Chapter 254: The Sea Of Lava

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When the hundred disciples that had originally prepared to fully take on this task heard they could even lose their lives, they were stunned. From here, whatever the potential all of the Four Styles School disciples had could be seen. Those that could bear hardship with equanimity mostly were those with immeasurable prospects. And it was only those that were timid upon hearing of danger that would someday completely lack accomplishments.

Daoist Master Xuan Tian and the others observed all of the disciples, somewhat disappointed. Those that could maintain their cool probably was just more than ten. Ju Yueke watched Su Xing’s carefree appearance, a small smile on her face. Her gaze then looked to Yun Pengtian. The latter remained calm in the face of adversity, which was not outside of expectations. The Star Master of the Four Styles School was just between these two.

Then, Daoist Master Xuan Tian rose, his imposing air made everyone present alarmed into a cold sweat and into clarity.

The heads of the Four Peaks each glanced at each other and walked up to the plaza. The others dispersed, and the four arranged a magic circle. They stood upon the array points representing wind, thunder, water and fire. Then, they struck hand seals, read incantations. That huge sword sculpture in the plaza boomed and was wrapped up by four rays of light. Daoist Master Xuan Tian stood up and flipped his wrist. He brought out a divine sword. This sword was three chi long, and white fog hovered around its entire body. From time to time, wind blew; from time to time, thunder and lightning skipped; from time to time, a watery fog churned; from time to time, flames blazed. The four types of Spirit Magic Wind, Thunder, Water, Fire jumped on the sword, unexpectedly oddly mixing together into a whole, making people watching feel disbelief.

This was the Four Styles School’s Sect Guarding Treasure, “Four Styles Qiankun Sword!”

Daoist Master Qiankun waved the Four Styles Qiankun, firing four light rays. Immediately afterwards, the immense sculpture of the plaza boomed open.

A spatial transfer array’s vortex appeared.

The vortex fired wind, thunder, water and fire, and everyone took a step back.

“The passage has been opened. Disciples willing to participate in this trial, enter quickly. Remember, immediately return if you feel danger!” Ju Yueke shouted, her tone very strict.

All of the disciples were roused and fully realized she was not joking.

A silhouette completely lacked hesitation as it scuttled into the portal and disappeared without a trace. Then, a crimson light, a blue light, and a purple light entered in succession. The Four Great Disciples of the Four Styles School took the initiative to enter the Four Styles Solitary Path. The others no longer hesitated the moment they saw this. It was hard to shine at this moment if they continued to counter. Besides, they had the Escape Technique Talisman, so they could escape if worst came to worst. At the minimum, they had to see the Four Styles Solitary Path, and they entered the portal in succession.

Ju Yueke nodded her head.

“Junior Brother Su Xing, you be careful. Senior Sister will go take a look first.” Yang Yanyu smiled and also entered the Four Styles Solitary Path.

Su Xing also sprung forth, immediately entering the portal afterwards.

Heaven and earth, yin and yang seemingly reversed. Su Xing had only just been standing firm when a hot wind aggressively bubbled forth, a hot wind like one blowing from a stove. His whole body immediately boiled, and his skin split open. Su Xing could be counted as having tasted the feeling of that time the monkey Sun1 fell into the Most High Laozi’s furnace. Perhaps, this was it.

Su Xing furrowed his brow and looked around. The scene before him made Su Xing draw in a breath.

In front of him was an enormous ravine constructed into an underground cavern. It was a thousand meters tall and long enough that the end was not visible. The entire valley was of rolling lava, similar to a river of fire. Frightening magma released bubbles. Just the rising waves of heat was more than a thousand degrees at the minimum. Just this made Su Xing somewhat unable to endure, which made the other cultivators even less worthy of mention.

“Ah, what the fuck is this place.”

“Fire Eastern Island unexpectedly had this kind of lava river!!”

“So hot. This is practically more powerful than the Heavenly Clinging Divine Fire.”

Space flashed, and in the four to five hundred meters near Su Xing appeared several dozen disciples. These disciples were far from having the sort of cultivation Su Xing had. Just the high heat of the lava river made them feel suffocated, intolerably hot all over.

“So this is the legendary Four Styles Path. So mysterious.” Wu Xinjie praised from within the Star Nest.

The only ones accompanying Su Xing inside the Star Nest were only Wu Xinjie and Gongsun Huang. Of the other four girls, Lin Yingmei and Yan Yizhen were seeking out materials to upgrade their Star Weapons. Shi Yuan and An Suwen were in the Immortal’s Abode working on the Five Poisons Banner and making the Thousand Year Tears of Empress Wa. Now that Maiden Mountain was being overbearing, with the Evil Smiting Hall also imminent and taking advantage of the fact Su Xing was cultivating, Lin Yingmei and Yan Yizhen did not wish to be idle.

