Chapter 354: Heavenly Nymphs Lewdly Mesmerize All Things Net

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“Lay down the butcher’s knife, become Buddha on the spot – these words ought to be given to Great Master.”

Wu Siyou lightly walked on top of the wind, the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus following its mistress’ intent and releasing a bone-chilling icy jeer. A sort of indistinctly faint killing intent circulated about the Harm Star’s body.

Stupa actually drew in a breath, his four limbs ice-cold, as if he had fallen into an icehouse.

So incredible.

This was the legendary Fiend Star, the Harm Star Wu Song. Stupa simply incredulous that he used the Stupa Saber Technique and was unexpectedly unable to even touch her side. Furthermore, the opponent appeared to have been holding back, not even brandishing her full power.

A kind of powerless feeling of defeat made Stupa very sullen.


Deeply unreconciled.

As a cultivator specially cultivating sword techniques, he had always boasted as being the highest. The Stupa Saber Fast had used the Stupa Saber Technique to raise their reputation in the world, but unavoidably, they still were unavoidably compared to Star Generals, and the results need not be said, only endless mockery and disdain, as well as Stupa venting until he was nearly dead.

Although they were recognized as a Great Sect of Sword Cultivators that were looked up at, Stupa dreamed of defeating a Martial General, a genuine Star Maiden Martial General.

It was precisely because his heart had this knot in existence, that Stupa began to be incapable of breaking through the Supercluster Late Stage bottleneck to enter the great Realm of the cultivators – Supervoid Realm. On this trip to the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda, he had originally wished to borrow the Holy Monk’s Chan Technique, to undo the knot in his heart. He did not anticipate that a freak accident would land with an encounter with Wu Song on the Fifth Floor.

The Pilgrim emitted from head to toe a sort of cool and elegant radiance that, with practically no consideration, could make all things in Liangshan Continent understand her identity.

Stupa also changed his aspiration. Compared to hearing that Chan Technique, the Stupa Saber Fast was even more accustomed to comprehending the essence of the Stupa Saber and Buddhism’s secret mysteries amidst endless sword fights.

“Ahh,” Stupa angrily shouted, turning incomparably frenzied. His épée was lifted like a piece of paper in his hand.

The air in a range of several li was shattered.

“Do you wish to become Buddha? Allow Your Servant to help you.”

The gale blew, lifting Wu Siyou’s long hair. The woman’s voice was unhurried, her wandering seemingly empty.


Stupa Saber Technique – Cut Down Obsessiveness.1

Stupa Saber Technique – Cut Down Delusions.2

Stupa Saber Technique – Cut Down Evilness.3

Stupa Saber Technique – Cut Down Confusion…4

Cut, cut, cut…

Stupa went wild, his Stupa Saber Technique’s every slash attack used in succession, each type of Saber Technique leaving people at a loss of what to do. It was precisely because of this unprecedented Cut Down Obsessiveness Saber Technique that even Supercluster Cultivators could be defeated by his hand.

Wu Siyou was unusually indifferent, indifferent enough t cause heartbreak.

The Pilgrim released, and the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus blossomed.

A great expanse of black sword qi suddenly appeared, becoming black Demonic Lotuses that appeared from out of thin air around her body, simultaneously revolving, shooting in directions, carrying a terrifying energy.

The air let out an intense whistle, and a black Demonic Lotus wind suddenly appeared in Stupa’s surroundings.

Under this wind’s strong power, attempting to trap the wild animal.

The Stupa Saber Technique was completely broken to pieces, like a hot knife through butter.

But this was no more than Wu Siyou’s appetizer. Without need for any chit-chat, her eyes shot a cold light. In this instant, Wu Siyou’s graceful figure thus apparently disappeared.


Her swordtip closed in, easily cutting apart Stupa’s frenzy. This girl’s toe stepped, directly kicking open Stupa’s chin, and the monk was flung far away.

“Unresigned.” Stupa flipped his body up, massaging his fractured mandible, smiling with complete fear. “Wu Song, watch Poor Monk’s Stupa Saber Technique – Evil Sea Is Boundless.”5

Stupa’s eyes were red, and his flesh split apart as he spat blood.

