Chapter 280: Longkui – Wild Dance Of Demons And Gods

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Qingci’s words were astonishing. Connecting that to Li Longkui’s Uprising status, a shocking idea suddenly flashed through Su Xing’s mind. He flipped out the Birth Treasure Outline, but there was no reaction whatsoever.

Was he oversensitive?1

Su Xing pondered.

“You also wish to make Your Servant follow?” Jin Qiongyu was extremely angry yet smiled: “You two Star Masters are honestly interesting. Do you truly believe you can contract Your Servant?”

Qingci said: “Little Sister need not get angry. There is no contractor. Could it be that Little Sister Qiongyu has the confidence to survive in the end? Come to think of it, the previous Majestic Star Panther Head was some level of fighter, even joining together with the unequalled Wu Song, yet did she not die in battle at the end. Little Sister, could it be you feel you are more lucky than the Majestic Star?”

“Elder Sister, no more talk, just slaughter her.” Li Longkui took a step forward, her tone brimming with thick killing intent.

Those two gloomy killing intents seemed substantial as they pressed down upon Jin Qiongyu.

“Longkui, do not be rude to Little Sister.” Qingci softly rebuked, a smile in her eyes. With the Black Whirlwind Li Kui present, so long as people had eyes, they would know what choice to make.

Tang Lianxin also completely abandoned her previously detached personality, saying to Jin Qiongyu: “I urge Elder Sister to think some more. With Lianxin’s and Elder Sister’s abilities, so long as we assist Young Master, we definitely can ascend Maiden Mountain. Furthermore, the Star Generals following Young Master will make Elder Sister shocked.

“Never thought the Solitary Star would unexpectedly help speak up for the Young Lord. It seems this Young Lord is somewhat out of the ordinary, and he even has a Little Sister that has not signed a contract following him…” Qingci smiled, her appearance very light, downplaying things.

“This Lady is not following him. Do not say random things, woman. This Lady is but incorruptible.” Mu Duiying blurted out. At this time, no one cared about her opinion.

“Elder Brother?!” Tang Lianxin’s eyes hinted to Su Xing, the Jade Armed Craftsman in front of them absolutely could not be given up on.

It was just that Su Xing was silent, pondering.

Seeing this man and woman unexpectedly vying for her, the Jade Armed Craftsman Jin Qiongyu’s eyes turned, showing a satisfied vanity and sneer: “Do you wish to make Your Servant follow you?” Jin Qiongyu gazed at Su Xing.

“Only to ascend Maiden Mountain together.” Su Xing calmly answered.

“Is that so? As long as you agree to Your Servant’s condition, then Your Servant will agree to you!” Jin Qiongyu showed a crafty smile. Su Xing had an ill sense of foreboding.

“What condition!”

“Hmph.” Skilful Star Jin Qiongyu pointed at mouthpiece Tang Lianxin: “Rescind the contract you have with her, then Your Servant will follow you!”

The moment she said these words, the scene was silent.

“How are you so lacking in morals, Elder Sister, is this not forcing him onto a dead end!” Mu Duiying said displeased. To forcefully rescind a contract, the Star Maiden would suffer great harm to her vitality, reducing herself to the same level as a cripple. This was not any better than death.

“You keep on saying you want to make Your Servant follow you, was that not to make your Star Weapons increase in rank? Show a little good faith, and Your Servant will accompany you.” Jin Qiongyu’s eyes were full of disdain.

“Alright, Lianxin willingly rescinds the contract with Elder Brother!”

Tang Lianxin sincerely answered.


Everyone present was shaken.

Even the still as a dry well, the light as clouds and gentle breezes Qingci showed a startled expression – probably, no one had thought the Star Maiden known as the Solitary Star would firmly issue this sort of reply. If she was not randomly saying things, who would willingly sacrifice themselves? A moment later, all of the girls gazed at Su Xing, brimming with bewilderment.

