Chapter 360: Victory Or Defeat?

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The Chan School Great Master screamed, basically not having foreseen Su Xing would release this sort of monster. Completely lacking any preparations, he had been run clean through by the Poison Light. He felt cold all over his body. Immediately, he gave rise to the idea of fleeing, but that monster’s twisting four arms grabbed hold of the Chan School Great Master. It opened its maw, and the Chan School Great Master seemed to have seen the world’s most terrifying sight.

His expression contorted as he screamed. From the monster poured out countless monstrous snakes and insects. Immediately, this Supercluster Stage Great Master was devoured with nothing left.


Su Xing somewhat wanted to vomit.

This monster was none other than the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon from that time; after he originally inadvertently obtained this Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon, because this Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon had grown honestly too malevolently, Su Xing had always never thought of using it, but he had An Suwen refine some medicine for it to feed everyday. But even so, this Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon had grown exceptionally large. If he did not know he could not act in this sea of bitterness without polluting his own karma, Su Xing would never have thought of taking out this Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon. After all, this was too damaging to his own status, for he resided on that name of Purple Thunder Monster.

The Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon’s mouth let loose a stinking stench as it was currently chewing on the sarira of the Chan School’s master.

The faces of the remaining three Chan Masters were full of fury.

“You absolutely will die today, monster.”1

“Don’t think that you can do whatever you please just because you rely on Buddha.” Su Xing snorted disdainfully. The Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon howled loudly. It seemed to have eaten considerably pleasurably, directing a radiant gaze at the other three Ancestral Masters that were even of the meditative mind.

Su Xing surreptitiously sent a strike of Divine Intent into this rampant Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon.

Knowing the identities of Wu Siyou and the others, this Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon became much more behaved.

“Su Xing, this is…” Qingci covered her mouth, somewhat pale in the face.

“Those monks have only themselves to blame, with no one else to point to.” Wu Siyou was cold. The Harm Star looked meaningfully at Chan Xin, wishing to know what attitude this Heavenly Solitary Star would have upon seeing Su Xing take out the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon. After all, regardless of how it was put, Su Xing doing so was for the sake of helping them ferry across the sea of bitterness.

What made Wu Siyou gratified was that the Heavenly Solitary Star had clearly defined likes and dislikes, but her gaze on that unsightly Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon was considerably somewhat hateful. However, Wu Siyou could not blame her. Su Xing’s beauties, other than the humane and compassionate Efficacious Star An Suwen, all kept a respectable distance from this Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon.

The other three Supercluster Cultivators immediately took action.

Buddhist light and artifacts appeared again.

The True Spirit “Empress Tu” of the Earth Book waved her long sleeve, first using the Earth Magic “Pure Land Flowing Smoke” to block the cultivators’ powers. Then, she immediately used more magic of the Earth Spirit Book.

The Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon flapped its wings. Amidst the endless blackness of the sea of bitterness, the black Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon blended in perfectly. It wantonly sucked in the boundless sea of bitterness, and the poison light and poison bugs of its body were released unbridled.

The remaining three were masters of their own Great Sects, after all. Their Ancestor level Supercluster Cultivation, magic weapon, and abilities also could not be underestimated. Although Empress Tu’s defenses were unrivalled, it had been broken considerably by the teamwork of the three Chan Masters.

The Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon at this time unleashed an attack at the Wisdom King Sect’s Chan Master.

However, the Wisdom King Vajrayana’s Chan Master was not in rushed. He raised his nine-ringed Chan staff, and a Roc Wisdom King truth body emerged. Its golden talons aimed at the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon. The Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon’s figure suddenly became big, its hide that was like steel attacked several times.

The Wisdom King Vajrayana’s Great Master saw that he had entangled the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon. Again, he chanted an incantation aimed at Su Xing, itching to tear Su Xing’s muscle and bone. The Buddhist chant gushed forth, and several rays of light attacked Su Xing.

“You cannot make a move.” Su Xing said strictly, as if he was issuing a command.

“Poor Monk shall see how long you can persist.” The Wisdom King Vajrayana Great Master sneered.

