Chapter 314: Siyou The Wife

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“Right here??”

Su Xing looked around. The environment Chai Ling chose actually was not something he could fuss with. What he was was expansive, mountains on one side and water on the other, with a beautiful and secluded atmosphere; but that place a thousand li away faintly emitting black qi made him feel feel not particularly pleasant.

“Your time is already short enough. This Palace also does not wish to do more than what is required.”

Chai Ling’s “good at understanding others” opinion naturally was not something Su Xing would decline.

Before coming to Evil Smiting Hall, Chai Ling already made sufficient preparations. Using one day’s time to capture a Star Beast, from the views of others, as far as the ranked tenth Noble Star was concerned was perhaps a somewhat inconceivable matter. However, Chai Ling had positioned herself outside of the Star Duels. Regardless of the good and bad of Star Beasts, so long as she could become a complete Star General, this was Chai Ling’s desire.

Thus, there was no fuss that a day’s time was enough.

Chai Ling took out a golden mill tray. This mill tray’s name was “Devil Pushing Millstone,”1 for as the proverb says, those with money can make the Devil push millstones.2 Chai Ling’s method to find her Star Beast was very direct. She would use the Devil Pushing Millstone to pile up gold to attract her Star Beast. The Noble Star’s Star Beast had always been very easily attracted to flashy things. Using this sort of method to catch a Star Beast would not need to use even a day to be enough.

But the sole weakness was that the myriad threads of light the Devil Pushing Millstone released was visible from even more than a thousand li away. This sort of glaring light was exceptionally easy to attract the curiosity of others. If they encountered a powerful Star Master, with Chai Ling’s capabilities, that would be certain death, so this was also why Wu Siyou would also tag along.

If they had the Harm Star’s assistance, there were few in Evil Smiting Hall who could be her opponent.

When Chai Ling began to stack the Devil Pushing Millstone, Su Xing took out the Shifting Light Mirror.

A stream of light glowed.

Like the outline of a graceful woman sketched on “paper” with a pen.

Wu Siyou walked out from within the mirror, and along with her was the White and Black Unicorn Tiger.

Wu Siyou simply asked a question.

Chai Ling was piling up a “mountain of gold” in Evil Smiting Hall. At this time, Su Xing and Wu Siyou were to only quietly stand guard in the surroundings. Stacking up a gold mountain was an endless and tedious matter. With regards to gold with its always brilliant luster, Su Xing had already lost interest. Entering and exiting Evil Smiting Hall seven times, this trip with Chai Ling actually was unavoidably relaxed.

His mind eased, and Su Xing felt unbearably weary, yet he found a place to rest and sat.

Wu Siyou monitored Chai Ling for a good moment, also feeling this was dull. Leisurely, she glanced at the not at all attentive Su Xing. Pondering for a moment, she then delicately walked towards him.

“You truly have done your utmost, using one month’s time to help them capture their Star Beasts. Now, you have finally tasted suffering, have you not.” Wu Siyou’s voice was light as wind and clouds.

Su Xing raised the corner of his mouth.

“This sort of hardship doesn’t count as anything.”

Wu Siyou grunted.

A faint green bottle landed in Su Xing’s hand.


“This bottle is called ‘Seven Lives Peaceful Mind.’3 Since you knew you were to capture Star Beasts seven times, you should have known to prepare this sort of medicine.” Wu Siyou’s brow rose quite well.

Her “good wife and loving mother” care made Su Xing unable to help but smile. In actuality, he had prepared recovery medicines, however, they were utterly inadequate. To say nothing of relying on medicines, they could only temporarily solve his emergencies. Fighting continuously for a long time, he could not recover at all using medicine. Su Xing thanked her and drank a mouthful of the Seven Lives Peaceful Mind. Wiping his mouth, there was a minty freshness, and his whole body had a cool feeling.

“What happened between you and Wu Xinjie in Evil Smiting Hall?” Wu Siyou finally asked. Even the renowned Harm Star could not help but be astonished upon seeing the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox.

