Chapter 394: Living King Yama Ruan Mei’er

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There was no way she could be this erotic, right?

Su Xing lowered his head to look at the completely threadbare Zhang Yuqi.

Zhang Yuqi was in the middle of bathing naked in the Black Turtle Sea’s dangerous waters, lazily basking in the sun, not afraid that anyone would come disturb her with the Urgent Seas White Spirit Python guarding the surroundings. How could she have foreseen that someone would breach from the depths of the dangerous sea, and that it would be someone she was familiar with. White Stripe in the Wave Zhang Yuqi temporarily thought that her eyes were deceiving her. Thus, she froze at that place, not hiding her body, plainly allowing Su Xing to see everything.


Suddenly feeling the substantial scorch of Su Xing’s gaze, only then did Zhang Yuqi wake up. However, she did not scream, angrily curse, or show any such exaggerated emotion as Su Xing had anticipated. Zhang Yuqi giggled, dove beneath the waves, and when she reappeared, she already put on a sexy outfit.

“Hey, Su Xing, did you turn into a voyeur because there’s no one to help give you a blowjob this time?” Zhang Yuqi used deliberate straightforwardness to cover the slight bit of bashfulness that girls naturally possessed. Even when she had been completely seen by Su Xing, she did not forget to find a facade.

Su Xing laughed. Like Zhang Yuqi, he thought that he was dreaming, “Just as I was missing you, I never thought that I would bump into you, Yuqi. Truly, we are connected by fate. However, you’re too casual upon meeting, letting me see such a sexy figure.”  

The Urgent Seas White Spirit Python already returned at this time. Zhang Yuqi sat her butt on the serpent, kicking her legs, engrossingly said: “Am I really sexy?”

Su Xing nodded.

“Your truly are a melodramatic man.” Damage Star Zhang Yuqi covered her mouth: “In short, if you aren’t having a Little Sister give you a blowjob, then you’re peeping at my naked body. Hey, hey.”

Upon seeing her raise that topic, Su Xing bluntly said: “Last time you peeped from the ocean depths, this time, it’s my turn. This is truly fair.”

“Hm, hm, hm.”

Zhang Yuqi suddenly noticed the Hu Sanniang who had been continuously standing at Su Xing’s side with a very cold expression. Winking, she said: “Don’t tell me, you got a new lover?”

“How could I, this is my Wife, Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue Hu Niangzi.” Su Xing introduced her.

“And that Little Sister Thief Star?” Zhang Yuqi was perplexed.

“She’s occupied for the time being and isn’t here.” Su Xing said.

“Really?” Zhang Yuqi smiled.

“Do you feel like I’m fooling you?”

White Stripe in the Waves Zhang Yuqi pretended to seriously ponder this possibility for a moment, and then she made her conclusion: “I seem to feel that I shouldn’t believe anything a man that peeps at my body says.”

Su Xing knew this Damage Star’s personality; the words of her mouth were very unforgiving. The more you tangled with her, the more excited she would be, probably.Seeing the Hu Sanniang to the side show a strange expression, Su Xing said: “I’ll tell you afterwards what happened with Yuan’er.”

Hu Niangzi nodded.

“Little Sister, greetings! I’m Damage Star White Stripe in the Waves Zhang Yuqi. You have to be careful of this man at your side. He likes to make Star Maidens give him blowjobs.” Zhang Yuqi giggled.

Hu Niangzi’s face turned red, and her expression was very strange.

“Zhang Yuqi…” Su Xing glared at her, “Do you like blowjobs so much?”

“He’s mad.” Zhang Yuqi covered her mouth.

“Dear Husband, that matter.” Bright Star Hu Niangzi reminded the two that now was not the time to flirt.

Su Xing had all of a sudden nearly forgot. “Zhang Yuqi, you still haven’t signed a contract?”

“Right, Yuqi can’t find a man that can make Yuqi give a blowjob.” Zhang Yuqi sighed. Heaven knew if her words were true or false.

Su Xing directly ignored her blowjob statement, sternly asking: “Can you help me out with something…I’ll owe you a favor, how about it?”

“What thing, a blowjob is off-limits.” Zhang Yuqi giggled.

