Chapter 234: Vying For The Gu

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“How about giving this Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon to Your Servant?”

Qingci slightly smiled, repeating her words just now.

Her smile nevertheless made the others feel a chill in their hearts.

The cultivators present drew in a breath, feeling that their hands and feet were ice-cold. Watching the Killer Star fight, their hearts had a sort of reverence; Liangshan Continent was fond of using “Fiend Star” to address Star Generals, but there was only one among the one hundred and eight Star Generals that genuinely could count as the Fiend Star. This was the ranked twenty-second Killer Star Black Whirlwind Li Kui. Naturally fond of killing, she possessed formidable battle senses. When she launched into a frenzy, whatever ability or magic weapon was totally ignored.

To capture this sort of Star General was extremely difficult. However, on second thoughts, the woman of unsurprised appearances in front of them nevertheless possessed a shocking Astral Treasure and an unprecedented Supercluster Cultivation. To be able to receive Killer Star Li Kui did not count as anything.

“Just who are you?”

Everyone was shaken by the woman before them. Across all of Liangshan Continent, apparently, they had yet to hear of this sort of character.

“Could it be you are that Great Saint Starkiller1 of the Black Turtle Territory?”

Ancestor Longevity’s tone concentrated.

Great Saint Starkiller was the Black Turtle Territory’s number one Star Master, purportedly cultivating a Transforming Star of Annihilation level cultivation method. The person’s cultivation was out of the ordinary. If it was truly a Transforming Star of Annihilation grade cultivation method, for him to truly reach Supercluster Stage cultivation was only natural. Furthermore, he was known as Great Saint Starkiller. Seeing that Star General was the Killer Star, could it be his name was because of this?

“Your Servant is Qingci, who certainly would not self-title herself some Great Saint Starkiller.” Qingci timely smiled.

“This Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon will not be turned over to you!”

The Ancestors were very angry in their hearts. If this Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon was given to this Qingci, that was enough. The Star Masters under their schools were not to be oppressed into cleaning rags. Although these Ancestors harbored ulterior motives, they very quickly reached a tacit understanding that they absolutely could not hand the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon over to Qingci, even if they had to destroy it.

Thinking of this, they squabbled over it even faster, completely not holding back on any of their powers.

When Qingci saw this, she did not say much. She opened her hand, and a bi’an2 instrument flew out. Afterwards, it rapidly became big. Her white fingers plucked, and the strings oscillated, playing a decadent music that rolled towards everyone.

This music was like a phoenix ascending to heaven, like a dragon diving under the sea, containing a kind of indescribable magic. The chants of countless heavenly women surrounded from all directions, nearly breaking the concentration of the Ancestors. If it was not for their deep and resounding Divine Intents, perhaps they already would have been put under her thrall. Xuan Zhenzi and the rest immediately released defensive magic weapons, the divine lights around their bodies greatly flourishing.

Zhong Qi was enraged when he listened to that decadent music. How could he be fond of an unbridled Supercluster Stage Star Cultivator. He puffed his mouth and nostrils, and Golden Crow’s Divine Flame gushed forth from his mouth, covering the sky and earth, rolling forth.

Killer Star Li Longkui at this time received Qingci’s indication. She raised the Bereaved Immortal Lofty Slaughter to attack, the double axes murderous. Demonic and fiendish black light surrounded the woman’s body. Li Longkui’s double axes were waved violently, rising up, back and forth several times, and the great expanse of Golden Crow’s Divine Flame had been broken to bits and pieces.

Zhong Qi was actually not surprised. His current Golden Crow’s Divine Flame was at forty or fifty percent, however, the reason he spat the Golden Crow’s Divine Flame was to vent his heart’s anger on one hand, and on the other, it was intended to incite the Killer Star’s irritability, making the other Ancestor go attack.

As expected, the Killer Star attacked.

Xuan Zhenzi and the other Supercluster Stage Ancestors were the very first to move. How could they allow this Killer Star to get close. They each gave up on battle, and with tacit understanding, released their flying swords, sword arrays, magic weapons to go obstruct her. Although the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon was attractive, they would need their lives to enjoy it.

The Bereaved Immortal Lofty Slaughters slashed down. The Killer Star’s killing intent truly was as violent as the rumors said, directly hacking apart the Ancestral Masters’ obstructions. The Supercuster Ancestral Master looked at each other, knowing they could not hold back any longer. Just at this time, Qingci called out: “Longkui, come back!”

The Killer Star Li Longkui halted her figure, instantly returning to Qingci’s side.