In Wu Siyou’s eyes, regardless of how malevolent this monk appeared, how terrifying, he only had a sort of pitiful bluff posture. The Harm Star Pilgrim basically did not place him in her eyes. A Supercluster Late Stage cultivator honestly did not have the qualifications to act as her opponent in close quarters combat.

But this did not hinder Wu Siyou’s desire to sweep him aside like the hindrance he was.

The fewer the cultivators pursuing Holy Monk Noble Truths, the better, no?

“This is what you asked for.”

The girl’s mocking brows rose. Her finger simultaneously rose. An ice-cold vortex suddenly appeared in the space between them. The temperature of the space plummeted, and the ice-cold whirlwind quickly enlarged, instantly slamming into Stupa’s “Evil Sea Is Boundless.”

The sword-light soundlessly combined.

The world stifled as if it was about to stop.

Wu Siyou’s body astonishingly appeared, and a cold to the extreme determination shot from her body directly into Stupa’s chest. The girl’s black, flowing hair was rolled into a graceful flutter by the whirlwind, her eyes flickering with a leisurely luster.

Stupa was worthy of being Buddha Kingdom’s number one sword cultivating Buddha. His épée directly broke apart Wu Siyou’s attacking intent, instantly dodging.

But at the same time the épée swept, Wu Siyou floated like a butterfly in a hurricane, yet she lightly stepped onto his sword. Stupa flipped his sword, instantly cutting at the girl’s neck.

The girl’s cloak fluttered, her body becoming a fluttering illusion.

A bone-chilling swordtip suddenly split apart Stupa’s neck. Blood soared into the sky. It was unknown when Wu Siyou’s black sword had already clamped onto Stupa’s neck, yet it slashed down.

Just as she was about to behead Stupa, Stupa did not seem to mind that much. His empty hand directly grabbed the Three Star Destined Weapon. Fortunately, Buddhism had always emphasized cultivating the physical body. Although the palm of his hand was about to rip apart, he barely stopped the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus from cutting further down. Seizing that brief instant, Stupa promptly brandished his épée. Even if he could not cut Wu Siyou in two, it was also fine to repel her.

A sneer.

Wu Siyou flipped, one leg directly stamping on Stupa’s face, shattering several of his teeth, dodging the épée’s sweep. At the same time she descended, she again swept out sword qi.

Stupa suffered it directly, nearly dying.

Wu Siyou lightly descended, her swordtip sweeping aside that filthy blood.

How was this possible. Stupa was incapable of believing the gap between them was so large. At this time, Stupa regretted pursuing sword techniques too much and not painstakingly cultivating magic weapons. The legendary Star Generals were without equal, and only magic weapons could secure an advantage.

“Will you leave yourself, or will you have Your Servant send you off.” Wu Siyou set down a notice to leave.

“Great Master Stupa, This Senior Monk has come to assist you.”

Suddenly at this moment, a gold and red Buddhist aura appeared in the sky. A golden net plunged towards Wu Siyou, and on the golden net appeared celestial maidens in dance,6 a scene of intermingling bliss. Even Wu Siyou was taken aback for a half second by that scene of debauchery in front of her.

Wu Siyou retreated, withdrawing several zhang. The golden net of dancing heavenly nymphs gave chase. Wu Siyou knew with a glance that gold and red light was Happiness Buddhist Light. That Harm Star’s face was covered in frost, her sword slashing.

She tore this light to shreds. Just as Wu SIyou was about to seize this chance to destroy that golden net, the opponent also did not dare delay, immediately withdrawing it.

“As expected of Wu Song. Never thought that Poor Monk’s ‘Heavenly Nymphs Lewdly Mesmerize All Things Net’7 was incapable of dealing with you.” The newcomer was Senior Monk Extreme Happiness. At this moment, he put a sinister stare on Wu Siyou.

“Great Master Stupa, are you alright?” Senior Monk Extreme Happiness chuckled. “Poor Monk feels that Great Master Stupa is having difficulty, and thus has specially come to render aid.”

“Many thanks to Senior Monk.” Stupa put his hands together.

