Chapter 211: Purple Cloud True Star

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The giant centipede that Ancestor Qianli confronted was even more enormous than the bulk of Bloody Centipedes. Blood markings fully spread over its entire body like a person’s meridians. Its mouth emitted wisps of a kind of bizarre blood poison as it battled with Ancestor Qianli. The Supercluster Middle Stage Ancestor Qianli seemed to be using all of his strength to attack. Several dozen flying swords endlessly twisted to attack, Blooming Water Divine Thunder struck the blood wisps, and several magic weapons unceasingly tore open the centipede’s body to quickly kill it.

“Blood Jade Centipede?!”1

Su Xing was stunned, for the Blood Jade Centipede was the Supreme Grade Poison Centipede of the Five Poisons Centipedes category. The blood wisps and blood fog it released were extremely powerful; ordinary magic weapons would very easily be corrupted. This type of centipede’s blood wisps could be used to refine polluted magic weapons with surprising efficacy. No wonder Ancestor Qianli was reluctant to let it go.

Su Xing gestured with his hand, and the twelve Heaven Tearing Swords transformed into a golden thread. Loudly and clearly crying, a golden rainbow disappeared with a twinkle.

The flying sword instantly appeared in front of Ancestor Qianli. Ancestor Qianli was secretly astonished, for how could these two have chased after him so quickly. Seeing that White and Black Unicorn Tiger, his pupils shrunk. Unable to care more about that Blood Jade Centipede, he then at the same time brought out a completely blue ruyi2, and the ruyi’s treasure light erupted to block the Heaven Tearing Golden Sword. Then, Ancestor Qianli shouted, his Blooming Water Divine Thunder transforming into a water-colored dragon that attacked Su Xing. His Blooming Water Divine Thunder ability was unknown amounts more brilliant than Ancestor Baili’s.

Su Xing sneered to himself, and several purple lotus flowers simultaneously launched over.

The Blooming Water Divine Thunder and the purple lotuses slammed into each other. The blue thunder and purple thunder immediately shook this centipede valley. Ancestor Qianli had originally watched Su Xing unexpectedly want to compete against the Divine Thunder he staked all on with secret delight. Using his Supercluster Middle Stage magic energy to handle a Galaxy Early Stage cultivator’s Divine Thunder, he would still have enough to spare, but he had never thought his Blooming Water Divine Thunder ability was unexpectedly incapable of seizing the dominant position.

How could this be?

Ancestor Qianli was shocked. Hurriedly forming hand seals, several bolts of Star Energy poured into the Divine Thunder.

The Blooming Water Divine Thunder changed shape into a dragon thunder that repeatedly roared, instantly tearing into the purple thunder’s binding.

Su XIng sneered. He suddenly waved his hand, and a purple robe draped itself on his body. This robe’s purple clouds were propitiously wound around him, the auspicious light surrounding him. At first glance, Su Xing was just like a Purple Rose Adept, with a kind of imposing air that compelled others to lower their gazes. This was the Earthly Fiend Grade Astral Treasure, Purple Domain Robe. This Astral Treasure could make cultivated True Qi increase its effectiveness, especially in making control of the Purple Rose Transforming Qi even more smooth and easy.

He flicked his fingers consecutively. Several dozen purple lotus flowers unhurriedly blossomed and advanced.

The Purple Rose Transforming Qi of the Su Xing that donned the Purple Domain Robes immediately reached the “True Star” realm, blending together with the Blooming Water Divine Thunder into a new Thunder Magic – the Purple Mansion Immortals Thunder that was a level higher than Blooming Water Divine Thunder. And with Su Xing’s profound magic energy, the three factors together handling Ancestor Qianli’s Blooming Water Divine Thunder naturally was not out of the question.

“Purple Thunder Immortals Magic – kill!!” Su Xing shouted, forming hand seals consecutively.

The several dozen purple lotus flowers broke open the Blooming Water Divine Thunder.

A few among them burst towards Ancestor Qianli, however their power diminished when they arrived before him, having been scattered by Ancestor Qianli’s wave. This Ancestor’s Blooming Water Divine Thunder also could not be underestimated.

“Purple Thunder Monster!!” Ancestor Qianli shouted in disbelief. “Just what is your background!”

“Your Servant is here, if you wish to kill me, then hurry over.” Su Xing curled his ten fingers together, and several bolts of purple lightning struck over.

“You truly anger This Ancestor. A tiny Galaxy Early Stage dares to be this impudent!!” Ancestor Qianli nearly went mad with rage. Never before was there a Galaxy Early Stage cultivator that could be this impudent without relying on a Star General.

