Chapter 324: Clear Skies After Rain, A Woman Is Sighing

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“Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill?” Su Xing showed considerable surprise, “Mine and Siyou’s?”

“Who else.” Little Whirlwind Chai Ling smiled with narrowed eyes.

“Could it be we signed a contract just now?” Su Xing could still feel the lingering heat on his lips, an orchid fragrance assailing his nostrils. Wu Siyou’s kiss was very beautiful, but Su Xing nevertheless did not feel that sort of feeling he had when signing contracts.

His Star Crest did not twinkle.

And a new Crimson Star had not appeared in the sky.

Chai Ling smiled and did not reply. This sort of problem would be left to the person in question himself to be vexed about.

“The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill is a move that can only be comprehended when a Star General and someone else reach an incomparable realm of perfect understanding. This was not at all inside the limits of a contract. It could be done with any Star Cultivator, or even other Sisters.” Chai Ling warned.

Su Xing suddenly understood.

Although not signing a contract made Su Xing feel very regretful, Wu Siyou’s voluntary kiss already made this no longer important.

Su Xing fixed his gaze on the dance in the rain, on the slightly drunken Wu Siyou in the rain, and he already somewhat understood that kiss just now happened to be the reason why Wu Siyou was drunk at this time. Do Not Laugh Laying Drunk On Battlefield…the intoxicated Wu Siyou was rather flirty.

“Could it be that was not a Kiss Contract just now?” Gong Caiwei was somewhat confused. In her knowledge, Wu Siyou kissing Su Xing just now was a scene that honestly was extremely like the highest form of contract between Star General and Star Master – the Kiss Contract.

“The Kiss Contract has a great deal of restrictions. Perhaps Su Xing’s Star Generals already reached the limit, or perhaps Wu Siyou still has the last vestiges of a defensive line, or perhaps…there are too many perhaps…you can all go think about it yourselves.” Chai Ling somewhat irresponsibly teased the Riches And Honor Persia that was in her bosom.

The downpour broke open.

Wu Siyou and Guan Ying’s battle was even more out of the ordinary in ferocity.

A powerful sword qi and blade qi crossed and bit at one another, pouncing in all directions, making Su Xing and the others hastily retreat.

The downpour drenched Evil Smiting Hall, yet it suddenly became warm at this moment.

The flowing sprite-like lights of the Four Star Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade, the blade qi of which was cleansed by the rainwater, and the long time spent in battle already made Guan Ying considerably exhausted. When the Great Blade was already incapable of following Wu Siyou’s figure, her attacks and defenses completely lacked sense.

“Noble Frost” and “Demonic Lotus,” the pair of swords danced together, achieving the most gorgeous death movements.

The intoxicated Wu Siyou, her expression charming, had her gait confused and messy, but even if it was a drunken Wu Siyou, her attacks nevertheless were smooth and easy, executed perfectly. Guan YIng basically had no way to persist.

This was Wu Siyou’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill –

Do Not Laugh Laying Drunk On Battlefield!!


Her figure spun, and Wu Siyou’s sword stabbed, piercing through with a cold trail of sword-light.

The sword’s tip carved the raindrops into finer and smaller pieces.

The blow seemingly landed. Guan Ying held her breath, barely dodging to the side, with the point brushing past her cheek. That snow-white cheek immediately showed a line of blood. Drops of crimson blood dribbled, and the sword punctured the top of a raindrop.

It honestly was swift to the peak, an escape by a hair’s breadth.

But Wu Siyou’s other sword nevertheless at the same time stabbed, running through Guan Ying’s thigh like a beast’s fang.

The Brave Star nearly fell to a knee.

How could Guan Ying’s dignity concede. She did everything she could to hack with the Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade, attempting to force back Wu Siyou.

Wu Siyou’s drunken and muddled charming cheeks drew an alluring smile. With a leisurely dodge, she brushed past the great blade, and then a demon appeared on Guan Ying’s right side.

Another sword wound appeared!

The downpour washed away the fresh blood. Splashes of blood and rainwater blossomed at the same time in the air.

Laying drunk on the battlefield, merrily chatting away.

The next time, the double blades became twin dragons that crossed and attacked.

Guan Ying was worthy of being named the top-notch Martial General of the Matchless Fifth Stave, to still be able to dodge again under such difficult circumstances, but this was the end of the road. The Four Star Destined Weapon already was incapable of locking onto Wu Siyou’s drunken figure, to say nothing of the attacks. Sword qi criss-crossed, and a terrifying explosion seemingly boomed on the clash of metal. The flying rain droplets were full of stirring red.