Qingci also knew that against four Supercluster Ancestral Masters, Li Longkui could only go court death. However, these Supercluster Ancestral Masters hindered Qingci’s “Nine Dragons Spirit Treasure” and did not dare to arbitrarily act. There also an even more serious reason, and that was that the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon that had been forced to its last vestiges of strength by these cultivators in addition to being trapped by Qingci’s bi’an music was already thoroughly unconscious. The current Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon was just like a precious piece of jade tossed onto the side of the road, just waiting for someone to pick it up.


How could they be willing to watch this treasure at their feet be taken by someone else.

Holy Mother Qi Xia seized the chance to send a multi-colored light from the Qi Xia Banners that rolled up the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon to capture it. Zhong Qi snorted out a yellow light that enveloped the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon to vie for it. The other Supercluster Ancestors feared these Supervoid Cultivators no longer. In short, they would do their utmost to go squabble for it.

Lady Snake Scorpion stared at Qingci with fire about to shoot from her eyes. She had been trapped by the Virtuous Picture Ring and could only watch helplessly as the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon she had painstakingly nurtured be squabbled back and forth by others. Truly, she was angered to leaking smoke.

Just at this moment, they suddenly heard a whooshing sound come from the skies.

Before the person arrived, an imposing air came first.

Lady Snake Scorpion was delighted, loudly shouting: “Lord Husband, quickly go snatch that Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon!!:

Besides Zhong Qi, everyone changed expressions, and even Holy Mother Qi Xia showed a grim expression. Everyone’s eyes had hardly blinked when they had just heard a noise. Afterward, a tall and sturdy man all of a sudden appeared in the sky, draped in golden armor and cape. His back had two wings that covered the sky, imposing and brilliant, shaking the rivers and mountains, he was precisely Great Sage Falling Sky Roc Demon King!!

When the Roc Demon King arrived, the Azure Dragon Territory Ancestors’ hearts were the most confused, adding on even more speed to their squabble.

They knew that using such depleted energy to contest the Roc Demon King, they inevitable were not opponents.


The Roc Demon King looked at the strange scene of Five Poisons Mountain with slight surprise briefly. On one side was Enviless of the East’s Four Symbols Seal in a war with a man and three women. On another side, he saw six cultivators fighting over a black and ugly monster. What the fuck was going on? The Roc Demon King for a time could not make sense of the situation in front of him.

He heard the Lady Snake Scorpion call out. The Roc Demon King saw his trapped wife and was infuriated, loudly shouting.

A golden bar mace3 was thrown out.

The golden bar mace’s light rays flashed and struck onto the Virtuous Picture Ring. The Roc Demon King’s cultivation was deep and resounding, and with this attack, the Virtuous Picture Ring jolted with a dragon’s cry, resounding in space. Qingci’s heart moved, and she hastily waved a hand to recall the Virtuous Picture Ring.

This Roc Demon King’s cultivation was formidable as expected. The spiritual power of the Purple Rose Grade Nine Dragons Spirit Treasure’s Virtuous Picture Ring was unexpectedly damaged.

“Unexpectedly daring to harm my wife!”

The Roc Demon King looked at Qingci, his eyes containing fury. His hands grabbed at the air, and he shook his wings. Those golden wings flapped, and a golden light suddenly fell like rain.


Killer Star Li Longkui raised the Bereaved Immortal Lofty Slaughter to slash, but that golden light was emitted by a Supervoid Cultivator. This level of power struck Li Longkui that she spat out blood.


Qingci threw out the strongest defensive magic weapon of the Nine Dragons Spirit Treasure, the “Prostrate Snake Ruler.”4 The Prostrate Snake Ruler became a rippling blue dragon shadow, coiling around her whole body and deflecting the golden rain.


“Dragon Has Nine Sons Seal? What a woman to unexpectedly have this level of Astral Treasure!!” The Roc Demon King wanted to seize it the moment he saw it.

“Lord Husband, it is urgent that you quickly go fight for that Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon!” Lady Snake Scorpion was unable to deal with Qingci. Seeing the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon about to be taken, she hastily called out for the Roc Demon King.

The Roc Demon King nodded when he saw. Air passed through the mountains and rivers, and he shouted.

Tai, still you do not withdraw at once, unexpectedly daring to snatch the things of This King’s wife!!”

The Roc Demon King’s wings flapped. At once, he truly split heaven and earth apart. A golden light enveloping his entire body resisted the attacks of all the cultivators. His divine might shook, and the Supercluster Ancestral Masters of the Azure Dragon Territory cried out, having been shaken that their qi and blood rolled, unbearable to the extreme.