A tearing sound.

The Blood Jade Centipede at this time spat out wisps of blood that destroyed Ancestor Qianli’s magic weapon.

“Old thief,3 accept death!”

A white shadow at this moment had already rushed through layers of obstructions to attack. Wu Siyou rose from the White and Black Unicorn Tiger, the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus executing a jump slash against Ancestor Qianli.

Her delicate figure was breathtaking as a sword.

How could Ancestor Qianli dare stand off against Wu Song. Looking at that Blood Jade Centipede, he could only grit his teeth and give up on it. He activated the Thousand Li Divine Light Escape and immediately fled, the speed terrifyingly swift. Several hundred meters away, Ancestor Qianli coldly shouted: “Truly what a good Wu Song, unexpectedly becoming the Purple Thunder Monster’s wife! To speak of this with others is truly a joke.”

“You think you still can walk away alive?” Wu Siyou coldly said.

Just as Ancestor Qianli wanted to say something, a silhouette suddenly flashed beside him, and Su Xing had shockingly attacked to his front.

So fast!!

“Unexpectedly daring to come receive death alone!” Andestor Qianli had been baffled, angry to the extreme that he contrarily smiled, his face full of malevolence. He opened his mouth, and three bolts of Water Thunder sprayed forth. Surprisingly, these were three Blooming Water Divine Thunders that were kept in his mouth, each just like a small sword. The Blooming Water Divine Thunder Flying Swords generally were of two types. One type was formed purely using Blooming Water Divine Thunder. This sword looked like a flying sword, but in fact, it was the Blooming Water Divine Thunder itself, minus the flying sword’s strength and ferocity in killing or injuring.

The second type was just like Su Xing’s Purple Rose Transforming Qi that fused with his own powers, but to fuse a flying sword was extremely difficult. It required very pure materials, and then they needed to pass through Life-cast Powers refinement before the task could finally begin. In the case that this succeeded, that indeed was something more powerful than a Life-cast Flying Sword.

These three small swords originally were only approximately an inch in size, like water droplets, but they circled around their master’s body in the blink of an eye, their forms suddenly swelling madly to approximately a chi in length. They became three zhang long blue water rainbows that circled unfixed in the air. The Blooming Water Divine Thunder lights on the swords leapt, launching a net of lightning.

Su Xing saw his opponent use a Blooming Water Divine Thunder ability flying sword. Raising one hand, with a “puchi,” a purple colored fiery and smoke-like sphere the size of a fist suddenly appeared in his palm. The purple clouds gurgled and emitted a sort of cutting sound.

This was Purple Cloud True Star!4

The purple fireball supported on his palm lightly trembled, and then it suddenly ruptured. The purple fireball unexpectedly exploded in his hand. The purple clouds wafted in the air and gathered into a half chi sized purple bird. Its mouth released a crisp bird cry.


Su Xing fiercely pointed his finger at the opponent.

The purple bird immediately flapped its two wings, transforming into a purple light that violently shot over.

Ancestor Qianli saw that Su Xing unexpectedly wanted to contend against himself. His face sunk and his heart was immediately furious. This Purple Thunder Monster honestly was too condescending, not using a single magic weapon. He relied only on an odd purple colored bird, and he wanted to stop his own “Flower Essence Sword.”5

His heart angered to the extreme, Ancestor Qianli contrarily smiled. He said nothing further as his ten fingers flew through hand seals, determined to use his most powerful sword chant from the very beginning. He seized on the chance that Wu Siyou did not act and that Lin Chong was not present to first destroy the Purple Thunder Monster in one attack before putting them off to later.

The three blue lights above his head gave a burst of a clear dragon-like cry. In an instant, they disappeared in midair, fading in and out, like silk weaving. This thing seemingly of lightning and water appeared in front of Ancestor Qianli, just as it had transformed into a line of light. Fine to the extreme, it had several zhang of length.

While the blue light linked together and flickered, connecting streaks of lightning bolts appeared, instantly forming more than a hundred densely packed sword threads. It appeared gorgeous and dazzling, glittering to the extreme.

“Sword Qi Thread Transformation?”

Su Xing wrinkled his brow, for he actually was not accustomed to Sword Qi Thread Transformation. So long as their cultivation was somewhat brilliant, cultivators could all achieve it. However, the current Ancestor Qianli’s “Sword Thread” was very strange, as if it was a spider web.

Su Xing did not dare be careless. He immediately struck several hand seals, and the purple fire bird’s thunder-light flashed.


