Chapter 214: Bewitching Siyou

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So awesome.

Su Xing also slightly exclaimed.

Wu Siyou’s full power slash did not use any styles at all, but this slash was completely more imposing than Zheng Yanran’s Yellow Rank Saber Technique “Ice Breaker Snow Slicer.” This was the strength of a super powerful Heavenly Star Martial General. That really was not innate talent but could fill in the gaps of her weaknesses.

Su Xing seemed to slightly understand why Zheng Yanran was determined to Star Duel with Wu Siyou.

Was this not a good opportunity to see clearly the differences in her own strength.

Zheng Yanran’s smile completely stiffened, her gaze fully grave. Jade Dragon Misfortune Snow glinted with a luster, “Let Little Sister properly experience what power the previous overlord Star General has. Elder Sister has so far but let Little Sister feel merely so?”

Jade Dragon Misfortune Snow repeatedly launched an offensive, stiflingly suppressing Wu Siyou.

Wu Siyou’s ice-cold shadow seemed to rip apart space. In the next instant, that Noble Frost Demonic Lotus had already stopped the attack path of Jade Dragon Misfortune Snow. Horizontal cuts, sudden thrusts, slashing attacks, Wu Siyou easily turned the tables.

Zheng Yanran gasped, stepping repeatedly backwards.

Her excellent judgment and skill immediately made the Different Star who seized the initiative defenseless.

The Noble Frost Demonic Lotus slashed down with the speed of a flash, a butterfly flitting through the flowers. Zheng Yanran also was very incredible. Under Wu Siyou’s forcefulness, she did her utmost to defend, both sides wandering over the entire canyon of blood. From time to time, the atmosphere was carried along by the sharp sword and saber. Then, it immediately produced a bleak and miserable ripping sound.

The surrounding red miasma was pressed open by the unstoppable force.

A biting cold light and a figure carrying afterimages brought on an overwhelming dominance. The Zheng Yanran whose body was at the center of the shadow was just like she was going against a mountain-like pressure.

A point of cold light suddenly streaked before her eyes, and there was a crisp sound.

Finally, Wu Siyou halted her attack. She still had an easygoing manner, as if she were reviewing. Wu Siyou chuckled, with the meaning of having some newfound respect for the Different Star. “Can Your Servant ask you a question? Your Saber Technique actually has somewhat of a shadow of a sword cultivator. Could it be you have a master?”1

“Master?” Zheng Yanran laughed aloud. Her gaze was derisive: “Just who in this world can be the master of a Star General?”

Wu Siyou slightly shook her head. As far as Earthly Stars were concerned, the things the Little Sisters needed to learn honestly were too many.

“Little Sister’s Dark Rank Saber Technique still has not been used. If I accidentally kill Elder Sister, you must not blame Little Sister.” Zheng Yanran licked her lips.

“Dark Rank Saber Technique, Your Servant is also very curious.” Wu Siyou did not have contempt at all. She raised her sword, suddenly saying: “However, Elder Sister will give you a lesson-” Before her sentence was finished, the attack was launched. A clump of ice-cold light enveloped Zheng Yanran. Wu Siyou’s swordtip was already pointed directly at the target, and in the middle of the sharp noise of the swordtip cutting the air, a demon appeared.

Falling directly head-on.

Everything in the surroundings instantly seemed to freeze with a crackle. Zheng Yanran had not yet come to her senses. In the previous instant, she still was brandishing her straight saber with metallic stiffness. The air was not circulating, energy had ceased transmitting, and the cold and detached sword light of Harm Star Wu Siyou appearing to be like a specter thus arrived before Zheng Yanran. The Bloody Centipede Valley’s wind had seemingly disappeared.

Wu Siyou’s high-speed strike seemingly made time stop!

Harm Star Pilgrim Wu Song. This slash was exceptionally terrifying. Time and space both seemed to freeze, and Zheng Yanran felt unable to throw it off and was completely defenseless. This type of most direct top-notch battle that Star Generals experienced probably was like this, right?

Zheng Yanran suddenly liked this sort of feeling very much.

In the instant she saw the truth, Wu Siyou already did not give her the slightest margin for reflection. In the eternity of this instance, Zheng Yanran also discovered she herself basically did not have any capability to evade. The Elder Sister in front of her – the Harm Star did not give her any chances.

The cold light of frost and snow and lacquered black cut out a frightening mark in the air at extremely high speed, passing by Zheng Yanran’s body like a tornado. It was only an instant, but Zheng Yanran’s invulnerable defenses had been tore in half by the sharp line of light brought by the swordtip. Zheng Yanran’s expression focused, her soft throat producing a scream. Her body flew out and was heavily thrown down.

