Chapter 317: The “Brave Star” Guan Ying

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“Now that Guan Sheng is here, Wu Song, do you dare battle?”

Brave Star Guan Ying straightforwardly smiled. The fame of the previous Wu Song, Star Duel Overlord, shook the entire world. In her own capacity as the number one in mounted battles, her martial force was similarly did not lose out to top-notch martial generals like Lu Junyi. Guan Ying also was eager to give Wu Siyou a try, for she raised the intent to challenge her.

In the previous Star Duels, the Brave Star was always a not so subtle trophy, and for that reason in this generation, Guan Ying also put down the so-called dignity of a top-notch martial general, no longer bothering about the so-called good or evil of the Netherworld. And no wonder, for the Star Duels inherently disregarded good and evil. They cared only for life and death. The so-called good and bad was nothing more than a hypocritical mask to deceive herself. Previous Guan Shengs that took orders with matchless loyalty and bravery nevertheless suffered many tragedies.

It was this mistake that Guan Ying would no longer repeat.

Not only did Guan Ying find a talented and outstanding Star Master in the Netherworld, she even had the assistance of the number one Devil Star Palace. Now was only the Third Phase Evil Smiting Hall, yet Guan Sheng’s current position practically could be said to be the peak of the successive generations of Star Duels, a realm that no one could reach.

Four Star Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade, Matchless Fifth Stage, the number three Star Beast mount Guanghan Red Hare.

Guang Ying nearly held an advantage over Wu Siyou in every aspect.

Except for one…


Facing the standing Guan Ying, Wu Siyou’s calm was somewhat frightening. Those eyes made Guan Ying somewhat dissatisfied, and she even felt danger.

“Let your horse come here then!”

Wu Siyou sneered.

The White and Black Unicorn Tiger roared. The Harm Star straddled it, the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus’ black light and snow followed the clarity of its master’s thoughts. Pure light reflected upon Wu Siyou’s face, a frighteningly beautiful sight.

The battles of first-rate Star Generals required no more chatter.

The Guanghan Red Hare was flanked by rolling clouds of frost and raging flames. Star General spurred Star Beast into a charge. Oftentimes, the first strike was enough to be fatal. Wu Siyou was cool as ice and frost, instantly forging ahead.

The White and Black Unicorn Tiger bared its fangs and claws, its aggressiveness similarly ferocious.

The Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade and Noble Frost Demonic Lotus clashed with clear and crisp jolts. Just the sound alone of the impacts was enough to be ear-piercing.

“Wu Song, you must not make This General disappointed!” The Guan Ying sitting upon the Guanghan Red Hare shouted, her Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade making a reverse slash, executing an attack that was like Mount Tai. Air that seemingly had the pressure of a thousand catties whooshed.


A cold swordtip drew a streak of absolute cold.

The Four Star Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade and the Three Star Noble Frost Demonic Lotus once again crossed. Guang Ying’s hand lowered, and Wu Siyou immediately felt her hand go numb. The double-ended sword nearly flew out of her hand, for Guan Ying’s strength completely was unprecedented to Wu Siyou.

The White and Black Unicorn Tiger scratched at the Guanghan Red Hare, wanting to use its sharp claws to help its master. The Guanghan Red Hare was the high third ranked Star Beast. Those four eyes emitted frosty clouds and raging flames that intercepted the White and Black Unicorn Tiger’s attack.

Its hooves kicked, forcing the White and Black Unicorn Tiger back several steps.

“Witness the Crescent Moon Blade Technique.” Guan Ying again slashed, brandishing a dazzling blade qi.

Noble Frost Demonic Lotus forged onwards.

The sword made an unexpected move, blocked again and again.

In the time of the several exchanges between Wu Siyou and Guan Ying’s Star Beasts, on the other side, Su Xing had made a move against Great Saint Starkiller.

Langya split off into countless glistening blue lights, their sparkling clearly overlaid with a bamboo sword.

The Evil Suppressing Clear Light spilled forth in a flood, forcing Great Saint Starkiller to be continuously astonished. This arrogant number one Star Master of the Netherworld did not dare touch it directly. Controlling the Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Sword, he barely resisted, “You contracted the Noble Star? Truly strange, unexpectedly there would be a Star Master like you.” Great Saint Starkiller’s Star Energy was at the peak of Galaxy, and Su Xing who had yet to refine Wu Xinjie’s Star Energy was merely Galaxy Middle Stage. Hm? Great Saint Starkiller actually could rely on his own strengths and use the Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Swords to block Su Xing’s Langya.