Su Xing wildly perspired. For the first time, he regretted being seen by her that time. “I want to go get Gen Wu Divine Iron…This is…You’re leisurely sunbathing anyways…”

“Gen Wu Divine Iron?” Zhang Yuqi said: “So that’s how it is. This thing only exists in the depths of the Black Turtle Sea.”

“How about it? You can go ten thousand li deep, right.” Su Xing said.

Hu Niangzi wrinkled her brows as she listed to the side, feeling Su Xing’s style of invitation was unavoidably too unreasonable. He was but a Star Master, to go make an uncontracted Star General help him was practically a fantasy. The threat of martial force was the best method.

“A depth of ten thousand li doesn’t count as anything, but Yuqi suddenly feels her body is very sore.” Zhang Yuqi’s eyeballs craftily turned. She collapsed weakly onto the Urgent Seas White Spirit Python, somewhat unable to withstand the sunlight. “You first help massage Yuqi. If Yuqi feels good…”

Hu Niangzi stared.

Su Xing flashed by and hopped onto the Urgent Seas White Spirit Python, “Do you really want me to give you a massage?” Su Xing chuckled.

“No can do if it doesn’t feel good.” Zhang Yuqi said.

Su Xing took in a slight breath. Since the person involved did not have any complaints, what could he grumble about.

Zhang Yuqi gently undid the strings on her body. Losing the support of her top garment, Zhang Yuqi’s spotlessly white back was reflected in Su Xing’s eyes.  

Su Xing raised his brows, somewhat surprised.

The White Stripe in the Waves was worthy of the name White Stripe in the Waves. Her flesh was especially snow-white, and in the moment she undressed, it was a practically blinding white, even that a direct look had a sort of profane feeling. Su Xing eased his mind, yet his heart unexpectedly somewhat sped up.

Zhang Yuqi’s charm originally was incomparable, and with Su Xing like this now, it could be said that this was the most intimate feeling in the world towards Zhang Yuqi’s each and every move. No wonder he felt his chest was very stifled.

“You’ve thought clearly??” Su XIng once again repeated his question, unable to understand just what idea she had.

“Su Xing, don’t tell me you’re still shy? I certainly have always really wanted to know how Yuqi would feel when she is served by the Star Master that can make Little Sisters serve him.” Zhang Yuqi closed her eyes, the corner of her lips wearing a captivating smile. Her long eyelashes jumped because of her cheerful mood.

How could Su Xing have known that after he left Evil Smiting Hall, Zhang Yuqi often would think of Shi Yuan’s mien at that time. This, to the White Stripe in the Waves, was a very big shock. No wonder she would remember the blowjob so vividly, mention it so often.

“Alright.” Su Xing also felt that he was too apprehensive. He did not care that much. He first brought out a white lotion and smeared it on his hands.1

“What is this?” Zhang Yuqi did not understand.

“This is Spirit Lotion, very beneficial for the skin.” Su Xing said.

“You’re rather attentive.” Zhang Yuqi giggled.

Su Xing harrumphed and then rubbed Zhang Yuqi’s glossy back. When his fingertips touched Zhang Yuqi’s pure white back, a sort of electric current pervaded his whole body. Su Xing shuddered and took a deep breath. Zhang Yuqi’s body simply was unimaginably soft. From barely a touch, the blood in his body accelerated, and a sort of hormone erupted even harder.  

How is her skin so soft, it’s inconceivably glossier than silk.

Zhang Yuqi moaned, closing her eyes.

This was not at all the first time Su Xing was in such intimate contact. After his brief awkwardness, he restrained the sense of charm in his mind, concentrating on putting himself into helping apply lotion to Zhang Yuqi.

The lotion slipped along the girl’s back. His palms gently rubbed, relying on that Innate Skill Medical Arts that he inherited from An Suwen. Su Xing still remembered some acupuncture points that were of great benefit to massages, and in accordance with Earth’s acupuncture point massages, he stroked bit by bit.

Zhang Yuqi slightly opened her eyes, casting a glance behind her, her cheeks crimson. She herself was not even aware that the grin on her face was somewhat charming. Immediately, she slowly closed her eyes, comfortably saying: “Su Xing, your handiwork is pretty good, I even thought you were a careless man.”

“Ah.” Su Xing smiled: “It’s appropriate to grasp the seriousness of things. This isn’t very hard. If you’re willing, I can even make you feel even better.”

