Chapter 391: Another Fallen Heavenly Star

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Kill Guan Sheng?

Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue Hu Niangzi spoke flatly, yet the bereavement in her eyes made Su Xing somewhat moved. He had once met Guan Ying inside Evil Smiting Hall. At that time, he had been practically forced to a dead end by the Four Star Great Blade. He had lingering fears towards this Star General of proud warrior spirit.

“Dear Husband, do you dare accompany Niangzi together to go kill them?” Hu Niangzi’s voice was extremely calm, as if she did not care at all for Su Xing’s reply, but Su Xing could understand what it was the girl needed.

“Wife’s affairs are my affairs, what’s there to be afraid of.” Su Xing slightly smiled.

Bright Star Hu Niangzi stared intently on Su Xing, her dull gold pupils in contemplation. She lightly nodded, unclear whether she acknowledged Su Xing’s words or if she acknowledged the Lord Husband before her?

“However, are we going now?” Su Xing asked.

“Dear Husband, is there any certainty that we can kill her right now?” Hu Niangzi asked back.

The both of them were intelligent people, and Su Xing smiled. Hu Niangzi appeared to be impulsive, but she actually was calm. Who was Great Saint Starkiller? The Black Turtle Territory’s number one Star Master, with a cultivation that had reached Supercluster Middle Stage peak. The Brave Star Great Blade Guan Ying Five Tiger Generals chief even had a Four Star Destined Weapon in hand, and with the Devil Star Palace’s influence at their back, they were even more unexcelled in the world. They were the Black Turtle Territory’s number one Great Devil Palace.

The Black Turtle Territory had several Devil Sects, and many of their Star Masters without exception could only gaze at Great Saint Starkiller’s back.

Such a Star Master was without any hesitation to speak of. The Seven Stars Assembly of this generation’s Star Duels belonged to him, and it was even reasonable that the position of overlord belonged to him. Although Hu Niangzi was crammed full of unrestrainable anger and hatred for the Guan Sheng who tortured Wang Ying to death, she nevertheless understood the distance between them. However, after contracting Su Xing, a rare calm appeared in Hu Niangzi’s irascible heart, and her consciousness was even more clear.

Of course, this was thanks to the effect of Su Xing’s Soul Technique.

“Right now, we don’t. However, you will know in the future. You can’t be scared stiff by This Dear Husband’s identity.” Su Xing said.

“Regardless of what Dear Husband’s identity is, Niangzi will always stand loyally by your side.” Hu Niangzi displayed her intentions and standpoint.

Hu Niangzi’s beauty was like a soap bubble, truly with a sort of misty and hazy mystery, particularly those quiet golden amber eyes. Su Xing felt somewhat moved. Just as Su Xing was about to ask her about the matter of his Black Turtle Sea Flying Swords, at this moment, Ten Feet of Blue abruptly spun around, her double sabers appearing in her hands.

Those sabers were modeled extremely ornately, embedded with stars and gems. One twinkled with an ocean-blue light, the other short saber appeared a gold the shade of golden sand of the deep sea, twinkling with a mesmerizing light.

The golden sand short blade was named Golden Wind, the ocean-blue twined with waves of green light was named Morning Dew.

Golden Wind and Morning Dew!

Of the magnificent and famous hundred and eight Star Maidens, her beauty was the top throughout the nine generations of Star Duels, making countless Star Cultivators drool over her, to pursue her. Even in this generation, things were the same.

“Niangzi has brought over some trouble and asks Dear Husband to retreat.” Ten Feet of Blue Hu Niangzi faced head-on, her expression extremely calm without ripples.

“Since we are husband and wife, don’t distinguish between us.” Su Xing shook his head. Although this surprising forced contract made Su Xing recall how Lin Yingmei was at first, since they had contracted, there was nothing more to say. Furthermore, he was not opposing her at all, but the deeply hidden sorrow in Ten Feet of Blue’s eyes made him feel hurt. Su Xing was determined to first slowly influence her and then worry later.

A black cloud arrived.

“Hu Sanniang, the Devil Star Palace has ordered our Devil Addiction Sect1 to capture you. Will you obediently be captured or first suffer torment!”

