Chapter 311: Undress For Your Lord

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“The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox?!!”

The Wu Xinjie that had just walked out from the river had just been preparing to go find Su Xing when she lifted her head and was astonished to see that a white fox had appeared on higher ground. The White Shadow Demon Fox extended nine fox tails. At this time, only then did Wu Xinjie discover she had seen wrongly.

“It is unexpectedly the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox.”

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox was the Knowledge Star’s legendary Star Beast, like the king of spirits. It possessed a crafty intelligence, and it could use a power called “Dazzling Light Mind Image.” This ability was a powerful to the degree of being terrifying illusion art. The majority of Star Cultivators only needed to be careless for a moment to die unaware of what happened. Furthermore,  for the successive generations of Knowledge Stars, capturing the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox meant that even if they confronted a first-rate Heavenly Star Martial General, they had a chance in battle.

But to capture the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox practically was an impossible to achieve mission because this Star Beast had already reached the Psychic Communication realm. Ordinary means completely were unable to have any effect on her.

And to think of using force as a method, the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s Dazzling Light Mind Image was sufficient to leave the Knowledge Star staring at her back.

The fox of snow-white fur stared calmly at Wu Xinjie, its nine gorgeous tails piled like snow. Those demonic pupils brimmed with a hint of concentration and inquisitiveness. At the same time, the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s psychic voice echoed in Wu Xinjie’s mind.

“It has been very long since Slave has seen the Knowledge Star enter Evil Smiting Hall. In eight hundred years, acting as the pitiful Star Maiden second to Song Jiang, for you to enter this time is actually very astonishing.”

Wu Xinjie smiled: “Since you personally approached Xinjie, there is no need to compete in a Star Duel with Xinjie, showing your Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s peerlessly elegant poise and manner.”

A laugh.

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s laugh had a very human quality, and its expression was considerably charming.

“That man that fell into Slave’s trap must be your Master? Truly, he is merely so.”

Wu Xinjie sneered: “If the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox is satisfied by no more than a small trick, then that is truly amusing.”

“Knowledge Star, there is no need to speak any more rubbish. Slave coming to find you naturally has some reasons.” The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox straightened itself, its nine tails raised, like a peacock spreading its tail.


“If you wish to capture Slave, does the Knowledge Star dare to allow Slave to possess your body?”

Upon hearing possession, Wu Xinjie’s smile promptly vanished.

During the time before signing a contract, the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox possessing her signified a loss of the authority over her own body. To give her corporeal body to the fox in front of her was to lose control over herself. If this Nine-tailed Spirit Fox used her body to do something, that certainly was a bit too disadvantageous.

“Knowledge Star, you are afraid?”

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox seemingly was teasing her.

“Give Xinjie one reason to oblige you.” Wu Xinjie asked back.

“Slave wants to possess your body only naturally to observe your master. Should Slave feel interested, she will then contract with you. If he makes Slave disappointed, Slave will not make things difficult for you.”

This sounded very reasonable.

But she was incapable of setting Wu Xinjie at ease. She actually was not afraid of the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox taking over her body. With a Star General’s body, possessing her completely lacked sense. What Wu Xinjie most worried was that the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox would perhaps harm Su Xing. The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox killing the Knowledge Star’s contractor was not at all strange.

Right now, they already did not have much time, and Wu Xinjie did not want to face any more risk.

She had to at least discuss this first with Su Xing.

Just as she was about to decline, the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox teased.

“Knowledge Star, you feel that your master will make Slave disappointed, or are you saying you feel unsuitable to capturing Slave.”

“What a good use of psychology.” Wu Xinjie smiled, her thoughts turning.

“So what if Xinjie obliges you, but similarly, Xinjie has requests. Do you dare agree?”


“First, you have only three days’ time of possession.”

“And what can Slave discern in three days? However, what harm is there in agreeing.” The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox nodded.