Great Saint Starkiller was secure in the knowledge that he had backing, remaining calm despite the situation, not minding Su Xing and the others at all. In his perspective, with Brave Star Guan Ying here, the few people in front of him were merely among the dead.

Su Xing continuously used several abilities, the Purple Cloud True Star and Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder not leaving any room.

Great Saint Starkiller gasped, for he noticed this Purple Thunder was somewhat familiar.

“Just what is your relationship with the Purple Thunder Monster?”

Su Xing wrinkled his brow, for he saw that Langya had been stopped.

Glancing out the corner of his eye, he saw that Wu Siyou’s situation was considerably far from good.

Every second longer he delayed was another variable added. Su Xing certainly did not want this, but Evil Smiting Hall’s forbiddance made Su Xing’s Prehistoric Spirit Treasures incapable of use. This undoubtedly left him without a trump card.

Wu Siyou’s side was somewhat troubled.

Su Xing spied a cool and elegant figure. Fortunately, Wu Siyou at this time fighting against Guan Ying had drawn away the woman’s line of sight.

Her careless expression was stirring.

There was a sort of telepathic feeling that shot through his heart.

It seemed he could only do this.

Su Xing bit open the tip of his tongue, spraying out blood that concentrated into the Blaze Refining Nine Hells Saber. The sword flew about of its own accord, and the will-o-the-wisps upon the blade gathered and slashed at Great Saint Starkiller.

Great Saint Starkiller put two fingers together.

Several bolts of black light like specters shot over to block Su Xing.

This took place in only several seconds, and the Great Saint Starkiller relied on these few seconds to avoid the sneak attack.

“The Blaze Refining Nine Hells Saber? This is the Deviance Star’s Star Weapon? You unexpectedly could dispatch the Red-haired Devil?” Great Saint Starkiller looked at that nine-ringed ghost saber, showing a surprised expression.

The Star Master that contracted the Noble Star was capable of getting rid of the Red-haired Devil?

Great Saint Starkiller did not dare believe this fact.

It must have been achieved by relying on Wu Song.

His thoughts passing by, Great Saint Starkiller also bit open his tongue the first moment he could, and in his hand also appeared a Star Weapon, the Three Star Wind Slashing Dragon Fang. When he put it in his hand, the Wind Slashing Dragon Fang slashed out hundreds of streaks of dragon fang saber qi. The saber qi spread out, enveloping the area.

This was the Forest Emerging Dragon Zou Yuan’s Yellow Rank Technique.

Wind Slaying Slash!

Due to Great Saint Star Killer killing Zou Yuan when she was at Three Star, it was inevitable that by inheriting the Star Weapon, he inherited the Forest Emerging Dragon’s everything. Although Su Xing’s Blaze Refining Nine Hells Saber was a Heavenly Star’s weapon, when he had obtained it, it was not even One Star.

Relying on his powerful battle talents, Su Xing raised the Blaze Refining Nine Hells Infernal Saber and barely resisted.

“Bringing about your own destruction!”

Great Saint Starkiller brought down slash after slash.

This time, he did not completely hesitate to use Dragon Hidden In Pond!1

The Netherworld’s number one Star Master naturally was not an empty name. Using two techniques consecutively, he completely did not give Su Xing the slightest opportunity, but he already knew about Great Saint Starkiller’s might. Su Xing naturally would not be so rash.

On the contrary, what Su Xing had waited for was Great Saint Starkiller using Dragon Hidden In Pond.

Dragon Hidden In Pond made Great Saint Starkiller’s Speed increase several fold in an instant. His body was like a dragon, the axehead suddenly slashing. In the blink of an eye, he had drawn near, directly making for Su Xing’s heart.


The Blaze Refining Ning Hells Saber horizontally blocked in front of his chest, perfectly blocking this cut.

The Blaze Refining Nine Hells Saber barely blocked for a second before nevertheless shattering.


Great Saint Starkiller felt enormous surprise. Su Xing was not infuriated, but smiled instead. How could he have known that Su Xing had already experienced his Dragon Hiding In Pond. Naturally, he knew that this move’s fierce aspect was in its strength instantly exploding at the moment of attack.

Not good.

