Chapter 318: Crisis

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Fuck, there is no beating him!

This was the first time that the Great Saint Starkiller who had thought himself the complete master of the Star Duels had this sort of powerless feeling. Faced with Su Xing’s Langya Flying Swords, Great Saint Starkiller could only barely defend. He needed to be very cautious in even just approaching. With regards to the always arrogant and proud Great Saint Starkiller, let alone how sullen he was, Great Saint Starkiller did not dare touch Su Xing directly.

Besides those Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo, what Great Saint Starkiller was even more concerned about was the Moon Seizing Star Taking on the body of the elegant queen.

The Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Jin??

This made Great Saint Starkiller truly bewildered – the Noble Star Whirlwind was placed outside of the Star Duels, having never participated once in the thousand years of Star Duels. How was it that this time, she would on the contrary sign a contract with a man? This simply was somewhat unreasonable. A Chai Jin participating in the Star Duels was basically more trash than Song Jiang was, right?1 Could it be that she is not the Noble Star? Great Saint Starkiller thought to himself. Considerations about Chai Ling’s identity made Great Saint Starkiller rather nervous. At least, from the looks of that Purple Rose Astral Treasure, her background was not small.

Right, how could This One have forgotten about it.

Great Saint Starkiller sneered. Suddenly, his hand flipped.

A treasure book of sparkling gold appeared. Golden light swirled, lingering everywhere.

“The Birth Treasure Outline!”

Liangshan Continent had four Birth Treasure Outlines, and the Netherworld’s was in Great Saint Starkiller’s hands. Although Great Saint Starkiller felt it was not useful at all, now, it seemed that it could finally show its uses.

The treasure book appeared, and Chai Ling’s materials immediately hovered above the book.

Star Position: Noble Star

Star Name: Chai Jin

Nickname: Little Whirlwind

True Name: Chai Ling

Rank: Tenth

Star Weapon: Red Ink Iron Certificate

Star Beast: ????

Realm: Matchless First Stage2

Innate Skill: Help The Needy For Justice

Five Elements: Metal3

Yellow Rank Special Move: None

Dark Rank Special Move: None4

Current Status: Together To Hell (Cannot be conquered)

Detailed Materials: …

When Great Saint Starkiller saw the material on the book, he was both delighted and shocked. Delighted because the elegant woman in front of him truly was the Noble Star Whirlwind who had placed herself above the Star Duels for a thousand years. Everyone in Liangshan knew about the Little Whirlwind’s Red Ink Iron Certificate. If he could kill her and obtain this certificate would practically be a tiger that had grown wings. It was just that for the Chai Ling outside of the Star Duels, any Star Master or Star General could take her, and she would have no way out. Now, things nevertheless were different. Chai Jin entering Evil Smiting Hall signified that the Star Weapon was incapable of use. In the case she used the Red Ink Iron Certificate, she was participating in the Star Duels

Concerning the Noble Star participating in the Star Duels, the Red Ink Iron Certificate only had one chance to save the user’s life. In other words, the current Noble Star was a paramount magic weapon.

What made Great Saint Starkiller shocked was the Noble Star’s status. Together To Hell? What thing was this, to unexpectedly even make her incapable of being conquered. However, what also made Great Saint Starkiller set his mind at ease was that the Noble Star had not signed a contract. Then the Star Master possessing the Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo Flying Swords before him also did not have the Red Ink Iron Certificate protecting his safety. It seemed This One’s Purple Rose Astral Treasure could finally display its usefulness.

Just as he thought this, a blast of wind suddenly poured into his ear.

Great Saint Starkiller put away his thoughts, just happening to spot Su Xing had already gotten close enough to attack.

Great Saint Starkiller was somewhat infuriated he was being suppressed by Su Xing’s Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo. He was fortunate that he had come from Devil Star Palace, the Netherworld’s number one Great Sect, which was not inferior to the Azure Dragon Territory’s Great Liang Dynasty. Immediately, he scratched the air, and several clumps of pitch-dark qi were sent out.

This black qi was released, becoming thousands of strands that rolled towards Su Xing.

The twelve Langya immediately protected him, sparkling with bright jadeite light, gradually dissipating this black qi.

Great Saint Starkiller smiled.

He formed a hand seal.

The thousand strands of black qi transformed into a black python. The Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Swords also seized the chance to launch an attack. More than a hundred Starlights trembled in the air. Then, they began to one by one eerily disappear from where they were. Instantly, they covered Su Xing.

