Chapter 258: Mirror Image Talisman

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Nüwa Jade!!1

Wu Xinjie cried out in shock from within the Star Nest.

“Is this Lost Treasure very incredible?” Liangshan Continent’s Lost Treasures were two numerous. Su Xing could not possibly know them all, so he asked this.

“Far more than that Crying Infant. This Nüwa Jade is an exceptional magic weapon capable of matching Supercluster Stage.” Wu Xinjie explained. Every stage of a Star Cultivator was a threshold. Let alone that Cong Wanzhi and E Jun were Galaxy Late Stage, to turn from Galaxy to Supercluster was hard to achieve without more than ten years. This was also why Liangshan Continent chased after Star Cultivators. Because they had contracted Star Generals, their Star Energies and Innate Talents would progress very quickly. Their realms also would be very easily broken through.

No wonder that the Cong Wanzhi and E Jun that appeared to be on very good terms would fall out with each other. A magic weapon that could match up against a Supercluster Ancestor was honestly too great a help to them.

People were all selfish, but Su Xing believed that it was possible for people to not offend one another. Even that Spirit Treasure, Wind Settling Pearl, of Ruan Hongxue was beneath his dignity to steal, but should he encounter Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo, he still would have the idea to help himself to that. Now that Maiden Mountain already was overbearing, any one Supreme Grade Magic Weapon was good. Still, Magic Medicines were bargaining chips when facing Maiden Mountain’s revenge in the future.

His reflection was fleeting, and Su Xing had his way of thinking.

“Young Lord, giving them such a good thing honestly is too wasteful.” Wu Xinjie stole a grin.

Worthy of the title “woman of loose morals,” his and her ways of thinking were the same.

On the other side, Cong Wanzhi and E Jun battled, not expecting there would be a third faction.

E Jun rushed for the Nüwa Jade. Cong Wanzhi’s Water Light Damask rolled, shooting out light rays that forced E Jun back.

Their cultivations were the same, and they were also very familiar with one another. If they truly were to fight, it was unknown who would triumph over the other.

“For the sake of an Ancient Lost Treasure, Senior Brother E Jun would want to kill his own fellow? Cong Wanzhi really is disappointed.” Cong Wanzhi’s smiled very gently.

“Hmph.” E Jun disdainfully said: “Cong Wanzhi, stop speaking nonsense. If you do not want internecine strife, you need only yield to Your Servant.”

“Then, we shall see each of our own abilities.” Cong Wanzhi’s face was covered in frost.

“This is just right. The able shall take it, so as to avoid injuring our camaraderie.” E Jun craftily smiled.

Cong Wanzhi’s expression was not at all sightly. She knew that E Jun cultivated a Thunder-type cultivation method. In this Angry Destruction Path, he had taken a big advantage. At present, Cong Wanzhi’s magic energy was quickly exhausting. She did not dare be too trusting. Coldly shouting, she struck hands seals. Several soft incantations faintly left her lips. In her hand appeared a Jade Wave Blue Banner. Cong Wanzhi shook the banner, and it fired a dozen translucent snow-white ice spears, fiercely pouncing towards E Jun.

E Jun raised a hand. A giant yellow thunder-blade shout out from his wrist, instantly shattering the sneak attacking ice spears with a “pilipala.”2 Without slowing one bit, it shot directly in the direction of Cong Wanzhi in a swift attack.

The thunder-light brushed past Cong Wanzhi in a thrilling arc.

Which put the girl in an incomparably difficult situation.

Cong Wanzhi was greatly angered.

“What a good E Jun, unexpectedly using ‘Thunder Roll Edge.’3 Could it be you want to kill even Little Sister?”

The banner in her hand shook.

At the same time, the ground beneath E Jun all of a sudden became a pool of seawater. Suddenly, an ice-cold blue beam of light violently shot out. Because the speed was too quick and the distance too short, E Jun simply was too late to dodge. He had no choice as his expression slightly changed to greatly flourish the thunder-light up and down his body to directly resist.

“Hmph, does your ‘Ice Sea Banner’4 not also wish to send me directly to death?” Under the attack of blue light, E Jun was beaten into staggering forward a couple steps. Somewhat staggering, he stood unsteadily. E Jun also showed a furious expression.

His hands struck a hand seal. Green light flashed, and more than a dozen flying swords shot out a lightning net that covered Cong Wanzhi’s flying swords. Then, the net became a sharp sword qi that ruthlessly covered towards Cong Wanzhi.