Su Xing’s group that had been restricted from acting in the middle of the sea of bitterness gave them an extremely big chance. The Chan Master’s eyes burst with malice, unleashing the magic energy in his whole body.

Su Xing could not act so as to avoid polluting his karma of no killing and could only rely on body techniques to dodge.

The Buddhist aura fired, chasing Su Xing without pause. In the case he was struck, the consequences were too horrible to contemplate. Fortunately, Su Xing had the Heart Like Mirror and the Bagua Escape Technique. His awareness surpassed all others, and after many bouts of being locked onto by that Wisdom King Buddhist Light, he simply relied on his own reactions that were beyond imagination to dodge.

The more the Great Wisdom King Sect’s Chan Master attacked, the more his heart was shocked at his opponent’s methods.

Su Xing dodged consecutively several times, somewhat annoyed.


Suddenly, there was a roar in the sky.

The Chan Master was taken aback. Suddenly he saw the golden winged roc his own Great Wisdom King Nine Ringed Chan Staff created had been suppressed by the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon. The Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon’s whole body emitted Poison Light in great quantities, like a pitch-black pool. Not only this, but it also sucked in a measureless amount of the sea of bitterness, making the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon appear even more violent. The martial arts of its four monstrous arms arms grabbed onto the golden-winged roc and then twisted.

“This is bad.”

The Chan Master vomited blood. Upon seeing his Life-cast Magic Weapon about to break, his face lost color in surprise.

He promptly struck several Buddhist hand seals, continuously forming them.

The golden-winged roc was in its final death throes, its light returning to itself. Its talons grabbed hold and unexpectedly ripped apart one of the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon’s arms. The Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon opened its fangs, biting into the roc’s neck.

The two frightening monsters struggled about in the sky.


The Wisdom King Sect Chan Master vomited blood, and the golden-winged roc finally disintegrated. The nine-ringed Chan staff had been turned into black powder by the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon. The Life-cast Magic Weapon had received damage, which made the Wisdom King Sect Chan Master suffer harm as well. In the next instant, he fell into the boundless sea of bitterness, his fate unknown.

The Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon roared and stared at the remaining two Chan Masters.

The two remaining Chan Masters were no more than Supercluster Early Stage, already with the mind to run when Su Xing took out the True Spirit Magic Treasure “Empress Tu.” Who were they kidding, what “monks have lives,” what “irreconcilable enemies,” as far as they were concerned, those were fleeting as clouds in the sky. Their own lives were most important. On the contrary, having lost a senior monk, this was not a bad thing for competition among their sects in the Buddha Kingdom.

At this time, they saw the Chan Master of the Wisdom King Sect fall in defeat. The two no longer hesitated. They raised a Buddhist light and fled, very quickly escaping the sea of bitterness.

Five great Supercluster Ancestors had surrounded Su Xing’s group and had broken apart before even acting. Perhaps no one would have believed it.

The Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon that seldom emerged was very satisfied. Patting its stomach, in spite of its severed arm, it swaggered back towards its master. Su Xing waved a hand, making it enter an Astral Stone. Then, he put away the Earth Book of Empress Tu. Making the Earth Book manifest the True Spirit Empress Tu also squandered much Star Energy.

“Whatever you want to say, say it.” Su Xing bitterly smiled.

Qingci slightly smiled and shook her head. It seemed she had already recovered.

“This was decreed by fate.” Chan Xin took in a deep breath. Her gaze stared at the faraway other shore. Not saying anything more, she still swiftly flew towards the other shore.

At this time, Chan Xin’s whole body suddenly stiffened. Her eyes widened, her whole body shivering. Wu Siyou and Qingci immediately had similar symptoms, and at this time, a vast pain swelled up through their internal organs. Their whole bodies seemed to be on fire, the searing pain unbearable.

The Eighth Distress of the sea of bitterness – the Five Skandhas

The Five Skandhas were actually powerful, as if their five senses had been deprived. The boundless world faded from view, and their surroundings were full of a frightening darkness,

Su Xing immediately activated the Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique.

