Chapter 322: Riches And Honor Come From Danger, But A Defeat In A Millenium

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To a first-rate Martial Force Star General that had never sign a contract like Wu Siyou, fleeing was a something that did not need to be mentioned at all – particularly after they became complete Star Generals, the moment the Star Duels began already drew closer. Fleeing was equal to death.

At that moment, Su Xing wanted to have her leave Evil Smiting Hall. Besides not being able to leave Lord Husband behind, there was another important reason for this.

She would rather fight to the death, and she was unwilling to drift without purpose.

This was the creed of a stubborn Star General.

At this moment, seeing Su Xing surprisingly truly want to battle the Brave Star, besides being heartbroken, Wu Siyou was distressed. She could not deny it. The moment that resolute back was submerged by Guan Sheng’s Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade, Wu Siyou truly treated Su Xing as the man other than the Star Maiden Sisters that was worth believing in. When Su Xing did this, the difficult decision was far from as easy as some business deal.

Is there only escape?

Wu Siyou faintly sighed. She had been convinced by this man.

“There is no need to do this.”

A warm as jade voice came into Wu Siyou’s ear.

The Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Jin walked to her side, gracefully dressed. Her face wore a calm expression. Wu Siyou’s brow wrinkled, not understanding why the Noble Star would say this.

“Su Xing doing this is for your sake, Chai Ling!” Wu Siyou was somewhat angry at the Noble Star Little Whirlwind’s seeming carefreeness.

“Yes, it is very vivid in This Palace’s memory, to have seen a never before seen Star Master.” Chai Ling spoke bluntly: “But you do not need to escape from Evil Smiting Hall. This Palace thinks that you, the Harm Star, must not at all be reconciled to leave like this? Right in front of your Lord Husband…”

The queen’s graceful words were of direct and true intent, her thoughts suddenly difficult to understand.

Wu Siyou had no choice but to concede that Chai Ling was indeed sharp in assessing people.

“Then do not flee, calmly watch your Lord Husband…He shall bring you victory!” Chai Ling faintly smiled.

This time, not only Wu Siyou, but also the Gong Caiwei to the side was baffled and confused.

Was she joking?

Su Xing was but confronting the ranked fifth top-notch Martial General Brave Star with his bare hands.

Anyone else would not believe Su Xing could bring about victory. Let alone that she was with a Four Star Destined Weapon, Unrivalled of the Fifth Stage, even if Su Xing was at peak state, to face Guan Sheng like this was a dead end, absolutely without a second possibility.

“Believe in This Palace. Although the Brave Star has contracted with the Great Saint Starkiller of the Netherworld, in her bones still is the spirit of a Martial General…Su Xing is truly an adorably cunning man, using that sort of method to stir Guan Sheng’s soul. How can the Brave Star use full power…” Chai Jin smiled.

“Just this can achieve victory?”

Gong Caiwei’s tone had worry that even she herself was not clear about.

“It cannot.”

Chai Ling’s manner simply made the two very furious.

“But it can allow Little Sister Siyou obtain victory!” Chai Ling said.

Her words left the two at a loss.

“Just why are you saying this?”

“Riches and honor come from danger, but a defeat in a millenium!”

Chai Ling calmly said, her tone containing an incomprehensible mystery.

“What is the meaning of this?”

Chai Ling explained: “This is what This Palace specially sought out Shuishui1 to calculate in coming to Evil Smiting Hall.”


“And who else is there? The ranked fifty-third Meet Star Divine Mathematician Jiang Jing!”2 Chai Ling elegantly opened the Golden Thread Feather Fan.

So it turned out that when she came to Evil Smiting Hall originally, although Chai Ling and Su Xing had ingested the Together To Hell, her heart always was not too at ease, knowing that the Noble Star had on her the most supreme treasure that all of Liangshan coveted – the Red Ink Iron Certificate.

Who would not want this gold plate that avoided death?