Su Xing’s words were somewhat dubious.

Zhang Yuqi did not understand. “How good?”

“Even better than a blowjob.” It was Su Xing’s turn to deride her.

Only then did Zhang Yuqi understand what Su Xing’s so-called “feel even better” meant. She chuckled, not responding. She closed her eyes and enjoyed Su Xing’s massage. The gentle touch of his fingertips made Zhang Yuqi’s whole body limp. Her chest was gently brushed by those fingertips, bringing a strange stimulation. Slowly, the snow-white skin of Zhang Yuqi’s whole body carried fiery red clouds.


Her body was very hot.

Zhang Yuqi suddenly somewhat regretted allowing Su Xing to massage her. That man’s hands seemingly had magic.

He straddled her butt, and Zhang Yuqi could even feel a hard object2 pressing against her rear. How could she not know what that thing was. Following every exertion of Su Xing’s fingers, that hard thing would directly strike her sensitive spot, causing her to become slightly moist. Although Zhang Yuqi really wanted to stop him, this kind of feeling honestly was unprecedented. To have Su Xing stop, what broke away from her throat would be an alluring moan.

Su Xing used the finger technique that An Suwen once massaged him with. How could Zhang Yuqi not taste defeat under this sort of fingering.

Hu Niangzi watched from the side, red in the face and ears, her brows locked tight, somewhat unable to make sense of the situation before her.

White Stripe in the Waves unexpectedly allowed a Star Master to undertake such audacious actions. Just what was this Su Xing’s identity? And he even had that Thief Star give him a blowjob?? Hu Niangzi recalled when Su Xing rushed over to save her in the deep sea. Her heart shuddered, vaguely understanding just a bit.

After a very long massage, Zhang Yuqi was somewhat unable to bear it. Su Xing also was burning with a little bit of desire.

Just at this moment, the Urgent Seas White Spirit Python let out a hiss.

Su Xing and Zhang Yuqi simultaneously sensed something was not right. Su Xing immediately ended the massage, and Zhang Yuqi rose. Faraway, several dozen sword-light were currently flying over.

“Them again.” Zhang Yuqi pursed her lips.

“Who are they?” Su Xing asked.

“The Three Ruans Water Fort.” Zhang Yuqi answered, suddenly noticing Su Xing’s gaze was glued to her chest.

Zhang Yuqi lowered her head and yelped. She had temporarily forgotten to wear a top, so the erotic sight of her breasts was completely exposed.

Instantly, the cultivators of the Three Ruans’ Water Fort arrived in front of them.

These cultivators wore blue robes, and some were dressed as fishermen. Their cultivations were impressive, and the leader was a silent as stone woman. She was beautiful, wore an irregularly patterned dress, and she straddled a sea dragon beast. The weapon she held in her hand was a dragon-headed dagger, with four twinkling Stars.

“Dragon King Dagger!”3

Su Xing was greatly surprised upon seeing that Star Weapon.

The ranked thirty-first Defeat Star Living King Yama Ruan Xiaoqi.4

Su Xing restrained the urge to use the Birth Treasure Outline, so as to avoid giving rise to unexpected twists and turns. Hu Niangzi’s eyes were vigilant, secretly gripping her double sabers as she blocked in front of Su Xing.

Defeat Star Ruan Xiaoqi glanced at everyone. Seeing Su Xing and Hu Sanniang, that stone-like appearance showed astonishment, but she recovered extremely quickly. Immediately afterwards, her gaze again returned to Zhang Yuqi.

“Zhang Yuqi, will you not introduce this man?”

“Mei’er,5 there is no need for this. He has nothing to do with you people.” Zhang Yuqi smiled.

“Oh. Zhang Yuqi, then have you carefully considered Elder Sister’s offer?” Defeat Star Ruan Xiaoqi indifferently asked.

“Zhang Yuqi likes to be alone, free and easy. I fear I am not suitable for recruitment into the Water Fort. For Little Sister’s kind intentions, Elder Sister appreciates but politely refuses. Zhang Yuqi thanks you.” Zhang Yuqi slightly smiled.

Ruan Xiaoqi was silent.

“Elder Sister knew that Elder Sister Yuqi would refuse, so she had Mei’er ask Elder SIster for the privilege of going to the Water Fort to reminisce.”

