Chapter 315: The Three-Eyed Wealth Inviting Beast

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Wu Siyou turned her gaze away without the slightest bit of interest from Chai Ling’s words.

On the horizon, the palace hidden in the clouds appeared in front of them.

“That place…”

Wu Siyou muttered, and like Su Xing, she showed an interested expression.

“It has nothing to do with This Palace’s Star Beast. This Palace certainly does not wish to bring trouble to herself.” Chai Ling had made her position clear in advance. To have her go to that place was an idea she would not accept, without exception.

“That place has some activity. Perhaps there will be trouble.” Wu Siyou’s eyes slightly narrowed, and she sneered.

Chai Ling could also tell that the air from that place was not too likable, but she was not very concerned. Speaking of trouble, the Noble Star honestly did not feel that anyone could give any trouble to the Three Star Star Weapon Harm Star. Chai Ling looked with a seeming smile at the fortunate man sleeping on Wu Siyou’s lap, speaking in ridicule.

“That said, Siyou, how much longer do you plan on letting Su Xing lay upon your lap?”


A black wind billowed cold and dismal, drawing apart the dense fog.

The corners of the palace skirt shattered and became snowflakes. Gong Caiwei promptly leaned, a slight graveness appearing on her face. “Hm, hm, hm, hm.” Li Longkui, the Killer Star, swung the Bereaved Immortal Lofty Slaughter double-axe, and a black light forced aside the twisting Tracing Snow Sword. Several dozen Ice Spirit Snow Soul Flying Swords endlessly attacked, but to Li Longkui, these hardly posed a threat.

Li Longkui screamed, slashing.

Cong Caiwei’s escape technique dodged.

Instantly, she landed five hundred meters away.


Zhu Sha floated back in retreat, the Five Elements Weather Banner hastily blocking Li Longkui’s incursive attack.

Gong Caiwei panted. The Killer Star in front of her was somewhat frightening. The injuries her attacks gave Li Longkui apparently had been completely ignored. The tall woman before her raised that Bereaved Immortal Lofty Slaughter without leaving any room to maneuver. She completely ignored all of Gong Caiwei’s attacks, as if she was a demon of slaughter.

Fiend Star!!

This was a Fiend Star not just in name but also in reality.

Gong Caiwei slowly breathed, forgetting the fear that wanted to grow in her heart.

When she spotted the “Guanghan Moon Palace,”1 Gong Caiwei had originally thought of giving it to the “Cassia Rabbit”2 Star Beast that Zhu Sha was searching for. How could she have known that she would run into the Killer Star Black Whirlwind Li Kui who was also paying a visit. Furthermore, she was a Killer Star who had obtained the Star Beast “Biting Asura.”3

Incapable of using magic weapons, Gong Caiwei honestly was at wit’s end against Li Kui.

“Still you do not run? I will have you sliced into ten thousand pieces.” Li Longkui shouted, fast as flying.


Li Longkui stopped and lifted her head.

Gong Caiwei and Zhu Sha lifted their heads at the same time.

The bottom of the Guanghan Moon Palace raised a magic cloud of ice and frost, letting down a galaxy. On this river of stars was a divine horse, which stepped on stars and frost, with a mane seemingly of fire. A woman of general-like sternness straddled the horse. Her facial features were dignified, yet she was calm. Even if they were separated by a distance, that overbearing mountain-like aggression made them unable to draw breath.

“This General was wondering why it was so noisy. As it turns out, there are Sisters in a Star Duel.”

The woman spoke, laughing aloud.

Gong Caiwei, Zhu Sha and Li Longkui coldly glared at her.

The treasure horse landed, and the woman on the horse swept her gaze over them. “Li Kui, Zhu Wu, it has truly been a long time.”

“Courting death!”

Li Longkui no longer cared for Gong Caiwei. With a leap, the Black Whirlwind attacked.

The girl wore a jade necklace and golden armor. Laughing, her hand fell, and a heavy armament appeared in her hand. With a clang, the girl riding the horse easily knocked Li Kui back.

“Good, allow This General to properly lecture you disobedient Little Sisters.”

The girl slightly smiled.

Seeing that weapon, this time with Li Longkui included, the three were very surprised.

Four Star Destined Weapon!

“This Gong did not expect to surprisingly encounter you!”