Guan Ying was stupefied. That thick Astral Treasure Armor was full of cracks. With a rumble, it turned into countless fragments.

The two sword qi’s of snow-white and dark night burst out from her body.

Guan Ying was incapable of believing the fact she was facing – that she of a Four Star Destined Weapon…was defeated.

“Brave Star of lost warrior spirit, Your Servant today has received your dignity!!”

“The spirit of the warrior, huh, the spirit of the warrior…”

Guan Ying was taciturn. She closed her eyes.

Wu Siyou completely did not hesitate to lift her hand and bring down her sword. Guan Ying immediately was slashed into the Star Nest.


Great Saint Starkiller stared at the Brave Star Great Blade Guan Ying with a Four Star Destined Weapon unexpectedly be cut down by Wu Siyou, and his heart was incomparably shaken.

His eyes were dazzled.

Suddenly, Wu Siyou directly stepped into his Origin Of The Universe Heavenly Cycle Sword Array with a single leap. That obviously airtight Sword Array was surprisingly nothing in the eyes of Wu Siyou, an idle stroll in the courtyard.

Great Saint Starkiller’s face greatly changed. Suddenly, a gloomy hiss resounded.

The Sword Array boomed, and the Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Sword’s Starlight concentrated, sprinkling down like a river.

Following Great Saint Starkiller using a mysterious ability, his forehead sprouted twisting dragon horns, his whole body seemingly was draped in dark black dragonscales, and a pair of fleshy wings spread open. Great Saint Starkiller’s face no longer was graceful and completely showed a terrifying sinister expression.

A frantic black qi hovered.

This happened to be a taboo power of Great Saint Starkiller’s “Eight Desolates Heavenly Demon Body,”1 “Heavenly Demon Collapsing Body.”2 In the case this ability was used, it would bring about extreme injury to the caster. Not only would cultivation be greatly set back, in addition, he would bear enormous pain after the fact.

However, it was accordingly, and it could instantly allow the caster’s speed, reactions, defense and power all reach a terrifying degree.

Star Generals would need to be slightly considerate of this sort of degree.

The arrogant and self-important Great Saint Starkiller believed himself the paragon of the Star Duels. Cultivating this Heavenly Demon Collapsing Body, he naturally had never thought he would actually use it, but the very odd “Ancient Demon Seven Kills Stele,”3 the Heavenly Demon Killing Art of the Supreme Grade cultivation method, was something he never thought he would use here and now. The Heavenly Demon Collapsing Body nevertheless became his greatest trump card.

For the sake of the Noble Star’s Red Ink Iron Certificate, Great Saint Starkiller could be said to be giving it his all.

Great Saint Starkiller furiously roared, his surging power devastating the area of a hundred li, and the downpour was terminated.

Su Xing and the rest were blown into disarray.

That nearly was a matter that happened in a mere instant.

Chai Ling still maintained an astonished expression. Then, she saw Great Saint Starkiller flap his wretched wings. Afterwards, Great Saint Starkiller seemed to be an existence that surpassed time and space in everyone’s eyes, becoming a perfectly straight black light that descended right in front of Chai Ling. That warped face wore a greedy smiled, a hand directly plunging for Chai Ling’s heart.

Even if Chai Ling’s Red Ink Iron Certificate could save her life, the instant he grabbed hold of Chai Ling’s heart, Great Saint Starkiller’s Heavenly Demon Collapsing Body was sufficient to kill the Little Whirlwind a hundred times.

Perhaps it was too late to activate.

Even Wu Siyou was slow a step.

Just at this moment, a figure suddenly appeared right in front of her, stopping in front of him without hesitation. It was Su Xing. His back fiercely hurt, and an arm pierced through Su Xing’s chest. The dripping blood made him unable to speak as Chai Ling looked at him, similarly speechless.


The Great Saint Starkiller in Heavenly Demon Collapsing Body grabbed empty air.

In a lightning fast instant, Su Xing already hugged Chai Ling and narrowly escaped Great Saint Starkiller’s attack.

“Roar.”Great Saint Starkiller stared at Su Xing in surprise, not daring to believe such a thing had occurred, that a Star Master unexpectedly could be even faster than his Heavenly Demon Collapsing Body.