“No need, Yuqi often turns everything over once she is drunk. If Yuqi damaged the Water Fort, that would not be good.” Zhang Yuqi’s words carried a trace of menace.

The expressions of the Three Ruans Water Fort cultivators changed, yet no one dared say anything.

Damage Star White Stripe in the Waves Zhang Yuqi was also a renowned aquatic general. If she truly wished to destroy the Water Fort, perhaps she could not be stopped.

“Elder Sister Yuqi makes things very difficult for Mei’er.” Ruan Mei’er wrinkled her brow. “Could it be that Elder Sister Yuqi does not wish to work with us for a common purpose? Elder Sister said that once the Black Turtle Temple opens, if there is no one to support you, Elder Sister Zhang Yuqi will not walk very far.”

“Many thanks for the reminder, but Yuqi has already found someone.” Zhang Yuqi smiled.

“Is it this Star Master??”

Ruan Mei’er expressionlessly gazed at Su Xing.

Hu Sanniang’s double sabers were in her hands, Golden Wind and Morning Dew shining brightly.

“Elder Sister Yuqi surprisingly believes in a Star Master?”

“Little Sister must know of Yuqi’s Star Weapon?” Zhang Yuqi suddenly smiled. On her middle finger appeared a gorgeous, water-blue ring. This ring’s faint glow swept across Ruan Mei’er and Su Xing’s bodies.

It circulated four stars.

Four Star White Water Mirror Heart!

Su Xing was astonished.

“Although Su Xing is a bit lustful, he is a man. Generally, this means he wants to create a harem. It’s unavoidable, but in all other aspects, he is clearly even more comforting to Elder Sister than Little Sister can be,”

Only then did Su Xing understand the massage just now really was not Zhang Yuqi actually wishing to enjoy it. She merely exploited this sort of intimate skin contact to test him. If he was an average man, not only would he be flustered over the massage, he would even unavoidably take audacious actions when confronted with Zhang Yuqi’s completely defenseless back. Su Xing’s body might as well have reacted a bit too stiffly. Everything else he showed was exceptionally perfect.

This Damage Star White Stripe in the Waves was all smiles on the surface, but on the inside, she was considerably meticulous. It seemed she honestly could not be underestimated.

Worthy of the one who possessed the White Water Mirror Heart.

Ruan Mei’er had no words to say. White Water Mirror Heart was capable of sensing the inner good and evil of her counterpart. Because of this, Zhang Yuqi was always incapable of finding a Star Master that was to her liking. Since Zhang Yuqi said that Su Xing made her more at ease, this proved her words were true.

Everyone was silent for a moment.

Defeat Star Living King Yama Ruan Mei’er said to Su Xing: “There is no other way if Elder Sister Yuqi says so. However, Mei’er also worries for Elder Sister. Would it not be better to let Mei’er test if this man has the qualifications to protect Elder Sister? This way, Mei’er can return and report back to Elder Sister.”

Zhang Yuqi shrugged her shoulders, actually appearing indifferent. She looked to Su Xing, laughing into her sleeve: “My darling Young6 Su, what do you think?”

“Hmph, what is there to waste breath on. Directly begin your attack.”

Hu Niangzi blocked in front, her murderous aura appearing.

Su Xing patted her shoulder, hinting to Hu Sanniang to not be impulsive.

“Do you dare accept?” Ruan Mei’er said.

“This Wife represents Dear Husband. Do not waste your breath, make your move.” Hu Niangzi raised her double sabers.

“Then allow Mei’er to personally come test you.”

Ruan Mei’er leapt down from the Dragon King Beast. The next moment, several dozen magnificent arcs of wind launched from Ruan Mei’er’s Dragon King Dagger, turning the entire sea into an ocean of wind and fire.

The green hurricane blew great waves on the ocean’s surface. Su Xing and Zhang Yuqi retreated a certain distance, leaving the space to them. Having just emerged from the deep sea, Su Xing’s present state was not that good, thus he allowed Hu Niangzi to go confront the Heavenly Star.

The Golden Wind and Morning Dew double sabers slashed out layer after layer of murderous qi. The aura of death the double sabers created was similarly incapable of completely absorbing into the entire battlefield, permeating across the flow of the hurricane’s killing intent.

Killing intents rolled about.

