Chapter 306: Make Love Like Fishes In Water, Your Cheeks And Lips Are Dyed With My Scent For Life ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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A formless power pressed Su Xing and Wu Xinjie downwards. In that instant, all of their Star Energy suddenly was seemingly sucked clean away, their bodies uncontrollably dropping down the waterfall. The sounds of water splashing was enormous. The hundred zhang waterfall was just like a beast opening its bloody maw. In the blink of an eye, the two’s figures were swallowed clean.

That White Shadow Demon Fox transformed into a white light that actually hung suspended in the air, unaffected. Its two fox eyes spun around, and then, it flashed out a white light, plunging into the water and immediately disappearing.

Not long after, the water’s surface suddenly broke apart. A youth suddenly burst out, taking in deep breaths. The nearly full of water Su Xing displayed a fish in the water adaptability and swam to the shore. “Xinjie???” After Su Xing climbed ashore, he did not see Wu Xinjie’s figure. Immediately, he was somewhat panicked, promptly activating his Divine Intent to scan for her. His powerful Divine Sense enveloped a range of several hundred meters.

He did not know whether Wu Xinjie had been washed downstream, for Su Xing could not detect any trace of Wu Xinjie in the vicinity. His heart inwardly worried, he thought of using Wandering The Clear Skies, but he had hardly left several chi off the ground when the perimeter around him suddenly exerted pressure that made him incapable of advancing one bit.

Su Xing made himself calm down. If he carefully thought, Wu Xinjie had a contract with him, and her Star Body was indestructible. As long as he himself was fine, she also would be unhurt. It was just that the sudden severance of his connection with her made Su Xing somewhat unable to soothe his worries. He called forth his unstoppable Flying Swords to devastate the forest in his search.

Just when Su Xing was most urgently seeking for Wu Xinjie’s whereabouts, suddenly, there was a shrill scream that tore apart the air. In the calm Evil Smiting Hall, it was clear enough to be ear-piercing. Su Xing’s heart thumped hard, for this was Wu Xinjie’s voice.

Not good.

Su Xing immediately sensed danger, promptly chasing after the sound of that voice.

The frightful screams of terror were increasingly close.

A powerful imposing air currently rolled towards him.

Twenty-four Flying Swords transformed into the two colors of green and gold as they criss-crossed to form a sneak attack. Then, he heard a hua-la, and Su Xing broke through the forest, just happening to catch sight of a slim figure fleeing in his direction at lightning speed. That girl was none other than Knowledge Star Resourceful Star Wu Xinjie, and behind her were the shadows of three Blood Demons currently in high speed pursuit, occasionally spitting out sword-like blood-light.

Impressively, these were blood-colored Demon Foxes known as “Blood Demon.”1


Wu Xinjie cried out in pleasant surprise the moment she spotted Su Xing.

The three Blood Demons’ bodies suddenly warped. They bared their fangs, throwing out a stifling bloody and burning sword-light directly at them. These Blood Demons at best were not worth capturing. Su Xing actually did not fear these guys, but because he took Wu Xinjie into consideration, he had no choice but to hold back his movements. First, he sought out twelve Flying Swords to protect Wu Xinjie, and then the other twelve Langya knocked into the blood-lights.

The Blood Demons made fox cries, urging the blood-colored sword-lights to pounce. These Blood Demon Demon Foxes were very cunning. They knew that a Star Cultivator’s greatest weakness was close quarters. Therefore, they prepared for close combat, but they greatly underestimated Su Xing’s close quarters capabilities.

A lightning flash-like palm waved.

It slammed into the front-most Blood Demon.

This Blood Demon howled in anguish, its blood-light suddenly shattered, and it seemingly fell to pieces. Apparently, it sustained a significant injury. The Blood Demon indignantly opened its mouth.

Blood-wind like blades wrapped around the two people.

Su Xing’s figure suddenly stopped. An enormous noise came from the ground underfoot. With a seemingly sudden explosion, a big crevasse opened up opposite of where Su Xing stared. His person already shot over like a cannonball, and while in midair, Su Xing’s ten fingers flicked. Countless Purple Cloud lightning and thunders brought a swift and severe whistle as they shot towards the other Blood Demons.

