Chapter 224: Double Clubs Retreats In Defeat

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How fierce the Yellow Rank Move under resonance was. If it could be said that Prestige Star Huyan Zhuo’s realm was previously somewhat lower than Wu Siyou’s, following resonance, it had explosively swelled. A “Wind Flower Leaf Fall, Snow Moon Without Scar” turned snow water into wind, a wind cold as a blade, cutting at Wu Siyou one at a time. Under this sort of unanticipated resonance, Wu Siyou basically was incapable of dodging. If she had been struck, even if she did not die, she could not avoid her vitality being greatly harmed.

What a pity. Who Huyan Shuang had bumped into was Wu Siyou, the Overlord Harm Star Pilgrim. The White and Black Unicorn Tiger beside her all along did not move, for Wu Siyou originally had planned for a fair contest. However, seeing that the opponent resonated, she was no longer softhearted. The White and Black Unicorn Tiger’s white shadow scuttled to pounce at the Prestige Star’s Star Master.

Several of Xie Chang’an’s lives were not enough for a Seventh Rank Spirit Beast’s attack.

Huyan Shuang gnashed her teeth. She shifted her steps to the side, the double whips still changing their attack direction. The whip’s wind hunted, thrashing the White and Black Unicorn Tiger into a kitten not daring to draw near.

“You idiot, did Your Servant not have you go to the Jade Alum Palace? What did you come here to do.” Prestige Star Huyan Shuang extremely angrily scolded, blocking in front of Xie Chang’an, the double whips assuming an attacks stance.

Wu Siyou actually did not have the interest to loot a burning house. As far as the proud Heavenly Stars were concerned, a battle to kill the other side’s Star Master to defeat the Star General was simply very tedious, thoroughly boring. That forced attack just now made Wu Siyou somewhat depressed.

The Star Crest on Xue Chang’an’s forehead faded, his body frightened into a cold sweat. The Harm Star Wu Song was more unwavering than he had thought. He had just begun resonance when the White and Black Unicorn Tiger caught on to his presence. Worthy of being called a Seventh Rank Spirit Beast, it if had not been for Huyan Shuang’s protection, his throat perhaps would have been bit open on the spot.

Seeing that his aid was apparently counterproductive, Xie Chang’an was resentful: “This Highness also thought to help you, Shuang’er. That Jade Alum Palace still has a Lady Snake Scorpion inside that is enough for him to handle. This Highness does not have any interest in the Ten Thousand Year Gu, and the safety of Shuang’er is what is most important.” In actuality, how would Xie Chang’an not have the mentality to kill Wu Song. Using a Star Master to confront a Star General actually was too good an opportunity.

Hearing Xie Chang’an’s words, Huyan Shuang did not express anything at all. Her expression did have slight satisfaction, for when Star Master and Star General signed a contract, any Star General would be very pleased to hear their Star Master speak words of steadfast loyalty.

“It is actually Little Sister Wu Song’s man who honestly lost face. Was it that he abandoned you? Or were you unwilling to follow him?” Huyan Shuang showed engrossed gossip.

“Less nonsense!”

Wu Siyou rushed forward.

Just at this moment, an abnormal quaking came from Gecko Cliff.

They caught sight of the faraway poison fog parting, the cliff collapsing, the earth shaking several times. Wu Siyou clearly sensed that the forbiddance had been broken.

“It seems those cultivators have finally broken the forbiddance.” Huyan Shuang arrogantly smiled: “Everything bodes ill for your man to go obtain that Ten Thousand Year Gu now.”

Wu Siyou’s brows slightly knit together. She wondered whether it was because she heard that phrase “your man” or if it was truly because everything could possibly bode ill for Su Xing that she would show discontent and worry. Huyan Shuang did not truly wish to continue fighting Wu Siyou to the death. Right now, the Star Duels were only in the Second Phase, far from reaching the time of life and death. Besides, her own white pig of a contractor Xie Chang’an had stupidly ran over to give Wu Song an extra snack. Huyan Shuang knew that further fighting would not yield any good results, after all, Wu Song’s Star Beast the White and Black Unicorn Tiger at the present stage was honestly too outside the rules.

“The Roc Demon King should almost have arrived, and there is also the Lady Snake Scorpion that contracted the Xie Twins. Your man’s troubles truly are many.” Huyan Shuang’s voice was heavy as steel.

Wu Siyou looked pensively at the Prestige Star and suddenly hooked on a sneer: “Huyan Zhuo, what you said is very true. Then Your Servant shall eradicate a few unnecessary troubles for his sake.”

