Chapter 307: The Maiden Of Ice And Snow

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When Su Xing heard these words, his lust immediately vanished for the most part. Although his relationship with Wu Xinjie could breakthrough to the final step at any time, at this moment, the Star Beast was right in front of them. What was more important was that since there was obviously a Sacred Medicine like the Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder, continuing to do this sort of disadvantageous thing was very unwise.

“Young Lord?” Wu Xinjie sensed something amiss with Su Xing, and she showed surprise.

“It’s best we don’t waste time. Let’s go find your Star Beast.” Su Xing said. He waved his hand, and a green light wrapped around them.

“Could it be that Young Lord does not want Xinjie?” Wu Xinjie was perplexed.

Su Xing sensed that Wu Xinjie was somewhat off. Today’s Wu Xinjie appeared especially charming. Perhaps her loveliness already could not describe her, and seductive would be somewhat more appropriate. Su Xing somewhat burned with desire. Thinking that perhaps it was because of Lin Yingmei and the Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder, Su Xing did not think about it too much.

Putting on her clothes, Wu Xinjie stared at Su XIng, her expression brimming with confusion.

Su Xing felt that Wu Xinjie’s expression was very odd. He smiled: “What’s the matter?”

“Why does Young Lord not want Xinjie? Is Xinjie not stirring enough?” Wu Xinjie said.

“What are you thinking, let’s go find your Star Beast first. The Little Whirlwind is still waiting.” Su Xing smiled.

Wu Xinjie was pensive.

“Young Lord, Xinjie knows where there is still another of Your Servant’s Star Beasts, but it is very formidable. Does Young Lord wish to go try it?”

“Perfect.” Su Xing nodded. To be able to have a readily available Star Beast, this indeed could not be better, so as to avoid squandering time going to search for it.


Wu Xinjie narrowed her eyes, oddly chuckling.

A maiden like cold as ice and frost stood against the wind. Her pupils approached the coldness of snow. On her head was a three pronged hat, a clump of timely snow at the top; on her body was steel plate armor, draped with a thousand pinpricks of frost. Her white robes glowed with the light of the sun, the silver flowers she wore were close to the moon. In her hand swung a cold halberd of twisted silver, and her back was full of white clothes and white armor, making the girl’s curves extremely highlighted.

Her appearance was cold enough to break ice, but she nevertheless was exceptionally attractive.

In front of the girl was a white jade treasure horse. It had blue eyes, skin like ice jade, cold hooves. This beast was known as the “Winding Jade Ice Silver Beast,”1 also a rare mount among the Star Beasts.

The girl was expressionless. Her hand hefted the Sky Piercer, which splattered cold ice. The Winding Jade Ice Silver Beast stamped and whinnied, its four hooves like iron arms, bursting with two resplendent cold lights.

The ice-cold lights instantly drew near, but in that split second when they approached, the girl’s figure already disappeared. Just like ice and snow passing by a mirror, a cold wind at this time already stuck into the Winding Jade Ice Silver Beast’s side. That crystalline Sky Piercer carved out a cold light that rapidly closed in.

Winding Jade Ice Silver Beast was a Star Beast that could be captured by both Heavenly Stars or Earthly Stars. Just this point was something normal Star Beasts absolutely could not compare to. Under the cold light, the Winding Jade’s body released countless petal-like cold lights in layers. Its silhouette was like a phantom. In no more than an instant, it had already forced apart the young girl’s attack.

There was a neigh that was bone-chilling.

The Winding Jade Ice Silver Beast’s blue eyes flashed with a cold light, and instantly, it threw itself over directly in an assault that already arrived right in front of the maiden.

The girl still hung a perhaps disdainful or apathetic expression. The Sky Piercer activated a Halberd Technique, and with a half spin to dodge, she brilliantly evaded the Winding Jade Treasure Horse’s charge. Afterwards, she seized the chance to go on the offensive. That Sky Piercer carved out an ice-cold arc, and space seemingly froze. The Sky Piercer emitted a Star Energy that concentrated into an astonishing Yellow Rank Technique.

But the girl’s Yellow Rank Technique could only shallowly penetrate half an inch in the Winding Jade Ice Silver Beast’s surroundings, unable to enter further.

A sort of grinding cold-light firmly grabbed hold of the girl’s weapon, making it unable to proceed further. That cold qi around the Winding Jade Ice Silver Beast’s whole body was like its strongest ability. Cold light permeated its body, shooting in all directions at the same time, covering everything. In the air around the Winding Jade Ice Silver Beast, the naked eye could see layers of fractures.