All of a sudden, he abruptly heard a furious shout, like a warbling. Opening his eyes to look, he turned pale with fright.

Breaching the sea of bitterness, a monk rushed out. His kasaya was torn to pieces, battered and exhausted, his claws like an eagle’s, like a falcon’s. This was the Chan Master of the Wisdom King Secret Sect.

“Die, Lu Zhishen, ha, ha, ha, ha.”

At this time, currently in the middle of the Eighth Distress, Chan Xin completely was unable to move in time.

Regardless at this time whether Chan Xin attacked or defended, so long as she acted with him, she would lose her qualifications. Chan Xin’s expression was also very ice-cold.

With everything hanging by a thread, in the next instant, Su Xing’s figure was like a chilly wind. Without any hesitation, he suddenly erupted, fiercely dashing forth, completely ignoring that sky and earth ripping qi field and attack of the Wisdom King Secret Sect Chan Master. Su Xing’s superb awareness flashed, and he stepped across several zhang of space, arriving beside the Wisdom King Sect Chan Master. Without saying anything, a sword directly slashed diagonally.

A power more bone-chilling than at any other moment came from the sword.

At this sort of critical juncture, how could Su Xing hold back in the slightest. Reacting instantly, he released his own strength, making a simple slash with his sword, yet it was not at all like previous times. His movement was fast to the point there simply was no shadow to see. Following Heaven Tearing’s slash, the air suddenly made a soft noise, as if something had been torn open. A distinct black line immediately emerged along his leg, carving a complete track.

The Chan Master’s complexion greatly changed. Basically unable to react in time, the Chan Master raised his hands in a fluster to defend himself. His arms were like shield, releasing Buddhist light. The golden ripples immediately were like a surging tide, a clearly visible tip suddenly appearing before everyone’s eyes.

“Lord Husband.”

“Lord Su.”

Wu Siyou and Qingci cried out at the same time. The former was brimming with worry, the latter feeling shocked.

“Great Roc Wisdom King Slash,”2 The Wisdom King Chan Master attacked with all his strength, slamming into the black strangeness that Su Xing’s sword brought with it.


A crisp breaking sound once again rang. There was basically no violent reaction like they had imagined.

Su Xing’s slash seemingly was plain but was in fact matchlessly valiant. The so-called “Great Roc Wisdom King Slash” basically was unable to support Su Xing’s attack. The opponent’s light red Buddhist light defense broke easily as a chicken egg. The pitch-black trail was lightning in the darkness, flashing by. The pair’s surrounding gale suddenly intensified. The whirlwind blew hard, staggering the Chan Master back.

But the Wisdom King Sect Chan Master already was nearly fanatical. His arms spread, like a roc extending its wings.

His escape technique was swift to the limit.

A chilly light flashed across his eyes. Su Xing’s face was an incomparable coldness.

“This is what you brought upon yourself.”

His body stopped in midair, his steps freely flashing by, a gale rising everywhere, without any fancy or superfluous movements.

Su Xing directly spread his arms. The twelve Life-cast Flying Swords Heaven Tearing flew out.

These Flying Swords had gone through Tang Lianxin’s nurturing and were stronger and sharper than ever. The twelve Flying Swords were like golden dragons, ripping apart the boundless sea of bitterness, transforming into pure killing intent that swirled around the Chan Master and attacked. Suddenly, like a suspended galaxy, they attacked.



The Chan Master was shocked.

“You cannot act.” Chan Xin also was moved, hastily acting to rush in front of Su Xing.

But Heaven Tearing was even faster.

Dazzling golden light blossomed, carving a beautiful arc in the air around the Chan Master, brushing past this man’s neck. His huge head followed the light, rolling in the air.

The three women were dumb as wooden chickens.

Faraway, at the other shore.

The yellow-browed boy opened his eyes, faintly saying.

“A man has lost the qualifications to see the Holy Monk.”

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  1. They are referring to Su Xing, not the Gu.
  2. 大鵬明王斬


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