Huyan Zhuo’s gaze lowered, for she heard Wu Siyou’s malicious intentions.

The Harm Star said nothing else and immediately launched an attack.

“Hmph, as if Your Servant fears you.” Huyan Shuang was also angered. Her double whips flew, rolling out wind and waves cold as moonlight. The flexible whips wrapped around the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus. Wu Siyou spin the sword, rubbing aside the flexible whips. The White and Black Unicorn Tiger at this time followed Wu Siyou and similarly pounced. The Harm Star was already clear that she would make this trouble of a Xie Chang’an leave from Five Poisons Mountain.

“Arrogant!” The Prestige Star was dignified and impressive. Her right hand trembled, and that whip shook. It had been seemingly frozen, and the whip directly transformed into a solid club, forging on towards Wu Siyou.

A Water Mill1 club, and the other was still the Wind Flower whip.

Huyan Shuang knew that to simultaneously restrict both Wu Siyou and the White and Black Unicorn TIger she could only engage in a two-front battle. She used the club to clash together with Wu Siyou’s close combat double-headed sword, and that long whip was incessantly sweeping with dazzling efficacy, restricting the White and Black Unicorn Tiger to stay away from Xie Chang’an’s safe zone.

In addition, Xie Chang’an already found it hard to believe they could proceed, brazenly activating resonance.

The two’s matching rapport forced Wu Siyou to have a new level of respect for them.

When the metallic weapons rang, Wu Siyou’s sword edge and Huyan Shuang’s Wind And Moon Unmatched slamming into each other gave rise to enormous attacks that were cold enough the entire area shivered, and the fog wildly dispersed.

Wu Siyou drew pulled her sword, her figure moved, and the airflow on the sword’s edge condensed into a sharp sword-light, ripping apart the air.

A burst of air distortion.

Regardless of whether it was speed, angle, power as well as determination, everything was perfect without exception.

This slash was incomparably perfect.

The Prestige Star’s club was like a blade, also flawless. Under her Star Master’s resonance, Huyan Shuang’s realm in martial force and Star Energy swelled. The sword light was disintegrated by her, as if it was fading light. When it appeared, it was dazzling. The club already struck towards Wu Siyou, easily breaking open her slash.

Wu Siyou raised the sword to block this incoming attack.


The Noble Frost Demonic Lotus’ trajectory suddenly changed, and Wu Siyou’s easily linked several steps to approach in front of Huyan Shuang’s eyes. With a sparkle that broke the air, she violently stabbed.

“Not badly done, but it ends here!!”

Wu Siyou lightly praised.


Huyan Shuang’s momentum was great, displaying a tyrannical and powerful whip technique. Both sides bent, with everything going her way.

In the blink of an eye, they consecutively had fifty bouts.

Huyan Shuan already was retreating, having been met with a dead end. One person handling Wu Siyou and the White and Black Unicorn Tiger practically was her limit.

A ringing phrase broke free from Wu Siyou’s lips.

The White and Black Unicorn Tiger’s radiance sharply increased. Huyan Shuang’s whip technique finally showed a gap, rushed into pieces by the White and Black Unicorn Tiger.


Huyan Shuang glanced at the immobilized Xie Chang’an behind her, immediately pouncing backwards.

A silhouette rushed towards her with speed beyond compare. Wu Siyou’s Noble Frost Demonic Lotus broke an incalculable distance, striking open a line.

The sword shadow on the ground suddenly lengthened.

When she spotted the White and Black Unicorn Tiger about to claw Xie Chang’an, with his current capabilities, that was death without doubt. Huyan Shuang hastily shouted, and the double whips suddenly formed layers of severe winds, no longer caring about the Wu Siyou behind her.

Just at this critical moment, the White and Black Unicorn completely lacked any indication as it suddenly counterattacked against her.


The Huyan Shuang that was worried for her contractor did not foresee this sudden change. She was greatly startled, but worthy of her name as a Five Tiger, her reactions were extremely quick. Wind And Moon Unmatched shook, whipping the White and Black Unicorn Tiger when a chilly wind came from her side.

Protecting against the White and Black Unicorn Tiger, she had let Wu Song through.

Under the front and rear pincer attack of the Seventh Rank Spirit Beast and Wu Song, the Huyan Shuang who could not handle both at the same time was flustered. Her elbow struck backwards, and Wu Siyou again was greatly outside of her anticipation when she swayed and stepped past Huyan Shuang. Her cloak fell, and the cool and elegant figure already was in front of Xie Chang’an.

