Chapter 215: The Thousand Corpse Queen Spider

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Past Bloody Centipede Canyon was a gigantic mountain steaming with black qi. Hundreds upon thousands of caves spread all across the mountain, so tangled and complicated that Su Xing’s eyes were dazzled just from looking. Before he came to Five Poisons Mountain, Su XIng had a bit of understanding that Five Poisons Mountain’s fifth poison was known as Thousand Spiders Cave. In normal times, he could use a riding sword to fly past, but right now, the forbiddance had activated. It was necessary to pass through Thousand Spiders Cave in order to be able to reach the Jade Alum Palace.

Su Xing glanced at Wu Siyou, but he did not say much of anything. Wu Siyou sat on the White and Black Unicorn Tiger and entered the Thousand Spiders Cave. The two fully spread their Divine Intents, very carefully searching for the way out of the cavern. Thousand Spiders Cave produced Five Poisons Spiders in an abundance, and the cave’s interior was spread full of sticky spider webs. These spider webs were incredible, for the incorporeal Divine Intents were clung onto by them on contact.

The dozen golden flying swords revolved around Su Xing’s body, spiraling up and down unfixed, grinding all of the countless spiders that pounced from everywhere into pieces. Each became wisps of black qi, and these spiders all were several inches in size, jet-black all over, producing hissing sounds. When they spat, a tiny blade of wind shot violently towards Su Xing, but the golden light of all of the flying swords easily blocked it.

These Thousand Corpse Poison Spiders filled the cave. When one fell, another took its place, as if they were endless. Su Xing’s brows furrowed, becoming somewhat impatient. Due to the space being too small, Heaven Tearing was completely unable to fully display its might. Su Xing  raised one hand, and his cuff shook out a large purple cloud. The purple cloud mixed with thunder and lightning and forged ahead in every direction.

This was Su Xing’s Purple Mansion True Star Immortals Thunder.

The purple thunder and the Thousand Corpse Poison Spiders exploded on contact, as if a hurricane had rolled past. The Thousand Corpse Spiders immediately fell one after another, and then they were swept clean in the blink of an eye.

When Su Xing saw this, he stowed most of the flying swords so as not to waste Star Energy.

Wu Siyou was actually happily relaxed.

Circling through unknown numbers of caverns like this, he exterminated countless Thousand Corpse Poison Spiders and entered a very large cave. This chamber had a thick and dense spider web while the surrounding caverns produced bursts of evil winds. Su Xing’s pupils glinted with purple light, and his gaze immediately directly saw through the black wind in every direction, seeing nearby areas very clearly. He could not help but softly exclaim in surprise as he walked in a certain direction.

Wu Siyou’s brow rose, and she walked to his side. “What is the matter?”

Su Xing did not reply. He raised his hand, lighting a Daoist Light Talisman to clearly illuminate the several zhang nearby.

The two raised their heads to look, and they could not restrain themselves from drawing in a breath.

They saw that on web above them were several dozen densely packed skeletons bound together. These skeletons still wore every sort of robe, but because they lacked flesh, their white bones were entirely visible. From the looks of them, the struggle at death’s door they had was seemingly still visible.

“This place unexpectedly had the skeletons of this many cultivators.” Wu Siyou narrowed her eyes, pulling tight her cloak. “Could it be that Lady Snake Scorpion is using cultivators to nurture the poison spiders?”

“That shouldn’t be.” Su Xing at the same time gestured, and Purple Cloud True Star shot forth. These spider webs were abnormally sturdy, and only when Su Xing used several Purple Cloud True Stars did he cut them apart. An Astral Bag flew to his hand, and seeing the Astral Bag’s items were intact, with more poison ingredients, this seemed to belong to a Nebula Cultivator. Su Xing guessed that probably some cultivators came to Thousand Spiders Cave to search for some things only to find danger.

“Careful, it seems this place has one powerful thing.” Su Xing secretly ordered.

Wu Siyou twitched her lips, not at all concerned.

The cave Su Xing entered was very big, the spider webs linked into one. From time to time, an evil wind and black qi blew out from the surrounding cave entrances, carrying a cold that made his hair stand on end.