Ruan Mei’er was very calm, placing the Dragon King Dagger in front of her. A hurricane flowed out that covered her in a barrier of wind. Her whole body was enveloped within this barrier of wind, yet Ruan Mei’er’s clothes were not damaged at all.

A disdainful sneer.

Saber-light danced, and a ray of blue directly penetrated that defense, treating the barrier of wind as if it did not exist. This was Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue’s Yellow Rank Saber Technique – Hate Transmission.

Hate Transmission’s Saber Technique could ignore defenses to a large degree. Ruan Mei’er immediately felt her body beging to twitch. Then, she felt pain, and subsequently, she tasted a difficult to endure suffering. That kinds was as if her soul had been set aflame. She was swallowed by an unforgettable pain, which directly came from the level of the spirit.


The flowing, torrential killing intent covered her. Ruan Mei’er’s only choice was to escape using all of her strength. Even if she had the occasional chance to engage in close combat, she still could only give up – under the attack of such intense hate, normal flesh wounds would instantly be healed, but if she was incapable of killing in a single blow, her attack completely lacked meaning.

She needed to create time to grasp that unknown determination. Ruan Mei’er’s hard expression flickered with a radiance that completely lacked doubt about this judgment.

Then, the Hu Niangzi who similarly understood this point could not be considered as giving her opponent any chances. The Bright Star’s strength obtained success with a single stroke. The instant Ten Feet of Blue waved her blade, the girl would not hold back at all. With every shake of her double sabers, the battlefield would erupt with a stormy blue, crushing her target as if she was a mountain bearing down on her.

Under this surging attack, the wind barrier protecting Living King Yama began to gradually weaken. She appeared to be just like a leaf about to be submerged in stormy waters.

Alarming the other people from the Three Ruans Water Fort.


Ruan Mei’er finally shook apart Hu Niangzi’s pressure. A beam of cold light flashed past her eyes. Now, she hovered in the air above the ocean.

“Yellow Technique: Dragon King’s Thundering Roar.”7

The Dragon King Dagger appeared once again. The ocean rolled and turned, and Hu Sanniang was surrounded and forced back by the surging tide. For the next wave, so long as she attacked with full power, the protection of those double sabers definitely would very quickly collapse.

The battle had only just begun.

Under the urging of Ruan Mei’er’s Divine Intent, the seawater formed a water dragon that pounced like a living beast. The enormous momentum struck Hu Sanniang into the air. Then, just when the Defeat Star planned to destroy Hu Sanniang’s defenses, an abrupt stop without any warning nevertheless made the embattled Living King Yama distracted for an instant.

“How is this possible!!?”

The shout that broke free of Ruan Mei’er’s mouth carried slight astonishment.

At the same time, and ice-cold and sharp expression flashed across Hu Niangzi’s eyes.

Su Xing was currently closely monitoring Hu Sanniang’s each and every move. If she had any sign of being at a disadvantage, Su Xing would not hesitate at all to act. Seeing him that concerned, Zhang Yuqi laughed: “Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue Hu Sanniang, an Earthly Star Four Heavenly King. Just how did you contract her? Can you contract two?”

“She is my tenth wife.” Su Xing corrected her mistake.

“Your tenth wife? Are you truly so unfaithful in love that you don’t fear ruining your flute?” Zhang Yuqi smiled. Clearly, she did not know that the tenth Su Xing spoke of was a Star General.

Su Xing was silent: “Zhang Yuqi, when will your mouth be sweeter?”

“Could it be that sweeter means that blowing will feel even better?” Zhang Yuqi nearly split her sides laughing.


“Does Little Sister Thief Star actually have things to do?” Zhang Yuqi asked.

“En, what’s the point of deceiving you. Next time, I’ll take you over to see her.” Su Xing said candidly.

“Then I’ll believe you.” Zhang Yuqi still felt that Su Xing suddenly contracting Hu Niangzi was somewhat an exaggeration. Asking about the course of events leading to their contract, apparently, it was even more irregular.

“Right, Yuqi, want to sign a contract with me?” Su Xing asked. Right now, he felt as if he had an unlimited contracts bug.8 He did not mind contracting with Star Maidens he had a favorable opinion of. By doing so, he could avoid future Star Duels.

“You are honestly unfaithful, having already contracted two.” Zhang Yuqi shook her head.