The swordtip pressed against Xie Chang’an’s throat. Huyan Shuang gasped, angrily rushing out.


Wu Siyou naturally disdained to kill Xie Chang’an so as to avoid staining the millennial name of the Pilgrim. However, this generation’s Wu Song was also open-minded, a person that did not bother with trifles. When it was unnecessary, her so-called disdained to kill was merely so. “Two choices. Die here or leave here!” Wu Siyou was expressionless. She knew it was difficult to settle Huyan Shuang in such a short time, so she might as well be blunt in confronting the the contractor. Since she had dared to sign with a contractor anyways, she should have prepared for the price.

Xie Chang’an stupidly looked at Huyan Shuang. Everything was the responsibility of the latter.

The Prestige Star looked up at the sky and laughed heartily, countering with a question: “May Your Servant venture to ask for Little Sister’s True Name.”


“Your Servant has the single character Shuang. Truly extremely good. The Little Sister Siyou with a man makes Your Servant have a whole new level of respect, as expected. For the sake of your man, violating your code is insignificant.”

Wu Siyou’s expression also replied as so.

“Good, Elder Sister wishes to ask one final question.” Huyan Shuang said. “Wu Siyou, why would you sign a contract?!”

“Your Servant does not have any relationship with that man.” Wu Siyou’s forehead wrinkled.

“If Little Sister Siyou is unwilling to speak, then forget it. This time, Huyan Shuang has lost. If Little Sister is unwilling to kill that stupid man, next time, Your Servant will be twice as great.” Huyan Shuang very directly spoke.

However, this sort of threat completely lacked meaning to Wu Siyou.

A genuine Star Duel always was the sole pursuit of the Harm Star Pilgrim.

Huyan Shuang profoundly glanced at Wu Siyou. Her figure flashed, and she entered the Star Nest. Xie Chang’an shot a glance at the cool and elegant Siyou. He could not help but be somewhat envious of the man that could obtain her. He secretly cursed himself for indulging in his flights of fancy. Xie Chang’an had no alternative but to use his jade pendant.

His figure turned to smoke, and then it dissipated where it was.

Wu Siyou let out a sigh. At this time, she saw those founders already waged war at the Jade Alum Palace. Immediately, she straddled the White and Black Unicorn Tiger and flew towards the Jade Alum Palace.

The Su Xing walking along the secret passageway did not know at all that Wu Siyou had already beat back a Heavenly Star that was one of the Five Tigers, Prestige Star Huyan Zhuo, for the sake of eradicating a bit of trouble for him. At this moment, in this secret passageway he had walked for a long time, he finally saw the end.

Su Xing used the Oneness of Heaven and Man to restrain his presence, and Yan Yizhen at this moment also entered the Star Nest so as to avoid exposing his whereabout. Within the darkness, Su Xing slowly looked over. The end was an expansive and absolutely empty hall, dotted with several cups of dim candles. There were no decorations, but there were several burning fire cauldrons and several sculptures. Within the darkness, there were several indistinct figures.

One of them was a lady that wore a luxurious and alluring dress, with her hair tied into a snake and scorpion bun. She probably was the Vermilion Bird Territory’s number one Star Master, the Lady Snake Scorpion. She currently looked anxiously at a mirror inside her hand. Beside her were two others, who were not the Xie Twins, for their builds were tall. Their cultivators were all Supercluster Stage, and one was the Demi King Golden Wings he had met before. The other was built tall and sturdy, and Su Xing did not know which Demi Clan he was from. He ought to be one of the two Demi Kings the Lady Snake Scorpion reportedly captured.

However, Su Xing went on this trip to obtain Xie Zhen’s blood. Could it be that she was in the Star Nest?

Just as he thought this, he suddenly heard a little girl’s voice.

“Elder Sister, play fight against scorpions with Little Chan.” That was the Twin-tailed Scorpion Xie Bao’s voice.

Su Xing’s heart tightened.

A petite silhouette that did not sense him in the slightest walked near him.

This little girl possessed an indifference similar to Yan Yizen’s, but her eyes were much more gloomy, with a demonic toxic gas from head to foot.


She turned her head, replying with neither sadness nor joy.

She was the Savage Star Double-headed Serpent Xie Zhen.

Author’s Note:

The title for the previous chapter was wrong. How did I type the Heavenly Prestige as the Earthly Majestic.

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