his Thousand Li Divine Light Escape genuinely was incredible, disappearing right in front of them in the blink of an eye.

Approximately an hour later, Su Xing and Wu Siyou arrived at the entrance to a canyon.

This ravine’s cliffs were scarlet like blood, a thoroughly surging red. Miasma rose in wisps, rolling up the reeking stench of blood. One look showed it contained extreme poison. Inside the battle-scarred valley, there were countless craters and cracks. From within the cracks, blood colored miasma bubbles occasionally bubbled forth. The warping red fog made the canyon appear to squirm, as if it was a gigantic centipede, and just in front of the path to the canyon, there were clear traces that someone had passed through. Clearly, Ancestor Qianli’s Escape Technique left these.

“Five Poisons’ Fourth Poison, ‘Bloody Centipede Valley.’”1

Su Xing wrinkled his brow. The scene in front of him honestly was very uncomfortable. Even with the Detoxification Pearl inside his body, he felt his heart and lungs were being suffocated. His blood seemingly was about to be frozen, let alone that this was even worse for others. However, this environment was also fine, for he presumed that Ancestor Qianli could not run that far either.

“Waifu? You wait here and wait for me?” Su Xing said.

“Do you think you can handle a Supercluster Middle Stage Cultivator alone?” Wu Siyou looked disdainfully at him out of the corner of her eye. She waved her hand. A white light flashed, and the White and Black Unicorn Tiger appeared. The white tiger’s entire body glowed with a snow-light. The Seventh Rank Spirit Beast’s imposing aura was not covered by the red magic fog and was being dispersed.

Wu Siyou straddled upon the white tiger, her black hair flowing. Su Xing’s eyes shone, and he completely did not hesitate to jump up and hold Wu Siyou’s slim waist between his arms.

Wu Siyou was blank, having not foreseen that Su Xing would unexpectedly climb on without asking. She coldly said: “Your Servant did not allow you on at all!”

“Don’t be so stingy, hurry and go chase Ancestor Qianli.” Su Xing said.

This man stuck to her back, making Wu Siyou somewhat fidgety, especially that hand that unexpectedly embraced her back. “Behave yourself!” Wu Siyou coldly snorted. She read out an incantation, and her eyes immediately glowed.

The White and Black Unicorn Tiger similarly reacted. It gave a low roar, charging into Bloody Centipede Valley.

They could taste the flavor of the red miasma, which frantically rolled. Wu Siyou single-handedly held the double-headed sword Noble Frost Demonic Lotus. The point of snow amid the ink black on the swordtip whirled out a light that encircled the White and Black Unicorn Tiger’s entire surroundings.

The white light ripped apart the red mist, the tiger growls endless.

Every kind of red poison grass grew all over Bloody Centipede Valley, with some shrubbery higher than the knees. Sitting obediently on the white tiger, Su Xing helped himself to using the flying sword to mow some away that he could bring back to An Suwen to see whether or not she could concoct a few poisons or antidotes and such.

Suddenly, a shuffling sound like ocean waves seemingly resounded.

The White and Black Unicorn Tiger stopped, continuously growling. They saw that from between the small cracks in the cliffs, countless gigantic centipedes with their whole slender bodies seemingly drenched in blood crawl out, their mouths spitting red miasma. Their hundred feet were confusing, and they released hisses. They were those Bloody Centipedes.

The White and Black Unicorn Tiger’s tiger claw slapped, slapping a swathe of them to death. The Bloody Centipedes’ mouths spat red fog, the venom linking into a downpour. It covered and struck upon the light barrier that Wu Siyou constructed. Due to the amount actually being too great, the light cover tottered on the edge of collapse. The White and Black Unicorn Tiger leapt, not stopping as it charged, but these Bloody Centipedes were completely fearless. Their venomous fangs snapped, their hundred feet simultaneously tore. As the proverb says, enough ants can bite an elephant to death. Even if it was a Seventh Rank Spirit Beast, it could not bear the assault of this many Bloody Centipedes.

Rushing past several thousand meters, the White and Black Unicorn Tiger stood still without advancing.

When Su Xing saw this, he brought out Heaven Tearing and wildly slashed to sweep everything away. Even the golden sword’s shadow was like a golden hurricane that blew past. Several dozen Bloody Centipedes were blown over, and Wu Siyou also dismounted her fierce tiger to sweep away.

The black Demonic Lotus blossomed, and the snow-light was glimpsed.

Wherever the Harm Star Pilgrim passed, the Bloody Centipedes on both sides were flipped away one after the other, showering a rain of blood.

At this time, Gongsun Huang also appeared on Su Xing’s shoulders. She blinked her eyes, gazing at the boundless sea of blood. That Ancient Pinebrand Sword appeared in her hand with a multicolored light. The girl’s hand fiercely waved, making a spellcasting movement.

They suddenly saw a storm blow from her surroundings. These storm winds unleashed ten similarly sized green storms that spun endlessly like whirlpools in the valley. The canyon’s inside was violent with a storm, and the killed Bloody Centipedes screamed with hisses. The hundreds of thousands of centipedes were rolled into the clouds, and the storm promptly became a fresh red. Those red mists were also blown away.

Star Magic!2

Wind Rolls The Clouds!!3

When the storm stopped, the Bloody Centipedes in Su Xing’s surroundings were all turned over. Apparently, they sensed this magic’s power, and the Bloody Centipedes fled into their cracks out of fear.

“Little Huang, nicely done.” Su Xing praised, rubbing her head.

Gongsun Huang hummed.

With the Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Huang’s Star Magic, everyone was more relaxed/ Although Gongsun Huang had not yet completely recovered, even unable to kill these Bloody Centipedes, she still could easily sweep them away five, six hundred meters. These Bloody Centipedes were extremely afraid. A little while after, the sounds of battle rang from the front. They saw an old man currently in a tangle with a gigantic centipede. Su Xing stared, and his eyes suddenly shot a cold light.

He was Ancestor Qianli!

Author’s Note:

Christmas Eve, was called to go out by a call, chatted for more than five hours…Heavens…when I get up tomorrow, I will add four chapters of Maiden Mountain. One chapter pleading for a monthly vote for encouragement

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  1. 血腥蜈蚣谷
  2. Eventually, Little Huang gets her own omake that I will also translate, Magical Girl Little Huang!
  3. 風捲殘雲


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