Several black long-robed men and women controlled their Flying Swords, sneering incessantly.

“This does not require Dear Husband to act.”

She whispered softly into his ear. Her watery silhouette already soared, becoming mist. She flashed into the middle of the Devil Addiction Sect. Artifacts and magic weapons flew out in succession, falling over each other in retreat and battle. Golden Wind and Morning Dew delicately danced, and the girl’s attacks were rated as wonderful.


“Use the Devil Dart!”2

“Bloodthirsty Great Array!”

Terrified voices were in extreme chaos.

With a soft and muffled noise, Hu Niangzi instantly avoided the encirclement of these Star Cultivators. Her body techniques were completely indecipherable. A Galaxy peak cultivator was startled, only feeling a chill at his back, and then he felt a sharp blade pierce his flesh. His blood vessels were indeed ice-cold, and a terrifying aura of death spread through his body.

A formless power immediately erupted.

No one could describe the terror of this baleful aura that suddenly and oddly appeared, just like how no one could escape the samsara of life and death. Instantly, with Hu Niangzi as the center, the murderous intent within a two meter range seemed to come alive, flocking in all direction. In an instant, there seemed to be a conflagration burning everything away.

Then, the several dozen corpses of cultivators left behind were burnt to ash.

The other cultivators cried out in fear. They did not expect that Hu Sanniang would unexpectedly be so violent. Did the information not say she had been left at her last breath by Guan Ying, that she was without the strength to strike back? What was the meaning of this?

The Star Crest on her forehead answered the suspicions of these dead cultivators.

“Star Duel Covenant?”

“Ten Feet of Blue has signed a contract.”

“Ah, be careful.”

“It is that man!!”

Frightened yells rose and fell in succession. These cultivators rapidly fled, but the Bright Star’s body techniques were in indescribably weid, appearing very slow but she followed left and right, unable to be shaken loose. The more they wanted to run, the more clingy the mist was.

“Calm down, all of you. I will go kill her contractor!”

The sound of thunder roared, like a demon.

A Supercluster Late Stage elder transformed into a demon, moving to attack Su Xing.

“Just perfect.” Su Xing sneered, calling forth the Heaven Tearing Flying Swords.

The Flying Swords of both sides struggled against each other.

All of a sudden, the old man’s palm struck. The Star Energy defenses around Su Xing’s body warped and tore wherever the palm touched. His Star Energy shattered, becoming fragments that entered this ancestor’s hand, “Watch the Thirsty For Blood Boundless Devil Sect Ghost Sealing Great Array!”3

What a long name.

The Supercluster Late Stage Ancestor coldly shouted.

Instantly, Su Xing felt that he seemed to be placed right above a bottomless eddy. The air had boundless strength unable to be utilized, and his whole body’s strength had been firmly trapped a suction force. Formless black qi fell over itself and flew out, binding him like chains.

Su Xing did not dare be careless. His shouted, blossoming the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower. That limitless black qi was immediately illuminated by Buddhist light. Golden lotuses surged in the air, and the Supercluster Late Stage Ancestor’s expression greatly changed. In a flash, that ancestor’s eyes widened. His entire being suddenly was roused from a beautiful dreamland. His face twitched, and he bared his fangs. With a great yell, he already fully utilized his powers.

How could he ever be willingly frightened by a Supercluster Early Stage cultivator.

Raising a magic weapon, two black banners suddenly appeared behind him. Unfurling, they became a barrier. As the Devil Addiction Sect’s top-notch elder, regardless of strength or ability, the Supercluster Late Stage cultivator would far surpass a Supercluster Early Stage. When he saw that Su Xing went to directly contend against him, the Supercluster Ancestor thought his opponent’s brain was broken. He thought of getting rid of this monk to render a great service.

After he saw that Buddhist light, although the Supercluster Ancestor was somewhat fearful, he was still composed. His arms spread open, black qi protecting him. His body’s surly and powerful abilities completely were not something Su Xing could compare himself to.

This full power release immediately stabilized the formless chains.

Su Xing’s face still hung that fearless and extremely indifferent grin.