However dazzling the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo’s Evil Suppressing Clear Light was, a river pouring down in torrents that seemingly cut open the dense Devil Qi, this was not Great Saint Starkiller’s ultimate goal. What he wanted was to make Su Xing approach him, “Join!!” Great Saint Starkiller faintly smiled. He pointed and began to display the Innate Skill Unrivalled of Guan Sheng. This scattered dark Devil Qi once again surged and gathered, as if it was a giant mouth about to swallow Su Xing.

Seizing the opportunity while Su Xing was trapped, Great Saint Starkiller did not stop at all. Rushing, his objective was not Su Xing – rather, it was the Noble Star Little Whirlwind.

“Accept death.”

Just as Chai Ling was about to take out the Evil Smiting Token to capture the Three-eyed Wealth Inviting Beast, she spotted the attacking Great Saint Starkiller. Moon Seizing Star Taking activated, the galaxy flowed, and a bright moon rose into the sky. In the hundred meters surrounding her, a gorgeous Star Barrier appeared.

“Do not believe you are the only one with a Purple Rose Astral Treasure, Chao Jin.” Great Saint Starkiller was determined to win. His wrist flipped, and a dark red gourd appeared. This goard was neither iron nor gold, neither wood or porcelain. Who knew what it was made from, but it sparkled with a scathing qi flame. From very far away, it made people feel a scorching heat.

“Meteorfall Divine Fire Gourd!”5

Gong Caiwei could discern the gourd’s history.

Liangshan Continent’s Astral Treasures were not at all numerous, and Purple Rose Astral Treasures were even fewer. Famous Purple Rose Astral Treasures were no more than ten, and this Meteorfall Divine Fire Gourd was considerably out of the ordinary.

The fire-red gourd rose into the air, emitting a raging fire.

Immediately afterwards, countless fireballs poured down from the mouth of the gourd. Those meteors immediately swelled several hundred times in size upon emerging. That situation was seriously extremely like a meteor shower from space. In the blink of an eye, seemingly hundreds of stones of falling fire directly descended.6

Upon slamming into Moon Seizing Star Taking’s barrier, the galaxy promptly was evaporated.

The Meteorfall Divine Fire was far from ending, and even Chai Ling felt strained, already unable to maintain Moon Seizing Star Taking any further.

“You go capture the Star Beast and leave this place afterwards. Just leave that to me.”

Gong Caiwei’s expression was cold. Forming hand seals, thirty-six talismans flew out of her Astral Bag. These Talismans were made from Black Ice and emitted a cold qi. Each was identically Supreme Grade. This was the “Seven Spirits Black Ice Talisman”7 the Extreme Ice Holy Palace created. Combined with the “Black Ice Cultivation Method”7 Gong Caiwei cultivated, they could display powerful abilities.

The thirty-six Seven Spirits Black Ice Talismans circulated, extending across the whole sky.

Shining white light criss-crossed, the talismans glowed, and an enormous magic circle instantly appeared in Gong Caiwei’s surroundings. Gong Caiwei struck hand seals consecutively, uttering an incantation. The thirty-six Seven Spirits Black Ice Talismans immediately ignited, transforming into icy balls of light. Following Gong Caiwei’s unending chanting, they fully exerted Star Energy. Those light balls increasingly expanded, instantly reaching the size of a hill.

The light of the array was dazzling.

When Chai Ling saw, she promptly did not hesitate. Walking light as smoke, she arrived on the Riches And Honors Persia, taking out the Evil Smiting Token to begin capture.

How could Great Saint Starkiller stare blankly as Chai Ling left. What sense was there in renouncing fat that was already in his mouth. Great Saint Starkiller shouted, and the Meteorfall Divine Fire Gourd immediately turned wildly, blurring immediately afterwards. Then, countless Divine Fire Meteors fell from the sky, just like a dense downpour. In a range of one hundred li inside Evil Smiting Hall, the air was a completely surging red cloud. In fifty li, the temperature was high enough to make people sweat profusely. This Purple Rose Astral Treasure had inconceivable might.

“Ice Soul Divided Spirit, life does not end, go!!” Gong Caiwei formed the orchid hand seal.

The thirty-six Seven Spirits Black Ice Talismans shot into the sky. A powerful chill split apart the temperature of the sweltering fire. Between Heaven and Earth, there was suddenly a tandem dance of fire and ice.