“Rescind my ass.” Su Xing sneered at Jin Qiongyu. “Such a high and mighty woman, even if you were gifted to me, I would have no interest…” Originally, he wanted to contract the Jade Armed Craftsman only because Wu Xinjie had again and again told of the Skilful Star’s importance. Su Xing had felt there was propriety, but the Jin Qiongyu in front of him honestly was extremely arrogant. If he had taken her Star Beast prior, that attitude would have been fine. Now, she unexpectedly could even speak words of renouncing Tang Lianxin from her mouth.

Any desire to have her follow him had vanished into thin air. Su Xing even wanted to destroy her.

“You dare speak of me like this!” Jin Qiongyu grit her teeth, raising the Dragon Carving Phoenix Engraving hammer and nail, shooting lightning.

“Elder Brother?” Tang Lianxin was also astonished.

Su Xing pulled Tang Lianxin’s hand and rushed towards the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly, chiding: “Lianxin, in the future, do not speak to me about nonsense like rescinding our contract. Without you girls, what the fuck would I be doing going to that motherfucking Maiden Mountain…”

Tang Lianxin froze, her cold eyes leaking complexity. She hummed.

Behind them came a screaming, air-shattering sound.

Turning their heads to look, the Black Whirlwind was in pursuit, her speed quick beyond reason.

“Elder Sister,2 quickly go obtain your Star Beast. Allow This Lady to handle that Li Kui.” Mu Duiying took in a deep breath and raised her double sabers.

With her abilities, to directly face the Black Whirlwind Li Kui was practically suicide.

Su Xing turned around to face her together.

Tang Lianxin was somewhat moved, but she did not turn her head back. She flew towards the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly, preparing to capture it.

“I am so angry. You stinking man, you completely do not know that Your Servant can let you have instant success!” Jin Qiongyu’s eyes were about to spurt fire. The hammer and nail incessantly danced, adding into the ranks of the fighters.

Qingci beautifully stood, calmly looking at Su Xing, brimming with curiosity. She made no movements, allowing Li Longkui to set out.

The first time he confronted the Killer Star head on, Su Xing only felt as if his heart had a large stone pressing down on his stomach not letting him breathe. That heaven and earth concealing imposing air of black wind toppled mountains and overturned seas, demonic. Just seeing her made people tremble in fear. If it was not for Su Xing being accustomed to battles across levels, he would automatically be a totally defeated army just by facing Li Kui’s imposing air.

“Such powerful spirit!”

His limbs and bones were ice-cold, and his hands and feet were somewhat rigid. This was the might of a Heavenly Star Martial General, something that was absolutely not able to be discussed in the same sentence as an Earthly Star.

Seeing Mu Duiying also show a grave expression, cold sweat flowed out his forehead.

“You’d best get going first.” Su Xing said.

“This Lady promised you and will fulfill it.” Mu Duiying’s tone sunk.

Killer Star Li Longkui laughed malevolently, as if hell itself had come. Her figure suddenly disappeared from Su Xing and Mu Duiying’s eyes. Even with Mu Duiying’s Innate Skill Perception, she could not lockon to the Killer Star’s trajectory.

What speed was this?

So fast!

Not good!!!

The deep darkness looked just like the blossoming weeps of demons, as if this was an illusion. In that instant Li Longkui disappeared, countless black demon shadows rushed out of her weapon. Engulfing everything, the evil spirits were berserk, a desolate and evil wind. If it was anyone else, they definitely would be torn to the extreme by these suddenly frantic demons. Even if they did not die, they definitely would be crippled.

Unexpectedly, it was her Dark Rank Move.

For a Heavenly Star to use a Heaven, Earth, Dark, or Yellow, they generally required a chargeup. Even when using the same rank once, there would be a decrease in vitality, but this Killer Star completely disregarded that. The Bereaved Immortal Lofty Slaughter’s gloom dispersed, and two shadowy broad axes were revealed.

This was.

Wild Dance of Demons and Gods!


A violent explosion and demonic crying.

The Yin Room Black Panther was sent flying by a single slash.


Mu Duiying was stunned. Seeing the axehead near her stomach, she suddenly retreated several steps. Her body was still in midair when she slowed, loudly shouted and spat out a smokescreen. Then Frost Moon Ruinous Light slashed out several rays of moonlight.