This was the Earth Book’s Purple Cloud Sword Transformation art.

Several Blood Demons bared the blades of blood-light, battling against the Purple Thunder.

This was the so-called crush one by one. Seizing this opportunity, Su Xing aimed at a charging Blood Demon, crossing over a distance of several steps instantly. First of all, it was a heavy palm strike, and afterwards was a series of violent strikes.

That Blood Demon let out a blood-light that wrapped around him, but his fist’s power unexpectedly came alive and tore apart the blood-light. Immediately afterwards, Su Xing’s wrist shook, and the Divine Sword of the Thousand Year Contract flipped out. It stabbed towards the Blood Demon’s chest. Just as he was about to run this Blood Demon through, a peculiar light appeared in Wu Xinjie’s eyes. She called out: “Xinjie asks Young Lord to not hurt them.”

Su Xing’s brows rose, and the sword-light retracted. A Purple Lightning Dragon Capture seized this Blood Demon.

When the remaining Blood Demons saw its comrade had been captured, they let out strange fox howls. The Blood Demons’ figures transformed a thousand times bigger, covering the skies and earth. Their imposing aura could be said to be more than terrifying, and the valley surged wildly.

Su Xing formed a hand seal.

The Flying Swords whirled, blossoming.

The air raged with the crisp sound of a bell, just like the surface of water had been parted. His vigorous silhouette was just like a fluttering bird in between those Blood Demons. He brazenly charged forth, his speed swift, practically pulling himself into a thin black line.

Just at this moment, Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder exploded to form a ripple.

Just as it was rippling, in the completely empty air, these frightful ripples mixed in a concentrated electric current that made their hearts palpitate, the might abnormally powerful. In only an instant, the surroundings were enveloped within.

The Blood Demon fox shadows filling the sky successively were broken, and among them, one Blood Demon angrily screeched. Its mouth opened. Its maroon shadow shook several times, and a pitch-black shining enormous lance already appeared and launched out of its mouth.

These Blood Demon foxes indeed were pretty good, managing the quickest reactions.

A killer move was immediately sent up.

If it was anyone else, perhaps they would be caught unprepared.

But Su Xing already was ready.

Suddenly, with a thunder-like cry, the dark blood the Blood Demon spat became a lance, already transforming into pitch-black lightning, wildly pouncing at Su Xing. The world was suddenly crammed full of an ear-shattering scream. The surrounding airflow instantly was affected by this immense change. Simultaneously rushing towards Su Xing, looking from faraway, this blood-light was just like a long fox shadow.

The twelve Haeaven Tearings shook out with a rumbling dragon cry, smalling together against the bloody fox shadow.

Heaven Tearing twisted.

The light of the blood-fox was promptly shattered.


And just at this moment, Su Xing struck a hand seal. The other twelve Langya’s glistening green light immediately exterminated the other Blood Demons.

A moment later, Su Xing and the Blood Demons fought several dozen bouts. The final Blood Demon howled in grief, transforming into a blood-light to escape. Su Xing also did not feel like chasing it. First of all, he anxiously went to see whether or not Wu Xinjie was alright.

In the face of Su Xing’s worry, Wu Xinjie very rarely did not tease, but she stared blankly, saying in astonishment: “Young Lord, could it be you have forgotten? We are indestructible. There is no need for Young Lord to worry about Xinjie so much.”

“Even the slightest scratch will make This Young Lord very hurt. How can I not be worried.” Su Xing shook his head.

Wu Xinjie opened her mouth and was tongue-tied.

Su Xing smiled: “You being this shocked makes me feel very hurt, ha, ha.”

Wu Xinjie also smiled. Watching Su Xing so carefully help inspect her, that penetrating expression lost its ambiguity and gained some complexity.

A moment later, everything was fine.

Only then did Su Xing calm down. He looked around at the surrounding scene, muttering to himself: “This place is honestly weird, to even have a forbiddance. It seems that the Knowledge Star is somewhat thorny, as expected.”

When the currently staring blankly Knowledge Star heard Su Xing’s words, her eyes rolled, showing a crazy charm, “Young Lord, it would be better to give up on the Star Beast. Xinjie also is not very concerned.”

