Chapter 290: First Wife Lin Yingmei

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Hero Star Little Li Guang Hua Rong mounted the Red Luan’s back, her face calm as a dry well. The luan and the beauty, a distinctive aura of dignity; Hua Wanyue looked down at the Su Xing and Efficacious Star on the ground. The Heavenly Hero Red Luan spread its wings, the transparent wings just like drifting smoke. Immediately, they disappeared from the airspace above Evil Smiting Hall.

“Elder Sister Hua Wanyue’s Red Luan honestly is truly beautiful.” An Suwen slightly smiled.

Su Xing nodded.

No wonder Hua Wanyue willingly faced danger to go capture the Heavenly Hero Red Luan bird. With this sort of divine bird assisting her, she practically could look down on Liangshan.

“If Elder Sister Wanyue can follow Big Brother in the future, that would be great.” An Suwen longed for this without expectations. In their close contact over these few days, Hero Star Hua Wanyue gave the Efficacious Star a profound impression. Not only were her arrow arts unrivalled under the heavens, how she conducted herself also made An Suwen feel very much that they were kindred spirits, especially each and every one of her actions when they confronted the Little Marquis of Wen, which made An Suwen feel deep admiration.

“Don’t be too greedy, just let nature take its course.” Su Xing smiled.

An Suwen calmly smiled and agreed, “However, Suwen can tell that Elder Sister Hua Wanyue truly has a very good impression of Big Brother. If we can actually bring Elder Sister Hua Wanyue back, the other Elder Sisters definitely will be shocked to death.”

“This time, we’ve spent a lot of time. Xinjie and the others must be worried. Let’s go.” Su Xing was thankful, for he did not think they unexpectedly could strike a good relationship with the ranked ninth Hero Star.

The loss of the Jade Armed Craftsman actually had been washed very cleanly away.

An Suwen hummed in agreement.

Seeing the girl’s eyes conceal reluctance, Su Xing said: “Little Sister, is there something else?”

“No.” An Suwen said.

“You don’t believe in even Big Brother?” Su Xing joked.

“It is just that this is the first time Suwen has gone out with Big Brother. This makes Suwen feel a bit reluctant to leave.” An Suwen faintly smiled.

Su Xing saw that An Suwen’s heart was remorseful. He extended a hand, pulled An Suwen to his chest, and then he kissed her.

An Suwen tenderly kissed back. A moment later, Su Xing said: “How about we stay a bit longer?”

With her cheeks slightly red, An Suwen lightly shook her head. Her expression was already satisfied: “Suwen knows the severity of things. Now, time is extremely important for Big Brother. If we continue to not leave, Sister Xinjie will be worried to death. The Elder Sisters must be impatient thinking of going to Evil Smiting Hall together with Big Brother.” The Divine Physician ambiguously winked, as if she had a deeper meaning.

Su Xing naturally understood An Suwen’s thoughts. The sisters all knew about the ambiguous things that happened between he and Wu Xinjie. To be frank, although Su Xing and Wu Xinjie made that sort of promise for after Evil Smiting Hall, but in actuality, his heart was somewhat hesitant of the consequences this act would bring. Su Xing at this time suddenly recalled something, “Suwen, I have something for you to look at?”

“En? What is it?”

Su Xing’s hand called forth two bottled, one yellow and the other blue. The yellow white jade bottle was like a blaze, with a Yang Fire warmth. The blue white jade bottle apparently was a wintry chill to the bone. The aura the two bottles emitted seemingly was combined into one body.

“This is?” An Suwen’s brow slightly creased.

“This is something Chai Ling gave me…” Su Xing scratched his hair, somewhat embarrassed. “It’s called Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder…”

An Suwen jolted, and her face turned thoroughly red.

“Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder??”

“Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder!!”

A clamor rose in the Void Immortal’s Abode. Wu Xinjie stared dumbfounded at the ambiguously smiling Chai Ling. After a moment, she was able to recover from the words this graceful queen said.

