Chapter 293: A Spring Scene Cannot Be Contained ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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They flipped over. Su Xing pushed Yan Yizhen down onto the beach, their tongues all the more linked together. Her snow-white skin and red lips writhed, and Su Xing’s hands could not help but wander over Yan Yizhen’s beautiful body. From her bulging mountains to her sunken hidden cave, they were all covered with the traces of his fingers. This was somewhat more tender than the massage from before. Yan Yizhen tightly hugged onto him as if she were drowning.

Compared to Su Xing, Yan Yizhen seemed to completely lack experience. Both of her hands grabbed Su Xing’s back, and her slender jade thighs could only tightly close. Allowing him to do whatever he pleased, this made Su Xing’s lower body seem about to explode, apparently difficult to bear yet he did not say anything.

The tattoo on Yan Yizhen’s back was increasingly alluring.

Just when Su Xing’s hands were prepared to push aside that final covering that was the maid’s undertrousers, it was at this critical moment that there was always something that would not let him have his wish fulfilled. A shining firework seemed to lift into the sky, blossoming in the lake. Immediately afterwards was a heavenly curtain that was like a covering that enveloped the entire lake. The rays of light roused the two that were somewhat lost in lust.

“Master?!” Yan Yizhen suppressed her breaths. She gazed at the sky, her eyes recovering their fighting seriousness.

Su Xing had no choice. He could only stare blankly and pull back up the underwear that had been pulled down to Yan Yizhen’s thighs. Having him personally put those private garments on her, Yan Yizhen’s face was even redder. However, at this time, it was too late to think about this. Yan Yizhen’s figure flashed, and she left Su Xing’s embrace. That was called a lightning-fast retreat, making Su Xing somewhat puzzled as to whether Yan Yizhen’s passion just now was real or fake.

The maid’s reactions were extremely quick. Grabbing the fallen skirt, she spun around and neatly dressed. This maid skirt seemingly was a disguise that made the Skilful Star Wanderer Yan Qing turn into something like an apathetic death god.

Su Xing also did not delay. He quickly put on his clothes, forcibly suppressed the lust of his burning body, and cursed a hundred times from the bottom of his heart the person who disturbed them. Always being like this truly would make him catch some sickness.

At this time, an escape light appeared in the skies.

When Yan Yizhen saw, she entered the Star Nest, and Su Xing immediately used the Oneness of Heaven and Man realm to conceal his figure. He did not know who the newcomer was and wanted to get a clear look first.

The other party descended into the middle of the island.

Waiting a moment, when Su Xing did not see the opponent make any sort of movements at all, he felt odd.

Yan Yizhen emerged from the Star Nest, her whole body taut, both fists on guard.

Su Xing glanced at her, his expression hinting to her. Then, he and Yan Yizhen cautiously crept towards the other side of the island. A while later, Su Xing had gone through the island. Faraway, he could hear a panting that was seemingly deja vu.

“Not in this place, ah…ah…ah…This place is Evil Smiting Hall…”

“Hm, hm, what is Princess Highness worried about. That ‘Star Concealing Canopy’1 has already covered this place. If anyone comes in, we definitely will sense it.” A charming voice with a snake-like bewitchment.

“Nn, ah, nn…”

The charming voice became somewhat intense.

“Hm, hm, hm, ever since we came out of the Void Liangshan, Princess Highness has become more and more unwilling to get intimate with This General…Why, though…could it be because that man did something to Princess?”

“Ah…This Princess and he have the Intertwined Branch Swords…Doing things like this is not good, en…”

“Hmph, this time, This General definitely will make Princess feel good.”

“Ah…ah…ah…ah…gentler, ah…Junqing…”


That playful girl’s voice began to gradually pant.

Void Liangshan?

Intertwined Branch Swords?


Princess Highness?!

Su Xing’s nose grew hot. Hey, hey, hey, this could not be so fateful, right. That kind of scene again? Taking a peek, Su Xing was jolted. His originally suppressed lust soared.

