Chapter 268: Death Path Kiss, The Third Watch Classification

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Bing Qingxuan returned to the Void Immortal’s Abode. Without saying a word, he raised a flying sword and flew out of Clarity Mountain. After he left the range of the Most High Path, Bing Qingxuan scanned his all directions, seeing everything clearly.

“Young Master?” The Investigative Star Mu Qingying oddly asked.

Bing Qingxuan aimed in a direction. Suddenly, light flashed in his eyes. Then, he patted his Astral Bag, his hands struck a seal, and a clump of clear qi overflowed from his pores, becoming a fog-like as it surrounded Bing Qingxuan’s whole body. Faintly discernible, this was a special Escape Technique he learned from Elder Immortal Extreme Clarity – “Clear Sky High Soaring Escape.”1 Bing Qingxuan activated the Escape Technique, increasing his speed, his escape light moving rapidly in a ruse.

Sensing Bing Qingxuan’s intentions, Mu Qingying was silent.

Escaping close to ten thousand li in this manner, Bing Qingxuan suddenly stopped and gazed at the horizon. A green light twinkled at the same time. Bing Qingxuan’s eyes narrowed, and he immediately dispersed the green rainbow. He stepped onto a flying sword and looked all around. In this remote and uninhabited area, he advanced with his fist cupped, shouting: “Master Uncle Wangchuan!!”

The green light stopped, scattered, and revealed the newcomer to be none other than the Most High Path’s Ancestral Master Xu Wangchuan.

When Xu Wangchuan saw Bing Qingxuan, his expression immediately eased, not at such a loss as before. He slightly nodded, stroking his beard: “As long as you returned safely!”

“Ancestral Master Wangchuan, how is Senior Brother Zhenyuan? Qingxuan has only just returned to the Most High Path and has not seen Senior Brother yet. Qingxuan does not dare discuss with Headmaster that he anxiously came to find Master Uncle.” Bing Qingxuan apprehensively stepped forward.

Xu Wangchuan did not mind at all: “He should be in the Immortal’s Abode meditating. Your Servant feels that Wu Song apparently spared Zhenyuan. He can recover with a few days’ rest…” Recalling that Azure Dragon Territory number one genius Xie Zhenyuan to be so unable to withstand a single blow, Xu Wangchuan sighed. Definitely, he had such brilliant talent. As it turned out, not listening to the Headmaster’s orders and contracting with a trash Star General, even needing to protect said Star General on the contrary, was euphemistically speaking, truly was ridiculous to the extreme, not knowing the immensity of Heaven and earth. The one hundred and eight Star Generals could practically run amok in Liangshan after Evil Smiting Hall. As a single Star Master, even if he was any more talented, that would not be worth a damn.

It was a pity that after contracting the Star General, the sect could not easily say anything more.

“Senior Brother, why did you contract the Long Armed Ape. Qingxuan truly does not understand. With Senior Brother’s fame and talent, the Heavenly Stars’ Five Tigers are not out of the question. If that Long Armed Ape Hou Jian was swapped for any one of the Heavenly Stars Martial Generals, Qingxuan and Senior Brother definitely could have done the utmost to eliminate Wu Song and her man.” Bing Qingxuan had a vexed expression.

“Wu Song. Hmph, this is too ironic. For the previous overlord’s Star Name, that cold and elegant woman unexpectedly has a man, too.” Xu Wangchuan recalled that cold and forceful temperament of Wu Siyou’s was somewhat worthy of praise. His heart was incomparably envious. “We need not discuss further Zhenyuan and that Hou Jian…in short, the Headmaster’s idea is to make your Senior Brother Zhenyuan go attract the attention of the other sects. Qingxuan, you will act as backup that catched them off guard. The Most High Path naturally will support you.

Bing Qingxuan was grateful, saying with regret: “The Harm Star’s man has taken Ancestral Master Extreme Clarity’s Miraculous Bodhi Tree and is now like a tiger that has grown wings. Qingxuan basically is not his opponent.”

Xu Wangchuan muttered irresolutely: “This indeed is troublesome, but the other sects presumably also have headaches. The things This Ancestors said to the Daoist Dragon Spring at the Dragon Spring Stream really is not empty chatter. Star Master now inevitably will have powerful magic weapons, and the sect naturally will give you one or two.”

“Many thanks for Ancestral Master’s care.” Bing Qingxuan cupped his fist, saying: “Qingying, you also come out and thank Ancestral Master.”