Cong Wanzhi once again threw out an artifact to greet it.

But just at this time, there was the boom of thunder. E Jun used an Escape Technique and suddenly appeared to the side of Cong Wanzhi. His two hands tightly grasped a Thunder Roll Edge, ferociously making a slanted slash.

Cong Wanzhi was startled. In a flurry, she used the Water Waves Damask5 to go block him. The Blue Waves barrier protecting her body reacted instantly and suddenly swelled to directly receive E Jun’s giant sword.

E Jun coldly chuckled. His figure unexpectedly faded from view right before her, and from every direction came an air-breaking sound of puffs. More than a dozen lightning strings thin as bow strings suddenly appeared in the surroundings, simultaneously stabbing forth violently.

Cong Wanzhi knew that E Jun had a “Heart Piercing Garrison Thunder”6 ability. She was fully aware of its might, and she did not dare receive it directly. The Water Waves Damask rolled out gleaming and rippling barrier, enveloping Cong Wanzhi within.

With an enormous “bang,” the Thunder Roll Edge slashed onto the barrier. The lightning bolts made the rippling waves immediately rock, and then more than ten bolts of thunder and lightning, like venomous snakes, oddly squeezed into the waves. Together, they penetrated several chi, still ferociously drilling forwards, even breaking through several layers.

Cong Wanzhi was startled and furious. Her eyes flashed a cold light. She raised a hand and felt for her Astral Bag.

She felt out a completely blue talisman.

This talisman disintegrated, and there was a specter of blue light.

The Heart Piercing Garrison Thunder broke the layers of defenses and flying swords. The Thunder Roll Edge followed afterwards in succession to slash Cong Wanzhi. Shattering with a huala,2 Cong Wanzhi dispersed like a reflection in water.

“The Mirror Image Talisman.8 Cong Wanzhi, never expected that you would have this kind of rare talisman.”

E Jun turned around, waving his hand.

The sneak attack of the Cong Wanzhi that appeared behind him was immediately jolted apart. Afterwards, thunder-light struck, sending Cong Wanzhi back several dozen meters, vomiting blood.

The Mirror Image Talisman made a phantom of the caster appear on the opposite side. It was capable of confusing the enemy at a moment of crisis. E Jun knew of this talisman’s use, so Cong Wanzhi’s sneak attack naturally completely lacked usefulness.

The attack methods of the Thunder magic E Jun cultivated were very incredible. Cong Wanzhi’s Water Moon Peak majored in Water magic that was at a disadvantage. How could she be an opponent. Not one of her attacks was effective, and to continue thinking of defeating E Jun simply was not too possible.

E Jun’s hand grasped the Thunder Roll Edge, his flying swords stirred, and the Heart Piercing Garrison Thunder tied into a net that blocked Cong Wanzhi’s path, about to kill her in a spurt of energy.

Cong Wanzhi was furious: “Could it be you actually want to kill a Little Sister for the Nüwa Jade.”

E Jun made a crooked grin. “Then I ask that Junior Sister be tactful.”

Just at this moment, a mocking voice interrupted them.

“Killing one of your own for a Lost Treasure, this bargaining chip for betrayal is rather too low.”

The two were shocked.

Casting a glance, they did not know when Su Xing appeared on that tree branch. That Nüwa Jade that made them fight was already being fiddled around with in his palm. As a result of them being too absorbed in their battle, the two of them completely did not notice Su Xing.

“Junior Brother, this is not your thing. Quickly turn it over to Senior Brother!!!”

E Jun’s voice sunk, his tone strict. His eyes showed an ominous glint. That expression seemed about to swallow Su Xing at any time.

“The capable have reservations. If you want it, come take it yourself!”

Su Xing stored away the Nüwa Jade, speaking without the slightest bit of courtesy.

“Courting death!”

E Jun furiously said. The Heart Piercing Garrison Thunder, Thunder Roll Edge and flying swords did ruthlessly went to greet Su Xing.

Su Xing had already made preparations. Purple lightning jumped along his ten fingers. First was an Innate Bagua Escape Technique to dodge the attack. Leaning his body to evade, his fingers immediately flicked, and the Purple Thunder of his hands formed a dragon whose sharp claws slashed towards E Jun.