Great Saint Starkiller suddenly had an unsightly expression.

Su Xing’s left hand that had been charging now struck full force. Great Saint Starkiller only felt his eyes were dazzled, and his chest went cold. Su Xing’s devil-like five fingered demonic claw pressed against his chest, the movement incomparably gentle. This was the first time ever that Great Saint Starkiller had been stunned by a Star Master. He had yet to cry out when there was a “zi-la” sound. A sharpness sharper than even a sword directly seized Great Saint Starkiller and violently tore downwards.

A wound deep enough to show bone sent blood flying.

Great Saint Starkiller screamed, flying away.

Su Xing clenched his claw that dripped with blood, not having thought that the “Nine Claws True Dragon Art” he obtained from Long Aotian would be so useful. Then, he did not hesitate at all to continue attacking.

“Wu Song, is this all you can do?”

Guan Ying’s hands gripped the great blade, and the Guanghan Red Hare suddenly charged forwards.

It slammed the White and Black Unicorn Tiger, sending it sliding backwards a hundred meters.

The horse’s footfalls thundered, the sound of the wind like a thunderclap.

Guan Ying raised the Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade and charged forth, her aggression like a swelling sea.

Wu Siyou’s expression was ice and frost. Gritting her teeth, the Harm Star was very clear about her present situation. With Guan Ying riding her Star Beast, even Lu Junyi would be slightly hard-pressed. Originally, the Brave Star had an advantage in all aspects, yet in their current battle, Wu Song was being overwhelmed even more. Consecutively clashing with their Star Beasts in a hundred exchanges, Wu Siyou’s snow-white skirt already displayed numerous tears. Even the White and Black Unicorn Tiger was also weary and battered.

Continuing like this further would only bring about defeat even quicker!

Wu Siyou’s eyes showed an even colder light. As the Pilgrim, Wu Siyou knew her own advantage absolutely was not on Star Beasts, but rather on foot. Now, the sole thing she could do was to cut down Guan Ying’s Guanghan Red Hare. Only with this could she have the possibility to fight.

Wu Siyou did not plan to win at all. The only thing she thought of right now was to buy enough time for Chai Ling and Su Xing to capture the Star Beast.

Of course, the battles between top-notch martial generals often would give each other enormous benefit. On this point, Wu Siyou also was fixated.

Her hands clenched the sword, concentrating the strength of her whole body into her wrists. The White and Black Unicorn Tiger sensed its master’s intent, and it wildly charged.

In their first exchange, the clashing of metal struck their eardrums. Suddenly, Wu Siyou jumped, leaving the White and Black Unicorn Tiger. The White and Black Unicorn Tiger opened its mouth wide, and like a flash of lightning, it pounced. Wu Siyou’s figure landed like a swallow, the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus slashing at Guan Ying on the Guanghan Red Hare.

Wu Siyou attacked above, the White and Black Unicorn Tiger attacked below, her coordination with Star Beast making Guan Ying slightly impressed.

But this was not enough!

The Guanghan Red Hare jolted out flowing frost and raging flames, doubling over as it attacked the White and Black Unicorn Tiger.

Guan Ying at this time also instantly slashed.

Sweeping between the Pilgrim’s arms, she slashed directly at the chest.

How could she have anticipated that…

Wu Siyou suddenly flung the double-ended sword, and a powerful killing intent directly burst open in the area, like converging lotuses. In that instant, Wu Siyou’s speed abruptly was swift to the extreme.

Ten Li Demonic Lotus Dragon Slaying?!

Guan Ying was astonished. Her own attack had been beat back. Relying on this sudden outburst of aggression, Wu Siyou arrived behind Guan Ying in the blink of an eye, and her sword slashed down at Red Hare.

The Matchless Fifth Stage Brave Star was bold and powerful. Wu Siyou’s seemingly unexpected sneak attack completely did not need any reflection from Guan Ying. Leaning, she instinctively lashed out with her blade, the Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade slashing ahead, raising a cold wind.

This time, Wu Siyou absolutely did not have any possibility of evading.

“If only Little Sister could return to the Star Nest.”

Guan Ying thus said.

Wu Siyou faced the onward slash without a trace of fear. Just at this moment, without warning, Guan Ying felt her whole body jolt. There was a sort of pain as if her soul was being thrashed. The Brave Star’s complexion changed, and this slash suddenly lost its sharpness.