The girl evidently knew the might of this sort of ability. Without any delay, she stepped back, her figure already withdrawing far away. Under that sort of power, stopping any further just now would have brought great danger.

In that instant she avoided its attack, the Winding Jade Ice Silver Beast’s hooves dashed in a rush towards her. The cold light its body rolled seemed to transform into claws and fangs that were brandished to seize the girl, carving out a violently cold wind in the earth.

Those cold winds bit at the girl’s flesh, bone and body. The girl swung the Sky Piercer, executing every sort of Halberd Technique. The Sky Piercer twisted with cold wind and the the Winding Jade Ice Silver Beast’s abilities in a confrontation. The ice-cold attacks of both sides soundlessly traded blows, fought and tore at each other.

The young girl’s ice-cold blue pupils finally showed slight battle intent.

She coldly shouted.

Along with her voice, the girl kicked with her leg, and her body was just like a phoenix spreading its wings. Space immediately broke apart, and at the same time, with the Winding Jade Ice Silver Beast as the center, a mournful ice and snow suddenly appeared. The environment became an ice-cold hurricane.

The Sky Piercer shook.

The girl’s figure swayed. Incorporeal ice and snow fragments immediately rose sharply, becoming a terrifying twisting storm that flew lightning quick at the Winding Jade Ice Silver Beast. An ear-piercing whistling noise immediately became the only sound that existed in the air. The Winding Jade Ice Silver Beast curled into a ball. The girl’s figure instantly arrived, and raising the polearm in her hand, the Sky Piercer’s ice-light penetrating, a chill mixed with the girl into one, enough to raise terror in the heart of any living thing.

A sharp light tore open the air. That glittering cold light practically made any person unable to take their eyes off her. A cold light appeared in the air, and this cold light scattered, becoming countless fragments that all attacked the Winding Jade Ice Silver Beast. There was no chance for gaps or leeway at all.

This blinding light seemingly froze time with only the girl moving about. Her speed was fast beyond the human eye, pouring light and shadow in torrents onto the world instantly and shattering, twinkling with a blurry tinge.

This was the girl’s Dark Rank Technique.

Thousand Years Cold Nights Left Long!!2


A crisp sound.

Woman and beast interlocked, and the ice-cold to ruthlessness Winding Jade Ice Silver Beast and the ice-cold to the realm girl violently slammed into each other.

The ice and snow on the Winding Jade Ice Silver Beast’s body blew apart, as if they had become countless specters.


There was a severe jolt, and a figure flew out of the Starlight.

Astonishingly, it was the girl!!

A trail of blood flowed from her mouth. The girl’s Dark Rank Technique was unexpectedly broken, but she did not show the slightest expression. Still, she was cold and a bit noncommittal. Immediately afterwards, she was cold all over. The power of the Winding Jade Ice Silver Beast’s whole body exploded, and its hooves heavily pressed onwards. This trampling perhaps would gravely injure her if it did not kill her.

And at this time, because the young girl used her Dark Rank Technique, she already was unable to dodge.

Under this heavy assault, suddenly, a silhouette flashed in front of the girl. That speed honestly was like a steed passing by, a fleeting flash. The Winding Jade Ice Beast stepped on nothing. It indignantly whinnied. A melodious instrumental voice suddenly sounded out, like countless heavenly women drawing. A wyvern’s shadow spun around the Winding Jade Ice Silver Beast, and that sound was like decadent music, sublime. Even the Winding Jade Ice Silver Beast began to become dizzy. The cold light then dwindled.

“Is Elder Sister alright?”

The maiden in skintight white armor at this time finally showed surprise. THe moment she saw the person who saved her, she nodded.

The person who saved her was the Living Goddess of Lightning Wang Dingliu. The current Wing Dingliu’s shoulder had ferret crawling on it, exceptionally dazzling.

The two’s gazes returned to the Winding Jade Ice Silver Beast that had been trapped by the music.

“Elder Sister Xue4 can go capture it right now.” Wang Jingzhi smiled and said.

The girl called Xue said nothing. Once again, she raised the Sky Piercer. When the Sky Piercer’s cold light twisted, the Winding Jade Ice Silver Beast seemed to awaken, but being attacked by the girl’s techniques and being confused a great deal by this odd music, the current Winding Jade Ice Silver Beast was at the end of its rope.

The young woman attacked.

The Winding Jade Ice Silver Beast very quickly was defeated and was captured by the girl.