Great Saint Starkiller’s Meteorfall Divine Fire Gourd after all was a Purple Rose Astral Treasure, and Gong Caiwei merely used her powers combined with the Seven Spirit Black Ice Talismans. Even if they were Supreme Grade Talismans, it was difficult to contend against a Purple Rose Astral Treasure. After a brief moment, thirty-six ice balls were burned clean away by the Divine Fire. However, the Meteorfall Divine Fire below the Meteorfall Divine Fire Gourd itself was left with only a pitiful bit remaining.

“Since you do not flee, then This One shall send you on a journey.”

Great Saint Starkiller was resolute.

Just at this moment, a crisis attacked.

Great Saint Starkiller leaned without even thinking, and Su Xing’s palm fell through. Then, another palm slammed Great Saint Starkiller aside. This was followed with a sweeping kick, and this time, Great Saint Starkiller was unable to dodge, his chin being kicked up.

Even if he had the Eight Desolate Heavenly Demon Body strengthening his physical body, Su Xing’s kick nearly broke Great Saint Starkiller’s chin, making Great Saint Starkiller become dizzy and blur his sight. He promptly retreated, and when Su Xing wanted to attack again, Great Saint Starkiller’s Immemorial Sword Chant already protected his body.

“Could it be you are that Xie Zhenyuan?” Great Saint Starkiller rubbed his hurting chin, grimacing in pain.

He did not dare believe that silent and nameless Star Master was capable of hurting him. Could it be he was that number one Xie Zhenyuan of the Azure Dragon Territory? This was the sole thing Great Saint Starkiller could comfort himself with.

“So you know, too.” Su Xing nevertheless did not mind him thinking this.

“Could it be your Star General is Wu Song?” Great Saint Starkiller recalled an astonishing fact. As the Netherworld’s Star Master, Great Saint Starkiller heard bits and phrases of news from the Azure Dragon Territory, which were not at all clear, but since he had been praised as the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one, it could be assumed that Xie Zhenyuan’s Star General was within the top-notch martial generals to be able to pair up with this “number one.” THe Harm Star Wu Song in front of him indeed was very fitting.

Great Saint Starkiller did not care at all about the so-called honor of Wu Siyou’s overlord position. In his belief, the strongest in the Star Duels joining hands with other strongest was the honor of the Star Duels. His team with Guan Ying was thus.

Great Saint Starkiller flipped out the Birth Treasure Outline towards Wu Siyou, but how could Su Xing give him that chance.

Great Saint Starkiller had no choice. Again, he urged on the Meteorfall Divine Fire Gourd. Using the Purple Rose Astral Treasure once again consumed extremely great amounts of Star Energy, and Great Saint Starkiller was now an arrow at the end of its path. The Meteorfall Divine Fire Gourd sprayed out two bolts of Meteorfall Divine Fire that was very feeble, being dissipated by Su Xing’s Purple Cloud True Star. The Su Xing who had simply gone through seven consecutive trips in and out of Evil Smiting Hall also really was not vigorous in terms of strength. Even if he had Wu Siyou’s bottle of Recovery Potion, he still was somewhat short. For the moment, Great Saint Starkiller and Su Xing fought on even ground.

As far as Great Saint Starkiller was concerned, this was practically humiliation. He stared at the Chai Ling about to capture her Star Beast, in the end, he could only gnash his teeth and unwillingly request Brave Star Guan Ying for assistance: “Ying,’er, quickly come help me get rid of Chai Ling!!”

Besides, Guan Ying and Wu Siyou were but locked in battle. The martial force of both sides hardly differed. If it was a close quarters battle, Wu Siyou was at an advantage, however, Guan Ying had the super powerful Four Star Destined Weapon. Each time the Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade hacked, the force made Wu Siyou feel heavy.

Consumed in battle, Wu Siyou clearly was at a disadvantage.

“Still you do not leave Evil Smiting Hall?”

Guan Ying shouted aloud. Great Blade descended, a phantom seemingly sweeping across Wu Siyou’s defenses.

The Harm Star made an illusory dodge, using her swordtip to block Guan Ying’s slash, releasing a frightening thud.

The double-ended sword Noble Frost Demonic Lotus had been jolted into ringing, as if it was groaning.

She could not come into direct contact.

Wu Siyou’s legs left the ground as she lightly flew backwards. At the same time, her right arm bent and swung, Noble Frost Demonic Lotus carving out a brilliant trail that shot directly at Guan Ying.

Guan Ying’s blade instantly cut down the double-ended sword. Wu Siyou at this time suddenly tossed it. The sword’s power was ample, and even the Brave Star’s Four Star Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade was a bit fatigues. After knocking aside Noble Frost Demonic Lotus, she at the same time showed a gap of weakness.