The other several cultivators seized their chance while the Supercluster Ancestor was stalling Su Xing. Seeing that this was an exceptionally good opportunity, they suddenly launched a sky and earth shattering assault. Cold light gleamed in his eyes as Su Xing sneered facing them. Seeing those black Devil Magic artifacts, he displayed the tenacity and resolution characteristic of a Star Cultivator who emerged the veteran of a hundred battles.

His left hand rose, instantly forming a hand seal.


His short hair was blown upwards by the wind, his whole body’s blood boiling.

Su Xing unexpectedly unleashed his might at this instant, sending all of his Star Energy into his right palm and shooting it outwards.

Vajra Devil Felling Palm!!4

The Buddhist Palm boomed, and the Supercluster Ancestor’s expression greatly changed.

“Bang!!” Golden light flourished,

The Star Energy protecting the back of the Supercluster Late Stage Ancestor was instantly blown apart by the surly power on Su Xing’s tyrannical palm, exposing his withered flesh, and the two banners acting as defensive magic weapons were even more damaged. Immediately, all of his power was discharged, filling the sky.  

The banners immediately shredded.

Spewing out a mouthful of blood immediately, the Supercluster Late Stage Ancestor flew out. He was in clear disbelief, but if he only used a full power palm attack, he would only force Su Xing onto a dead end. The reason was that at this time, the other Star Cultivators had already launched an attack.

Su Xing did not back away at all.

Su Xing’s smile made the Supercluster Ancestor feel an unprecedented feeling of danger.

From Su Xing’s revolt to now was merely the blink of an eye.

The Devil Addiction Sect’s several dozen cultivators were completely without even the time to be shocked. Already with glowering eyes, they launched an attack. Several dozen thick beams of light suddenly appeared that enveloped everything. Immediately afterwards, blades, talismans, seals, black stone, Flying Swords and all sorts of different artifacts and powers attacked, immediately filling his surrounding three meters.

An extremely rebellious force rolled towards Su Xing, pelting him.

Grave as a devil’s roar.

Even a Supercluster Early Stage would unavoidably suffer under such a powerful assault.

But…a clear light sprinkled down, pure and holy, melodious and limpid. All of the black qi that received the clear light suddenly ebbed away, as if it had encountered its bane.

“Evil Suppressing Clear Light!!”

The Supercluster Ancestor immediately knew what the thing before him was.


Su Xing formed a hand seal. The twelve Langya slowly flew out, drawing out a gorgeous arc, showering down clear light. The Devil Addiction Sect’s cultivation methods were in no way opponents for the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Flying Swords, and they were easily broken apart.

All of the cultivators showed astonished expressions and wanted to flee. The Flying Swords twisted, and the Evil Suppressing Clear Light rolled up a hurricane that destroyed these cultivators completely, dead with remaining grievances.

“The Black Turtle Territory cannot ever coexist with you!!”

The Supercluster Ancestor furiously said. His words were not an exaggeration. The Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Langya was already sufficient to make the Black Turtle Devil Sects target Su Xing for complete destruction. Su XIng snorted, his expression seemingly saying: “Do you have any life to let them know?”

The Supercluster Late Stage Ancestor was stunned.

Oh, no.

By the time he returned to his senses, Hu Niangzi’s double sabers radiating hate already stabbed.

A top-notch head immediately left its body and flew into the sky.

“Evil Suppressing Clear Light is honestly convenient.” Su Xing patted off his palms. Looking again to Hu Niangzi, he feared this battle would not even count as a warm-up. The young girl had wholehearted doubt. Gazing at Su Xing’s Langya, she showed astonishment, but the Bright Star showed great calm, not saying a word, silent.

Su Xing destroyed the elder’s corpse, and just as he was about to destroy that head, he suddenly noticed that the head did not fall down.

Raising his head to look, he suddenly saw a young girl riding a winged tiger already holding onto the elder’s head. A man shouted in amazement: “Elder Boundless!!”

Star General?

Su Xing and Hu Sanniang coldly glared at the people above. Since they did not run, then there was no need to.