In the previous generations of Star Duels, the most commonly seen best Star Beast of the Knowledge Star had only been the likes of the White Shadow Demon Fox and nothing else. The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox actually was rarely heard of. For legendary Star Beasts like this one of the Knowledge Star, perhaps no arbitrary Star Maiden could capture one. Wu Siyou was honestly puzzled. There was only three days’ time, so how could Su Xing have achieved this degree.

“Sit.” Su Xing gestured to a stone next to him.

Wu Siyou did not move a single step, seemingly unwilling to get too close to him.

Su Xing yawned. He smiled and said: “I’m not going to eat you, I just want to borrow Wifey’s shoulder.”


Wu Siyou knit her brow.

Unable to avoid Su Xing’s gaze, Wu Siyou sat beside him.

Her white clothes were untainted by even a speck of dust, and a serene orchid fragrance hung about her. Nothing more beautiful could be imagined.

“What happened between you two in Evil Smiting Hall? And there was the time with Yingmei. Just what did you do to Yingmei?” Wu Siyou coldly spoke.

“Wifey, just what do you want to ask?” Su Xing smiled.

“So you want to make Your Servant take action like this?” Wu Siyou was somewhat displeased by Su Xing’s flirtatious address.

Su Xing laughed. It seemed Wu Siyou actually began to accept the idea of Wifey. “What is there, haven’t we also taken a married couple’s bath? I remember you yourself recognized our relationship, Siyou.”

“You…” Hearing that awkward incident, Wu Siyou’s face turned cold, yet her ears grew hot.

Although teasing an icy beauty was an interesting thing, Su Xing also knew to stop before going too far, so as to avoid ruining things. With Wu Siyou’s personality, it was better for him to slowly warm the waters. Looking at Wu Siyou’s enchanting red lips, he recalled the naked scene of her in the hotspring, and Su Xing’s whole body burned with impatience.

“What happened with the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox?” Wu Siyou asked.

Su Xing then repeated what he had said to Chai Ling.

Half a day later.

Wu Siyou slightly nodded, pensive. “So it turned out to be this, the Knowledge Star has already manifested the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain…” She paused. Her thin and cold pupils focused on Su Xing, as if she wanted to say something. In the end, she swallowed back her words. “It seems Your Servant is somewhat unnecessary.” She muttered to herself.

“Why am I so sleepy? Wifey, just what was that bottle of medicine you gave me?” Su Xing suddenly felt his eyelids turn heavy, and Wu Siyou’s figure grew fuzzy.

“That can recover your energy, but that is accordingly. You must rest.” Wu Siyou softly said.

“I’m gonna faint, how can I sleep at this time.”

“With Your Servant here, this place does not need your worry.” Wu Siyou disdainfully answered.

Su Xing’s head was somewhat dizzy. A strong drowsiness attacked his mind, and in the final juncture, he forcefully supported his consciousness. He said: “Wife,4 lend me a shoulder to lean on.”

Wu Siyou froze.

Su Xing already leaned his head against Wu Siyou’s shoulder, and he drowsily passed out.

“Believing in Your Servant this much will also make you taste suffering.” Wu Siyou allowed Su Xing to lean on her shoulder. Her right hand flipped, and a bottle of wine appeared. She took it up, drank a few swigs, and her cheeks turned red as she talked to herself.

A golden light blinded her, and Wu Siyou blinked.

Chai Ling had finished piling up the Devil Pushing Millstone. The gold mountain’s light enshrouded the wide expanse of field in a splendid brilliance.

Chai Ling gracefully walked over. Seeing Su Xing lean on Wu Siyou’s shoulder, she smiled yet seemingly did not.

“Has This Palace gone blind? Unexpectedly, there is a man that would dare sleep on your body, Siyou.”

“He is the partner that Yingmei has recognized. Your Servant logically ought to look after him.” Wu Siyou’s tone was indifferent.

Chai Ling certainly did not see things this way. At these, these two were flirty. If she were to speak out about this, no one would believe their relationship was not husband and wife.