Wu Siyou was just like a graceful dancer. First aiming then striking, her five fingers tightly clenched into a booming punch.

Guan Ying had long already reacted. Opening her right left hand, her palm suddenly caught Wu Siyou’s fist.


Each of their strengths suddenly exploded.

Neither of them were pushed back.

“Worthy of the Wu Song who can drop the White and Black Unicorn Tiger with just her bare hands.” The strength of the two competed under the surface. Guan Ying’s smile was not at all relaxed. The Brave Star’s Star Energy stirred. A Star Energy far surpassing Wu Siyou’s violently shook, knocking Wu Siyou back several dozen meters. Before she even landed, Guan Ying raised her large blade, speedily following along, kicking forward.

In midair, Wu Siyou lightly descended, flashing past Guan Ying’s ranged attack. When she stepped back, her hand at the same time caught the falling Noble Frost Demonic Lotus. Afterwards, she reversed and blocked the Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade, the entire motion fluid as water and clouds.

Wu Siyou’s brows kept tightening. The pressure that Great Blade Guan Ying gave Wu Siyou was not at all light. If this continued, even if it was not a Four Star Destined Weapon, the chances of victory and defeat in facing Guan Ying were fifty-fifty. If she had a Four Star at hand, Wu Siyou’s victory would have been but assured.

After four or five hundred exchanges, Wu Siyou’s Star Energy and stamina simultaneously faltered significantly.

At times, she was nearly unable to keep up with Guan Ying’s movements, startling her body into a cold sweat.

“Ha, ha, to be able to battle with you, Wu Song, truly makes This General feel great happiness.”

Guan Ying currently immersed herself in her battle with Wu Siyou. Her offensive was like a tide, becoming more and more severe.

Wu Siyou’s snow-white skin was split open by several dozen minute cuts. Her head of gorgeous and flowing long hair was also cut bit by bit, losing a hundred strands.

Just at this moment, a voice interrupted Guan Ying’s mood.

“Ying’er, quickly come help me get rid off Chai Ling!!”

Great Saint Starkiller released an urgent voice.

Previously, Guan Ying had felt Great Saint Starkiller was a talent that supported Heaven and Earth, prideful and unafraid, extraordinary in martial arts, gifted and outstanding. As the Brave Star Great Blade’s master, he was pretty good. How was it that today she would hear such sorry voice. Guan Ying felt this was ear-piercing.

Hesitating a moment, Guan Ying bit her lip, her expression severe as she pushed Wu Siyou back with a slash, turning around and leaving immediately afterwards. Unhappiness was unhappiness, and hearing Great Saint Starkiller’s pleas, as his contracted Star Maiden, she could not ignore him. It was just that in Guan Ying’s bones, she did not truly wish to kill Chai Ling, a little sister that was positioned outside of the Star Duels.

Not good.

Hearing Great Saint Starkiller unexpectedly call for reinforcements, Su Xing’s heart sunk.

As he turned his head, Guan Ying had already arrived, her speed swift to making people feel this was beyond reason.

“Ying’er, that is the Noble Star, we absolutely cannot allow her to escape. Hm, hm, hm, with the Red Ink Iron Certificate, the overlord of Maiden Mountain this generation will undoubtedly be us and no other!!” Great Saint Starkiller showed his desire.

Other than freaks like Su Xing, if anyone else knew the Red Ink Iron Certificate was here, they would all be unable to remain calm.

Guan Ying glanced at the Chai Ling currently concentrating on capturing her Star Beast. With a queen’s figure and elegance, she was a beauty, an appearance without the slightest bit of defense. One Azure Dragon Slash could easily settle her.

Guan Ying showed a hesitant expression.

“Don’t think you can do this!” Su Xing shouted, raising his sword and charging.

Guan Ying was somewhat angry, her large blade easily knocking aside the Flying Sword: “This General shall kill you first then.” Her legs kicked, the large blade slashed. This slash sunk with great power, the wind it lifted directly blowing Su Xing over.

Guan Ying slashed in succession.

White light like a swallow quickly turned about, blocking Guan Ying’s advance, “The Star Masters dare to show amateur talent before This General.” Guan Ying saw that the two Star Masters had unexpectedly dared to use their swords to directly attack. Coldly grunting, she also forced Gong Caiwei back.

“Guan Ying, where are you going!!!!”

Behind her again came a cold shout.

“You came at the perfect time!”

Guan Ying turned around to face Wu Siyou.

The girl was like a tigress, and Guan Ying like the Red Hare.