“You know of the Four Styles Solitary Path?” Su Xing said.

“Xinjie heard it is commonly seen ins many forbiddances and historical ruins. It is an extreme landscape where four types of different climates simultaneously appear.” The Knowledge Star had read extensively across Liangshan. If they were to discuss something like the knowledge of historical remains, there was no one who could compare to her.


“This should be the Lava Path of fire.” Wu Xinjie smiled: “Young Lord, you must be uneasy. What Ju Yueke said was true, one wrong step is an unrecoverable calamity. Even the Escape Technique Talisman would not work.”

“Never thought it would be this formidable. No wonder they spoke that grimly before.” Su Xing sighed. Each step he took, he felt the surrounding air temperature seemingly rise by a degree. After taking twenty to thirty steps, Su Xing could no longer move forward, for the temperature truly was blazing. In addition, a gust or two of hot wind would blow over from time to time, making the skin upon his face faintly somewhat painful, and his entire body burn.

Su Xing prepared to use his flying sword, but since this was experience, he feared the flying sword would not be that simple. Just as he hesitated indefinitely, the other disciples at this time did not think as deeply as Su Xing. Upon seeing that it was merely a river of lava, several disciples laughed aloud: “It seems it is merely so.” Immediately, they flew towards the river of lava on riding swords.

Flying midway, there was a bang, and the lava suddenly erupted. A pillar of fire rushed out.

That fire pillar was truly too fast, and everyone had not yet reacted.

The disciples on their riding swords then turned into ashes, with not even any slag left.

“Fuck, these motherfuckers are too terrifying.”

“Ah, Junior Brother!!!”

“Can a person even pass this?”

The other disciples lost their heads out of fear and screamed. A few disciples with the weakest cultivations already could not bear the hot winds, and then seeing their fellow students die tragically without the slightest sound, they immediately used their Escape Technique Talismans. The talisman lights flashed, and they disappeared from this place.

“Truly cowards. Where along the road of the cultivator can you relax. How can you accomplish anything major if you are so afraid of the slightest thing!”

A male cultivator shouted.

His words made the others calm down.

“But we can’t fly, how do we pass by this?”

At this time, he suddenly saw a youth unhurriedly leap onto a slab of stone on the lava river. He immediately shouted in pleasant surprise: “Still, that Junior Brother is brilliant. We only need to jump onto the stones floating in the lava river to cross. Since this is experience, these slabs surely cross this river.”

“But what do we do if a column of flame were to overturn it?

“This…” That male cultivator was mute. He bitterly smiled: “We had best first watch that Junior Brother then speak.”


Thus, a group of people just watched that youth nonchalantly jump on the slabs.

He naturally was Su Xing.

“Young Lord, be careful.” Wu Xinjie anxiously said.

“En, a mere trifle.” When he was a soldier, Su Xing did not know how many hardships he endured, how many experiences he walked through. Naturally, he gained it in passing. Seeing this lava river was just as that male cultivator said, the stone slabs was the sole path to pass through the river. Even if the sea of fire were to rush, it could not.

However, Su Xing did not dare be contemptuous. Retaining the Fire Spirit Magic Sarira, the surrounding high temperatures were slowly absorbed. The high temperature of the lava river slowly warped, and the heat around his whole body immediately fell significantly. In addition, the Fire Spirit Magic Sarira was increasingly red-hot, like a roasting fire. He never expected this lava river was a paradise to nurture the relic.

Raising his head to watch the sky, he barely could make out an indistinct pitch-black. After not being enveloped in a blaze, Su Xing did not hesitate to set out.

The sole worry of using springboards on the lava river was the columns of flame that spouted between the slabs. This was the greatest test of the cultivators. If he was the slightest bit careless, he could fall into the sea of fire, vanish in a puff of smoke. Su Xing seized a flying sword for protection, not daring to be careless.

The other cultivators followed when they saw this, but they were far from being as skilled as Su Xing, some dying under the sea of fire.

By the time Su Xing had walked out several thousand meters. The other disciples had been left far, far behind by Su Xing. The cries inside the space were increasingly weak, and the first checkpoint unexpectedly stumped many Star Cultivators.

Passing through the lava river with more fear than harm, he had not yet relaxed when a pile of rubble and a perfectly straight odd tree tall as half a person barred the way forward. There basically was not any road to walk. He could only unsteadily and slowly advance.