“Worthy of being called the Devil Palace’s number one Star Master. As expected, he is ugly enough to make people feel disgusted.” The bloody hole that ran through his chest and dripping blood over his whole body did not count as anything. Compared to the pain of this body that made Su Xing shut an eye, that completely was pain that penetrated into his bone, painful enough to make tears emerge out the corner of his eye.

— It truly was painful enough to make him want to cry out.

Naturally, it was Chaotic Tail Escape defiant of natural order.

Instantly, even Chai Ling and Gong Caiwei were dumbfounded. Su Xing unexpectedly had such a superb Escape Technique.

Great Saint Starkiller furiously pounced over.

Su Xing put his hands together.

Langya flew out.

The twelve clear light of the twelve Flying Swords stirred, becoming a green bolt of lightning. The black qi of Great Saint Starkiller in Heavenly Demon Collapsing Body feared it as if it were a tiger.

The Devil Cultivation “Ancient Demon Seven Kills Stele” that Great Saint Starkiller originally cultivated was the Netherworld’s Supreme Grade, labeled as a Transforming Star of Annihilation Grade Devil Art. For this reason, Liangshan Continent circulated with the rumors of Great Saint Starkiller.

This type of Supreme Grade Devil Art actually was not necessarily completely subdued by the Evil Suppressing Clear Light. It was a pity that Su Xing’s cultivation did not lose out to him either.

Pointing a finger, Langya flew up, spinning into a resplendent green light.

They totally twisted in all directions.

They formed an airtight, inescapable net.

At this time, Wu Siyou also attacked.

Great Saint Starkiller saw that in the end he had still ruined everything through a lack of effort. Not only did he give an extremely long scream at the sky, the green light submerged the black light. Thus, Great Saint Starkiller’s presence could no longer be sensed in Evil Smiting Hall.

“Thanks…” Chai Ling somewhat could not come back to her senses. Thinking back to the danger just now made this Her Highness Queen which had always been calm break out into a cold sweat.

Nearly, she had carelessly lost her life.

“What is there to thank. Since I promised you, I will complete our agreement.” Su Xing said.

“That was not an ordinary Escape Technique just now? Is it harmful to you?” Chai Ling knit her brow. Su Xing’s wounds over his body appeared quite terrifying.

“It’s still bearable.” Su Xing smiled.

Chai Ling was stunned, silent.

Losing an enemy as powerful as Guan Ying, the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill finally reached its limit. The red clouds on her white face gradually receded, and those feet stepping on lotus petals wobbled unsteadily. Su Xing promptly rushed over, catching the beauty against his chest.

“Wifey, are you alright?” Su Xing asked.

Wu Siyou groaned, red clouds rising.

“Let us first return, have An Daoquan come help treat your injuries.” Chai Ling took out the Evil Smiting Writ, no longer wishing to stay any longer in this place.

Su Xing did not oppose.

His gaze swept towards the taciturn Gong Caiwei nearby.

The things that happened to today honestly made this Immortal Hero Princess unable to forget.

“Su Xing, This Princess owes you her life. Later in the Star Duels, you can take it at any time.” Gong Caiwei said with a serious face.

Su Xing shook his head. “Careful, to be able to make Siyou finally recognize me, I still have to thank you.”

Chai Ling surreptitiously rolled her eyes – this man truly was very thoughtful.

“Don’t I, Wifey?” Su Xing chuckled.

Wu Siyou grunted, cutely directing away her line of sight.

Gong Caiwei’s eyes had some complexity. In the end, she nodded, not uttering a word.

After Su Xing’s group left.

Evil Smiting Hall recovered its tranquility. The skies were clear after a rain, and the black skies gave off a magnificent light. The air after a rain was full of the recovering scent of new life.

At that sky.

She stared.

Gong Caiwei deeply sighed.

Author’s Note:

Evil Smiting Hall has ended. At the very beginning, I had planned Guan Ying’s appearance to end after three chapters. Then, I saw in the reviews someone say that Gong Caiwei hasn’t shown up, and I thought for three routes to simultaneously clash. As expected, it isn’t relaxing…thanks everyone for your votes. There will be a reward for your support. I’m already somewhat discouraged after the experiences of last month, but seeing there are still people supporting me is somewhat uplifting. I’ll give it an effort this month!! (Mutters in a low voice)

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  1.  八荒天魔體
  2.  天魔解體
  3. 古魔七殺碑


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