Chapter 221: Wind And Moon Unmatched

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Outside of Five Poisons Mountain, on a nameless peak.

A woman with a blue and white long skirt gently swaying where she stood currently looked at the far off Poison Mountain enveloped in toxic gas. Her clear, lake water-like pupils made others unable to fathom her.

“Elder Sister Qingci, could it be you still want to go to Five Poisons Mountain with designs on that Ten Thousand Year Gu?” Behind her, a girl with green hair leaning a wooden staff on her shoulder giggled.1

“Jingzhi,2 that Ten Thousand Year Gu actually is a pretty good creature.” Qingci slightly smiled.

“So long as Elder Sister desires it, Longkui shall go help Elder Sister seize it.” Another tall-built, dark-skinned woman spoke.

Hearing her words, Living Goddess of Lightning Wang Jingzhi twitched her lips, muttering: “Truly a metal bull, nothing but violence and murder. Five Poisons Mountain has the Five Poisons Forbiddance, it is simply impossible to go there.”

Longkui did not pay her any attention and treated Wang Jingzhi as air.

“Then we wait until the Five Poisons Mountain’s forbiddance break, and then we go.” Qingci’s face still hung a relaxed smile, as before.

Inferior Star Living Goddess of Lightning heard an inconceivable thing: “How will it break?”

“Right now, the Azure Dragon Territory’s cultivators should already have passed the Five Poisons and have encountered that Golden Crow of the White Tiger Territory. The forbiddance will soon break. At that time, we will board the Astral Treasure and go.” Qingci seemed to be speaking of something to be expected, but in Wang Jingzhi’s ears, this sounded unbelievable. The Azure Dragon Territory’s cultivators were assaulting Five Poisons Mountain, something that Wang Jingzhi had not heard of.

“How are you this certain?”

“Who would not want the Ten Thousand Year Gu.” What Qingci understood clearly was even more profound than what Wang Jingzhi was able to, and she also knew many of Falling Dragon Mountain’s secrets.

Wang Jingzhi seemed to understand yet also not. In the end, she no longer felt like thinking, “In any case, find a solution yourself, Sister Qingci. If you are to go to Five Poisons Mountain, This Young Woman certainly will not accompany you.”

Qingci smiled.


Of all people, a scholarly youth gazed at the Divine Fire and jade light a thousand meters away, showing slight surprise.

“Never expected Supervoid Cultivators to be this incredible. Just in battle alone, a Galaxy Cultivator could never draw near.” The youth twitched his lips, carrying a green net. If Enviless of the East were present, he would definitely be shocked because this youth was none other than the one that had been “killed” by his slap, Xie Chang’an. However, at this time, Xie Chang’an was alive and well, full of vigor, not at all like a man that had been killed.

“That oaf Enviless of the East definitely would not have thought that Five Poisons Mountain unexpectedly would have other Supervoid Cultivator besides the Roc Demon King.” Xie Chang’an chuckled. His tone had an indescribable resentfulness. Previously, when Enviless of the East suddenly struck him, if it was not for his previously swallowing a Nine Turns Life Replenishing Pill3 to enter a state of fake death, that slap honestly would have been the death of him.

If word got out that a Star Master that had contracted a Five Tiger General had been killed by a smack, that honestly would be the world’s best joke.

“This Highness next time will avenge this slap!” Xie Chang’an snorted, brimming with a sort of disdain for Supervoid Cultivators.

A figure emerged from his side.

A woman wearing armor appeared, with a cloud bun and the beauty of a flower. Her eyes had were very dignified, seemingly a naturally occuring sort of general’s might that made other unable to but acknowledge their allegiance.

“Chang’an, do not speak any more nonsense. Wu Song and her Star Master already have infiltrated the Jade Alum Palace. By the time the Supervoid Cultivators finish fighting we will not have a chance. If you wish to take revenge, do so afterwards!” The woman was dignified and strict, and her tone had a sort of resolution that could not be resisted.

The relationship between a Star Master and Star General was usually that of a master and servant, but this woman nevertheless inverted things, being arrogant and bossy towards her Star Master.

Xie Chang’an inevitably nodded: “Shuang’er,4 what you said is right. This Highness truly did not expect that the renowned Wu Song unexpectedly would also sign a Star Duel Covenant…”

“If even Lin Chong has signed a contract, what is there surprising about Wu Song signing one as well.” Shuang’er flatly said.

“Do you have a chance of success against her? Wu Song still has the White and Black Unicorn Tiger.” Xie Chang’an anxiously asked. Perhaps Su Xing would not have thought that during the time he and Wu Siyou walked a remote path that they would be discovered by the Xie Chang’an who had been faking his death. He felt that something was odd, so he followed Su Xing and Wu Siyou, discovering their secret. Seeing the two battle, from the bottom of his heart, he thought Wu Siyou was Su Xing’s Star General.