Just as Su Xing walked the path of lava, Lin Yingmei and Yan Yizhen also walked along an extreme path.

Twinkling ice crystals filled the sky, a very cold climate.

Falling Blossoms Ghost Kingdom, Sun Binding Mountain!2

Lin Yingmei raised her head to glance at each other with Yan Yizhen, walking different ways. Sun Binding Mountain had the materials to upgrade their Star Weapons. At this moment, Lin Yingmei alone ventured forth several hundred meters, suddenly sensing danger.

Suddenly, a swift and severe air shattering sound ripped.

Lin Yingmei retreated, her long spear extended.


The attack flourished in that instant.

Practically at the time their metallic arms rang, a fog wrapped in a hurricane collided with Lin Yingmei’s similar Divine Wind Concealment long spear, giving rise to an enormous attack. The cold entirety of the flash shuddered, and a layer of ice was even more being raised.

The newcomer was a figure wrapped in a white cloak. She released a fog, and the airflow on her blade concentrated into a sharp blade-light, tearing the cold air to shreds.

A burst of air distorted.

The saber-light had been shattered, and Lin Yingmei was just like light that faded away. When she appeared, she gave the opponent a dazzling sight. The spear already stabbed towards her foe.

The opponent raised her sword to block this incoming strike.


The spear suddenly disappeared, for Lin Yingmei already appeared abruptly in front of her opponent.

There was an air-breaking radiance, and the opponent rolled away.

“You are a Star General?” Lin Yingmei creased her brow. She felt the attacker in front of her was somewhat familiar, as if she was a Star General.

Her opponent nevertheless indifferently smiled, a meaningful curve hooked on the corner of her mouth. “I am about to be serious. If you are merely this level, you will immediately lose!” The cloak concealed that face, so Lin Yingmei could not discern what the opponent’s eyes were planning, but her whole body’s imposing air had a completely opposite change.

The weapon passing through the hurricane emitted a sharpness. Lin Yingmei could clearly feel her opponent was exceptional, but from the weapon’s perspective she sensed, she was neither a prideful fighter nor angry. Rather, there was a sort of an indecipherable tranquility and a sort of leisure as if she was lifting weights.

She was very formidable!

Lin Yingmei cemented her determination, nevertheless not daring to be careless and raised her spear.

The light rays instantly ripped open.

Weapons crossed.

A hurricane wailed.

The snowy cave shuddered.

Two weapons each concealed by Wind Concealment Divine Stones crossed one another, spurting forth spear-light and saber-light incapable of being distinguished by the naked eye. The spear-light exploded inside the caver, which was somewhat too much to take in, unrecoverable.

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  1. Sun Wukong, aka Son Goku
  2. 縛日山


  1. I wonder how hot that that lava is to instantly vaporize a person.
    I mean, normal lava is merely at a temperature of the usual crematorium oven and those take hours to turn a body to ashes.

    1. I didn’t know that. I guess lava just isn’t as hot as I thought. That said, you’re right, I mean, can irl lava even get that hot if you apply enough heat or would this only be possible with a fictitious mineral capable of reaching high temperatures?

    1. Oh yeah.. Tha Falling Blossoms Ghost Kingdom is where Chise is from, yeah?

      Does that mean we’ll run into her Star General too?

        1. A little girl Su Xing met at the Kagoshima Market Square while Xinjie and them were dungeon diving in preparation for the Birth Outline.
          (See Ch. 152 for details)

          She’s from Liangshan’s version of Japan… the Falling Blossoms Ghost Kingdom and seems to contracted by a Heavenly Star Star General based on her name.

          1. Man, you really did remember everything. Even I, who is binging, forgets a few things or characters (mainly names, tho not Chise’s) from time to time, but you somehow kept up with all that shit while keeping up with releases. That’s impressive.

    2. If you think about it, this is the one point where Su Xing falls behind almost everyone else. Like, literally any new star general has refined their weapon to at least 3 stars and some even to 4, while his are only at 2, lol (or was Huang at 3? Can’t remember).

      Can’t blame him, tho. Leveling ONE Star General’s weapon seems like trouble enough and here he has to deal with 6, soon 7, later on 8 and probably many more, lmao. Poor Su Xing will need to get Chai Ling to be his sugar momma just so he can keep up.

    1. Since they’re in the Falli g Blossoms Ghost Kingdom… My money’s on Chise’s Star General, the litlle Japanese…ish girl that Su Xing helped out when he went to look for stuff to help upgrade Yingmei to 2 Stars.

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