They should have thought of this before. After all, even if the Devil Addiction Sect was a sect that had been unilaterally ordered by the Devil Star Palace to take action, they would need to take Maiden Mountain into consideration. This time was the most appropriate time to dispatch a Star Master.

However, this Star General riding a winged tiger honestly had come relatively late, a bit like a police officer.

Seeing that young girl’s whole body clad in gold armor, her golden hair waving in the wind, her hand held a broadsword. Mighty and brilliant, Su Xing could feel her powerful strength from very far away.

Let me see what Star General you are.

Su Xing for the third time flipped out the Birth Treasure Outline.

Star Name: Defence Star5

Star Name: Lei Heng6

Nickname: Winged Tiger7

True Name: ????

Rank: Twenty-fifth

Star Weapon: Flying Tiger Retreating Forest Saber8 (Three Star)

Star Beast: Heavenly Wing Fierce Tiger9

Realm: Ten Thousand Techniques Sixth Stage

Innate Skill: Power10

Five Elements: Metal

Yellow Rank Special Move: Flying Stream Scuttling Sky Slash11

Dark Rank Special Move: Two Tigers Bear Wind12

Current Status: Bi Le13 (Contractor)

Detailed Materials: …

The ranked twenty-fifth Defence Star Lei Heng.

Su Xing was taken aback, however, he saw that the realm of Ten Thousand Techniques Sixth Stage was apparently ever so slightly inferior to Ten Feet of Blue Hu Niangzi.

“Hu Sanniang, you killed my Sect Elder. Today, you will pay with your life.” That Star Master Bi Le shouted. More than sixty Flying Swords moved out like specters, descending. Su Xing commanded Langya and Heaven Tearing to go block.

“Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo? Yue’er.14 do not let them go!” Zealous desire blossomed in Bi Le’s eyes.

Winged Tiger Lei Heng wanted to stop, but seeing her own master was already attacking, the girl could not hesitate any more. Patting the Star Beast Heavenly Wing Fierce Tiger, she had it assist her master in battle, attacking Su Xing together. Lei Heng was very clear only this would allow them any chance. There was no need to mention that she herself was going to get rid of Ten Feet of Blue.

“Hu Sanniang, do you still wish to run?”

Lei Yue jumped down, the Flying Tiger Retreating Forest Saber in her hand emitting a biting cold light.

“Not even death can excuse the crimes of you Devil Sects!” Remembering the suffering slaughter of Wang Ying, Hu Niangzi’s eyes burned with cold fire, raising her body to go forth.

“Little Sister dares to be arrogant.” Lei Yue shouted.


Lei Yue suddenly swept horizontally towards Hu Niangzi’s figure that was fluttering like mist. The broadsword shook out a tiger’s hiss, purple thunder-fire suddenly wrapping around the blade. The Winged Tiger’s slash surprisingly brandished a several hundred zhang terrifying thunder-light, just like an enormous tornado that took shape from her blade, forming an arc that suddenly spread. Wherever it passes, Hu Niangzi’s phantoms that formed because of her speed reacted as if they had met with the glow of the sun’s rays, instantly dissipating.

The entire earth quaked.

Her figure turned around in midair. Hu Niangzi’s phantoms abruptly became even faster, continuously twisting several times. Suddenly, she broke away from the range of the Defence Star Lei Yue’s saber-qi. There was another thunder-like explosion, and another, resounding in the sky, but the distance seemed to widen.

After continuously evading, Hu Niangzi suddenly turned back light as smoke.


A terrifying enormous noise.

Instantly, the tiger’s mouth burst. A powerful to the extreme and terrifying force abruptly exploded on Hu Niangzi’s double sabers. The dull gold murderous aura and ocean-blue saber qi fused together, raising an unimaginably illusory aura of death. Suddenly, it shook Defence Star Lei Yue’s charge, and immediately after, bounced back with an even faster speed.

In the sky, Defence Star Lei Yue’s body seemed to shudder endlessly. The edges of her hands were already blood red.

Yellow Rank Saber Technique – Hate Transmission!


Defense Star Lei Heng’s heart was alarmed, lifting her gaze as she rolled away.