The weapon’s tip brushed past Wu Siyou’s cheek, and her hair was severed inch by inch from the weapon’s blade qi.

Guan Ying’s split second hesitation gave Wu Siyou a valuable opportunity to counterattack.

Wu Siyou even used a lightning-like rush. The Matchless Fifth Stage Guan Ying practically did not need to think during battle. Her palm patted the Guanghan Red Hare, and her figure immediately soared away from Red Hare. In that instant she left, the Guanghan Red Hare was twisted apart by an eerie sword-light like ink yet also like snow.

Fortunately, the Guanghan Red Hair was not the average Star Beast. Being slashed by Wu Siyou like this merely sent it to its last gasp, tottering on the brink. The White and Black Unicorn Tiger pounced, biting down on the Guanghan Red Hare’s windpipe. The Guanghan Red Hare’s whole body of frost and flame erupted and immediately surged like a storm.

“Azure Dragon Slash!!”2

Guan Ying shouted.

She promptly brandished her blade.

Star Generals that entered the Matchless Realm did not need to charge in order to use “Heaven Earth Dark Yellow,” and a Yellow Rank Technique was done as easily as turning her hand. These slash was powerful as lightning, the blade qi spurting forth an Azure Dragon that directly attacked.

There were two cries.

Sparks fell, as did white light.

The Guanghan Red Hare and the White and Black Unicorn Tiger surprisingly both disappeared.

The Star Beasts that Star Generals contracted were not at all innately immortal like Star Generals, but they did have the capability to resurrect three times. However, each death and subsequent revival would require the waste of even more Star Energy. Furthermore, the death of the Star Beast would make Star Generals hurt for a very long time.

Guan Ying’s mighty smile had already disappeared from sight. Out of the corner of her eye, several hundred meters away were the currently battling Su Xing and Great Saint Starkiller. Spotting that Great Saint Starkiller had unexpectedly sustained injury, she was somewhat enraged. It was that moment just now that if Great Saint Starkiller had not been injured, simultaneously draining her, the Harm Star before her might have already directly Star Fell.


However, that instant honestly was too fortunate. Guan Ying could only see this as Heaven’s concern for the previous overlord.

Enviable concern.

“How is it?”

Guan Ying said.


“Wu Song, do you still wish to fight? You completely do not need to come to Evil Smiting Hall and must be able to leave as you please.”

Guan Ying said.

Wu Song did not reply. Gripping her sword in one hand, her slender jade legs stepped apart into an attack stance. Her answer was very direct.

“Worthy of being called the successor of the previous overlord, This General is impressed.” Guan Ying nodded her head in praise. Then, she shook her head: “But, you ought to know, the you without a Star Master fundamentally cannot defeat This General.” Although Guan Ying had suffered a hardship because of Great Saint Starkiller, regardless of how it was put, with the support of Great Saitn Starkiller’s Star Energy, Guan Ying already far surpassed Wu Siyou in terms of Star Energy. Just this amount of Star Energy alone was sufficient to allow Guan Ying the use of the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow to make Wu Siyou properly suffer misfortune.

Could it be that you remain behind for the sake of that man?” Guan Ying turned her head, watching the Su Xing fighting Great Saint Starkiller.

Great Saint Starkiller regained his senses. After casting Guan Ying an apologetic expression, he immediately was abruptly infuriated yet also cautious. Great Saint Starkiller had cultivated the “Eight Desolate Heavenly Demon Body” and also had Guan Ying’s Innate Skill, “The Unrivalled.” For Su Xing to kill him was not as easy as killing a Star General. So long as Great Saint Starkiller made no further errors, Guan Ying believed that man would die sooner or later.

“Guan Sheng, you have a lot of nonsense to say.”

Wu Siyou’s voice was expressionless as her figure flashed by.

“It seems indeed so.”

Guan Ying nodded.

Leaping, the Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade horizontally blocked Wu Siyou’s attack. Curling her lips into a smile, both her hands grasped the Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Moon Blade. “Wu Song, This General shall see for just how long you can stay in Evil Smiting Hall!!”

Guan Sheng’s whole body erupted with a powerful intimidating aura.

Unexpectedly forcing Wu Siyou’s attack apart, she nearly was injured from the impact. Even so, this aggression still made Wu Siyou’s eyes blinkg.

Innate Skill, Unrivalled mode?

Just at this moment, here eyes flashed a cold light.