Although E Jun was able to react, the Heart Piercing Garrison Thunder and Thunder Roll Edge were slow a step. The flying swords were ripped apart by the Purple Lightning Dragon Claw. The remaining bolt and claw directly seized E Jun. The Five Spirits Law Heavenly Book’s magic was exceptionally fierce. The artifacts protecting his body immediately broke, sending him out a hundred meters. E Jun screamed, his entire body incessantly twitching in pain.

Su Xing had not expected the Five Claws Dragon Capture to be this powerful.

Just as E Jun was about to climb up, Su Xing gestured with his hand. A bolt of purple thunder struck, blasting E Jun nearly unconscious. Then, Su Xing turned his wrist once more, bringing the Fire Dragon Whip to his hand. His Star Energy concentrated, and the whip suddenly blazed with flame, transforming into a dragon that directly pulled apart the Heart Piercing Garrison Thunder, jolting the flying swords. The Fire Dragon tossed about. E Jun’s complexion was pale, just like he had no margin for resistance.

“Ah? The Fire Dragon Whip?” Cong Wanzhi was dumbfounded. “How do you have Junior Sister Hongxue’s Astral Treasure.”

“I ought to deliver justice on the behalf of Heaven against scum like yourself. But forget it. I am not any sort of envoy of justice, so as to avoid me earning the reputation of killing my own.” Su Xing chuckled. The whip left E Jun’s cheek.

E Jun got up with difficulty, staring at Su Xing with matchless hatred. His hands formed a seal, and his flying swords shot forth.

Purple lightning wrapped up the flying swords. Su Xing did not expect Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder would be used so smoothly.

“A good trick!” E Jun’s expression changed, also discerning that Su Xing’s Purple Thunder ability was out of the ordinary. “E Jun is in admiration. Master Aunt Ju Yueke is amazing as expected, that Junior Brother would unexpectedly have such power.”

Su Xing shrugged.

E Jun knew that he was not an opponent, not delaying anymore. He coldly glanced at the aloof Cong Wanzhi to the side: “Junior Sister Wanzhi, I offended you just now. I ask that you do not mind.”

Cong Wanzhi indifferently snorted from her nostrils.

E Jun used the Escape Technique Talisman and left the area.

“Many thanks to Junior Brother for saving Wanzhi’s life.” Cong Wanzhi smiled widely.

“I just cannot bear to see internecine strife.” Su Xing was unconcerned.

Cong Wanzhi’s eyes had an odd expression. She slightly smiled: “Junior Brother truly is taciturn. It seems Senior Sister’s previous words courted disgrace upon herself. Junior Brother defeated E Jun in one strike just now. It appears this school truly has fortune in the Star Duels.”

Su Xing smiled. “Are you still able to walk the final path?”

Cong Wanzhi shook her head. Her magic energy was considerably expended, especially when the next one was wind. She simply could not go on, and she wanted to leave. Su Xing suddenly called out: “Right, Senior Sister. Can you sell Junior Brother some copies of that talisman you used just now?”

Su Xing recalled the Mirror Image Water Shadow talisman Cong Wanzhi used just now. In a critical moment, it honestly was a pretty good life-saving trick.

“The Mirror Image Talisman? Junior Brother, if you want it, take it. Take it as a favor of gratitude for Junior Brother’s actions, and also take it as a helping hand for Junior Brother’s participation in the Star Duels.” Cong Wanzhi smiled. She took out five Mirror Image Talismans. Although the Mirror Image Talisman was a high grade talisman, refining this talisman was nevertheless very troublesome. It was always very rare. Cong Wanzhi’s Mirror Image Talismans were also found inside a ruin. As far as Cong Wanzhi was concerned, though the Mirror Image Talisman was good, it actually was very rarely used. She might as well sell it for a favor.

She could see that the Junior Brother in front of her was a character that had boundless prospects.

“Many thanks to Senior Sister.” Su Xing nodded his head.

Cong Wanzhi sweetly smiled, and with a ripple, she left.

Su Xing took a fancy for the Mirror Image Talisman also because he wanted to give his beautiful girls a measure of self-preservation. Although the Star Nest rendered them indestructible, “dying” once was still unbearable.

“Next up should be going to the last one of the Four Styles Solitary Path.”

Su Xing took a deep breath, finally about to reach the end.

Author’s Note:

Tomorrow, I’ll post the three chapters I owe. Next will be Evil Smiting Hall, the Star Generals’ great war that I really look forward to.

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