Gong Caiwei’s cold as ice and frost face showed a graveness. Seeing that outstanding Four Star Destined Weapon, the Immortal Hero Princess’ inner tension was fully revealed. At the current phase, she completely was not a foe against a Four Star Destined Weapon.

The weapon naturally was Ying’er.

“Above is the Guanghan Moon Palace. This General has looked forward to this for a very long time.” The girl said.

A mighty pressure matching a Four Star Destined Weapon pounced towards them.

Gong Caiwei, Zhu Sha and Li Longkui cooperated with much tacit understanding, aiming their hostility at Ying’er.

“Ying’er, quickly dispatch them. That place apparently has a very interesting thing.”

A gentle male voice came from behind the girl.

The Great Saint Starkiller clad in black magnificent clothing stared at something a thousand meters away, a twinkling gold light flashing in his eyes.

“This General obeys your orders.”

Ying’er smiled.

Gong Caiwei, Zhu Sha and Li Longkui instantly launched an offensive. Their objective was not just anyone, but Great Saint Starkiller. To confront a Sister with a Four Star Destined Weapon, even Fiend Star Li Kui would choose to flee.

The Five Elements Weather Banner’s array first trapped Ying’er.

Gong Caiwei’s Ice Soul Frost Spirit Flying Swords directly stabbed Great Saint Starkiller, and Li Longkui used Wild Dance of Demons and Gods.

But this overwhelming thing was completely far from enough.

The treasure horse whinnied, breaking through Zhu Sha’s array, galloping fast as the wind and instantly intercepting Li Longkui from the front. The Star Weapon in her hand rose and fell, ending the Wild Dance of Demons and Gods.

The chilly cold wind came chopping right in her face. Several hundred strands of Li Longkui’s messy black hair was severed by the Four Star Destined Weapon’s sharp edge. The Killer Star bared her teeth, the double-axe resisting the attack. Ying’er smiled, and the Li Longkui with the  pressure of a thousand catties practically was about to fall to a knee. Li Longkui’s face was pale. She took a step back, raised a hand, and her Evil Smiting Writ activated, leaving this place completely without the slightest hesitation.

The entire process took place in the blink of an eye. Killer Star Li Longkui was forced out of Evil Smiting Hall.

Gong Caiwei’s attack did not obtain any battle results. Great Saint Starkiller’s Heavenly Cycle Changing Sword was more powerful than she had thought. Sensing that Li Longkui had been defeated face-to-face, Gong Caiwei was without the slightest hesitation, “Zhu Sha, leave!!”

But compared to Li Longkui’s circumstances, the scene Gong Caiwei confronted was somewhat terrible. She still had not reached the time when she could leave Evil Smiting Hall.


Great Saint Starkiller smiled.

“As it turned out, you still cannot leave Evil Smiting Hall? Then you are dead for certain, Immortal Hero Princess!!”

Seeing Gong Caiwei currently running towards that heaven-raising golden light, Great Saint Starkiller coldly laughed. Following Ying’er, he chased after them.

“Wifey, did I miss anything?”

Su Xing stretched himself and rose. He slept exceptionally well.

“Must you so shamelessly address Your Servant?” Wu Siyou was unhappy.

Nonsense, habit becomes nature. Emotions must begin their cultivation from the most insignificant details. Of course, Su Xing did not dare say this aloud. He laughed: “Alright then, Wife.”

Wu Siyou was expressionless.

“If you like it, then I’ll address you as Wife from now on?” Su Xing winked.

Wu Siyou scowled, “Hmph, Your Servant certainly does not have an unfaithful and empty Lord Husband like you!!” He could tell the Harm Star was exceptionally dissatisfied.

Su Xing rolled his eyes at her.

“Just consider it for Lin Yingmei.” Su Xing used her shoulder to help himself up. “Our relationship improving a bit won’t make things difficult for her, isn’t that right?”

Wu Siyou’s white finger flicked away that perverse hand.

“Your Servant knows you have a tongue like reeds and does not wish to engage in chatter with you.”

However, Wu Siyou also conceded that Su Xing’s words were somewhat logical. Compared to Su Xing, who concerned Wu Siyou more was Yingmei.

“Wife, you are but a bit hypocritical.” Su XIng smiled. “But I am considerably earnest.”


“It seems I’d better call Siyou Wife in the future.” Su Xing pondered.

