Chapter 256: The Nirvana Ice Chief

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“The fifteenth Profound Silence Crystal!!”

Su Xing moved his hand and yet another two pieces of Profound Silence Crystal were discovered. This Quiet Path was a trip well worthwhile. Looking at his surroundings, he occasionally could see a few disciples fly by on riding swords, but not a single one was like Su Xing staying in the Quiet Path to search for things. It was not that they did not think of this, but rather that Su Xing really was too abnormal.

Keeping upon him the two types of extreme cold defenses, the Arctic Star Pendant and the Fire Spirit Magic Sarira, how could the other disciples have such power. Even the disciples that came from Water Moon Peak could just barely get by. Wishing to quickly pass through this Quiet Path, why would they tarry. This actually gave Su Xing a very big opportunity.

“Young Lord, will this not delay the matter with Little Sister Lianxin?”

Wu Xinjie somewhat anxiously said.

Su Xing already had a plan, “It’s fine, I already told Little Sister Lianxin. Even if I’m not the first to cross, she won’t contract.”


“Anyways, by the time I get out, whoever wants to contract Little Sister Lianxin will have to then cross the checkpoint that is me. Come to think of it, the Headmaster wouldn’t decline those who are capable.” Su Xing chuckled.

Wu Xinjie sweated.

So shameless.

A wolf’s howl rose. The Su Xing currently using his Divine Intent to search was delighted. The Quiet Path had many Demon Beasts, and among them, the Ice Chief Beasts were the most commonly seen type in the Quiet Path. Su Xing had encountered several. The places with Ice Chief Beasts often had Profound Silence Crystals.

Following the sound, Su Xing immediately flew over.

Instantly, he saw the origins of the sound. He saw more than a dozen wolf-like Demon Beasts, their fur white and their mouths releasing icy breath, surround a girl and howl with angry looks. This beast was known as “Ice Chief,”1 a Demon Beast commonly seen under extreme cold. Generally in a pack, there was a leader, and they were very difficult to deal with.

The girl wearing a red robe was currently brandishing a burning fire dragon whip. In the world of the Quiet Path, the whip’s cracks were ear-piercing, unceasingly burning. Among the large  ice wolves was one very eye-catching, larger than ordinary Ice Chief Beasts by a size. This was the Ice Chief Beast’s leader – Nirvana Ice Chief.2

The Nirvana Ice Chief currently was continuously intertwined with the girl, spraying freezing ice, its sharp claws tearing at her. The other Ice Chief Beasts circled at the side for an opening, not giving the girl the chance to escape. Every time the girl wanted to raise her riding sword to fly away, the Nirvana Ice Chief would suddenly fire a bolt of frigid ice, making her incapable of running anywhere. If it was not for her relying on that exceptional fire dragon whip magic weapon, the girl basically would be incapable of enduring. Since this was so, continuously waving it made her energy deplete.

“She is that crafty and unruly woman.” Wu Xinjie said.

The one that had been trapped was Ruan Hongxue.

It was obvious she already was incapable, yet her not using the Escape Technique Talisman truly was odd.

Ruan Hongxue’s small face was pale. The Fire Dragon Whip and a dozen flying swords were nearby, but the burning had been incredibly sapped by the Quiet Path’s environment. It completely lacked destructive power. In this sort of extremely cold environment, how could Ruan Hongxue be their opponent. When Su Xing saw this, he activated his Sword Chant.

“Does Young Lord want to go save her?”

“En.” Although this girl was very unruly, Su Xing was not that sort of person to watch with contempt. In Su Xing’s perspective, Ruan Hongxue was just a still wet behind the ears minor, not worth lowering himself to argue with. If merely this was enough to make him feel the other party should die, that was a little vile.


The Nirvana Ice Chief roared, spraying a cold wind.

The snow wolves swished into a head-on attack. Ruan Hongxue cried out in panic, hastily controlling her flying swords to go block. The Fire Dragon Whip in her hand raged, thrashing. In the end, she had insufficient experience. The Nirvana Ice Chief only sprayed the wind to make her exhaust her strength. The Nirvana Ice Chief swayed, and then it spouted several cold lights, striking Ruan Hongxue with no strength to resist. The other Ice Chief Beasts also began to exert their strength.

