Chapter 343: Pigeon Loop

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The corners of her skirt fluttered, and there was a crisp ring.

Yan Yizhen’s figure instantly disappeared from where she was, and when she reappeared, she was already above Faceless Jiao Ruoxue. On her face still was an unbelievable indifference. Her palm chop was like a blade, soundlessly brushing towards Jiao Ruoxue’s neck.

Jiao Ruoxue’s Thirty-six Roads Dragon Capturing Hand counterattacked with extreme speed.

Both her hands were clenched into claws, one claw unloading the power of Yan Yizhen’s chop, and the other claw craftily grabbing at the maid, fast as lightning, without any chance to react.

Yan Yizhen casually raised her head to evade.

“Watch this Poison Dragon Drill,”1 Jiao Ruoxue suddenly straightened and rushed straight to Yan Yizhen’s chest, both hands directly piercing towards Yan Yizhen’s heart. However, a slender jade arm at some unknown time already was placed upon Jiao Ruoxue’s path of attack.

With a muffled thud, she surprisingly completely caught Jiao Ruoxue’s attack, the flesh of her palm in that instant letting out a swelling noise. She had already collided with Jiao Ruoxue’s attack.

All of the pressure of the fist made Jiao Ruoxue incomparably surprised.

Her pupils suddenly contracted. Jiao Ruoxue did not have the slightest bit of hesitation, directly half-somersaulting away. Her black figure suddenly drew apart the air, already appearing one zhang away.

Her reactions were very proper, for just at the same time she flashed away, an extremely fierce oppressive power suddenly squeezed heavily on those surroundings. fragments of earth sprayed in all directions as a line opened in the earth. The arena caved with a deep trench, the jolting strength making the spectators unable to help but retreat.

Yan Yizhen’s punch landed on nothing, a trace of amazement flashing through her vermilion eyes.

Jiao Ruoxue’s apathetic Buddhist mask seemingly was crammed full of an even greater battle intent. Her leg kicked, immediately rushing over. This time, Jiao Ruoxue did not hold back using her grappling techniques. One hand grasped Yan Yizhen’s belt, the other her shoulder, but each time, she was easily thwarted by Yan Yizhen. Several Dragon Capturing Hands were unable to obtain success, making Jiao Ruoxue somewhat irritated.

“Dragon Trapping Rising Sky”2

Amidst a sneer, the Evil Star’s figure suddenly revolted, indistinctly becoming a phantom.

Her arm’s tender skin bubbled like flowing water. The patterns of her minute blood vessels were distinctly visible on her skin. Her flesh that was exposed seemed to take on a bloody color, and these blood vessel markings seemed to come alive. The dragons that had been trapped now stirred on her hands, like flowing water, appearing extremely unfathomable.

In that instant, both her hands seemed to transform into chains. Arm shadows filling the skies covered Yan Yizhen, the wind pressure brought by the attack  pelting her. Before the strike arrived, the wind pressure actually gave rise to bonds that faintly had the function of trapping someone where they were.

As if it was an iron dragon.

Her short hair was lifted by this wind. Such a strong attack was instantly met, but Yan Yizhen’s face still was apathetic. Her eyes even had a trace of mockery.

Both of her hands grabbed, and a sudden change occurred.

The Skilful Star’s flexible body lightly flashed and spun an afterimage, instantly avoiding this impenetrable pressure. Then, one hand suddenly was placed upon Jiao Ruoxue’s hand that was larger than a weapon.

Immense power instantly transmitted, and Jiao Ruoxue was incomparably stunned. Suddenly, she found that the strength of her fists had been contained, ultimately coming to a complete stop in midair.


Gazing in astonishment, a pair of cold, vermilion pupils was already right in front of her.

Silky hair was severed in the wind.

Yan Yizhen’s figure slightly lowered and then suddenly straightened, her palm chop stabbing like a blade.

“How laughable.” Jiao Ruoxue was worthy of being the inheritor of the Thirty-six Roads Dragon Capturing Hand. She had always been proud of close range combat, and with one hand, she grabbed Yan Yizhen’s chop, preparing to use all her power to pull Yan Yizhen into a counterattack.

Yet what her hand grabbed was a clump of air.

This speed is so fast.

