Chapter 345: Qingci’s Mood, Senior Monk Extreme Happiness

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Hawk Rearing Pagoda,1 a pan of Nine Golden Lotus Tea. A picturesque woman currently leaned against the windowsill, appreciating the resplendent fireworks in the night sky outside. Around her were two more girls, one in white clothing and armor, seemingly like ice, completely without emotion, and the other wore crimson armor. She faced the fireworks, yawning without the slightest bit of interest at Buddha Kingdom. She played with her braids.

“Legend says that the very year Buddha cut his flesh to feed a hawk, he instantly became Buddha. People say this was a measureless achievement. I say it silliness, just silliness.”

In silence, a woman descended from the sky, floating like a feather as she dropped down.

The two women in white and red assumed battle stances at first. When they saw who approached, they then stowed their weapons.

“Strength Star Lu Xiao, to say this sort of thing in the Buddha Kingdom, you are immensely blaspheming Buddha.” Qingci turned her head, smiling.

“If anyone feels Xiao’er has blasphemed Buddha, then clearly his cultivation is too shallow. Have you not heard that someone spat on a statue of Buddha and was unharmed?” Xiao’er leisurely poured herself a full cup of tea.

“Just you two Little Sisters?” Xiao’er sipped her tea.

“Jin Dajian says she will upgrade Qin Mingyue to a Four Star Destined Weapon, Wang Jingzhi has gone to browse the Feast of All Souls as well as to scout for information on that Holy Monk, and Elder Sister Li Longkui has gone together with her.” Little Marquis of Wen Lü Fang replied.

“Qingci, you would not actually have interest in that Holy Monk’s bowl and whatever, right?” Xiao’er thought this was amusing.

Qingci wrinkled her brow, showing slight distress: “Your Servant has already met with the Heavenly Solitary Star.”

“Oh? How was it? Could it be she requires Xiao’er’s persuasion as well?”

Qingci smiled bitterly. If this was so, that would have been convenient, “The Solitary Star is definitely not participating in these Star Duels. To persuade her is already an absolute impossibility.”

“What? Why would she not participate in the Star Duels?” Xiao’er was greatly surprised. Although the Star Duels was voluntary for the one hundred and eight sisters, regardless, scaling Maiden Mountain to understand their identities was but an extremely attractive thing. It was very difficult for a Star General to remain aloof. That could be said of some of the Sisters weak in martial force or magic energy, but how would any one of Star General first rate in martial force end their lives aloof, let alone mentioning Solitary Star Flowery Monk Lu Zhishen.

In Xiao’er’s innate memories, Lu Zhishen was a rarely seen Buddhist cultivating Star General. Possessing the two superb Innate Skills of “Meditative Mind” and “Monster Strength,”2 the Solitary Star was certainly a frequent attendee of the past “Seven Stars Assemblies.”

For such a powerful figure to unexpectedly place herself outside of the Star Duels? Xiao’er was caught unprepared.

Qingci was without a choice: “She is extremely dedicated to comprehending the Buddhist mind, as if she recognizes if she can comprehend her Meditative Mind Innate Skill, she can truly understand where the meaning of our Star Duels is.”

“Was there something like this?” Xiao’er was very astonished.

“Perhaps.” Qingci nodded, “Although missing the Solitary Star is somewhat a pity, she has gone to contend for the Holy Monk’s dharma, robe and bowl. Perhaps she truly can comprehend that Meditative Mind, and someday in the Fifth Phase, there finally will be some results.”

“Saying so, you are giving up on her?”


“Truly what a pity. Originally, Xiao’er had even wanted to return you the favor.” Xiao’er twitched her lips.

“Someday, Your Servant will trouble Little Sister for something even more important.” Qing’er’s gaze was dim.

“As you wish. The changes of the Ninth Generation Star Duels truly are unending.” Xiao’er sighed: “The Solitary Star has set down her staff to comprehend the Meditative Mind. Qingci, you even could assemble so many Star Generals. Even stranger is that the Majestic Star Lin Chong and Harm Star Wu Song who have never signed contracts in a thousand years have unexpectedly fallen in love with a man. Xiao’er is one person alone, which is actually somewhat sad.”

“Little Sisters Majestic Star and Harm Star have fallen in love?”