“Second, you cannot harm Master, otherwise, Xinjie will absolutely not forgive you.”

“Interesting, truly interesting. Slave is more and more interested in your master.”

Wu Xinjie was also very interested in this legendary Nine-tailed Spirit Fox. If they had its help, facing Maiden Mountain would have just a bit more certainty. As the ancients said: Riches and honor were to be sought for in the midst of danger. With a chance in front of Wu Xinjie, how could she let this go, let alone that she was very confident in Su Xing. With Su Xing’s sharpness, presumably, whatever tricks this Nine-tailed Spirit Fox wanted to try would be of no use.

Her Star Crest twinkled.

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox leapt into Wu Xinjie’s head, transforming into a ray of white light that entered her cranium.

Immediately after the pure light flashed from head to toe, when Wu Xinjie opened her eyes once again, her expression was already alluring enough to make anyone’s blood vessels expand.

“Slave will properly take care of your master, however, even if Slave wishes to harm him, just what can you do about that…” Wu Xinjie licked her palm, flirtatiously falling over.

“You stupid man unexpectedly dares to refuse Slave’s request.” The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox was abruptly angry. She was incapable of believing that when confronted with such an overwhelmingly advantageous condition, she would unexpectedly be refused. Could it be that he saw that she wanted to exploit him.

No, impossible.

Killing a Star Master was what each Star Master would willingly go do. Even if he had found her out, with her Dazzling Light Mind Image in addition to Su Xing’s Flying Swords, dropping one of their opponents was not at all impossible. With such a good opportunity, the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox did not believe there would be anybody who would decline.

But Su Xing felt that he might as well be straightforward, not dilly-dallying in the slightest, to make the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox very hurt.

“Stupid, courting death!”

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox leapt high up, Dazzling Light Mind Image activating. The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox burning in fury truly exuded killing intent.

But it was just at this moment that its cranium had an excruciating pain like it was tearing open.

A powerful Star Energy forced her out.

How can this be!

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox watched dumbstruck as it broke out of possession status.

The Su Xing just about to attack hurriedly retracted his trike, opening both his arms to embrace the the girl. Although Wu Xinjie’s complexion was somewhat pale, a familiar charm appeared in her eyes, “Young Lord.”

“In the future, don’t do this sort of thing.” Su Xing stiffened his face.

“En.” Wu Xinjie stuck out her tongue.

She turned her head.

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s original body fell out. It was the Nine-tailed Fox that would make anyone feel it was flirty. At this moment, the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s whole body arched, baring its fangs, startled yet infuriated. Under a state of no contract, the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s possession would control the Knowledge Star’s body. In other words, during this time, Wu Xinjie was just like she was in a deep sleep. So long as the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox did not leave the possession state, Wu Xinjie was unable to wake up.

But what made the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox extremely surprised was that under a voluntary possession situation, the Knowledge Star unexpectedly could still wake up. The sole explanation was this – the Knowledge Star and her contractor had reached the Perfect Harmony realm and had already surpassed her control. It was just as Wu Xinjie said, so long as the Nine-tailed Fox harmed Su Xing, then Wu Xinjie could immediately awaken, forcefully breaking the possession.

“To think of harming Young Lord, Xinjie absolutely will not forgive you, Nine-tailed Spirit Fox.”

Wu Xinjie coldly spoke, the Heaven Concealing Star Feather Fan in hand.

“Kill them, then Slave shall accompany you.” The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox slowly calmed. To witness a Star Master with such a realm made her furious yet feel perplexed at the same time.

“Might as well kill you instead.”

Heaven Tearing unsheathed.

It became a great golden downpour that stormed down.

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox made a shrill cry. It glared at Su Xing – the main in front of her truly would not yield even a single step. Go die, you.

“You all will regret this. Knowledge Star, so long as you are in Evil Smiting Hall one day, Slave will make you regret this.” The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox said furiously. It flashed, becoming a ray of white light that escaped.