In the case she entered Evil Smiting Hall, she was incapable of leaving for three days. If she was locked-on to, Chai Ling was dead without debt.

Chai Ling was somewhat worried Su Xing would kill her in Evil Smiting Hall and use the Red Ink Iron Certificate afterwards to avoid a calamity. Before this, regarding Star Masters, Little Whirlwind was like the majority of the Sisters and maintained absolute doubt and contempt, so before she entered Evil Smiting Hall, she specially sought out the fifty-third ranked Meet Star Divine Mathematician Jiang Jing.

Diving Mathematician Jiang Jing was a Spiritual Energy Star General, degenerate in martial arts, but she had an extremely incredible ability.

This was Divine Calculation.

She would use a hymn that could calculate the good and bad luck of a situation.

The hymn Jiang Jing gave Chai Ling was – “Riches and honor come from danger, but a defeat in a millenium!”

“Any way this is heard, this must be a barely satisfactory hymn?” Gong Caiwei said.

Indeed, that defeat in a millenium was uncomfortable any way it was heard. Chai Jin for nearly a thousand years had been placed outside of the Star Duels. This defeat certainly was not talking about her, right?

However, as for this hymn’s first part, Chai Ling had already recognized it. Riches and honor come from danger. The meaning was not that she could go this time if she could obtain riches and honors. In brief, as for the defeat in a millenium, it actually made Chai Ling feel confused. It was just that since she could capture a Star Beast, Chai Ling did not concern herself with this defeat in a millenium. Following Wu Siyou entering together with her, Chai Ling then gradually felt that this defeat in a millenium was not necessarily speaking about herself.

The Harm Star Pilgrim Wu Song also was an exceedingly cool and elegant Star General for a thousand years. Perhaps it was related to her.

Therefore, until Wu Siyou addressed Su Xing as “Lord Husband,” only then did Chai Ling finally understood who this part of the hymn referred to.

“But what relation does this have to do with Your Servant defeating Guan Sheng?” Wu Siyou was not coy about this matter of naturally recognizing Su Xing as her Lord Husband.

“There is, and the link is very big. Since this is defeat in a millenium, to be clear, this man is very important to you, and since you recognize him as Lord Husband, then it should be expected that you ought to know what the critical point is.” Chai Ling smiled.

Wu Siyou was stunned.

“Direct and true intent, thoughts suddenly difficult to understand. This is the true Pilgrim Wu Song. Even if you do not want to sign a contract, could it be that watching your Lord Husband go die for you, confronting a terrifying Star General, Wu Song, do you still wish to escape?” Chai Ling continued smile.

Gong Caiwei blankly looked at Su Xing, somewhat in disbelief.

What the hell has he been doing these days?

Nevertheless, the moment Su Xing entered bare-handed into the range of Guan Ying’s great blade, even Great Saint Starkiller was greatly frightened. This number one Star Master of the Azure Dragon Territory was not an idiot, was he? To unexpectedly dare to come into close contact with a Star General.

Guan Ying wore praise for him. The Frost Fair Blade in her hand hardly hesitated. The intimidating air of the first slash was scathing in power, absolutely tyrannical.

Before she could react, a purple blade net cut everything to pieces, sustaining the full power strike of Brave Star Great Blade Guan Ying without any tears. It was without any holes, but at the same time, it was without any elegance.

Simple, fatal, and completely without any way out.

The concentrated air was ripped apart by the sword-qi that the sword-light stirred, releasing an indistinct whistling sound. The blade’s edge that was nearly in reach was like bloodthirsty fang. Guan Ying curled the corner of her mouth, however, that smile immediately soured. In her bright pupils, Su Xing’s tranquil expression appeared much more brilliant than her tyrannical blade-light. That simple expression ignored the terrible circumstances he was about to face.

In the next second, Su Xing flickered, allowing the wildly fierce blade qi to ruthlessly slash at his stomach. His silhouette flashed, a fist waved, and purple True Qi suddenly appeared without flourish like a sharp blade, shooting directly forward.