But as for the other beauties in the Immortal’s Abode, even the most aloof Gongsun Huang or the most indifferent Yan Yizhen, and even Wu Siyou and Lin Yingmei each lifted their gazes, shooting glances towards Chai Ling.

The Noble Star was unruffled. Looking around at everyone, her smile was very mysterious, “What, did Su Xing not inform you?”

“You truly gave Young Lord the Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder?”

Wu Xinjie’s eyes glowed.

“Why would This Palace deceive you.” Chai Ling’s eyes were charming, carrying a sort of indescribable high and mighty grace: “Originally, when you and Yan Qing accompanied that man, This Palace discerned the relationship between you. That night, This Palace then raised with him the request for him to use Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder to take your virginity. It was to be given to you, Knowledge Star, for you to lose your virginity.”

The Little Whirlwind speaking so directly made Wu Xinjie’s face red.

“You actually had such a request?” Wu Xinjie could not say whether she should be happy or angry.


“And then?” After Wu Xinjie finished asking, she could not help but laugh. Afterwards, she went to the main hall and discovered Su Xing battling Chai Ling in an astronomical figure situation. At that time, she had thought it was a game to settle a victor and loser. She had not expected such a thing to have happened prior.

Speaking of this, Chai Ling’s eyes showed a slight difference, which was followed with a smile: “This Palace only wished to probe him. Perhaps he saw This Palace’s intent, in the end not only declining, but even berating This Palace…” The Golden Thread Feather Fan opened, and Chai Ling’s brows rose.

All of the girls smiled.

Then, they head Chai Ling speak about the whole sequence of events that night. Even Wu Siyou was slightly moved. Originally, she felt Su Xing’s cunning plots were many but conducted himself as reliable. However, she never would have thought that Su Xing unexpectedly would have the Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder yet never bring it up. Wu Siyou also could tell if the man truly wanted to use the Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder, perhaps there would be several sisters that would not decline.

Wu Xinjie was resentful: “Chai Ling, why did you not inform Elder Sister earlier…” Feeling that her own words were too explicit, Wu Xinjie stuck out her tongue.

“That man certainly is fortunate. Is he so worthy for the Knowledge Star to do this?” Chai Ling was puzzled.

“Worthy or not, Xinjie has her own propriety. On the contrary, Chai Ling, you and Young Lord ingested the Together To Hell. They say that this Together To Hell can make the man and woman’s hearts into one, drawing them into a harmonization of Yin and Yang. If combined with a Yin and Yang medicine like the Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder, then that is certainly a very great benefit to Young Lord for you, so much so that even you can inherit a portion of Young Lord’s power. How is it, Little Sister Chai Ling. This is but a good opportunity for you to participate in the Star Duels.” Wu Xinjie mocked.

Chai Ling was stunned. Her white chest bound in a bellyband was tall and straight. Her manner was just like a proud peacock as she disdainfully said: “What joke is this, how could This Palace do that sort of filthy thing with a man.”

“Oh, never expected the Chai Ling that would take her Elder Sister’s virginity as a business transaction could be so bashful.”

Wu Xinjie harrumphed several times.

Chai Ling smiled: “Soon, you had better think clearly how you will divide that Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder. It can only be used once, and This Palace certainly does not have any more.”

“Of course we will let nature take its course…” Wu Xinjie craftily smiled. With so many sisters present, even if the Knowledge Star was any bolder, she still would not dare speak so directly. Perhaps no one could have “nature take its course” faster than she could. The Knowledge Star Resourceful Star already was fantasizing about having sex inside Evil Smiting Hall.

On the other side, Shi Yuan was very depressed. When Gongsun Huang saw her twitch her lips unhappily, she felt this odd. How could the Dragon in the Clouds know that Shi Yuan was currently seething. If she knew earlier that Su Xing unexpectedly had the Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder, when they originally had their lovers’ bath, she definitely would have been the early bird that caught the worm. Truly, This Young Lady is angered to death, Shi Yuan gnashed her teeth. Later, there was still the Knowledge Star who would be alone with Su Xing in Evil Smiting Hall. It seemed that Su Xing’s first time was about to be eaten.