A moment later, Su Xing saw a skeleton draped in a spider-patterned robe. His heart could not help but laugh. This seemed to be a cultivator that used poison arts, yet he was met with a poisonous death. As before, Su Xing maintained his principle of not being wasteful. He retrieved and untied this skeleton from the spider web, rolling up the Astral Bag on its waist.

This seemingly was a Galaxy Cultivator’s bag, for the inside had many poison arts secret texts.

“What is this?” Su Xing exclaimed.

Wu Siyou lowered her head.

Su Xing took out a fragment from within the bag. This fragment was like glass, but it was exceptionally sparkling and pure, as if it was made of ice. When he held it in his hand, this piece of tiny fragment seemingly had something flash into their minds. Wu Siyou’s pupils shrunk, clearly showing a shocked expression, but she very quickly recovered her indifferent appearance. “Perhaps it is a fragment of some Astral Treasure.”

Su Xing could not clearly feel the history of the fragment. Storing it away, he set it aside for Little Sister Tang to look at.

“Who is there!”

Wu Siyou suddenly turned around, shouting. She raised her hand, the cold and elegant Noble Frost Demonic Lotus appearing in her hand, launching a sword light.

With several rumbles, the spider webs flashed with black light. Several jet-black hands strangely appeared, the fingers moving. They flicked several sword-lights easily away, then, the chilly wind blew hard, faintly revealing four or five shaky figures.

Su Xing struck a talisman, and he was frightened. These silhouettes were worn out against the mummies on the spider webs, their white bones lacking flesh, but their bodies donned golden armor, their hands clutching spears and sabers. Evil qi emanated all over from head to foot, and they seemed to be somewhat powerful.

“Fuck. How did these mummies come to life.” Su Xing did not understand.

“It is a deception!” Wu Siyou sneered. She stepped and flew out, the White and Black Unicorn beside her simultaneously rushing forward.

The skeletons abruptly took great strides forward. At the same time, they opened their mouths, and a fine thread of ash was spouted out, violently shooting towards Wu SIyou.

“Courting death!” Wu Siyou’s expression sunk, her mouth coldly harrumphing.

The long sword trembled, and chilly sword-light violently shot out from the swordtip in succession. Soon after, she leapt, and that demonically elegant Noble Frost Demonic Lotus Sword slashed empty space, an ice-cold sword qi mercilessly slashing.

From Wu Siyou’s perspective, these skeletons probably were monsters born of accumulated Yin qi that simply were incapable of sustaining a single blow.

And the result was that a shocking scene appeared!

Several mummies shakily met Wu Siyou’s attack. Their steps were messy, as if they were intoxicated drunkards, but the black qi accumulated from head to foot unexpectedly blocked Wu Siyou’s sword qi.

After a “puff, puff,” several black threads suddenly twisted towards Wu Siyou. Like spirit snakes of darkness, soundless, they arrived in front of Wu Siyou in the blink of an eye.

Wu Siyou furrowed her brow. Her sword-light burned, severing the black threads inch by inch.


The White and Black Unicorn’s paw smacked one of the mummies, and that mummy unexpectedly bore the White and Black Unicorn’s slap. The spider webs everywhere abruptly fought against the White and Black Unicorn’s spirit light.

Wu Siyou danced light as a lotus, crossing swords with two mummies. Their martial arts were not strong, but the black qi on their bodies was strange. Wu Siyou’s swordtip stabbed into bone, but these mummies seemingly not dying made Wu Siyou’s brows wrinkle. With a rustle, there was a sudden tremble, and several dozen skeletons on the spider webs all came to life, pouncing towards the three.

A purple cloud fiercely whirled.

It destroyed these mummies.

But instantly, they once again continued to stand, brandishing swords, not feeling fatigue as they came chopping.

“This is…” Wu Siyou’s tone sunk.

Su Xing came over, “These are Spider Silk Puppets, don’t waste strength on them!” His ten fingers flicked, and Su Xing brought out Heaven Tearing. The golden swords became a thread, a dragon cry resounded, and sword-light poured down in torrents.

Wu Siyou and Su Xing lifted their heads to look, just happening to spot that on the cave’s top, there was a massive spider with a queen’s visage1 stuck on the wall in concealment. Its eight spider legs lightly brandished its woven silk, a spider thread practically invisible to the naked eye linked to all of the skeletons.

