Chapter 347: All Things Contrived Are Like Dreams, Illusions, Bubbles, Shadows

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“Are you playing with me?” Su Xing unhappily said. Chao Gai had the nerve to ask him to help bloom his Meditative Mind Lotus Seed. If it was not for this originator of evil conferring to him this calamity Meditative Mind Lotus Seed planted inside his ocean of consciousness, how could Su Xing have so much trouble right now. In response to her conferment, they came to this Buddha Kingdom, with things beyond their capabilities. Last month, the very latest was a huge letdown.


“This One did not guess wrongly. You are preparing to listen to Holy Monk’s Chan Technique to blossom the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower.” Chao Gai calmly said. “However, do you have any certainty? Even if the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed had Buddhism’s supreme cultivator, it would not necessarily bloom to present to Buddha. Do you feel Senior Monk’s dharma will be of any help to you?”  

Wu Xinjie thoughtfully said: “Chao Gai, this Holy Monk said he wanted to pass on his robe and bowl. Is this your doing? Xinjie feels it is odd. It is awfully coincidental that there would be such a good thing.”

Chao Gai did not answer.

“Just what do you think you are doing?” Wu Siyou questioned.

“It was This One that planted the Meditative Mind. This One merely is informing you along the way.” Chao Gai smiled.

“Speak.” Su Xing declined to comment. Although he could not clearly understand what this Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai had up her sleeve, he also wanted to know what her plan was in the end. If she actually could bloom the Meditative Mind Lotus See, that would be even better. Su Xing indeed was given an extremely vexing headache by this Buddhist holy object.

“Buddha West Approaches has a Buddhist Secret Treasure, Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp.1 This lamp is capable of releasing endless amounts of light. So long as you sit in meditation under the lamp, thou can then make the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed blossom.” Chao Gai answered.

“What? There was surprisingly something like this?”

Su Xing and the girls looked at each other in dismay. They came to the Buddha Kingdom and gathered lots of information, but they nevertheless had never known about the matter of the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp, let alone that he could bloom the seed under lamp.

“Are you for real?” Su Xing was very doubtful that Chao Gai would deliberately say this, but thinking about it, this Pagoda Shifting Heavenly King did not necessarily want to deceive him, correct?

“The Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp has been refined at a seven floor pagoda. The dharma without bounds can fill all of the world, and only those of the Buddha Kingdom’s Six Ancestors and the like are capable of understanding it. The information you gathered is merely superficial. How could you have known.” Chao Gai smiled.

“What do you think you’re doing informing us of these?” Su Xing vigilantly asked.

Chao Gai’s manner was very played down: “It was This One that sowed the seed, what harm is there in informing you.”

“If you want me to thank you, then don’t dream of it.” Su Xing twitched his lips, unconvinced.

Chao Gai showed a profound smile. That smile seemed to say that the person that should be thankful should be him, “Since This One has informed you, naturally there will be another purpose. Under the Five Dragons Light, This One will certainly confer unto you the third calamity. You will accept it?”


Su Xing’s profanity had hardly been uttered when the words were rammed back down his throat by an invisible gravity. Rather than say it was Chao Gai’s kindly proposal, it would be better to say it was her tyranny.

“Chao Gai, do not be unbridled.”

Hearing that Chao Gai unexpectedly was prepared to conveniently confer Su Xing with the third calamity, the beauties all reacted. The second calamity already made them scared witless for so long. Before the second calamity had even ended, now came a third calamity. This simply was somewhat too overbearing.

“Freezing Frost Of Nine Provinces,” Lin Yingmei straddled the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast, her spear’s chilliness penetrating. A portion of the courtyard froze over. With the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast, the Arctic Star Serpent Spear’s killing intent attacked Chao Gai like a frozen river.

“Blood Splashing Married Couple,”2 Wu Siyou’s Dark Rank Technique was used without any hesitation. Wherever the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus passed, bloody lotus flowers successively bloom. The double-ended sword’s sword qi wound about like a duck’s neck, sealing shut Chao Gai’s movements.

“Swallowflash Samsara,” Yan Yizhen shouted.

Su Xing’s three Martial Generals instantly acted.