Wu Siyou’s expression was somewhat odd seeing the atmosphere inside the Immortal’s Abode. A Star Maiden losing her virginity was a taboo throughout the thousand years of Liangshan. This taboo was not that losing their virginity would bring about some misfortune, catastrophe or such. Rather, the Star Generals viewed the Star Duels as their lives, how could they have the mood to consider this. The proud Heavenly Stars disdained to engage in sexual activity with those Star Cultivators. Not executing a Star Master already was pretty good, and still they thought of sex? Dream on! And even the Earthly Stars that were of useless strength that could only be bystanders would not give rise to this sort of preposterous idea. Of course, occasionally, an affectionate couple of a Star General and Star Master would appear, and it was only those few exceptions. It was just that these types of exceptions were rarely seen, and along with the increasing cruelty and intensity of Liangshan’s Star Duels between Heavenly Spirits and Earthly Fiends, they basically could not appear now.

As for those that used contemptible means to forces themselves onto Star Generals, they would first of all be turned into scattered smoke and ash by Chao Gai, not worth any consideration.

In particular, those that would commit themselves so wholly like the ranked third Heavenly Star were unprecedented.

Wu Siyou shook her head, feeling that the Ninth Generation Star Duels truly were outrageous. Secretly, she somewhat despised the Knowledge Star’s self-degrading conduct. Wu Siyou suddenly recalled that not long ago, she herself had soaked in a married couple’s bath with this man, with even her own incorruptible body having been completely seen. She seemed to not have any qualifications to go look down on this. Wu Siyou’s white complexion immediately was dyed with red clouds.

Which made Lin Yingmei somewhat confused when she saw.

“Now that Chao Gai has invaded, doing this sort of thing at such a critical moment, Your Servant feels is not too sensible.” Wu Siyou covered up her inner resent, speaking sternly.

The Harm Star’s tone was not loud, but it was enough to make them hear clearly the advantages and disadvantages of things.

“Right, if Su Xing were to do anything to us, would that not make that Chao Gai’s retaliation even more severe?” Shi Yuan’s eyes rolled, and she chuckled hypocritically. In her heart, she was scheming to first have Su Xing safely pass through Evil Smiting Hall and then proceed. Afterwards, she would continue to find chances. Watch This Young Lady finish him off. Any way it was put, Su Xing’s first time was of course to be given to This Young Lady’s first night.

“This sort of thing had better wait until after Su Xing blooms that something Meditative Mind Lotus Flower whatever?”

Shi Yuan said.

“En, so as to avoid giving Master variables.”

Very rarely seen, Yan Yizhen also opened her mouth to approve.

“Yuan’er, Little Yi, this way of thinking is wrong. Now that Chao Gai and Maiden Mountain are being overbearing, closing in step by step, whatever Maiden Mountain wishes to do, even if only for feeling that Young Lord Su Xing has pried into whatever Heavenly Mystery, breaking the balance of the Star Duels, contracting us sisters to let us leave, it is because of this that we cannot have fear. Hmph, forming a union with Young Lord at this time is perfect for stating the intentions of us sisters!!”1 Wu Xinjie said in dead earnest, righteously.

The girls present were taken aback upon hearing this. Even Lin Yingmei was somewhat approving of the idea.

“And it cannot be said for certain that we can borrow this opportunity to use the Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder to make Young Lord’s Meditative Mind Lotus Flower bloom.” Wu Xinjie earnestly asserted.

Her words were not without logic, and all of the girls were unable to counter.

“For the Knowledge Star to say such words, it would be better to first ask Su Xing’s First Wife for her opinion.” Chai Ling was the first to return to her senses, seemingly smiling yet not as she looked at Lin Yingmei.

As the first Star General to sign a contract with Su Xing, as well as being the renowned Panther Head, the feelings between the two need not be elaborated on. This First Wife naturally should be so.

Lin Yingmei was being watched this attentively by the sisters. She shook her head: “Do not ask Your Servant about this sort of matter.”

Su Xing’s First Wife declined to comment.

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