Wu Siyou’s fingers tightly clenched the double-ended sword. The sword’s blade slightly lowered, raising a wind that blew aside the fog. A sharp expression and a long tip combined into a line. The cool and elegant woman suddenly charged forth in a burst of power, the double-ended sword roaring as it slashed, drawing in the air a cold as frost and pitch-black as ink slender trail.


Noble Frost Demonic Lotus descended.

Guan Ying smiled. In an instant, she used the large blade to block this attack, although both her hands were jolted slightly numb by Wu Siyou’s attack. However, she nevertheless did not care in the slightest. She seized the chance to flip her weapon, the great blade advancing from the other direction.


Guan Ying’s furiously shouted and spun the Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade. A violent blade qi followed along the weapon’s surface and shot out. Then, the entire shaft of the great blade violently shuttered. This powerful shaking feeling made the webbing between Wu Siyou’s thumb and forefinger tear. With just a loss in spirit, the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus in her hands was already knocked out of grasp.

The Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade accompanied with a shout violently slashed downwards,

As if she had already caught sight of the scene of Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade finally cutting down Wu Siyou.

Wind broke with the slash.

With everything hanging by a thread, a figure suddenly rushed. Su Xing embraced Wu Siyou and with a difficult to seize trajectory, he dodged that Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade’s entire sequence of attacks. Even in the instant Guan Ying’s full-power stab hit empty space, he made a thrilling escape.

“Ying’er, quickly killing Chai Ling is more important!!”

Great Saint Starkiller hurriedly ordered, spotting that Chai Ling was about to finish capturing her Star Beast.

“Guan Sheng, is the honor of your Brave Star prepared to make a move against a Sister that is positioned outside of the Star Duels?”

Wu Siyou shouted, her figure descended like a swallow.

Descending in front of Guan Ying, the “Noble Frost Demonic Lotus” in her hand was a pitch-black flecked with snow. There was a bright light, and seemingly countless snow lotuses bloomed.

“That honestly makes Your Servant disappointed.”

Wu Siyou lowered the double-ended sword. This time, she no longer held back. The weapon waved, and a light ray seemingly like snow and ink was just like the most perfect crescent moon in the world drew a beautiful arc in the air. A thrilling beautiful scene flit across their retinas.

The snow-white that rose along with the light was just like a penetrating and sharp cold light, exuding an incisive aggression. A glance was absolutely terrifying, to speak much less of facing it directly.

Moonlight and sword-light enveloped Guan Ying.

In that instant, the colors between Heaven and Earth had only this scenery.

Sensing the might of Wu Siyou’s attack, clearly she had used her Dark Rank Technique. The light fragments following in her heels were just like thousands of blades stabbing at Guan Ying. Guan Ying took up Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade and sunk into a defensive posture.

A crescent moon blossomed from Guan Ying’s abdomen.

The Brave Star was knocked high into the air, and then came falling heavily down.


Great Saint Starkiller turned pale with fright.

Guan Ying climbed up, the armor of her whole body already split open with a terrifying wound, directly leaking blood.

Although Wu Siyou’s Dark Rank Technique was fierce, the cost was not little. Guan Ying used her Four Star Destined Weapon still to block it, yet the Brave Star looked at her own wound with some indifference.

“Ying’er, how can you stand at the peak of martial artists if you are soft-hearted!!” Great Saint Starkiller immediately shouted when he saw. “How can there be any benevolence to be said in subjugating Maiden Mountain, could it be the Brave Stars that have gone by are not lessons?”

At that time, Chai Ling was already about to reach the very end of capturing her Star Beast, and Great Saint Starkiller was greatly worried.

These words provoked Guan Ying.

In that instant, the girl’s eyes reddened. Clenching the great blade tight in her hand, a powerful Star Energy endlessly concentrated onto Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade.

An incomparable aggression intimidated all directions.

Su Xing and Gong Caiwei felt as if they could not move, as if that Guan Ying had turned into an enormous mountain.

“Careful, it is her Dark Rank Technique!!”

When Wu Siyou saw, her expression changed for the first time.

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  1. Recall, those who sign a contract with Song Jiang will have their locations revealed to enemy combatants at all times.
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  3. Recall, that in Chinese, the character for metal 金 is also commonly used to mean gold.
  4. So, despite having powers equal to Lin Yingmei, she doesn’t have any attacks.
  5. 星隕神火葫
  6. Flashbacks of Madara’s Chibaku Tensei…
  7. 七靈玄冰符
  8. 七靈玄冰符


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