Qingci, Guo Xue and Lü Fang were shocked.

“Unimaginable, right? Xiao’er did not expect this, either. Recalling the Wu Song originally at Jingyang Ridge…” Recalling the past, Xiao’er could not help but sigh that time had slipped away. This Little Sister, her unfaithfulness was faster than flipping over a book.

“That man actually indeed stands out from the rest of the other Star Masters, and even Xiao’er is somewhat moved.” Xiao’er heedlessly drank tea, still smiling. “To speak of it, he seems able to Assemble, just like you, Qingci.”


“Was there something like this?”

Help Star Guo Xue and Aid Star Lü Fang cried out. Even for the still as water Qingci, her clear as water pupils rippled.

“Is this true?” Qingci asked.

“Absolutely true.”

“Could it be said that Maiden Mountain knows Elder Sister can Assemble and has specifically sent him to thwart Elder Sister?” Lü Fang’s guess was the same as Qingci’s. Even Xiao’er felt this was possible.

“He is in the Central Celestial, and he is also going to the succession or whatever. Qingci, how about it, do you wish to engage in a life and death Star Duel with him?” Xiao’er asked: “For the sake of friendship, Xiao’er actually can help you.”

“Lu Xiao, what do you feel the odds of success are?” Qingci asked.

“Complete lack of success.” Xiao’er was honest. The ranked third Knowledge Star Resourceful Star Wu Yong, the ranked fourth Leisure Star Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Sheng, the sixth ranked Majestic  Star Panther Head Lin Chong, the ranked fourteenth Harm Star Pilgrim Wu Song, the ranked thirty-sixth Skilful Star Wanderer Yan Qing, with the Efficacious Star Divine Physician and others. This battle formation could be said to be unprecedented since ancient times, with none to come after.

Xiao’er was unable to bear it. Although Qingci’s side had powerful Martial Generals like Killer Star Black Whirlwind Li Kui and the Five Tiger General Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Ming, in comparison, they were very lacking.

“It is him?” Lü Fang and Guo Xue practically said at the same time.

The two girls stared.

“It seems we will have to add on that he is a Star General capable of defeating Little Sister Earthly Stars, which is even more thorny.” Xiao’er shrugged her shoulders.

“Elder Sister Qingci, let Your Servant go kill him right now.” Having been defeated by Su Xing’s hand, this was Lü Fang’s extraordinary shame and humiliation. Little Marquis of Wen immediately thought of revenge.

“You may not.” Qingci’s expression was stern, instantly changing from her previous elegance.

“For the time being, do not come into conflict with him. Silently observe him. The top priority is only to let Jin Qiongyu quickly upgrade the Star Weapons.” When Qingci had seen Su Xing originally, she had thought he had only contracted two Stars. After hearing Xiao’er’s words, her heart was truly shaken to the extreme.

“Hmph.” Lü Fang disdainfully sat down, somewhat unresigned.

“Let alone for that man to be so gentle, when he truly goes for the kill, he absolutely will not be lenient. Even if against a beauty like Qingci, Xiao’er sees he would not hold any protective feelings towards you.”

“Truly too inconceivable, could he truly be sent by Maiden Mountain?” Qingci wrinkled her brow.

This problem was one that no one could solve.

A moment later, Wang Jingzhi and Li Longkui returned to the pagoda. The Black Whirlwind’s expression appeared very gloomy. From Xiao’er, they realized she had lost to Faceless on the arena. Qingci again cautioned them regarding Su Xing, and Wang Jingzhi and Li Longkui were dumbstruck after listening.

But Li Longkui’s originally demonic eyes were even more evil. It seemed she truly treated Su Xing as someone Maiden Mountain had assigned to face Qingci.

Wang Jingzhi at this moment mentioned information pertaining to the Holy Monk’s disciple.

Knowing that the Buddha Kingdom’s Six Ancestors would personally go to the Holy Monk’s successorship selection, Qingci also thoughtfully had the idea to participate to help Lu Zhishen obtain the Holy Monk’s Chan Technique.

“Sister Qingci, Jingzhi feels that Su Xing this time will also go seek the Holy Monk’s Chan Technique. Perhaps he also has come to contract Lu Zhishen. Were the previous Lin Chong, Wu Song, and her not on good terms?”

Wang Jingzhi’s kidding made all of women shocked.