Ruan Hongxue’s flying swords very quickly lost their spiritual powers and were broken one by one.

The Fire Dragon Whip gnashed.

The Nirvana Ice Chief dodged to the side. Consecutively fighting in the Quiet Path had made Ruan Hongxue already completely spent. Showing a gap, the Nirvana Ice Chief seized onto the chance, spurting forth a cold light.

Ruan Hongxue’s whole body turned cold, as if her entire body had been frozen. The other Ice Chief Beasts immediately pounced when they saw, about to rip Ruan Hongxue to shreds. The girl lost hope when she saw this.

The shadow of a sword abruptly approached from the east, rushing before the Ice Chief Beasts and shooting in front of her. The sword’s power divided, becoming countless sword images that densely packed the surroundings. Those Ice Chief Beasts could not approach her, continuously attacking the swords.

Su Xing wiped his cold sweat. On the whole, he had rushed as fast as he could, and he had not expected the Magic Sealing Sword could be used like this. However, confronting these Ice Chief Beasts was still doable. Confronting the other cultivators, it would be very easy to erase the Divine Sense of the Magic Sealing Sword, to steal it from him.


The Nirvana Ice Chief once again spat out freezing ice, and the other Ice Chief Beasts discovered Su Xing also was aiming an attack at them.

Su Xing’s ten fingers flicked. Several purple lotus flowers shot out.

The Ice Chief Beasts immediately yelped and were blown flying upon contact. It was a pity that the golden flying swords could not be used and were still being nurtured. Otherwise, handling these Ice Chief Beasts actually would be easy. However, relying on Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder was also enough to spare.

The blade-like winds whooshed, slamming into the Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder, then becoming formless without the least bit of sound. Su Xing’s gaze shifted, and the Nirvana Ice Chief spat out cold light and wind, a soundless cold intent pressing in from all sides. The surrounding air seemingly turned even colder. Flying swords no longer listened to order, falling down.

There was a violent air-breaking noise.

The Nirvana Ice Chief already darted and pounced over, the fur on its whole body raised, terrifyingly pale.

Su Xing curled his lips. He lazily flipped his hand, revealing the Intertwined Branch Sword, forging onwards like this.

Its body flipped in midair, and the Nirvana Ice Chief’s claw already scratched at Su Xing’s cranium. The bone-penetrating chill rapidly spread through his limbs and throughout his whole body.

Su Xing did not mind this situation in the slightest. His figure indistinctly moved, and the Intertwined Branch Sword already pierced into the Nirvana Ice Chief’s body.

Before blood even sprayed, it had been frozen.

Su Xing’s attacks fiercely dropped in succession like raindrops. His limbs let the ice-cold figure sweep over, firmly sticking onto the Nirvana Ice Chief without the slightest bit of loosening. His berserk attacks stirred a great amount of dust that shot everywhere. Shined upon by the cold light in midair, it emitted a brilliant white light.

The Nirvana Ice Chief probably did not expect there would be a cultivator that surprisingly dared to get close. Getting back several paces, it made a sharp howl, and an ice-cold light madly rushed forth from its mouth, directly towards the face of Su Xing just within its reach.

The cold light suddenly surrounded Su Xing’s body, twisting madly like a myriad of swords. At the same time the cold light dispersed, the Nirvana Ice Chief that thought it grasped victory was nevertheless stunned. Twelve golden swords hovered around Su Xing, blocking its deadly cold light like a shield.

The golden light rays were dim, but the might they vaguely distributed still made the Nirvana Ice Chief feel fear.

“Young Lord, this Nirvana Ice Chief is a Sixth Rank Demon Beast. You can unexpectedly contend with this sort of Demon Beast…” Wu Xinjie was speechless.

“Eh, I’m used to it.” Due to Su Xing inheriting Lin Yingmei’s Battle Doctrine, he fundamentally was still fond of this sort of battle. Of course, there was another reason, and that was he did not discount the possibility of being able to face Star Generals in the future.

The twelve flying swords revolved, suddenly advancing.

The golden light gathered, and the other Ice Chief Beasts were then slain.