A youthful woman appeared. Seeing the graceful and taut curves of her skintight outfit, Xu Wangchuan’s throat gulped.

Mu Qingying bowed, respectfully saluting.

Xu Wangchuan nodded. Being praised like this by a legendary Star General, even a Heavenly Star, he was somewhat pleased with himself.

“Right. Qingxuan also has an important matter to discuss with Ancestral Master in secret.” Bing Qingxuan suddenly lowered his voice.

“What matter is so important?” Xu Wangchuan stopped his flying sword.

Bing Qingxuan looked all around, whispering: “Qingxuan has heard  that Ancestral Master Wangchuan has a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure known as the ‘Dark Sword,’2 and that there is someone in the sect that has already spied upon Ancestral Master’s Spirit Treasures. Furthermore, they are prepared to strike the Ancestral Master treacherously.”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha. And who is this reckless, This Ancestor actually wants to see.” Xu Wangchuan laughed aloud. He suddenly spotted Bing Qingxuan’s gloomy and sinister face, and his pupils all of a sudden contracted.

Suddenly, a chill twisted over. Xu Wangchuan did not react at all. His neck was cold, and his head flew into the sky, blood spraying several zhang like a geyser.

Dark Rank Assassination!

Death Path Kiss!!

The Investigative Star Mu Qingying’s hand clenched the Flowing Frost Moon Shadow double-edge, easily plucking Xu Wangchuan’s head. With this sort of least expected sneak attack in addition to a Heavenly Star’s Dark Rank Battle Technique, the Supercluster Middle Stage then died without being aware of anything.

Bing Qingxuan then easily took Xu Wangchuan’s Astral Bag, extremely insidious.

“Hmph. Ancestral Master Wangchuan, what use is giving a trash Prehistoric Spirit Treasure to Your Servant. Rather than giving them to you old but still alive farts, would it not be better to give them to Qingxuan to use in the Star Duels, to make contributions to the sect!” Bing Qingxuan coldly laughed.

Immediately destroying the corpse and its traces, Bing Qingxuan took a deep breath, “Ancestral Master Wangchuan, Qingxuan definitely will make the Headmaster kill that cheating couple of Wu Song and that man to take revenge for the Ancestral Master. You can feel relieved, ha, ha, ha, ha…”

The cold laugh reverberated through the thick underbrush, with an indescribable gloom.

Su Xing brought Wu Siyou back to the Immortal’s Abode. Seeing Wu Siyou was somewhat meekly following alongside him, the beauties inside the Immortal’s Abode thought their eyes were deceiving them – that harmony between Su Xing and Wu Siyou truly was very abnormal.

“Young Lord, why did you not say anything if you were going out. You made all the sisters worried to death.” When Wu Xinjie saw Su Xing was fine, she sighed in relief.

“Young Master, you found Siyou?”

Lin Yingmei blinked when she saw Wu Siyou, her eyes somewhat complex.

Wu Siyou slightly smiled. “Your Servant already heard Su Xing say that you are preparing to go into the Evil Smiting Hall first. Your Servant has come to fulfill her promise, to lend you a helping hand!”

Wu Xinjie’s brow slightly wrinkled, feeling the bodies of Wu Siyou and Su Xing in front of her were somewhat not right, but even with the Knowledge Star’s Seeing Clearly, she could not say the reason why.

“Su Xing, how did you find Sister Siyou?” Shi Yuan curiously asked.

Su Xing summarized the Light Shifting Image Switching Mirror. Besides a few shameful circumstances that he omitted, he did not hide the Most High Path’s two Star Masters.

“This Most High Path is so devious, to unexpectedly have two Star Masters.” An Suwen softly exhaled.

“The Azure Dragon Territory’s One Clear. This actually is a matter of course, but Xinjie did not expect that she would be the Investigative Star Unrestrained Mu Hong.” Wu Xinjie creased her brow, one hand upon her chin, vexed. “This merits attention, for the Third Watch3 of these sisters is too terrifying.”

“Third Watch?”

Wu Xinjie explained.

“Assassin type” Star Generals were fierce not just in name but in reality. They randomly appeared and disappeared, their methods were terrible and could even said to lack any mercy, treating whichever sister with extreme disregard. The direct fighting capabilities of an Assassin Star General were not very formidable, but their sneak attack assassination arts were absolutely perfect.

Star General Assassins had a frightening chain assassination technique. Known as “Third Watch,” they used the three types of their Heavenly, Earthly and Dark skills to consecutively attack. If the target was careless, even a few superb in martial force Star Generals would fall dead. Previous generations had victorious Star Generals of this level of ferocity that had been killed off like this.