If they carefully thought, each of Su Xing’s Star Generals were lofty in one aspect. Even if he truly contracted Lu Zhishen, which was not impossible, at the current Phase, to give rise to a new Star Master already was not too possible. Things like Qingci’s Uprising actually were extremely convenient.

“No, impossible. The Heavenly Solitary Star is dedicated to Buddhism’s meditative mind, placing herself outside the Star Duels. Your Servant has not seen wrongly. It is impossible for him to contract the Heavenly Solitary Star.” Qingci was confident.

“Do not be too self-confident, when he originally cooperated with Wu Siyou, Xiao’er thought it would have been merely a delusion.” Xiao’er sighed.

These words made Qingci speechless.

Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou had never signed contracts in a thousand years, and now that the Harm Star had practically signed a contract, any way it was put, this Heavenly Solitary Star was even more simple than these two Thousand Year Star Generals.

Qingci suddenly did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“He will not be able to contract the Heavenly Solitary Star…”

“And if he actually does?”

“If he actually can contract the Heavenly Solitary Star…Then Your Servant…” Qingci was tongue-tied. She raised her head to gaze at the starry skies, the gorgeous fireworks like shooting stars. As if suspended past the dazzling flames, there were a hundred silent Star General Crimson Stars.

Exceedingly silent.

Qingci’s eyes were tranquil yet somewhat frustrated.

“Then Your Servant…Your Servant shall…”

A firework-shaped shala flower bloomed in the night sky, finally scattering to dust in the horizon and falling to the ground, sprinkling down a motley Buddhist light.

The first climax of the Feast of All Souls – “Buddha’s Teachings Shine Gloriously.”3 Thousands of purple and red fireworks practically crammed the world as far as the eye could see, Meditative light was all over, the scent of metal bewitching.

The river lanterns on the winding Ganges River linked into one, like countless stars leisurely flowing away. Each river lantern appeared exceptionally dazzling under the night’s river. As far as the eye could see, there were lanterns of all colors, boundless. This was the Feast of All Soul’s – “Borderless Abyss of Suffering.”4

In the empty space, someone was propagating dharma, the Barhmanistic chants lingering, clean and refined. This voice as soft as the Ninth Firmament was slowly washing away the filth of the heart. The was the Feast of All Soul’s last climax – “Flower Sutra General Assembly.”5

“Buddha’s Teachings Shine Gloriously, Borderless Abyss of Suffering, and the Flower Sutra General Assembly” were the three symbolic activities of the Feast of All Souls. Su Xing’s group could not help but be startled at this scene. There was an abundance of a sort of urge to prostrate in worship.

Just as they immersed the Feast of All Souls, a dark shadow suddenly came flying towards Su Xing’s vicinity at high speed from the sky.

This speed was extremely fast, instantly reaching above Su Xing.

Everyone reacted, staring at this newcomer.

This person wore a large red kasaya, simple without losing elegance. He wore a golden rosary, the shape of the jewels exceptionally pretty, but his brow had an abnormal charm. What made Su Xing surprised was that this unimaginably handsome man was suspended in the air. His cultivation clearly was Supervoid Stage.

“Senior Monk Extreme Happiness of the Happiness Chan.”

A name immediately hopped into Su Xing’s ocean of consciousness.

Senior Monk Extreme Happiness swept his eyes over Lin Yingmei and the other girls, the evil light in his eyes extremely ardent, fleeting, before he again recovered that dignified appearance. If they were ordinary woman, perhaps they would already have been bewitched into captivation by Senior Monk Extreme Happiness, but Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou and the other girls were superb Star Generals that naturally disdained the presence Senior Monk Extreme Happiness naturally carried himself with.

A moment later, several more monks of the Happiness Together Courtyard flew over on staffs and alms bowls.  

“Senior Monk, that is him.”

Senior Monk Extreme Happiness nodded. He slightly smiled, a smile that could bewitch all living things.

“Benefactor has good fortune. Poor Monk wishes to receive Benefactor as a disciple, is Benefactor willing?”

Author’s Note:

PS: The first eight, nine, ten Star Generals actually have already been decided, en, newer chapters later tonight.

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  2. 怪力
  3. 佛光普照
  4. 苦海無涯
  5. 華經大會


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