But, all of their attacks merely died out in an instant. Their execution was sudden, but their termination was even more abrupt.

The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda appeared, its Buddhist aura everywhere.

The legs of Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou, and Yan Yizhen looked as if they were stuck in mud, hardly able to move an inch. Invisible shackles made their hands and feet unable to move in the slightest.

Not good.

Su Xing inwardly shouted, his body also similarly having sunk into a paralyzed state. He was unable to use any of his strength, and he could only watch Chao Gai approach him.

“You truly are impetuous Little Sisters.” Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai indifferently said.

Chao Gai’s each and every step was delicate. In the blink of an eye, she was in front of Su Xing.

“If it wasn’t for me being unable to defeat you, I absolutely would spank your butt a lesson.” Su Xing gnashed his teeth while at the same time squeezing out some words from under Chao Gai’s powerful pressure.

Chao Gai: “…” For a moment, she uttered no words. The Thousand Star faintly smiled: “You truly do love to flaunt that tongue. Teach This One a lesson, This One will naturally wait respectfully for You at Maiden Mountain.

“I will pay you a visit.”

“Thou need not thank This One.” Chao Gai shook her head. Su Xing’s eyes truly wished to turn her to scattered bone and ash.

Paying no attention to this, Chao Gai’s finger poked Su Xing’s forehead.3

Immediately, an indescribable electric current erupted in his brain, paining Su Xing into a grimace.

“The Diamond Sutra says: All things contrived are like dreams, illusions, bubbles, shadows, like dewdrops, like lightning, and they should be regarded as such.”4 Chao Gai chanted. When she finished, time resumed its flow.

“Chao Gai.”

Wu Siyou and Lin Yingmei were enraged.

Chao Gai turned around. Like illusion, like shadow, she passed by their attacks, “This third calamity is named ‘Dream, Illusion, Bubble, Shadow.’5 If thou should be able to use the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp, at that time, you will know the severity. Thou must properly look after thyself. This One shall wait and see.”

Thousand Buddha Star Pagoda Shifting Heavenly King Chao Gai thus was like a reflection in water, indistinct, as she vanished before everyone’s eyes, leaving behind only a seemingly amused admonition.

“Young Lord.”

The other girls ran over anxiously.

“I’m okay.” Su Xing rubbed his forehead.

“That Chao Gai truly is loathsome.” Shi Yuan was very depressed. “This makes things hard for Su Xing.”

“Chao Gai said lighting this Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp is when this Third Calamity will appear. Could it be you truly want to?” Wu Siyou was deeply worried. The second calamity and the third calamity together was rather too difficult, let alone that it was unknown how much they could trust this Thousand Buddha Star’s words.

“Xinjie, what do you think?” Lin Yingmei saw that Wu Xinjie frowned in contemplation, and she thought that the Knowledge Star had thought of something.

Wu Xinjie said: “Xinjie feels that Chao Gai has the intention to help Young Lord.”

“Hey, hey, hey, Elder SIster, you can’t be fooled by her.” Shi Yuan shouted. If she wanted to help, then she would be direct and honorable without any tricks. How would be there this sort of overdone execution.

“At that time, we will naturally have a word with her.” Su Xing coldly said.


“Will we test the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp Chao Gai mentioned?” Gongsun Huang asked.

“It may be assumed that this Senior Monk affair ought to have been arranged by Chao Gai. Since she said as such, this should not be meant to deceive Young Lord. Yuan’er, we will first go investigate this Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp.” Wu Xinjie thought then made a decision.


Buddha Kingdom Central Celestial, one enormous mountain was very odd. The entire mountain was shaped like a pagoda, and the center of the mountain did not grow tall trees. The entire thing was a brush of red foliage, with many hares, deer, milu, foxes, lynxes, tigers, and other animals amid the trees.

This mountain was named Stupa Mountain. It was reasonable to say that because of the Buddha Kingdom’s teaching, this mountain’s range of a hundred li, had countless monasteries, but as it happened, it was the opposite. The range of a hundred li did not have one temple. A single statue of Buddha could not be seen, and the reason for this was that the center of Stupa Mountain had a golden pagoda that pierced the sky. That pagoda was no more than seven floors, but each floor had a hundred meters. This was Buddha Kingdom’s famous Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda.