“I know you are worried about my Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, however, do not say anything more about giving up. Let’s go find that White Shadow Demon Fox first.” Su Xing thoughtfully said: “Heh, heh, unexpectedly using a trap, I’m actually somewhat interested in that White Shadow Demon Fox.”


Wu Xinjie said sweetly.

At this time, who knew where the White Shadow Demon Fox had escaped to. Relying on its crafty intellect, Su Xing also did not truly hope to be able to find it. His heart was somewhat regretful, yet at the same time, he could only direct his hope to searching for other Star Beasts. The Knowledge Star’s Star Beasts were all cunning, regardless of whether it was the White Shadow Demon Fox or the Blood Demons. Although in a direct confrontation they completely were incapable of handling Su Xing’s Flying Swords and powers, but their dangerous plans made Su Xing helpless.

After walking for half a day, Wu Xinjie grew tired. When they passed by a clean lake, Wu Xinjie suddenly mentioned that she wanted to bathe.

Su Xing did not have any objections, and he took charge of helping stand guard for her.

The rustling sound of clothes falling came from that side. Su Xing then concentrated his attention to be alert about his surroundings, also seeing whether or not he could find the tracks of the Knowledge Star’s Star Beast at the same time.

“Young Lord, will you not bathe together with Xinjie?” Wu Xinjie’s charming voice came over.

“I actually want to, however, it’s better to talk about that later. I certainly can’t hold back.” Su Xing chuckled.

“Young Lord speaks so directly.” Wu Xinjie giggled.

The two chatted for a while when, all of a sudden at this time, Wu Xinjie let out a startled screech.

Su Xing froze. Without any hesitation at all, he rushed over, only to see Knowledge Star Wu Xinjie currently smiling seductively as she looked at him, water trailing down her absolutely naked body, a glimpse of something intimate, her skin snow-white enough to be somewhat glaring.

Before, he had no shortage of doing ambiguous things with Wu Xinjie, but this look still made Su Xing’s blood vessels swell, his Yang Fire ignite. Although the two had done many brazen things and even nearly took things too far, the secrets of her body long seen, the Wu Xinjie in front of him still was full of an unimaginable charm. Seeing that expression so alluring, her vermilion lips and twin peaks, her enchanting secret place, her fine black hair moistened with dew, every frown and smile was extremely lovely.3

This still was the first time Su Xing had ever seen Wu Xinjie in such an alluring pose.

“Young Lord, Xinjie just spotted a Demon Fox just now.” Wu Xinjie pounced into Su Xing’s embrace, yet her hand very dishonestly wandered downwards. Su Xing muttered, embracing Wu Xinjie with one hand. His Divine Intent swept, not finding a single trace of the Demon Fox’s figure anywhere.

“You must be punished for deceiving your Young Lord.” Su Xing twitched his lips.3

“Oh, Your Servant has no one to rely on and can only allow Young Lord to punish her.” Wu Xinjie’s expression was seductive, her tone like silk.

Su Xing quivered. How could he endure Wu Xinjie being like this. Then moving his hand, out flew twenty-four Flying Swords that revolved in the surrounding several dozen meters, forming a light barrier that blocked off outside gazes. With that sweet and graceful body in his embrace, her warm fragrance lingering, he lowered his head, and this kiss actually made Wu Xinjie briefly somewhat stiff. However, at this moment, Su Xing did not care about this detail. Very quickly, their tongues hooked around each other, exchanging saliva, engaging themselves in a deep kiss.

A moment afterwards, Wu Xinjie already panted heavily, her lovely eyes blurry.

“Young Lord, that place of yours is so naughty.”3 Wu Xinjie softly pressed against Su Xing.

Su Xing sucked on that impressive redness, and his hands did not hold back in kneading that girl’s sensitive place.

“Xinjie, you truly are very frightening.” Su Xing muttered, somewhat unable to hold back.

“Make love like fishes in water, your cheeks and lips are dyed with my scent for life.” Wu Xinjie lowered her head and sweetly smiled, an odd craftiness flashing across her eyes.

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  1.  血魅
  2. 主人, same address as Yan Yizhen.
  3.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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