In her line of sight, that young girl as faintly discernible as mist, as illusory as dust, suddenly appeared.

Wearing that sexy bodice, with her eyes more tranquil and more deep than the sea, Golden Wind and Morning Dew were like an absolute defense that closely protected her front. Of course, what made Defence Star Lei Yue feel disbelief even more was that the Little Sister in front of her could be so terrifying, completely exceeding Lei Yue’s expectations.

“Impossible…” How could Defence Star Lei Yue, as a Heavenly Star, be willing to be beaten back by ranked fifty-ninth Bright Star. In her fury, Defence Star Lei Yue raised her broadsword, killing intent wildly gushing forth.

Meanwhile, Su Xing and the Winged Tiger’s Star Beasts and Star Master were in a one on two battle. However powerful this Star Beast was, Su Xing also was not a pushover. Bright Star Hu Sanniang’s Innate Skill Light Smoke Dance Steps immediately showed its presence. Su Xing’s figure became faster than ever before. He felt amazed and was apparently even more nimble. Under the overbearing attack, he was even more easygoing, and in Bi Le’s eyes, Su Xing’s body techniques were truly agile.

“Can you only run? Coward.”

An artifact was raised.

Su Xing truly did not understand why the Galaxy Late Stage Cultivator before him would come Star Duel with him? Revenge? Su Xing definitely did not feel this was a very good reason, however, seeing Bi Le’s eyes show madness for the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo, he could somewhat understand.

As well, his Star General was a Heavenly Star of boundless power, and she had the Star Beast Heavenly Wing Fierce Tiger as assistance in battle against Su Xing, which appeared to be fierce, but it was actually he who had an enormous advantage. Of course, it had to be mentioned that this Bi Le honestly thought Su Xing was only capable of Flying Swords.

However, I’ve no interest in playing with you.

I definitely want to leave behind a good impression in front of this new wife.

Su Xing’s eyes flickered with an acute light. Suddenly, his hand patted his Astral Bag, and a watery dragon net flew out. The Water Splitting Dragon Binding Net was the first magic weapon he obtained after he killed Ancestor Baili so long ago at Grindstone Mountain. Now, Su Xing’s cultivation had reached Supercluster, which was enough to refine it.

The Water Splitting Dragon Binding Net suddenly expanded, covering the Heavenly Wing Fierce Tiger and Bi Le.

Bi Le shouted, only then showing fear, however, was this not a bit too late.

“Dark Rank Saber Technique – Two Tigers Bear Wind!!”

Lei Yue slashed with the Flying Tiger Retreating Forest Saber, furious to the extreme, her aggression bursting out. Countless saber-winds exploded from all directions without any blind spots or gaps, attacking Bright Star Hu Niangzi.

The saber-qi appeared to be countless wings that flapped and shot incorporeal lights at Hu Niangzi, covering her. Then, before Hu Niangzi could retreat, a second Yellow Rank Technique Flying Stream Scuttling Sky Slash immediately followed after, the saber’s tip directly grazing Hu Niangzi’s beautiful mien.

Bright Star Hu Niangzi was not at all scared by this sort of pressure. Her gaze was more icy and more tranquil than polar ice. On the verge of the moment the sabertip was about to touch her, Ten Feet of Blue suddenly moved to the side, her speed strangely quick. A line of blood immediately spurted out – the murderous aura of two techniques chained together completely ignored Hu Niangzi’s Star Energy defenses. Instantly, a ghastly wound was drawn along the girl’s right shoulder.

But the girl did not even wrinkle her brow. She did not hesitate to suffer a wound as the price, flashing to within twenty meters of her opponent. In the instant that Lei Yue’s broadsword was too late to return, Ten Feet of Blue was like a viper, suddenly attacking after the ice-over.

The next instant, a line of golden light left the girl’s palm. “Golden Wind” in that instant broke through the limits of speed. The sabertip was in front, and Golden Wind became a sharp arrow, its tip carrying a violent gale, shooting directly at Lei Yue.

“Little Sister still does not withdraw!” The Defence Star gnashed her teeth.