Jiao Ruoxue’s pupils froze, and her heart filled with the premonition of danger, but it seemed that comparing the speed of this premonition to Yan Yizhen, the former was still slow by a step. Yan Yizhen’s palm sliced into Jiao Ruoxue’s chest. Faceless groaned, and blood flowed from beneath her mask. The Evil Star fell back, both her hands immediately launching an attack, prepared to grapple Yan Yizhen, but any way it was put, Yan Yizhen was much more experienced.

The corners of her skirt opened, and the white boots that reached all the way to her thighs flashed before Jiao Ruoxue’s eyes. The maid’s left leg kicked, and her right leg was lifted up. The moment her leg bent, her arms crossed, and the transmission of the power of her fist came to a screeching halt. The attacking Evil Star evidently did not anticipate this, but even if she did anticipate this, she could not guard against the sweep of Yan Yizhen’s left leg towards her face. Following that, her right leg also swept. This sequence of movements honestly was flowing like water, settling things in one go.

She directly swept Jiao Ruoxue over.

“Ruoxue,” Huangfu Tianyi’s eyes suddenly flashed with an ominous glow.

The Jiao Ruoxue sent flying knew intuitively. One hand propped up against the ground, and with a flip, without any pause, she once again pounced at Yan Yizhen.

“Wind Past Mountain.”3

Suddenly, Jiao Ruoxue shouted. The Four Star Heaven And Earth Inverted Boxing Gloves suddenly appeared in her hands. Both her hands assumed the power of the reversed dual modes of Heaven and Earth, inciting an impressive wind and thunder. The Evil Star flew into a rage of humiliation, taking the initiative to show her Star Weapon first.

A shadow simultaneously pounced towards Yan Yizhen with an even swifter speed. The Skilful Star was unable to react. That shadow pounced before her, and it was a black slim, black Spirit Snake. Baring its fangs, astonishingly, it was the Evil Star’s Star Beast, Wind Past Mountain.

Yan Yizhen immediately chopped with her hand, and Wind Past Mountain shattered into a black storm that wound around the maid.

“Heaven And Earth Inverted.”4

Just at this moment, Jiao Ruoxue was already in front of her. Both hands were ready to grab Yan Yizhen, exerting explosive power, space twisting with the pressure.

Huangfu Tianyi showed a near imperceptible joy. Suddenly, he felt killing intent approach him. Before Huangfu Tianyi’s Flying Sword rose, the tip of a clean and penetrating cold weapon was already pressing against his throat.

“Do you want to die? I can help you with that.”

Su Xing coldly said.

“What is Friend doing.”

Huangfu Tianyi broke into a cold sweat of fright when he saw Su Xing and the others.

“Friend? Were you not thinking of taking advantage of this to dispatch Little Yi?” Wu Xinjie giggled.

“The arena is where the battle is, open and candid.” Huangfu Tianyi said.

“Quibble, then what’s the matter with that Star Weapon.” Shi Yuan said in contempt.

Huangfu Tianyi forced a smile: “The rules are to not use a weapon, but there are no rules against using gloves or a Star Beast?”


Lin Yingmei cursed, her spear slightly trembling. At any time, she could cut open Huangfu Tianyi’s windpipe. His cold sweat dripped endlessly.

“Ha, ha.” Su Xing truly somewhat admired this man who could use a Star General as a way to make money. Even at such a critical moment, he unexpectedly could still be so devoted. Truly, he did not want to live any longer, however, this was the Buddha Kingdom’s Feast of All Souls, he perhaps also knew that Su Xing could not easily kill him.

“Men like him ought to be killed.” Wu Siyou frowned.

“Your Servant’s is a fair competition. If Your Majesty loses, instead of accepting defeat gracefully, you turn hostile?” Huangfu Tianyi said.

“Release him.”

An ice-cold voice shouted. Jiao Ruoxue turned around and headed towards them to attack.

“Little Sister, if you leave the platform, you will actually lose.” Xiao’er kindly reminded her.

Jiao Ruoxue froze, actually stopping at the edge of the arena.

“I will give you an opportunity to quibble. Since you used a Star Weapon and Star Beast, our wager will grow a bit bigger.” Su Xing proposed.

“How do you say?”

“I have here several stalks of Hundred Year and Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo. I’ll bet against 100 liang of your Seven Stars Dark Sky Sand.”

“100 liang? I do not have this much.” Huangfu Tianyi’s expression changed.