“Just what is good about this man, for even the renowned Harm Star Pilgrim Wu Siyou to be moved as well.”

“Hmph, Your Servant also feels that is strange. Little Whirlwind Chai Ling, you unexpectedly would consume the Together To Hell with him.” Wu Siyou shot back.

This question stumped Chai Ling. The queen’s expression was bewitching, and she used her fan to cover her smiled. “It seems This Palace is right. Little Sister is indeed moved.”

Wu Siyou said coldly. “Nonsense.”

“Is that so?” Chai Ling sat on the other side. Staring at Wu Siyou, her expression was full of provocation: “Then just let This Palace properly appease him for a while.” As she said this, her arms wrapped around him, pressing Su Xing against her bosom. Her plump breasts made the fast asleep Su Xing groan a few times.

“Your Servant has no interest in being your rival in love. If you want him, Your Servant shall oblige you.” Wu Siyou’s hand brushed past her flowing hair, her tone unwavering.

Chai Ling softly chuckled. She then pushed Su Xing into Wu Siyou’s chest, and this shove perfectly and exactly made intimate contact with Wu Siyou’s breasts. Wu Siyou’s face was somewhat red, yet she gingerly pushed him aside. After all, that Seven Lives Peaceful Mind was something she herself made him ingest, regardless that it was actually somewhat not too just.

“This Palace is kidding. Little Sister, do not be angry.” Chai Ling saw Wu Siyou’s resentful manner and could not help smiling. “Even while this man dreams, he groupes around. This Palace could not evade him.”

Wu Siyou coldly glanced at Chai Ling, and then she made Su Xing lay his head on her thighs.

Chai Ling felt somewhat astonished when she saw.

“Heh, heh, Siyou and Su Xing look like they actually are very much husband and wife…Siyou, have you not thought of signing a contract with him?” Chai Ling curiously asked.

“Why would Your Servant want to sign a contract with him?” Wu Siyou played her down.

“Could it be Yingmei is not enough reason?” Chai Ling said: “This Palace also knows you would not become enemies with Lin Chong, but at the end of the Star Duels, whether or not you are unable to bear your own wishes, to This Palace, you should sign a contract with Su Xing. Clearly, this is the most perfect outcome.

“Do not raise this issue any further. Your Servant will not sign any contracts.” Wu Siyou was resolute: “Your Servant shall help Yingmei walk to the end, and for the matters afterwards, Your Servant has her own countermeasure!!”

Chai Ling shook her head.

Wu Siyou’s countermeasure was obviously a bad one.

“Little Sister must be considering the overlord title of the previous Wu Song, so that is why you are so opposed to contracts. However, this truly is a senseless affair. By This Palace’s perspective, if the previous Wu Song knew of your present situation, she certainly would oppose your conduct.” Chai Ling mockingly said.

Wu Siyou did not reply. She lowered her head to look at Su Xing, and her other hand pet the White and Black Unicorn Tiger lying down to the side. Chai Ling did not know what Wu Siyou was thinking of.

A moment later.

“Can this attract your Star Beast?” Wu Siyou asked.

“How could This Palace do something meaningless.” Chai Ling smiled. “It is just that the golden light of this Heaven raising pillar is too blinding. Perhaps not only will it draw over Star Beasts, it could even attract other dangers.”

Your Servant has only a single day’s time to assist you.”

“This truly cannot do. Then it seems This Palace can only search inside Evil Smiting Hall alone with Su Xing. This Palace also wishes to know how fortunate she can be by being together with him. If This Palace can encounter a Star Beast as unimaginable as the Nine-Tailed Spirit Fox, perhaps This Palace will put herself into service participating in his Star Duels.” Chai Ling poked fun at Wu Siyou.

How could Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Ling know at this time that a “fortune” sufficient to make her despair was right in front of her.

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  1. 磨推鬼
  2. 有錢能使鬼推磨
  3. 七生寧心
  4. 娘子, more formal, rather than the endearing Wifey he has been using.


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