Yan Yizhen stared dumbfounded.

On the beach were two sheep-fat white jade female bodies currently entangled together, each completely threadbare. The two’s movements could be said to be erotic. The red-haired girl and the black-haired girl each spread their thighs, their hands pushing against the sand. Their jade peaks stood tall and proud in the wind from this raising movement. Their pelvises were stacked on one another, incessantly rubbing against each other, and the bone-melting sounds of sex came pouring out of their soft throats.

The two beauties had seductive physiques, each enjoying a state of supreme bliss through touch, completely unaware this scene between the two of them was being spied upon.

Without a doubt.

They were precisely Zhao Hanyan and the Steadfast Star General of Double Spears Dong Junqing.

“Princess…do you feel good…could it be This General cannot best that man?!” Dong Junqing chuckled. One hand kneaded her own jade peak, her expression extremely lewd. Her face was full of red clouds, her supple skin a dark red color.

The Ling Yan Princess panted heavily, her expression unfocused, her hands also unable to restrain themselves and randomly groping about.

“Quickly inform This General, did that man disrespect you, Princess?” Dong Junqing mutually softly rubbed her a lot.

“En.” Zhao Hanyan’s charming eyes were like silk.

“That shameless villain, This General definitely will kill him!” Dong Junqing flipped her body, propping Zhao Hanyan’s legs upon her shoulders, moving even more furiously.

“Do not do something like that…” Zhao Hanyan was unable to restrain her feelings.

Still not forgetting to protect Su Xing at this time made Dong Junqing even more furious.

“Your incorruptible and spotless Princess Highness, you want to be owned by that man, don’t you…”


“What Intertwined Branch Sword. Princess Highness, allow This General to kill him, alright!!” Dong Junqing laughed evilly.


Zhao Hanyan was completely muddled, just agreeing to anything she heard.

Su Xing, the man in question, was somewhat embarrassed towards the scene in front of him. Recalling the tenderness he had with Little Yi just now, Su Xing grew restless just watching. He really wanted to unleash his beastly nature. He grit his teeth in anguish. Looking at Yan Yizhen, the maid was still expressionless as before, a cause for admiration.

Suddenly at this moment, Dong Junqing’s lewd eyes abruptly became extremely chilly.

“Who is there?!!”

The wind ripped.

He previously had this sort of experience. Su Xing basically withdrew instinctively. The ground exploded. The Dong Junqing that also had this experience knew the opponent wanted to evade, instinctively giving chase. Yan Yizhen’s fists joined to repel Dong Junqing.

The two people successively retreated.

Dong Junqing stood completely naked in front of Su Xing. When she saw who it was, she was immediately surprised, her expression angry and resentful.

“Junqing, what is the matter?”

Zhao Hanyan also reacted extremely quickly and rushed over, the Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords protecting around her body. This time, she actually had finished wearing her palace dress.

“Ah…Su Xing!!”

When Zhao Hanyan saw Su Xing, her expression was pale then red, red then pale. She screamed herself hoarse, crying out grief-stricken, unaware that her beloved was under the impression she had been forced upon by Su Xing.

“Ha, ha, Zhao Hanyan, we are brought together by fate.” Su Xing laughed out of guilt. Twice he had been caught peeping. No matter that his skin was thick as a city wall, he still blushed.


Zhao Hanyan was extremely resentful. Was this other half2 the bane of her existence? How was it that every time she did this sort of thing she would encounter him.

“Good thing it was me. If anyone else saw, that would be misfortunate.” Su Xing fake coughed.

“How long were you watching?”

Zhao Hanyan’s eyes were opened wide, as if she still had a glimmer of hope Su Xing had not heard any damning remarks.

Of course, Su Xing ruthlessly crushed this shred of hope. Even if he wanted to hide anything, he could not. From the moment the Star Concealing Canopy was used, he was already present within. Then very naturally, he had seen everything from start to finish.