The rumors surrounding the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda were many. Some said that was a sky-piercing Spirit Treasure refined in immemorial times by the founder of Buddha Kingdom. It guarded Buddha Kingdom’s qi and fortune, and the other temples of Buddhism naturally did not dare show themselves before the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda.

Others said this Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda was an Immemorial Spirit Treasure that sealed an Immemorial Heavenly Demon creature. Due to its terrible qi soaking into the region over eons, Buddhism was incapable of purifying it once more and could only withdraw a distance away. Of course, to the residents dwelling in the surroundings of the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda, this was just nonsense.

But regardless of what was said, as the center of Buddha Kingdom’s Central Celestial, the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda’s significance was comparable to the forbidden area of the Great Liang Dynasty’s Bian City. It was also the lifetime pursuit of Buddhist Cultivators, and Buddha Kingdom’s one and only Buddha West Approaches had cultivated inside the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda.

On the day of Buddha West Approaches was to select a disciple to inherit his robe and bowl, the surroundings of the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda was very lively.

Three thousand Buddhist schools and countless cultivators all bubbled forth. They were attracted to this location not just for that already immeasurable and limitless magic energy of Liangshan Continent’s  number one divine monk, but also to have the chance to personally see the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda.

“This is Buddha Kingdom’s renowned Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda, huh. It sure is spectacular.”

On Stupa Mountain, a scholarly and handsome youth gazed at the faraway pagoda and could not help praise it. A beautiful woman and a simply dressed monk walked over to his left and right.

“This intimidating air is much more imposing than the Cold Tang Kingdom’s imperial palace. From This Palace’s view, the Cold Tang Kingdom ought to be given to Buddha Kingdom.”

It was unclear if the youth’s words were sincere or resentful. That monk to the side said faintly: “Your Highness, Buddha says, All things contrived are like dreams, illusions, bubbles, shadows, like dewdrops, like lightning, and they should be regarded as such, which is the perspective of the monks. This is no more than an idea. Your Highness’s bickering is unbecoming.”

“Ha, ha, since this is an idea, yet such an imposing sight, This Palace feels that the Great Liang Imperial Palace is merely so. It seems very unpersuasive.” The youth laughed aloud. “However, Great Master Shen Hui6 need not explain anything about this idea. This Palace is merely making a joke. This Palace is very clear that if it was not for Buddha Kingdom’s three thousand Buddhist sects, the Cold Tang Kingdom would long have been annexed by the Great Liang.”

The youth that so succinctly made this Great Master Shen Hui somewhat embarrassed was just anyone, he was the prince of the Cold Tang Kingdom, His Highness Xie Chang’an.

The beautiful girl beside him curled her lips in a smile. She nevertheless did not like this Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda at all.

“Never expected for Buddha West Approaches to actually prepare to pass on his robe and alms bowl, to accept a disciple for seclusion. No wonder teachers of the state would all come.” Xie Chang’an exclaimed.

“Your Highness has the mind to turn to Buddhism for Buddha West Approaches?”

“This, huh. Currently, the Star Duels already are at the Fourth Phase. This Palace does not have any time, however, previous tests were not bad. This Palace is very expectant to what degree he can reach in amid so many people. Shuang’er, what do you say?” Xie Chang’an said.

“As you wish.” Prestige Star Double Clubs Huyan Shuang not long ago had captured the Star Beast “Snow Kicking Ebony Piebald” from Evil Smiting Hall, and her mood was perfect. Leisurely coming to this Buddha Kingdom’s myriad sects was not something that was unallowed. She treated it as an amusement outside of the Star Duels.

“Right, This Palace hears that Buddha West Approaches has a Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp. This palace hears that all Buddhist Cultivators would rush like ducks for this priceless treasure. Is this true?” Xie Chang’an said.

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  1.  五龍琉璃燈
  2. 血濺鴛鴦, Wu Siyou’s second Dark Rank Technique, which could be a reference to the fact her two swords are joined as one.
  3. Sorry, Sasuke, no next time.
  4. 一切有為法,如夢幻泡影,如露亦如電,應作如是觀, translation adapted from
  5.  夢幻泡影
  6. 神慧大師, lit. Great Master Divine Intelligence


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