The Flying Tiger Retreating Forest Saber suddenly emitted a violent killing intent, and then the entire thing burned. It instantly formed a Forbiddance that obstructed the young girl. Being stopped by this unanticipated defense, the girl’s sword suddenly slowed, but immediately, the ocean-blue light of “Morning Dew” simultaneously rose.

Golden Wind and Morning Dew criss-crossed, and the saber-qi crumbled. Instantly flashing away from Lei Yue’s attack, the sabertip aimed at the girl’s heart.

Not good.

Lei Yue’s heart pounded, spinning her saber to go block. Ten Feet of Blue Hu Niangzi’s phantom suddenly dropped. After the double sabers were once again blocked, she simultaneously danced, and stars fell into the void.

Astonishingly, this was her Dark Rank Saber Technique – Flying Star Magpie Dance!!

Lei Yue was honestly a bold and powerful character.

Resounding sparks flickered in the sky. Once again, the broadsword and double sabers already clashed together. Lei Yue was prepared to retreat, but she suddenly sensed her body was not under her control. The Golden Wind and Morning Dew double sabers once again drew a bold and moving trajectory. What made the Defence Star Lei Yue feel even more surprised was that the sabertip brushed past her neck, making the Defence Star astonished into a cold sweat.

Consecutive Dark Rank Technique?!

Lei Yue suddenly remembered the Earthly Star Little Sister in front of her that she disdained was capable of consecutive Dark Ranks.

Oh, no.

When Lei Yue realized this, the misty figure instantly flashed before the astonished Lei Yue. THe Bright Star practically did not hesitate. Her double sabers once again drew an amazing arc, and  seawater reflected the golden sand. The double sabers were no longer sabers, but even more like a rainbow.

“Courting death!”

Lei Yue in the end shouted, hacking with her broadsword.

During a cry that was like air being split apart, the target was sliced apart.

But that was merely a shadow.

“It is over!” Hu Niangzi used her mysterious dance steps to quietly appear behind, the light-like double sabers slashing.

Even so, Lei Yue’s reactions were extremely quick. She spun around to block, the broadsword’s edge spraying sparks. At the same time, countless blade of light fell from the sky.

Her expression slightly distressed, Hu Niangzi’s Golden Wind and Morning Dew once again missed. Twinkling flames and light rays fluctuated and faded.

The third consecutive Dark Rank Technique made Lei Yue thoroughly stupefied.

She wanted to flee. Suddenly, her head hurt, and she spat blood. “Young Master!!!!”


Hu Niangzi softly said.

Lei Yue saw that the double sabers had already stuck into her stomach, killing intent diffusing through her body.

“As expected of you…”

Lei Yue bitterly smiled.

Her figure vanished.

Bi Le was trapped by the Water Splitting Dragon Binding Net. How could this Galaxy Cultivator resist against such a magic weapon. Trapped by this, Su Xing naturally would not allow him to escape. Langya’s sword-qi became threads and then easily made this silly man dead, scattered ash and dust.

Losing her contractor’s Star Nest, Lei Yue was unable to resurrect after Hu Niangzi slayed her. Her Crimson Star suddenly fell into Su Xing’s body, and the Heavenly Wing Fierce Tiger immediately disappeared, howling in grief incessantly.

“Wife, are you alright?”

Hu Niangzi lost her strength and fell from the sky. Three consecutive Dark Rank Flying Star Magpie Dance was her limit, and this was thanks to the support of Su Xing’s Supercluster Cultivation. Otherwise, how could Ten Feet of Blue have exerted herself so smoothly.

Su Xing caught her, his expression brimming with deep concern.

Although the pair had not known each other for long, to Su Xing, this was not a problem of time.

Hu Niangzi’s apparently eternally gentle expression gazed at Su Xing somewhat oddly. Perhaps she had forced a contract onto a pretty good master, the Bright Star’s heart deeply sighed.

“Niangzi always will not disgrace Dear Husband.”

Su Xing smiled, understanding her intentions: “Wife, will you go to the Black Turtle Sea?”


“First, sleep well, forget those unpleasant things…”


Hu Niangzi’s imperceptible smile instantly faded.

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