The Knowledge Star somewhat sighed in regret. This was but the Knowledge Star’s legendary Nine-tailed Spirit Fox. She never expected that they would not capture it, and on the contrary, become enemies instead. Wu Xinjie did not know whether to laugh or cry. However, there was no helping this. The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox in front of them displayed too powerful a control. Let alone that Su Xing loathed it, even she herself did not like it at all.

“This Elder Sister looks somewhat familiar, have we met before?”

Wu Xinjie and Su Xing whirled around, not forgetting that present was also a mysterious Star Master.

Qingci was like a portrait, elegant and refined, her expression calm, her bearing dignified.

Wu Xinjie always felt that she had seen the woman in front of her somewhere before, but she could not recall.

“Qingci, Guo Xue.” Su Xing introduced them simply.

Wu Xinjie nodded. It seemed Su Xing recognized them, that was why she felt they were familiar. Wu Xinjie did not think too much, but she was inwardly speechless at the Dragon Has Nine Sons Purple Rose Astral Treasure around Qingci’s body.

This nine-in-one Purple Rose Astral Treasure was like thunder pouring in her ear. Controlling one was extremely difficult, to say nothing of nine. She wondered which sect’s Star Master Qingci was. Could it be said that she was the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace’s?

Qingci stared at Wu Xinjie, her crystal clear eyes carrying a mystery Su Xing could not describe.

“Little Sister Xinjie has found an enviable contractor.” Qingci smiled. The Yazi Saber dimmed and slowed, then recovering its calm.

“Xinjie feels that this Little Sister Help Star Guo Xue is the enviable one.” Wu Xinjie replied.

The two made friendly conversation. Those unaware would see these two as just like sisters.

But in Qingci’s eyes was some regret.

Su Xing could not fathom her.

Before leaving, Guo Xue nodded at Su Xing, as if she was expressing thanks for his earlier aid. Then, she bade farewell and left this place/

“This Qingci, Young Lord must be wary. In the future, she will be a thorny enemy. Xinjie can sense it.” Wu Xinjie’s tone was serious.

“Didn’t you two chat very happily? Could it be you aren’t friends?” Su Xing smiled and asked.

“Xinjie does not know either.” Wu Xinjie frowned, vexed.

“Don’t think too much. If she’s a friend, drink a cup of wine, if she’s an enemy, send for a blade.” Su Xing had quite the favorable impression of the stunning Qingci. Although the two once had a bit of misunderstanding, when the final phase began, there was the possibility she could perhaps become an ally.

Wu Xinjie smiled: “Is Young Lord thinking of inebriating that Qingci and then taking advantage to assault her afterwards?”1

“I haven’t assaulted my own beautiful ladies enough, why would I assault her.” Su Xing shook his head.

Wu Xinjie’s hands embraced him, her plump chest pressing tightly against his abdomen. Beside his ear, she enchantingly whispered: “Young Lord, there is still some time, come assault Xinjie.”

Su Xing embraced Wu Xinjie, kneading that plumpness, intimately engaging her in a hot kiss.

“Young Lord, Xinjie wants to assault you right now.” Wu Xinjie seized Su Xing’s shameful hardness, her eyes seemingly about to drip lustful tears. She pushed Su Xing down, undressed, completely revealing her whole body.

“We’d better use the Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder first.” Su Xing endured his burning desire.

Wu Xinjie panted, her cheeks crimson: “Young Lord, don’t think of Xinjie. In actuality, Xinjie has an objective.”

“What objective?” Su Xing lifted his head from his sucking.

“Xinjie wants Young Lord…” Wu Xinjie bashfully said.

Su Xing perspired.

This objective was honestly rather straightforward.

Before Wu Xinjie had even finished.

“…There is still that Eight Gates Black Gold Chain…”

Author’s Notes:

–There’s still another chapter–

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  1. She outright states 非禮, which is molestation.


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