Wang Jingzhi exclaimed: This Winding Jade Ice Silver Beast was a Star Beast not many martial force Star Generals could obtain. Even a few Heavenly Stars would be green with envy. She never thought that the Earthly Star Elder Sister in front of her could obtain it.

Congratulating her, Wang Jingzhi walked over.

The young woman was still expressionless like before.

At this time, from faraway walked over a picturesque and beautiful woman.

She had blue and white clothing, a stunning elegance, and an indescribable relaxed feel.

She was Qingci!

Spotting Qingci, the girl did not feel surprised. On the contrary, she nodded her head in respect and acknowledgment.

“Congratulations, Xue’er, to unexpectedly be able to capture this Winding Jade Ice Silver Treasure Horse.” Qingci fully smiled.

Xue’er was silent, but her eyes were written with gratitude.

“Elder Sister has obtained this beast, and there just happens to be an opportunity to go test it out.” Wang Jingzhi teased the ferret on her shoulder, smiling.

Xue’er’s eyes had some confusion.

“It’s like this. Elder Sister Qingci already knows the position of the Knowledge Star Resourceful Star. She wishes to take this opportunity to discuss something with her. She wants to have Elder Sister Xue go together to persuade the Knowledge Star.

Qingci slightly smiled.

Xue’er nodded. The Sky Piercer in her hand vanished, not questioning in the slightest.

“Ah-ha, right, there is still something else we have to inform Elder Sister Xue. Elder Sister Aid Star Little Marquis of Wen Lü Fang has been forced out of Evil Smiting Hall. Elder Sister certainly must be wary.” Wang Jingzhi said.

“Is she alright??”

Xue’er for the first time spoke.

“No great difficulties.”

Only then did Xue’er nod her head in relief.

“Now that Evil Smiting Hall’s dangers are serious, Elder Sister Longkui has already gone to capture her Star Beast. Jingzhi is also about to leave. Elder SIster Xue’er, Elder Sister Qingci, you must be careful.” Wang Jingzhi demanded.

“Your Servant gives many thanks for your concern.”

Qingci faintly smiled.

Xue’er straddled the Winding Jade Ice Silver Treasure Horse, extended her hand in invitation, and Qingci helped herself get on the horse. The Winding Jade Ice Silver Treasure Horse whinnied, splashed ice and snow, and then soared into the sky, flying off somewhere.

At this time, Su Xing did not know that the Knowledge Star had been targeted by Qingci. On the contrary, he felt the Wu Xinjie in front of him was somewhat odd. Although the Wu Xinjie before him was still familiar, he always felt something was not quite right, but he could not say what.

Along the way to finding her Star Beast, Wu Xinjie always covertly enticed him, as if she was not willing to let herself remain virgin. This made Su Xing feel very odd because although the Wu Xinjie in his impressions was indeed fond of being sensual, she would take the big picture into consideration. She knew what times were suitable for doing things. Now, they were searching for a Star Beast and fighting for the very last second of time. In particular, the importance of being a complete Star General did not need to be told to a Star General. At this time, even though she always wanted to break through the final paper thin barrier, the gains did not make up for the losses. Wu Xinjie would not do something like this.

Could it be because she was envious of what happened with Lin Yingmei?

Su Xing was unable to help smiling.

“Young Lord, what are you smiling about?” Wu Xinjie blinked, curiously asked.

“When we get out, I’ll ask Suwen whether or not she can concoct the Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder. At that time, Young Lord will absolutely and properly get intimate with you.” Su Xing chuckled.

Wu Xinjie’s face reddened, and her eyes were like a spring pool, lovely and touching yet somewhat unfathomable.

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  1. 宛玉冰銀獸
  2.  千秋冷夜離長
  3. SFX


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      1. Well i personally get a headache whenever Qingci is mentioned, just like that chuuni holy lord, she’s always portrayed as an op char with her ‘it’s all in my plan’ expression all over her face, and that annoying lightning goddes sucking up to her is even worse, even if she’s the liangshan maiden herself trying to fk something up it wouldn’t be this frustrating, every scene she shows up it portrays her as ‘perfect’, but this is clearly too much that it’s getting disgusting, because once she makes a blunder she’ll fall to the rank of a side char despite being important to the story (probably), she’ll never be able to keep a good impression to me.. If it was someone getting things with their hard work being shown in the story then it’s okay, but the way author makes Qingci out is just disgusting and ridiculous and it needs to be stopped. She didn’t say or do anything that makes me have this opinion on her, but it’s the author’s way of portraying her character that makes me frustrated.. either give us more info about her or stop this continuous bs of hers because that’s ruining the story for me..

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