“It won’t do if you can’t quibble the price.” Su Xing’s words were very gentle, but in Huangfu Tianyi’s ears, they seemed to have a sort of ice-cold that came from the heart, as if at any time, he could suffer a violent death.

“Is there any need to be this troublesome? Star Duel, Star Fall, what could this Buddha Kingdom do.” Wu Siyou coldly snorted.

Lin Yingmei’s speartip moved in coordination.

“Wait a moment,” Huangfu Tianyi this time truly was frightened stiff. Dammit, why would we encounter such a powerful Star Master here in the Buddha Kingdom, he thought. Huangfu Tianyi outwardly said: “Even if this turns into a Star Fall, this is the grand Star Duels, what does it matter if you use treacherous methods…” Seeing Su Xing’s appearance of impatience with his blabbing, Huangfu Tianyi’s face was somewhat pale.

“Young Lord, it would be better to forget about it. Do not dirty Yingmei’s hands. Then, everything you have won from the martial arts contests these past few days will be your bet.” Wu Xinjie smiled and said.

Huangfu Tianyi’s expression was even more unsightly.

On the platform, Jiao Ruoxue was somewhat about to go berserk.

“Breaking the rules always needs to pay the price. Buddha wouldn’t object, either. To still spare your life, it’s not bad, is it.”

“You really will not kill me?”

“Would I waste so much breath if I wanted to kill you.”

“I agree to your terms.” Huangfu Tianyi grit his teeth and said. “But it is still the rules of the arena.” He could see this group of people was not too easy to provoke, as if they had come from some Great Sect.


To prevent shameless bastards like this Huangfu Tianyi from playing tricks, they first took out the Astral Bags. With his person under a blade, he had no choice but to follow through. Huangfu Tianyi could only inwardly grind his teeth and entrust his hopes to Jiao Ruoxue. If it was the Evil Star, with a Star Beast and Star Weapon, with those rules of the martial arts arena, the Star Generals that could win against her were not many. Still, seeing those calm expressions of Su Xing and his group, Huangfu Tianyi’s heart was full of danger.

“Little Yi, can you continue.”

An Suwen said.

Yan Yizhen expressionlessly nodded.

“Hmph, Dragon Fist.”

Jiao Ruoxue did not hesitate at all. Immediately, she turned around, the Star Beast Wind Past Mountains acting as a hurricane that attempted to bind Yan Yizhen. Both of the Evil Star’s fists became phantoms. Her entire person slammed towards Yan Yizhen like a dragon breaking out of its cage.

The air seemed to be pierced through with an immense trail.

A dragon hiss suddenly turned loud.

“If you wish to blame something, blame your Young Master for being too stupid.” Jiao Ruoxue was already attacking, Wind Past Mountains coordinating with its mistress’ pincer attack.

The Yin Yang Pisces Fists appeared, the cold and warm lights alternating.

In the flowing river of Yin and Yan, two carps appeared that swam around in between Yan Yizhen’s palms.

This is bad

Evil Star Jiao Ruoxue’s expression greatly changed.5

The hurricane collapsed.

Following Yan Yizhen’s low shout, her shoulders stiffened, and countless fist shadows carrying a mad aura that overturned the seas. A ferocity through the middle of Jiao Ruoxue’s head and face easily pierced through all of Jiao Ruoxue’s defenses.

Under a strike like a torrential rain, a low and muffled groan intermittently transmitted.

Yan Yizhen’s figure lowered. Suddenly, she scuttled to the front of Jiao Ruoxue. Faceless hastily was about to use Thirty-six Roads Dragon Capturing Hand, but Yan Yizhen’s speed was even faster. She used her right hand to twist Jiao Ruoxue, and then she stuck her left hand into the fork of Jiao Ruoxue’s legs. Using her shoulderblade as a fulcrum for Jiao Ruoxue’s chest, she directly lifted the woman up, unbalancing herself. With all her strength, she spun, spun to the edge of the platform and shouted.

“Go down.”

This was a pigeon spin. Setting Jiao Ruoxue head down, legs up, she directly flung the Evil Star off the edge.

Huangfu Tianyi’s eyes suddenly were about to pop out from surprise.

Skilful…Star…Wanderer…Yan Qing…

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  1. 毒龍鑽
  2. 困龍昇天
  3. 過山風
  4. 乾坤顛倒
  5. But she’s wearing a mask…


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