Instantly, the time between the two of them had seemingly froze.

Guan Ying was calm as a well without ripples. This slash was far from ended. Flinging her arm, suddenly, woman and weapon shot forward together.

In the next instant, following the movements of this slash, a blade wind reaching several hundred meters in width violently shot out of the Frost Fair Blade, directly pouncing at Su Xing, not giving him any chance to run.

Su Xing’s fists launched Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder.

The frantic Purple Thunder and blade qi rolled together and disappeared in the blink of an eye. In the next instant, Guan Ying retracted the great blade, and the figure retaining a frightening blade qi once again slashed. This time, the sharp edge did not stop at all as it broke through Su Xing’s defenses.

His silhouette shattered.

A projection??

Guan Ying was stunned.

Mirror Image Talisman??!

Su Xing appeared behind her, his five fingers tearing over like a dragon claw.

But what sort of character was the ranked fifth Brave Star. Extremely quickly, she turned her body, her mighty shadow just like a phantom. Against the Matchless Fifth Stage Guan Ying, relying on a talisman the likes of the Mirror Image Talisman was just laughable. In the next second, the Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade already slashed at Su Xing!

The great blade attacked with a speed incapable of being grasped by the naked eye. The sword-light was nearly invisible, and the two fought all over the entire area. From time to time, the air was swept over by sharp slashes, and then it immediately let out a miserable ripping sound. Not only that, but the earth, stones, air and even the dark clouds in the skies were rolled into the berserk sword wind, successively dropping from on high and becoming shreds.

The sparks illuminating her objective and the dizzying darkness of the afterimages she brought were dazzling against the sky. The Su Xing whose body was in the middle of the saber-light seemed to be pinned by the pressure of a mountain!

Guan Ying’s first slash made him taste fear.

A prick of cold light suddenly carved past his eyes, and there was a crisp noise.

At last, Guan Ying’s first slash declared its end.

What a fraud, this was…

Su Xing thought, Fuck. Although this slash passed by no more than a hair’s breadth, only by placing himself within did he feel that this single slash was even more powerful than a hundred slashes.


Then, Chai Ling happened to say “defeat in a millenium!”

Guan Ying’s hearing was superb, catching onto the words Chai Ling spoke, yet she nevertheless showed a disapproving sternness.

“Not bad. To unexpectedly be capable of avoiding This General’s first slash, This General thus admits that you are a man.” Guan Ying’s praise came from the bottom of her heart.

“Tsk, shouldn’t a woman be admitting that someone is a man at some other place? For example…in bed…”

Su Xing certainly was not accepting her praise.

To call that slash a “haunting by Sadako” was just about right.

Guan Ying laughed aloud, her straightforwardness making the flirty Su Xing somewhat embarrassed.

“Why don’t you ask your own wife about this point?” Guan Ying nodded.

Seeing that Wu Siyou had not escaped, Su Xing was inwardly worried, however, hearing Chai Ling’s words also made his mind perplexed.

“You will not be so fortunate anymore with the second slash. This General will cut you down without mercy!”

Guan Ying expressionlessly said.


Su Xing smiled, silent.

The skies were even more gloomy, and the dark clouds seemingly were about to overwhelm Evil Smiting Hall.

The air was silent.

After a rumbling boom, it seemingly set off this dead end atmosphere, and a majestic heavy rain poured down.

In the rain, the two were completely motionless.

The rainwater followed along their hair, flowed down their brows, dripped across their foreheads, wet their eyes, blurred their lines of sight. The blood on Guan Ying’s body was washed clean away by the rainwater, and the injuries on Su Xing’s body were likewise washed thoroughly.

The rainwater was still cut apart by fighting intent.

Guan Ying shouted.

The second slash approached!!

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  1.  水水
  2. 地會星神算子蔣敬


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