Chapter 338: Thousand Buddha Star And Buddha West Approaches

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“What happened to these people?”

Su Xing ask as he looked at the several dozen monks in front of him whose expressions had sunk into deep terror. The expressions of these monks that seemed to have been captivated by some illusion were full of fear and a sort of indescribable…ecstasy??

Hua Xue snickered: “Slave used Dazzling Light Mind Image. These Happiness Chan monks are currently getting happy together with horses and cows until they are dry and spent.”1

Everyone blushed in shame. This honestly was too hardcore.

“Xinjie, how have you prepared to bring over those Ancestral Masters of the Happiness Together Courtyard?” Su Xing asked again.

Wu Xinjie’s plan was actually very simple. She let one of the Honey Ripple Temple monk bring the news, and naturally there would be pretext. At that time, the girls acted together. Four Heavenly Stars who were top-notch Martial Generals plus Su Xing’s Immemorial Spirit Treasures, let alone a Supervoid Early Stage cultivator, even Emperor Liang would be gone forever.

However, the progression of matters was far from as smooth as Wu Xinjie had planned for. In three days, the Happiness Together Courtyard not making even the slightest movement made Wu Xinjie immensely puzzled. Could it be that Supervoid Stage monk was so meticulous? Would he think that four Heavenly Star Martial Generals had designs on him? Only after Shi Yuan returned from Miluo Celestial with most urgent haste did they learn that a change beyond expectations occurred within the Central Celestial2 of the Mundane Pure Land.

Living deep in a seven floor pagoda a Senior Monk Four Noble Truths now emerged3 that unexpectedly was preparing to propagate dharma and pass on his alms bowl and robe.

This affair shook the entire Mundane Pure Land’s three thousand Buddhist sects.

Senior Monk Four Noble Truths was the Mundane Pure Land’s number one senior monk. His dharma was boundless. When he spoke, the ground rushed forth with golden lotuses, completely revealing the bliss of the Western Paradise. He had been acclaimed as Buddha West Approaches, and ever since he had entered seclusion to cultivate the Chan “Great Nirvana Sutra”4 a dozen years earlier in the Central Celestial, he did not engage in worldly affairs.

However, this Senior Monk Four Noble Truths still was a big idol of worship in the Buddha Kingdom.

No one had ever thought that in this Feast of All Souls, this legendary senior monk would unexpectedly open his altar to propagate dharma, besides passing on his alms bowl and robes. This honestly shook the Buddha Kingdom.

“That whatever Senior Monk of the Happiness Together Courtyard seems to be thinking of this matter. He doesn’t want more side issues before that passing on of the alms bowl and robe. It’s really weird.” Shi Yuan was bewildered.

“What the Buddhist Sects carefully select for is a certain karma.” Wu Siyou matter-of-factly replied: “Since Buddha West Approaches is choosing a disciple for his mantle, then necessarily before this happens, all Buddhists probably will be devoting themselves entirely to cultivating Chan and Nirvana.”

Su Xing nodded in agreement.

“If this Buddha West Approaches should be so formidable? Then he should be able to give guidance for Big Brother’s Meditative Mind Lotus Seed?” An Suwen asked.

The Efficacious Star’s words were something the other girls wanted to ask. All of the girls then directed their gazes to the Knowledge Star.

Nevertheless, Wu Xinjie had an appearance of tightly knit brows.

“Elder Sister?” An Suwen softly called.

Wu Xinjie returned to her senses. She nodded and said: “If we have Senior Monk Four Noble Truths give guidance, then there should be great certainty Young Lord’s Meditative Mind Lotus Flower will bloom.” In actuality, when she learned of the existence of a Great Cultivator that surpassed Emperor Liang, Wu Xinjie had thought of having Senior Monk Four Noble Truths give Su Xing guidance on the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed, but in the end, knowing that this Senior Monk Four Noble Truths was already in seclusion cultivating Chan, living a secluded life, not bothering with the world, Wu Xinjie could only dismiss this idea. The Knowledge Star was very clear that Supervoid Late Stage peak could even reach Transforming Star of Annihilation cultivation. Regardless of whatever method they used, it was laughable.

Perhaps this sort of powerful cultivator was like a Seven Star Destined Weapon, otherwise, everything was speculation.

But she did not expect that this Senior Monk Four Noble Truths unexpectedly would open to propagating dharma in preparation for choosing a successor.

“What is Elder Sister worrying about??” Yan Yizhen asked.

Wu Xinjie shook her head and asked Shi Yuan: “Yuan’er, did you find information on what is going on with the selection of a successor disciple?”

“En, everyone can participate, but there is a trial. The time is on the last day of the Feast of All Souls.”

Wu Xinjie grunted. This actually did not exceed her expectations. Senior monks that had obtained the Dao like he would not limit the selection of disciples to some condition. Perhaps those trials would be to carefully select for a Buddha nature, perceptive nature or a Chan nature.