The Nirvana Ice Chief’s cold fur released a bone-chilling cold, just like a Prehistoric Ice Beast. Its breath quickly condensed and swelled, and the suppressed low howl in its throat was continuously released. It arched its body, suddenly pouncing at Su Xing.

Sixth Rank Demon Beast. Any way it was put, that was still equivalent to Galaxy Late Stage cultivation.

The silent space transmitted an enormous ripping feeling. The entire ice plains nearly became the realm of the Nirvana Ice Chief. The cold air incessantly emitted from its body made average cultivators completely lack ways to approach. The sharp shadows even more became its fierce weapons.

The huge body leapt in midair, as if it could not do without tearing Su Xing to shreds. In this moment, the Nirvana Ice Chief completely displayed a Sixth Rank Demon Beast’s air of leadership. A pair of transparent eyes were like crystals. The eyes seemingly full of bone-chilling cold shattered with countless pieces of ice that were shot out.

Su Xing clicked his tongue. Judging from the Nirvana Ice Chief’s appearance, perhaps Heaven Tearing was about to be struck with misfortune. Su Xing did not want to once again suffer damage. His figure dove, immediately using the Innate Bagua Shield.

The sharp claws and fangs missed by a hair’s breadth, bringing wind pressure but nevertheless not even getting close to Su Xing. The Nirvana Ice Chief’s repeated attacks interchanged, only obtaining large amounts of ice fragments with its failures. The original objective nevertheless could not be reached one bit. Although its powers already reached the limits of what it could achieve, it actually had no effect in the slightest.

Suddenly, it stopped. Its chafing, ear-piercing voice poured into Su Xing’s ears. The Nirvana Ice Chief’s enormous body already stiffened to a stop. Following that, the countless cold hairs on its body instantly fired like bullets. An ear-piercing air-ripping sound filled the air, and numerous icicles enveloped all spaces that Su Xing could dodge towards, without the slightest gap.

Along with the launching of icicles, its large mouth once again opened, and inside was an ice-cold ball of light.

Just at this moment.

A purple thunderbolt shot out from Su Xing’s fingers.

Purple Thunder Dragon Slaying!!

The purple thunder linked together, fiercely shooting into the Nirvana Ice Chief’s mouth. The ice-cold light was immediately swallowed into its stomach with a whine, the purple thunder exploding inside its belly.

The golden swords spun to block this icicle. Su Xing then pointed, and sword qi became threads that transformed into a giant edge, slashing towards the Nirvana Ice Chief.

The Nirvana Ice Chief wailed, breaking into a run to escape.

Su Xing was not ruthless. Allowing it to run a hundred meters, only then did he slowly give chase.

“What is going on??” The Ruan Hongxue wrapped in the Magic Sealing Swords could only see lights beyond the sword shadows, not knowing what was happening, but from the sounds, she could determine the Profound Ice Wolf King seemingly was being trampled on. Ruan Hongxue truly had the mind to devote herself to her savior. Always clenching tight her fist for morale, a moment later, the Wolf King apparently ran away, its sounds gradually fading.

Ruan Hongxue sighed in relief, but waiting for a long time and not seeing the one who had come undo these weird flying swords, Ruan Hongxue who had just experienced a life and death calamity did not dare erase the Divine Intent on the flying swords. Idly, she waited like this, between heaven and earth, a moment of silence.

Long afterwards, Ruan Hongxue rubbed his nose, feeling as if she was about to faint.

Just at this moment, suddenly, the densely packed swords around her were retracted layer by layer..

“I can see your chest is not big, but how are you this brainless. Foolishly staying here, could it be you do not know you were supposed to use the Escape Technique Talisman to run away?”

A powerless voice chided.

“You dare scold This Young Lady?” Ruan Hongxue previously still had some gratitude, but hearing her counterpart surprisingly dare to lecture her like this, she immediately was angered.

“What is the matter? Not only do I scold you, do you not believe I would not dare spank you?”

Su Xing seemingly smiled yet did not.


Ruan Hongxue was dumbstruck upon seeing Su Xing. “Why are you the one that saved me!!”

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  2.  寂滅冰魁


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