Wu Siyou knew that the shameless man in front of her was making her show her true feelings,  to make her personally admit the relationship between them. Although such a relationship was somewhat something scoff at in Wu Siyou’s eyes, of course Wu Siyou still had another sort of answer, which was to use the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus to cut him into pieces to feed to dogs.

“You had best still call Your Servant ‘Wifey.’” Wu Siyou already lost the interest to argue. Whoever made her commit that previous folly of calling out Lord Husband had made this man take a mile when she gave an inch.

For this kind of detail, Wu Siyou did not wish to bicker any longer. No one else knew what “Wifey” meant anyways. In addition, Wu Siyou had found that she herself was not truly disgusted with such an address, but compared to the annoying Su Xing’s shouts, as if he was merrily poking fun at her, this made Wu Siyou somewhat upset. Now seeing Su Xing was truly wishing for it, Wu Siyou felt whatever was fine for him.

“If the young married couple has finished flirting, then should you not be helping This Palace capture her Star Beast.” Chai Ling’s mocking voice came from afar.

“Chai Ling, what nonsense do you speak of.” Wu Siyou’s face was slightly red as she shot a glance at her.

“This Palace certainly is not fond of being coy or maudlin. Since you have been called as such, then admit it. These repeated changes, This Palace actually somewhat cannot look upon Siyou.” Chai Ling seemingly smiled yet did not.

Wu Siyou had been left speechless by her words, and her ears burned with fire.

Chai Ling’s words reached Su Xing’s heart, but he did not want to make things too embarrassing for Wu Siyou. He then shifted the topic and asked: “Has your Star Beast come.”

“It has come.”

Chai Ling pointed.

A snow-white figure had appeared on the “gold mountain” and was currently nibbling on the gold.

Staring, that unexpectedly was a cat.

With one gold and one dark heterochromatic pupils, fur that was soft, a tail like a flexible and slippery snake easily moving about, it looked completely like an ordinary cat.

“Chai Ling, this is your Star Beast?” Any way Su Xing looked at it, this was just a housecat.

“Riches And Honor Persia,4 This Palace had once heard of it but never expected to actually see it. This Palace takes it very much to her liking.” Chai Ling nodded.5

“This must be the Three-eyes Wealth Inviting Beast!”6 Wu Siyou said.

“Siyou, you know of it.” Chai Ling smiled. The Riches And Honor Persia was also called the “Three-eyes Wealth Inviting Beast,” a Star Beast that could bring good fortune. Using gold as food, it ate the treasures in the world. Legend said that it could open a third eye that could dissolve the treasures of the world, however, Chai Ling actually did not fancy its abilities. Placing herself outside the Star Duels, whatever happened was fleeting nature of the heavens. What Chai Ling took to her liking actually was the Three-eyed Wealth Inviting Beast’s figure.

Delicate and adorable, this honestly was the optimum choice for a housepet.

She had the feeling to hug this little cat in her bosom, and thus Chai Ling was very moved. Let alone that this was her Star Beast, this feeling of satisfaction was simply something she never had before.

Su Xing was speechless. As it turned out, Chai Ling had faced such enormous risk just to come find a housecat to act as a pet.

She truly did very much have the style of a queen.

“Then what should we do right now?” Su Xing asked her. The Riches And Honor Persia currently lay atop the gold mountain that Chai Ling piled up, eating to its heart’s content. For the time being, it was not easy to act.

“Wait until she is full. This Palace can then capture it.” Chai Ling chuckled.

“Money can open Heaven, not just in name but in reality.” Su Xing sighed. This perhaps was the easiest time he had coming to Evil Smiting Hall to capture a Star Beast.

A queen was a queen, and her Star Beast was docile.

“But before that, it seems trouble has come.” Chai Ling’s gaze suddenly sunk as she stared into the horizon.

The expressions of Su Xing and Wu Siyou turned serious at the same time.

A powerful pressure was currently heading towards this place.

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  1. 廣寒月宮, this is a bit redundant since 廣寒宮 itself already means Moon Palace.
  2. 桂兔, a reference to the Moon Rabbit and the Cassia Tree.
  3. 噬修羅
  4. 富貴波斯
  5. Go figure, a rich lady and her cat(s).
  6. 三瞳招財獸, basically the cat statues with the upraised paw that businesses put in their stores.


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