“Great Master Stupa, this Wu Song Star General is but Maiden Mountain’s number one. You cannot be careless.” Senior Monk Extreme Happiness coldly grinned. “Can Great Master Stupa still battle?”

“Poor Monk still can fight a bout.” Stupa barely clung on.

“Wu Song, you had better quickly leave this Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda. This is not a place you should have come to.” Senior Extreme Happiness shouted.

“That you came is just perfect. Your Servant shall help settle some inconveniences for Lord Husband.” Wu Siyou was very calm.

“What, Lord Husband? The legendary cool and elegant Harm Star, the overlord of the previous generation, Wu Song surprisingly has a Lord Husband? If this got out, it truly would be a joke.” Senior Monk Extreme Happiness laughed aloud.

“Poor Monk’s ‘Heavenly Nymphs Lewdly Mesmerize All Things Net’ had yet to use full power just now. In a moment, Wu Song shall know its power. If you still persist in the wrong ways, Poor Monk will take your Primordial Yin.”8

“On the basis of your words, today, even Buddha will not be able to save you.”

Wu Siyou’s tone was full of concentrated killing intent.

“The one to emerge the victor shall be the result. The tiny Star General dares to be savage.”

Senior Monk Extreme Happiness shouted, his hands forming a seal.

The Heavenly Nymph Lewdly Mesmerizes All Things Net and a prayer bead simultaneously flew out. As expected, Happiness Chan Light enveloped the words. Hundreds of naked heavenly nymphs made every sort of obscene pose and expression. So long as a person was only slightly not uprighteous of mind, they would be captivated by the lewd fantasy of those heavenly nymphs.

That prayer bead was the magic weapon Senior Extreme Happiness was proud of, named the “Extreme Happiness Bead.” This bead emitting lasciviousness whirled around Wu Siyou’s surroundings, forming an inescapable sealing forbiddance.

And just at this time, Stupa in tacit correspondence waved his épée towards Wu Siyou.

The Stupa Saber Technique reached its peak – Become Buddha On The Spot.

Wu Siyou leaned, tightly clenching her double-ended sword, not fearful at all.

Just at this moment, endless mist-like green light surged forth just like a river, washing everything away. A spring breeze blew by, and immediately, those obscene illusions were successively destroyed by this clear light.

Losing the suppression of the heavenly nymph phantoms, Stupa’s expression greatly changed as he immediately halted his attack.

Senior Monk Extreme Happiness was greatly startled, for his own Life-cast Magic Weapon was unexpectedly broken.

“To think of bullying my wife, you monks must want to die without any corpse left, right?”

A man’s chilly voice dropped from the heavens.

Hearing this voice, Wu Siyou immediately put down her guard, an odd warmth flashing across her heart.

The newcomer was precisely Su Xing.

“Wife, have these two monks been bullying you?” Su Xing seriously asked.

“Hmph, Lord Husband need not worry.” Wu Siyou cast him a sidelong glance.

“What? You are the Harm Star’s Lord Husband??”

Senior Monk Extreme Happiness and Stupa were shocked.

“If you’re done being surprised, go see Buddha.”

Su Xing’s figure suddenly flashed by, his speed unexpectedly even quicker.

Stupa completely had no strength to resist and was stuck in the stomach by a punch, his internal organs turned back to front. Senior Monk Extreme Happiness once again used the magic weapon “Heavenly Nymph Lewdly Mesmerizes All Things Net.” This magic weapon was indeed powerful. The Happiness Chan Light filling the skies was unstoppable, but Su Xing only easily waved the Miraculous Bodhi Tree. That limitless clear light was like a drizzle. His magic weapon’s obscene debauchery was immediately left with no place to hide.

“The Miraculous Bodhi Tree.”

Senior Monk Extreme Happiness screamed.

Su Xing sneered.

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  1.  斬執念
  2.  斬妄想
  3.  斬惡行
  4.  斬迷惑
  5.  孽海茫茫
  7.  天女陰妙眾生網
  8. He means he will rape her. Sex with a man is what destroys Primordial Yin, and by extension, the Star Nest.


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