“Your Servant will stall Wu Song. You infiltrate the Jade Alum Palace. Your opponent is only Galaxy Early Stage, so you must not let Your Servant be disappointed.” Shuang’er warned: “If you actually encounter danger, then flee. Your Servant shall not blame you.”

Xie Chang’an laughed heartily: “And how could Chang’an ever let Shuang’er be disappointed!”

“Do not be too full of talk. Do you think the man that could make Wu Song sign a contract would be ordinary?” Shuang’er looked askance at him.


Harm Star Wu Song’s Star Position in the previous generation was Overlord of the Star Duels. This generation’s was under the halo of the last one’s. According to the Harm Star’s style, she could not possibly sign a contract, but on the contrary, that Pilgrim Wu Song had an intimate relationship with a man. If that man were said to have no extraordinary aspects, Xie Chang’an himself was unwilling to believe so. However, Xie Chang’an was not afraid. His Star General similarly had importance and fame not at all inferior to Wu Song’s, and to be able to strike her fancy, Xie Chang’an had quite the amount of assets – he was the prince of the Azure Dragon Territory’s Cold Tang Kingdom.5 Although the Cold Tang Kingdom was not worth comparison to the Great Liang Dynasty, the entire nation of the Cold Tang Kingdom had secretly prepared and saved for the Star Duels for a very long time. As a small kingdom, their greatest aspect was their anonymity. They were far unlike the Great Liang, the Most High Path and other large kingdoms and sects, each and every one of their moves being curbed.

This also gave Xie Chang’an a very big chance. After the start of the First Phase “Heavenly and Earthly Stars,” when the other Star Generals began to move for One Star, he already enough capital to allow a Star General to promote to Two Star.

“Then Your Servant will go see that Wu Song!”

Wu Siyou stood atop a knoll gazing at the faroff rays of light in the horizon. She saw the yellow-robed man Zhong Qi fling his robes, his entire body transforming into an enormous two-legged Golden Crow. He burned Gecko Hill into a fire beacon reaching the sky. Those Demi Kings and Demi Soldiers had not yet mobilized before they were burnt to ash by Zhong Qi.

“So it turned out that the Golden Crow transformed into a man’s True Spirit. No wonder it is so tyrannical.” Wu Siyou looked pensively. Demon Beasts were everywhere in the White Tiger Territory. Some of them refining into people was not news, but compared to the Vermilion Bird Territory’s Demi Kings, they were even more worthy of the word “Demonic.”6 Demon Beasts transformed into human shape became True Spirits, possessing their own Life-cast powers cultivators could not match. The Immemorial Golden Crow was a legend that had three legs, however, Zhong Qi’s transformation with two seemed to not have reached completion.

However, the White Tiger Territory’s True Spirit running to the Vermilion Bird Territory and subordinating himself to Lady Snake Scorpion made Wu Siyou somewhat confused.

The White and Black Unicorn Tiger beside her roared, as if its will to fight was stirred by the two-legged Golden Crow.

Suddenly at this time, the White and Black Unicorn Tiger turned its head, making a gloomy roar, its eyes shooting a chill. Wu Siyou stroked the White and Black Unicorn Tiger, hinting at it to be calm. Then, she indifferently said: “Why does whichever Little Sister not come out for a look!”

“Worthy of the name White and Black Unicorn Tiger. Truly, it makes Your Servant completely lack the opportunity for a sneak attack.” A laugh full of daring resounded.

Shuang’er walked onto the hill.

Wu Siyou looked at her. Slight rays of light appeared in her eyes, and casting a glance at her, she flatly said: “Little Sister allows her Star Master to go rush into the Jade Alum Palace alone, is that good?”

“Little Sister? Little Sister Wu Song, this address is certainly wrong.”

Shuang’er’s tone was completely imposing. Her arms shook, and two long whips7 appeared from her wrists.

These whips were segmented like bamboo, soft and limpid. The entire body of the whip in her left hand was a light gold, brimming with a simple and elegant air. The whip in her right hand was like snow and frost, emitting a depressing chilliness. The two kinds of completely contrasting imposing airs nevertheless was an abnormal mixture.

“Wind and Moon Unmatched!!”8

Wu Siyou was stunned.

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  1. So it seems Qingci has recruited Wang Dingliu.
  2. 靜之
  3.  九轉續命丹
  4.  霜兒, Her name is simply 霜
  5. 涼唐國
  6. The 妖 of 妖王 means “demon” or “demonic.”
  7.  鞭, this is causing me so much confusion in translation because this word can mean two different weapons. As you will see in a later chapter, I think these are a transforming weapon, switching between whip and club forms.
  8.  風月無雙


  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    For those weapons could it be that it’s those expandable batons you see from time to time in games?

  2. So, the guy Enviless smacked was alive?

    That actually was surprising…

    But, a Five Tigers General?

    Crap… another insanely huge brawl in the horizon, huh?

  3. “That oaf Enviless of the East definitely would not have thought that Five Poisons Mountant unexpectedly would have other Supervoid Cultivator besides the Roc Demon King.”
    Five Poisons Mountant -> Mountain

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