“Young Lord? What do you feel?” Wu Xinjie asked in the end. “Xinjie only feels this matter is honestly too coincidental, somewhat strange.”

Su Xing smiled: “Since this is so coincidental, then even more reason we should go look.”

Wu Xinjie made a full smile: “Then we shall listen to Young Lord. We shall go to Central Celestial for now.”

Incense burned. There were two prayer mats.

On the wall were bold characters that came from time immemorial. On the table was a white jade bottle, a goblet of gold, and two cups of winding fragrance of Putuo leaves that came from Mount Wutai.

On the prayer mat was an old man, in his twilight years, his brows and long beard and hair white. He was draped in a golden kasaya. His hands formed a seal, and his whole body was enveloped in a Buddhist aura, solemn as a Buddha. The air of his body was extremely faint, but it was full of a solemnity that made people not dare to face him.

He was the Buddha Kingdom’s mightiest that everyone looked up to, the one and only Buddha West Approaches – Senior Monk Four Noble Truths.

A mighty and dignified woman currently sat opposite of Senior Monk Four Noble Truths, her face wearing a thin smile. If anyone knew, perhaps the entire Buddha Kingdom would flare up. In those years, the three stupas under the care of the Great Liang Emperor locked their doors and refused entry to anyone. Now, this woman nevertheless confidently sat in front of the Senior Monk. Not only was her expression calm and composed, she even made people feel that she was above the Senior Monk.

The woman was wrapped in a golden gown, hiding her face, revealing only a pair of fiery golden eyes.

“The noble truth of suffering, the noble truth of the origin of suffering, the noble truth of the cessation of suffering, the noble truth of the way leading to the cessation of suffering, the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism…Senior Monk Four Noble Truths, as expected, thou art great and wise, to fully grasp that quiet Nirvana is imminent.” The woman praised.

Senior Monk Four Noble Truths opened his eyes, completely indifferent, not a single ripple: “Benefactor made Old Monk open his altar to passing on the alms bowl and robe. Old Monk fears that there must be a purpose.”

“Senior Monk tells a joke.” The woman smile. “With Senior Monk’s Realm like this, now is the most perfect opportunity to pass on your bowl and robe. Buddhism pays particular attention to a ‘karma’5 word, and This One has come this time to change karma.”6

Senior Monk Four Noble Truths chanted one of the many names of Buddhas, releasing an auspicious light.

A Buddha’s pure and holy dignity illuminated the woman’s face, dyeing it with a golden light.

If it was anyone else, they would have long prostrated themselves before Senior Monk Four Noble Truth’s power, but the woman seemed to completely lack that awareness. She merely wore a smile in her eyes, her whole body exhibiting a multi-colored light that evaded this Buddhist aura.

“Does Senior Monk still feel This One would deceive you?”

“Amitabha, sadhu, sadhu. Lady Benefactor is very skilled, as expected.”

The Buddhist light retracted, and Senior Monk Four Noble Truths was silent.

“If Senior Monk truly wishes to achieve this Transforming Star of Annihilation, This One has another proposition…” The woman took up the tea on the table, faintly taking a sip, as if she was casually giving this top-notch cultivator of the Azure Dragon Territory an idea.

Senior Monk Four Noble Truths nodded.

“Lady Benefactor, please speak forthrightly.”

“This time, when Senior Monk selects a disciple, it must be from the millions of Buddhist Sects. At that time, if Senior Monk can light the ‘Five Dragons Bright Light Lantern,’7 releasing a bright radiance, illuminating all places is a major accomplishment of boundless beneficence.” The woman said indifferently.

Buddha West Approaches stared.

The Five Dragons Bright Light Lamp was but Buddhism’s supreme spiritual treasure. It was not to be easily displayed. Hearing what his counterpart’s words seemingly indicated, Senior Monk Four Noble Truths closed his eyes and chanted, yet he did not answer.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained…The Central Celestial’s Feast of All Souls is more lively than the rest. This One shall first go take a look around, quietly awaiting the Buddhist sect of Senior Monk.”

The woman smiled.

Instantly, she vanished from the room like smoke.

Atop the seven-floor pagoda, she looked down upon this mundane world.

“Allow This One to see what stage you and those girls can achieve in the end…Su Xing.”

The veil covering her face was removed, showing the countenance of a flower, a face like the moon.


Was “Thousand Buddha Star” Chao Gai.8

Author’s Note”

A burst tomorrow…FUUUUUCK…

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  1. I don’t know if this is just figurative or if this is literal bestiality.
  2. 中央天
  3. 四諦聖僧
  4. 大涅槃經
  5. 緣, can also mean “connection” or “fate”
  6. As noted before, this can also mean fate.
  7.  五龍光明燈
  8. Thus, her presence shows that Su Xing is on the right track.


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