When Zhong Qi saw this, he retreated to one side.


Only Holy Mother Qi Xia remained unmoved. The two were both known as the Demon Kings of a mountain, neither frightened of the other.

“Holy Mother Qi Xia, do you also wish to steal This King’s things.” The Roc Demon King sneered.

Holy Mother Qi Xia’s face was expressionless and did not reply, raising a seven-colored light to attack the Roc Demon King’s Roc Golden Light. Holy Mother Qi Xia also borrowed the Shifting Light Image Switching Mirror. Handling Lady Snake Scorpion’s Stars Falling Dragon Sword cost her much Star Energy, but it was sufficient to fight evenly with the Roc Demon King.

“Senior Brother Zhong Qi!” The Roc Demon King shouted.


The Zhong Qi to the side gave up going after the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon, understanding tacitly as he spat out Golden Crow’s Divine Flame to attack.


The Qi Xia Banners released a divine light that protected Holy Mother Qi Xia’s body. Holy Mother Qi Xia grit her teeth, and the Qi Xia Banners assembled into a single whole that suddenly emitted power. A beam of multi-colored light gathered and slammed into the Roc Demon King’s golden magic light.


The Supervoid powers collided, immediately releasing a world-shaking noise.

Five Poisons Mountain half-collapsed with a loud bang, the two each forced back.


The Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon had been sent flying under this power. The Roc Demon King was delighted when he saw this, and just as he was about to roll it away, he suddenly caught sight of a taotie faster than him by a step. Its large mouth opened and swallowed the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon. Everyone was shocked, astonished to see Qingci released the Taotie Cauldron to capture the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon.

It was already too late for everyone to want to fight over it anymore, for the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon had been taken away.

At this time, they saw a hundred dragon images similar to a linked flying sword suddenly sweep forth, rushing to suddenly slash that large mouth of the Taotie just as it was about to return to the black cauldron, breaking this Astral Treasure. It was the Lady Snake Scorpion.

Lady Snake Scorpion exhausted all of her strength to once again wield the Stars Falling Dragon Sword, but she was spent. The Falling Dragon Sword’s might was greatly decreased and barely broke the Taotie Cauldron. Also, at the same time, Lady Snake Scorpion vomited blood, just like her vitality had been greatly harmed.

This unexpected turn of events left everyone dumbstruck.

Receiving the converging attacks of two powers, the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon was tossed out once again and flew away in a very high arc.

This flight just so happened to be in the direction Enviless of the East.

Furthermore, that side fighting for the Ten Thousand Year GU already was getting worse and worse. Su Xing’s side where he confronted Enviless of the East had also reached the critical juncture, and the degree of intensity made it so that Su Xing did not have any leisure to check whose area the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon would fall into.


The four Holy Beasts that emerged from Four Symbols Seal truly were awesome, their attacks effective.


Enviless of the East was continuously urging Star Energy, nearly not holding back in the slightest. The Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird, Black Turtle and White Tiger were unwilling to surrender and fought in a jumble. They were seemingly immortal and indestructible, however, in the end, there was a limit. Under this kind of high-speed consumption, how could Enviless of the East still maintain the Four Symbols Seal.

At this time, he finally showed a slip in attention.

Su Xing seized this chance.

The Holy Beast Vermilion Bird cried, all of the Heavenly Fire that sprayed from its body containing a spiritual nature and chasing Su Xing.

Su XIng’s body techniques were like a roaming dragon, nimbly scuttling back and forth. Then, he approached under the effects of the God Transformation Talisman. Five claws like blades ripped the Vermilion Bird!

The Vermilion Bird cried, flapping its wings even more, but at this time, it seemingly was even more like it was engaging in a useless struggled

Immediately afterwards, Su Xing stepped onto the Vermilion Bird’s back, his hands penetrating the Vermilion Bird’s Heavenly Fire and grabbing heavily onto its insides. Enviless of the East was already powerless from the heart to continue maintaining his magic energy. The Vermilion Bird wailed, and its thread of True Spirit abruptly shattered.

Suddenly, the Vermilion Bird’s whole body transformed into pieces of flame, disappearing without a trace.

Enviless of the East’s mouth was agape, incapable of believing this.


The Vermilion Bird of the Four Symbols Seal broke just like that…

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  1.  殺星大聖
  2. 狴犴, one of the Dragon King’s nine sons, fond of litigation and watcher of prisons.
  3.  趴蝮尺


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