“Thousand Corpse Queen Spider!”2 Su Xing chuckled. His pores all seemed to have opened. “The Supreme Grade Spider Queen of Five Poisons Mountain’s spiders, this Five Poisons Mountain deserves the name of a Five Poisons precious place, as expected,to have even this kind of terrible Ancient creature.”

“What are you excited for?” Wu Siyou was displeased. This Thousand Corpse Queen Spider was but an Ancient Fearsome Beast. Handling it absolutely would not be that easy. In this Thousand Spiders Cave, perhaps no one could be its enemy.

“Nothing.” Su Xing had just found a “Five Poisons Banner” from the cultivators’ Astral Bags. It happened to be a peak treasure forged using a “Five Poisons Beast.” If it was used for Wu Xinjie and the others, it would actually be a very formidable protective magic weapon, however, this Five Poisons type Thousand Corpse Queen Spider was the most difficult to find. Thus, he became restless.

Wu Siyou did not concern herself with him. Seeing that the White and Black Unicorn Tiger had been ensnared by the Thousand Corpse Queen Spider’s cobwebs, she coldly shouted, instantly attacking.

The Thousand Corpse Queen Spider had a feminine face, yet its head had frightening compound eyes. Its delicate lips parted, and a black wind pounced directly ahead. This evil wind had countless phantoms within, release bursts of hair-raising ghostly weeps. Blowing on her body, Wu Siyou only felt her four limbs had sunk into a river of death, ice-cold to the extreme. She knew this was a type of Fiend Magic, so Wu Siyou operated her Star Energy, promptly retreating.

Su Xing struck a hand seal, and the Purple Cloud True Star became a sharp arrow that was fired.

The Thousand Corpse Queen Spider opened its mouth, and its eight legs drummed against stone. Its Corpse Qi became a whistling evil wind that fought with the Purple Cloud True Star. Then, the Corpse Qi became a thread that unexpectedly swallowed the Purple Cloud True Star, leaving Su Xing greatly surprised.

Only because the Thousand Queen Spider swallowed at least a thousand living souls did it get the name Thousand Corpse. The Thousand Corpse Qi it spat was absolutely not inferior in might to the Five Spirits and such abilities practiced by cultivators. In addition, this Thousand Spiders Cavern’s Yin Qi was concentrated while also being the Thousand Corpse Queen Spider’s home field. The Yin Qi it spat seemingly was made from Heaven and Earth, that Su Xing’s Purple Qi True Star was basically incapable of stopping it.

Only then did Su Xing feel this was thorny.

The Thousand Corpse Queen Spider at this time was still controlling hundreds of Spider Silk Puppets to attack the two in a wave. At the same time, the Thousand Corpse Qi unceasingly covered the cavern to block Su Xing and Wu Siyou’s way out. Then it endlessly sprayed even more thousands threads of black spider silk to stick onto the two.

Seeing its all kinds of tricks, it was just like it was not inferior to cultivators.

Su Xing secretly seized the Miraculous Bodhi Tree. With one shake, the clear drizzle of blue light covering the sky was like a galaxy pouring in torrents. It swept across the poison qi, and Su Xing’s heart inwardly hurt. He did not expect this Ancient Demonic creature to honestly be this troublesome, having made him eat a Thousand Bells Immortals Dew. However, as long as he could receive this Thousand Corpse Queen Spider’s soul, everything would be worth it.

Wu Siyou had a complete tacit understanding, stepping forward to slash.

The Harm Star Pilgrim was extremely stunning, one slash breaking the spider silk.

The Thousand Corpse Queen Spider then escaped at high speed along the spider webs that were everywhere, dodging out of the way of Wu Siyou’s attack.

“This thing is indeed troublesome!” Wu Siyou wrinkled her brow. She suddenly discovered Su Xing was very silent. She turned her head to look and could not help but stare blankly.

She saw Su Xing cover his forehead, as if he was caught in a daydream.

“Not good, the girls are in trouble…”

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  1. From later descriptions, it seems this thing has a spider’s body, but a woman’s face.
  2.  千屍女王蛛
  3.  重生之超級遁殺


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