If Star Generals were like this, then Star Masters required even less of a mention. If they did not have a life-saving method or did not have a Star General sticking close by for protection, in the case they were sneak attacked by an assassin, then they would necessarily die.

The Su Xing that had met twice with Mu Hong’s attacks had lingering fears.

If it was not for his Divine Sense being so powerful, he would already have had his head removed.

“Slave Servant hears after the Fourth Phase passes, Concealment type Star Generals are the very first to die.” Yan Yizhen calmly said.

“En, this is true.”

Practically no Star General would allow an Assassin Star General to comprehend the “Third Watch.” The majority would have been encircled and Star Fallen before even having reached their Heaven Rank Move.

“We had better discuss the matter of Evil Smiting Hall. Su Xing, you have six Sisters…”

“It’s seven, there’s also Little Sister Lianxin.” Shi Yuan giggled.

Wu Siyou nodded, not surprised.

“Seven. In the history of the Star Duels, this is unprecedented. No wonder Chao Gai would make such a big fuss. How do you plan to arrange this Evil Smiting Hall?” Wu Siyou asked.

“We had better wait until Chai Ling comes and then plan together.” Lin Yingmei twitched her lips.

“The Noble Star Little Whirlwind?”

Wu Siyou was stupefied.

“Young Master has promised to go accompany her into Evil Smiting Hall.” Lin Yingmei said.

Wu Siyou’s expression immediately became considerably odd. She looked at Su Xing, and those eyes seemingly were looking at a monster.

As Lin Yingmei said, the day before Evil Smiting Hall was to open, Chai Ling entered Su Xing’s Immortal’s Abode along with Jinzhi and Yuye.

The Noble Star Little Whirlwind was still that kind of graceful, every one of her movements, every smile and frown brimming with a queen-like aura. When she saw eight sisters inside Su Xing’s Abode, Chai Ling’s shock was only momentary. Immediately, she used the fan to cover her mouth, as if she was smiling yet not. Nevertheless, Jinzhi and Yuye’s eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets.

“Chai Ling, you must have obtained your Evil Smiting Hall on your own.” Wu Xinjie asked her.

“Only naturally.”

“Then we shall arrange the affairs of the Evil Smiting Hall. Because of some reasons, we will need to finish in one month.” Wu Xinjie seriously said.

“Is it because of Chao Gai?” Chai Ling smiled, charmingly glancing sideways at Su Xing, as if she was saying, Your troubles this time certainly are not small.

“En.” Wu Xinjie did not explain. With Chai Ling’s intelligence covering the Azure Dragon Territory, this was no secret at all. Successive generations of Noble Stars stayed outside the world of the Star Duels, but in actuality, they cared more about the Star Duels than anyone. Oftentimes, they grasped more intelligence pertaining to the Star Duels than anyone else could, but it was not easy to publish. Pondering briefly, Wu Xinjie then spoke about the arrangements for the Evil Smiting Hall.

The Star Duels had five phases. The First Phase “Heavenly and Earthly Stars,” when the one hundred and eight Star Generals descended, the Second Phase “Birth Outline,” which was the chance for all of the sisters to take the first step to increasing their strength, for whoever took the Birth Treasure Outline could take a dominant position in the Star Duels. And this Third Phase “Evil Smiting Hall” was the most critical hoop – the Star Beast.

Each Star General had their own Star Beast. These Star Beasts assisted Star Generals and participated in the Star Duels, thus turning them into genuine Star Generals. This was not a matter that could be executed sloppily. Sometimes, Earthly Stars that wanted to make a change for themselves would necessarily have to rely on their Star Beasts.

But opportunity forever co-exists with danger. Most of the time, the Evil Smiting Hall also became the location Star Masters would tussle at because Evil Smiting Hall only allowed Star Generals and Star Masters to enter. With this, Star Masters that ordinarily counted on backup could only count on themselves for life and death. Furthermore, there was a very harsh condition – if a Star General was in the situation before time expired and was without having captured a Star Beast situation, in the case they entered Evil Smiting Hall, they were incapable of leaving. So at this time, Star Generals or Star Masters would become very dangerous.

Of course, the most dangerous thing to Su Xing was not this at all, but that he was the one unprecedented in history to have contracted seven Star Generals!

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  1. 青雲騰空遁
  2.  玄劍
  3.  三更


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