“Do not speak nonsense. While you are still alive, use your special skill!” Wu Siyou sneered.

The Way of the Hegemon was biting cold.

Astonishingly, it was the Harm Star’s Yellow Rank Style.

Ten Li Demonic Lotus Dragon Slaying!

“Yanran!!” Fang Xin’gu screamed.

“Go away!” Zheng Yanran coldly shouted, getting up with difficulty.

Wu Siyou’s brows rose, as if she was somewhat surprised. A wound deep enough to show bone extended from Zheng Yanran’s shoulder blade to her waist. Because contracted Star Generals possessed immortality and indestructible bodies, according to normal times, Wu Siyou’s slash would have already cleaved her in two. However, the Fair Skinned Gentleman unexpectedly forcing herself back up and not entering the Star Nest still made Wu Siyou and Su Xing completely surprised.

“Do you still wish to fight?” Wu Siyou flatly asked.

“This lesson of Elder Sister’s, Little Sister has noted.” Zheng Yanran panted, “But Little Sister also wants to make Elder Sister remember this slash of Yanran’s.” Her hand grasped the saber hilt, already slightly trembling. It seemed as if she was barely holding on, but Zheng Yanran was very stubborn, abnormally resolute. Her legs widened their stance, surprisingly stirring up the fog with her long saber without the slightest trace of killing intent. Her whole body seemed to fuse with the saber, emitting a sharply imposing aura.

Wu Siyou wore an expression of praise. For the Fair Skinned Gentleman to be able to have this sort of imposing air meant she definitely could someday compete with a Heavenly Star. Such a little sister appearing among the Earthly Stars, Wu Siyou was very interested to what level she could reach.

Wu Siyou calmly walked towards her, the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus slightly revolving.

Just when Wu Siyou stepped into her range, Zheng Yanran’s eyes moved and her wrist thrust out.


The saber edge unsheathed.

A cold light swept across a hundred chi, and the valley split open with a trail of ice-cold. Light, swift to the extreme, it was astonishingly…

Dark Rank Saber Technique!

Saber Draw Water Cutter!!

Wu Siyou moved at the same time.

Fast, even faster!

Her figure became a phantom.

The resounding saber edge had yet to return when it was seemingly blocked by Wu Siyou.

Zheng Yanran once again made a move.

The saber went out, then came back!

The afterimage was stirred to pieces, but Wu Siyou completely vanished from before her. When Zheng Yanran sensed that chilliness behind her, the Different Star Fair Skinned Gentleman was already powerless from Saber Draw Water Cutter. Her entire body lost its strength, and the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus supported her neck.

Jade Dragon Misfortune Snow stuck into the ground, and Zheng Yanran half-knelt where she was, already gasping for breath.

“Truly unresigned about this~”

She softly muttered to herself.

Zheng Yanran entered the Star Nest, and Fang Xin’gu excessively expressed his thanks as he took his leave. The imminent Ten Thousand Year Gu was fine, but he had no interest in Five Poisons Mountain. When he bade farewell to Su Xing, the sort unswerving determined radiance his expression had made Su Xing feel great admiration. Fang Xin’gu showed his own determination in fighting for the Star Duels. Su Xing smiled, for he could tell that Zheng Yanran doing her utmost like this already influenced Fang Xin’gu, making him heavily shake his confidence.

Everyone said Star Masters concerned themselves with the destiny of Star Generals’ lives, but Star Generals also could influence the lives of their Star Masters, and who could decide that.

In fact, it was not just him, but Su Xing also was moved by Zheng Yanran.

A Star General viewed as completely lacking martial force being able to make it to this level, Su Xing completely admired her.

“You will not kill her? This Star Master someday will be a strong foe.” Wu Siyou pensively said.

“Then I shall look forward to the day.” Su Xing smiled. Seeing that the snow white skin of Wu Siyou’s arm had a subtle cut extending several chi, it appeared that her final Saber Draw Water Cutter still gave Wu Siyou trouble. After all, it was a Dark Rank Saber Technique. “You’re injured.” Su Xing lifted Wu Siyou’s arm, taking out medicine and spreading it on the wound.

Wu Siyou stared blankly, somewhat having not anticipated this sort of act of Su Xing’s. She wanted to shrug off this man, but when she saw Su Xing’s serious expression, his gentle movements, she let this man do this for the moment.

“Are you always like this?” Wu Siyou faintly asked.

“What?” Having learned medical arts from An Suwen, receiving the Efficacious Star’s influence, Su Xing’s technique was exceptionally tender.