“Kill him, ah, kill him, ahhh…” Zhao Hanyan’s embarrassed face was about to leak water, she was about to go mad.

“Princess Highness, This General obeys your orders!” The Steadfast Star General of Double Spears Dong Junqing finished wearing her armor. She coldly chuckled, having long waited for this opportunity. The Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang Spears appeared in her hands, and she immediately attacked.

Yan Yizhen coldly grunted, simultaneously attacking.

Yan Yizhen’s speed was extremely swift. All of her imposing air was concentrated into a straight line, becoming a sharp sword. Following this movement, the cold air in the surroundings of the maid’s body suddenly stopped. Instantly, by the even quicker speed of her cold-type left fist, everything diffused. An enormous amount of cold qi like mist covered, rapidly appearing on Yan Yizhen’s fist. However, instantly, her hand had been encased in a layer of cold frost, even more white rays emerging over her whole body.

Emitting a bone-chilling cold intent.

She opened her eyes, raised her head.

And attacked!

“The Skilful Star? Never expected you would sign a Star Duel Covenant with this man.” Dong Junqing laughed aloud, her double spears dancing.

Similarly categorized as a “Yin Yang,” the Steadfast Star’s spear was a storm-like fire exploding like crashing waves in this cold space. Dong Junqing’s vigorous figure already appeared above Yan Yizhen, completely ignoring that undisturbed and apathetic expression.

The Dragon And Phoenix Yin Yang Spears suddenly slashed.


The sky above the forest suddenly exploded with a red and white ball of cold and warm light. The icy chill in the air gave rise to a fierce collision. A large amount of appeared in every inch of space. Due to the differences in temperature, it became a tornado that violently wreaked havoc, rolling large slabs of stone, then frozen in midair into stone pillars by the cold qi.

The two were both considered top-notch martial force Heavenly Generals. Regardless of whether it was the Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang Spears or the Yin Yang Pisces Fists, both each had their specialities. When they each battled, they were indeed evenly matched, their mights illustrious.

An icy spear-light suddenly rose, vigorously cutting off Yan Yizhen’s attack and beating her back.

A gale surged.

It blew YanYizhen’s maid skirt aflutter. Her snow-white skin and her beautiful tattoo made Dong Junqing show yearning.

“Skilful Star, if you have the ability, use it to make Elder Sister happy.” Dong Junqing evilly grinned.

Yan Yizhen’s expression did not change at all.

The next second, the atmosphere thickened. Yan Yizhen shifted a step extremely quickly. Like a phantom, she appeared right in front, her palm like a blade that instantly pierced through the cold light Dong Junqing made. She slashed at Dong Junqing’s abdomen.

Yin Yang Palm!

Dong Junqing was calm. One spear slashed, its spear-light like a drawn bow, its speed beyond compare, its might ample. She shifted her weight and sprung forward, seemingly soaring yet not. Her imposing air was fierce, and a Yin Yang confluence of spear light immediately shattered with a hua-la.

The hickies on her snow-white skin were very conspicuously displayed. Those hickeys ran from her cheeks to her stomach, even down to the girl’s secret place. They were practically all over her body, and these hickeys were quite new. From Dong Junqing’s gaze, it was obvious what had happened.

The Steadfast Star was greatly surprised. Her two eyes glowed, and she smiled licentiously: “Little Sister Skilful Star, just now, what obscene things did you do with this man. As it turned out, you are no better than This General.”

Zhao Hanyan’s expression was slightly unsightly. She glanced at Su Xing and wished she could do something to him.

Su Xing’s hand concentrated Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder. He sat idle with the full charge, and he watched Zhao Hanyan.

Zhao Hanyan was inwardly resentful.

“Junqing, cease!”

She ordered.

“Little Yi, you can stop, too.” Su Xing said as well.

The Yin Yang fiercely battled in midair, and thereupon, each side separated.

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