Sparks sprayed everywhere.

Wu Siyou’s seemingly forever cold pupils showed enormous shock. Such swift speed, such powerful strength.

Guan Ying’s wrist sunk, and blossoming with an imposing smile, the Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade release terrifying waves.

The attack instantly was like a rushing tide.

At practically the moment metal clashed, Wu Siyou’s double-ended sword and Guan Ying’s Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade slammed into each other, giving rise to an enormous impact so cold that the entire earth shivered, and fog wildly rolled away.

Wu Siyou adjusted her sword, moved her figure. The qi on her swordblade concentrated into a sharp saber-light, ripping apart the air.

The air distorted.

Wu Siyou attacked with full power, not holding back in the slightest.

Regardless of whether it was was speed, angle, power or willpower, everything was impeccably perfect.

This slash was directly went for a blindspot, flawless.


Guan Ying had always been fond of trampling perfect things. She allowed Wu Siyou to once again witness the total superiority of a Four Star Destined Weapon.

The Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade stirred.

Crushing Wu Siyou’s perfect sword-light, the power she raised directly pushed Wu Siyou back. Following the movement of the saber-light, the Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade slashed out an Azure Dragon, not to attack Wu Siyou, but rather to attack Su Xing.

Wu Siyou’s pupils shrunk.

Guan Ying’s eyes laughed, as if she was saying: Do you wish to save him?

Wu Siyou hesitated for a split second, not moving. She grabbed the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus, her attacks actually in continuous fury.

“Little Sister, that is truly a good expression.”

Guan Ying exclaimed.


The Su Xing currently battling Great Saint Starkiller suddenly sensed a powerful strength attack. Out the corner of his eye, an Azure Dragon like a sword made a beeline for his chest. Su Xing hastily retreated, but that Azure Dragon was seemingly alive, chasing after Su Xing.

That speed and power was swift nearly to the point of making Su Xing completely incapable of blocking.

With the Yellow Rank Technique used by a Matchless Fifth Stage Four Star Destined Weapon, let alone Su Xing being able to dodge, even a Heavenly Star Martial General would not necessarily avoid this.


Su Xing did not expect that Guan Ying would be so troublesome. To be able to send an attack at him while fighting Wu Siyou, this was the Brave Star in Unrivalled state. At any opportunity, at any time, she could execute the attack she wanted.


Gong Caiwei abruptly blocked with her body.

A Flying Sword shielded her.

“You’re crazy.” Su Xing turned pale with fright when he saw that Gong Caiwei unexpectedly wanted to shield him.

This slash proceeded. Unless Gong Caiwei had some trump card, she would undoubtedly would be scattered smoke and ash.

The Azure Dragon blade-light exploded. For a time, seven-colored Starlight twinkled and formed a magnificent galaxy that unexpectedly broke the Azure Dragon Slash.

Su Xing stared in a daze, his heart suddenly somewhat worried.

Gong Caiwei’s figure was indistinctly visible in the explosion. When Su Xing saw, he hastily rushed to her side. Grabbing her, he shouted: “You’re crazy. Always, it has been the handsome hero that blocks the blade for the beautiful damsel. What are you doing going against convention.”

Gong Caiwei’s cold as snow face also was blank when she heard these words.

This man was unavoidably too lacking in a sense of urgency?

“Unexpectedly flirting in front of This One.” Great Saint Starkiller angrily said.

“Get lost!”3

Su Xing waved his hand. Langya emitted a quaking cry that actually made Great Saint Starkiller roll4 quite a distance away.

Damned Evil Suppressed Gem Bamboo.

“It was not I who blocked that.” Gong Caiwei saw that Su Xing had grabbed her shoulder. Her brow furrowed, somewhat in pain.

When Su Xing saw, he was a bit too anxious just now. “It wasn’t you? Then what about these?”

Starlight swirled and enveloped the entire area in an atmosphere of ancient mystery.

Lowering their heads, they saw  Chai Ling seemingly smiling yet not as she stood below watching. “Su Xing, you are somewhat unfaithful, unexpectedly wishing to take advantage of even a Star Master.”

Looking at the queen’s forehead, her frontlet and other jewels twinkled with a gorgeous Starlight. These Starlights was just like a veil draped over Chai Ling’s shoulders, making Chai Ling appear even more elegant and refined. Mysteriously making them feel fear, following Chai Ling’s white finger dancing, this moonlight and starlight seemed to come alive and emit a spirit-like brilliance. Flowing, they dispersed the entire edge.