“Nothing.” Wu Siyou pursed her lips. Waiting until Su Xing finished, she then drew back her arm, “Do not be this troublesome over this tiny wound later. Your Servant is accustomed to this.”

“You’re my Wifey,2 caring about this is what I’m supposed to do.” Su Xing mocked.

“Hmph.” Wu Siyou was disinclined to argue needlessly with this man.

Su Xing raised his head to gaze at Wu Siyou, saying: “I never thought you would be so good at taking care of your little sisters.” How could Wu Siyou not have deliberately evoked Zheng Yanran’s potential just now. Otherwise, that final Dark Rank Saber Technique Saber Draw Water Cutter was a move Wu Siyou simply did not have to go meet.

“Do not speak nonsense. Now that the two Ancestors are dead, what do you plan to do?” Wu Siyou turned her head. She suddenly had a sort of very fidgety feeling, and she did not know whether this was the Bloody Canyon’s oppressive atmosphere. Wu Siyou very much had the urge to leave the side of this man, for she found that the longer she stayed with him, her heart was increasingly somewhat not too right.

Su Xing looked at the other end of the canyon, saying without the slightest hesitation: “Of course it’s to continue. However, wifey, you can stay here.” If Five Poisons Mountain was considered to be Bloody Centipede Canyon, then the preceding “Poison Dragon Swamp,” “Scorpion Barrenness,” and “Toad Black River” meant they already passed through four poisons. Then the final poison was the spider or the gecko. Since they had already reached this stage, Su Xing of course could not possibly shrink back. Moreover, that Ten Thousand Year Gu was something Su Xing certainly was very interested in.

“You feel you truly can fight over the Ten Thousand Year Gu with a Supervoid Cultivator? Perhaps that Roc Demon King would even appear!” Wu Siyou thoughtfully asked.

“I have the jade pendant with me. If worst comes to worst and something happens, I’ll escape. Actually, I worry about you, Wifey. If you encounter the Supervoid Cultivator, escape is not easy for you, right?” Su Xing was somewhat anxious. Last time, Supercluster Late Stages already was vivid in his mind.

“Your Servant still does not require you to come worry.”

“If something happens to Wifey, I naturally cannot possibly cast you aside.” Su Xing shook his head.

Wu Siyou’s brows rose. She waved her hand, annoyed: “Su Xing, do not say these sorts of pleasant words, Your Servant will not fall for these.”

“Siyou, I am being very serious.” Su Xing’s expression was very serious. “You stay behind, I can just go by myself.”

Wu Siyou wrinkled her brow: “Your Servant is within your gaze, could it be you are someone greedy for life, afraid of death?”3 She immediately shook her head: “Since you want to go, Your Servant naturally will accompany you to the end!”

“Then I still have another way to get the best of both worlds.”

“If you want to make Your Servant sign a contract with you, you need not speak rubbish.” Wu Siyou disdainfully said, a look that said, I will know what kind of shit you are spouting when your ass sticks out.4

Su Xing blushed in shame.

“Wifey, could it be that you truly do not want to be together with me? Even if it isn’t for me, it is for being able to fight side by side with Yingmei.” Su Xing still was unwilling to give up.

When Wu Siyou heard Su Xing say “fight side by side,” she stared blankly. She had to admit that the man before her often would say very pleasant words.

“You truly are maudlin, if you want to go, quickly go!” Wu Siyou was annoyed to death. She straddled the White and Black Unicorn Tiger in one step, and the White and Black Unicorn Tiger meekly blinked, as if it was confused.

“Do not mind this man, let us go!” Wu Siyou patted it.

The White and Black Unicorn Tiger glanced at Su Xing, cried, and then it immediately flew away like a white arrow.

“I’m gonna faint, she actually abandoned me.” Su Xing was speechless. Tugging on his sleeves, he roused his spirit of loyalty and self-sacrifice: “For the sake of happiness between Yingmei and Your Servant, sooner or later, Siyou genuinely must become Your Servant’s Wifey.”5

“Hmph, do not hesitate to give it a try.”

From the horizon came a cold grunt, which left Su Xing hoarse.

She heard from this far?

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  1. 師傅, as in instructor, not someone who holds command over her.
  2. Changed back to Wifey from Waifu due to negative feedback. 😡
  3. She’s implying that he’ll take the chance to run away if he leaves her behind.
  4. A very vulgar phrase. What this phrase literally implies is that she will see what kind of shit Su Xing left behind by examining his anus. What the phrase really means is that she will measure his deeds against his words.
  5. Yes, the harem route is the only way to guarantee a happy ending.


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