At this time, Ancestor Qianli coldly laughed in midair, striking a succession of seals into the sword threads in front of him.  

Suddenly, divine light wildly flashed, and every sword thread became a net of lightning that surged and launched, covering towards Su Xing.

Su Xing fully exerted the Purple Cloud True Star with all his strength, and that purple bird smashed its way up headfirst.

In the instant the purple fire bird touched the blue net, an explosion burst forth. Soon after, lights continuously flashed. A purple lotus flower amidst the purple clouds appeared. This budding lotus endlessly whirled in the middle of the net. Countless blue sword threads slashed towards this thing, but they merely swept the lotus flower’s surrounding purple clouds into ripples, unexpectedly incapable of approaching in the slightest.

When Ancestor Qianli saw this situation, his heart was startled and angered at the same time. His Flower Essence Sword was refined from the best Flower Water Essence, and after adding the Blooming Water Divine Thunder, it was considered an extraordinary treasure. The three swords split apart, the Essence Threads linked together. There simply was not anyone who could escape this. With the haste of instant reactions, the Sword Chant stopped in his hand violently urged onwards.

After every sword thread briefly flash a blue light, they unexpectedly again became slightly thinner and longer. Each qi thread became brilliant and dazzling, the thunder-light rumbling. They unexpectedly instantly closed in on the purple spiritual power, cutting the purple spiritual influences to pieces. In a moment, the purple lotus was about to be destroyed.

“A firefly’s light dares to vie with the sun and moon for splendor!”

Ancestor Qianli was delighted.

At this moment, Su Xing chuckled. He abruptly opened his mouth and spat out a Water Flame. This Water Flame puffed, and a blue mist of cold light was dispersed, wrapping up the sword threads. The rays of light were dazzling, making people unable to look upon it directly.

The purple lotus flower simultaneously blossomed. The purple clouds were like a blade, cutting off the sword threads inch by inch.

Under the encirclement of two types of power, the Flower Water Sword Threads completely had no way out.

Ancestor Qianli immediately sensed the connection between himself and the flying swords was instantly severed, unexpectedly unable to interact in the slightest. He could not help but be enormously shocked.

“Heavenly Water Heart Flame? Just what is your relationship with Ju Yueke?!”6

Fang Xin’gu rushed to Bloody Centipede Valley. Each of his and Zheng Yanran’s Star Crests flickered, mutually shining in order to withstand the Bloody Centipede Valley’s nasty miasma. Raising his head, he saw the duel between Su Xing and Ancestor Qianli. His eyeballs nearly fell out – he had not seen wrong, had he? Su Xing actually battled with this old monster Ancestor Qianli on even ground, even taking up a dominant position.

“So incredible!” Zheng Yanran quivered, and she could not help but praise.

Using Su Xing’s Galaxy Stage Cultivation to be able to contend against a Supercluster Cultivator’s attacks was at first somewhat beyond reason. Now, the powers in mutual combat were not hard to make the Fair Skinned Gentleman amazed.

“His abilities are not bad, but this certainly cannot kill Ancestor Qianli.” The corner of Different Star Fair Skinned Gentleman Zheng Yanran’s lips slightly frowned. She rolled up her sleeves, clenched the Jade Dragon Misfortune Snow, “Cousin, please wait here for a bit.”

“Yanran, are you actually going?” Fang Xin’gu said in amazement: “Are you sure?”

“Cousin, relax. He is only a Supercluster old monster. Yanran also sees that old fart is annoyed. How could Yanran miss the opportunity to cut him when he is down.” Zheng Yanran laughed into her sleeve. Saying nothing more, she turned around and slinked away. Let alone that Zheng Yanran was petite and exquisite, but her skills were strong, carrying a steadfastness and experience in complete disagreement with her age.

Fang Xin’gu gazed at Su Xing unexpectedly able to contend against a Supercluster old monster without relying on a Star General and could not help but be very amazed. However, when he thought that he, too, was a Star Master, the treasures he wanted nevertheless were funded by Su Xing, leaving his heart helpless.7

This Star Duel honestly was man against man, infuriating to death.

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  1. 血玉蜈蚣
  2. 如意, a scepter of Chinese and Buddhist myth representing good luck and power
  3. He’s not really a thief, this is just a generic insult.
  4.  紫氣真罡
  5. 葵精劍
  6. Oh, what is the Ancestor’s beef with Ju Yueke, Su Xing’s master back at the Four Styles School?
  7. Have no idea what this is referring to,


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