“Purple Rose Astral Treasure: Moon Seizing Star Taking!!”5

Gong Caiwei muttered.

“This Palace certainly does not want to owe you a favor.”

Chai Ling said.


From faraway, there was a sneer.

An Azure Dragon once again bellowed.

Chai Ling’s eyes flashed with light. Her finger fluttered, starlight twinkled, and flowing like a river, the moment the Azure Dragon sunk into the galaxy, it immediately disappeared without a trace.


Guan Ying displayed one aspect of Unrivalled. The Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade directly used “Azure Dragon Slash.” Heavenly Stars using Heaven Earth Dark Yellow generally was very demanding. Using one would consume much strength, and even if they were higher by a realm, they would not misuse it. Until the critical moment, there was no usefulness.

But Guan Ying in “Unrivalled” basically did not need to care about this minor detail.

The Azure Dragon Slash surged forth.

As if it completely ignored Wu Siyou’s existence.

Chai Ling grit her teeth. The galaxy and bright moon that Moon Seizing Star Taking raised was increasingly dense, continuously breaking Guan Ying’s Azure Dragon Slash.

“Quickly go capture the Star Beast, we cannot defeat her!” Su Xing shouted, immediately using Langya in a tandem dance. Afterwards, he aimed at Great Saint Starkiller.

Moon Seizing Star Taking really was not unlimited in use. Each time she broke an Azure Dragon Slash, it greatly consumed the Star Energy that Little Whirlwind had accumulated over so many years. After several times, she was somewhat burdened. Hearing Su Xing’s words, Chai Ling said nothing more. Seeing that the Three-eyed Wealth Inviting Beast had already eaten the gold, the perfect opportunity to capture it. Chai Ling was very clear that the group right now basically was incapable of confronting the Guan Ying that held the advantage.

“Do not be furious before Your Servant.”

Seeing Guan Ying so unbridled, Wu Siyou was angry.


The Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade’s trajectory suddenly changed. All of a sudden, Guan Ying’s slash drew near before Wu Siyou’s eyes.

With an air-shattering sparkle, Wu Siyou somersaulted down.

“Little Sister, still you do not leave??!!” Guan Ying’s power was vast, displaying a tyrannical Moon Slashing Blade Technique.

Wu Siyou’s expression was exceptionally grave. For the sake of not letting Guan Ying face Su Xing, she had already completely blocked Guan Ying’s line of sight, concentrating the Blade Technique on herself. Passing through the Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade’s change in trajectory and the sweeping air of intimidation, Wu Siyou could clearly see the Guan Ying in the center.

Continuing with several dozen exchanges.

Wu Siyou already fell back again and again, being forced to a dead end.

Great Blade Guan Ying’s Moon Slashing Blade Technique was very tyrannical, proving herself to have inherited the legendary Three Kingdoms Warlord Saint of War Guan Yu’s blade technique.


Dodging again and again.

Sword-light directly attacked.

Guan Ying was taken aback. From what she felt confronting Noble Frost Demonic Lotus, there really was not a prideful fighting spirit of fury. Rather, there was a kind of completely confounding tranquility and a sort of easy as lifting weights calm.

Guan Ying’s sneer instantly came into Wu Siyou’s view. Slashing without any leeway, in the midst of a shattering sound, she cut her target apart.

But, this was only a shadow.

A sneer came from behind her. All of a sudden, Wu Siyou appeared. Guan Ying did not need to react at all, for she instinctively spun around to block. Heaven knew how this sort of meanuever was completed, but a fire-light appeared on her weapon, simultaneously pushing back.

A trace of blood flew out.

It was unknown when her arm had a wound ripped open by Guan Ying’s Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade.

Blood directly flowed, yet Wu Siyou remained unmoved.

Without pausing at all, two figures rapidly rushed towards each other with speed beyond compare. Guan Ying’s Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade pierced through an incalculable distance, striking in a straight line.

The shadow of the blade along the ground suddenly grew longer.

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  1. The Dark Rank Technique
  2.  青龍斬
  3. 滾 literally means “roll”. In the context Su Xing used before, 滾 can be used to mean “go away,” but his attack literally sent the Great Saint rolling away, thus the double entendre.
  4.  攬月摘星


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