What reacted to Mu Duiying was Li Longkui’s asura-like murderous eyes. She raised one hand, and the black saber-light immediately changed shape into a cage that pounced towards Mu Duiying.

Under the Wild Dance of Demons and Gods, Li Longkui’s double axes attacked unpredictably, with no signs to follow.

Acting as the Fiend Star both in name and reality of the one hundred and eight, how could an assassin like the Guardian Star block her. Never mind her, even many of the Heavenly Star Martial Generals could only slightly withdraw.



Another rip.

Another slice.

The Bereaved Immortal Lofty Slaughter wildly danced, the evil winds like blades, repeatedly attacking again and again without end. After a dozen wounds deep enough to show bone appeared on her body, Mu Duiying shouted and used “Flickering Light Passing Shadow” to penetrate through Li Longkui’s Wild Dance of Demons and Gods. A fang’s ferocious appearance also manifested as she brandished her double sabers to attack Li Longkui.

“Do not be too naive, Little Sister!” Li Longkui made a bloody grin, raising her left hand’s axe.

The axe’s demonic wind broke Flickering Light Passing Shadow’s sneak attack.

Mu Duiying screamed, blood spattering an all directions. Her arm had nearly been entirely cut off. Then, Li Longkui stepped forward, for Mu Duiying was wide open. The double axes were about slash, and this definitely would instantly finish off Mu Duiying.

Just at this moment, the twelve Langya’s sword qi shot and finally repelled the Wild Dance of Demons and Gods that Li Longkui made.

Just as Li Longkui was about to slash, a man tore out from the side. It was just this faintly discernible opportunity. Su Xing’s hands pinched together, and the Purple Cloud True Star became a large hand that grabbed while the Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder became a dragon claw that attacked. But this still was not enough to disperse the Killer Star’s slaughter. Li Longkui’s left axe waved, easily ripping apart Su Xing’s two abilities. How could this sort of first rate Heavenly Star Martial General’s Star Weapon be blocked.

Immediately afterwards, the axe in Li Longkui’s right hand still slashed downwards.

Mu Duiying already opened her eyes wide as she awaited death, her heart even sighing: it was so fortunate that she could experience pleasure once before dying.4


The heavy sound of weapons clashing pulled Mu Duiying back to reality. The moment she saw, she very much had the urge to rush over, hug and give him a big kiss and cheer, for Su Xing was currently blocking in front of her. In his hand appeared an odd scarlet saber with nine segments. The blade’s dark red and evil winds were unexpectedly very harmonious compared with one another.

Destined Star Weapon?!

Ordinary weapons basically could not block the Black Whirlwind’s axe.

Li Longkui blossomed with a sinister smile, and her hand added more strength.

The Bereaved Immortal Lofty Slaughter sunk, nearly slashing into Su Xing’s chest, and nether saber winds burst out from the axe incessantly, cutting Su Xing’s whole body. Fortunately, he had the Heavenly Silkworm Silver Snow Armor protecting him, otherwides, before he was cut to death by the axehead, his body was about to be beaten black and blue by the imposing air.

The Blaze Refining Nine Hells Saber’s nine links jingled, the sabertip dark red.

Su Xing’s qi sunk into his dantian. With a thunderous shout, he raised the Blaze Refining Nine Hells Saber, a harsh qi flame resonating with the Blaze Refining Nine Hells Saber.

Threads of flame entered the openings, and the links locked together.

The Blaze Refining Nine Hells Saber chopped back, a black flame of bizarre and unprecedented power rapidly converging into an irregular shape along the Blaze Refining Nine Hells Saber’s blade. The raging flames were violent to the point he practically could not control them, directly heading towards the Killer Star with just this slash.

It was as if everything in the world had been enveloped by these flames.

This was “Nine Consecutive Hellfire Demonic Slash!!”

Li Longkui’s pupils contracted. Nine links of hellish will-o-the-wisps thundered into an attack on Li Longkui, as if she was covered by a sea wave with no gaps to escape through.

“Did you kill her?” Mu Duiying warily waited.

“Quickly run!” Su Xing’s expression changed.

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