“I have contracted ten.” Su Xing remined.

“Ten, do you mean to say the ten wives you just spoke of are all…” Zhang Yuqi was shaken.

Su Xing nodded.

Zhang Yuqi pursed her lips. How could she believe this kind of fantasy.

“And what if I actually can contract then?” Su Xing asked.

“Yuqi will not contract with you.” Zhang Yuqi seriously replied.

“Eh, why…” Su Xing was bewildered.

“Because I’m unable to do blowjobs.” Zhang Yuqi lauhged aloud.

Su Xing had a sort of urge to push her down, to make her have her fill of blows. “I can’t stand you.”

Shaking his head, his gaze returned to Hu Sanniang and Ruan Mei’er’s battle.

Pressured to verge of utter defeat by Hu Sanniang’s double sabers, the Defeat Star was very clear that the top priority was to keep the Bright Star far away from herself, and to not give her opponent any chances to land a single lethal strike. This, Living King Yama thoroughly understood.

At the same time Dragon King’s Thunderous Roar flew over, Living King Yama once again raised the Dragon King Dagger. The Four Star Destined Weapon let out a dragon roar. Her surroundings blew with a gale. Not only this, but the Dragon King Dagger in Defeat Star Living King Yama Ruan Mei’er’s hands instantly dimmed. Suddenly, as if in response, the green light of the Dragon King Dagger in her hands was increasingly concentrated, gradually forming a dragon head. With pinpricks of light for glowering eyes, it was just like that most brilliant North Star in the pitch-dark sky – Living King Yama staked everything on this, unexpectedly concentrating all of her Star Energy. After unleashing her first Yellow Rank, the second Dark Rank Star Magic already was following up.

Following Dragon King’s Thunderous Roar, the double sabers were glimpsed for that instant. Then, Defeat Star Ruan Mei’er finally launched her powerful attack.

Dark Rank Technique.

Azure Dragon Breaking Eastern Wind!9

Ruan Mei’er’s wrist suddenly shook. The Dragon King Stave’s Azure Dragon flew out, turning into the sharpest weapon under the guidance of the gale and tsunamis. It cut apart the turbulent waves, pierced through the stagnant air, instantly crossing over the entire battlefield, shooting directly at Hu Sanniang’s heart.

The attack that concentrated all of Defeat Star Living King Yama Ruan Mei’er’s power seemingly stifled the surrounding air. It was fully loaded with an absolutely terrifying penetrative power, and Hu Niangzi could only evade.

With the situation critical, the double sabers became an illusory arc, finally interlocking with the whirling Azure Dragon killing intent, but the short saber known as Morning Dew nevertheless easily cut it apart. In an instant, that short saber was used in place of a shield. The Azure Dragon bit onto the short saber, and in that instant, the light of morning dew was thoroughly devoured.

Not only Hu Sanniang herself, but even the Defeat Star was considerably surprised – the Bright Star had surprisingly sacrificed the protection of her double sabers.

In this surprising instant, a gap was completely visible.

The decisive moment already had been produced, and the next thing to do…was to take it!

Hu Niangzi’s eyes burned with a scarlet flame the color of blood, suddenly seizing upon her chance.

The other Golden Wind manifested an even more exaggerated and brilliant light.

Not good.

Defeat Star Ruan Mei’er was startled, leaking cold sweat. She immediately spun the Dragon King Dagger. A giant green aura of death became an Azure Dragon that covered her, like the fangs of a savage hungry wolf on the prairie against the horizon.

The next moment, Hu Niangzi’s eyes drew two shining light trails in the air. The Bright Star demonstrated her Light Smoke Dance Steps. Her alluring figure moved at a speed incapable of being followed by the naked eye, passing by the rolling substantive killing intent. The surging Azure Dragon killing intent even was incapable of hitting the afterimages that trailed after her. In the span of the blink of an eye, that gale already flit across the entire grounds, directly shooting for the startled Ruan Mei’er.

She honestly could choose her moment!

Ruan Mei’er’s brows wrinkled. She already was incapable of using her Dark Rank Technique any further – her burst of continuous Star Energy had started to weaken due to the Dark Rank from earlier. Regardless of how she attacked with Star Magic, Hu Niangzi still nevertheless charged towards this place with her utmost. Now, the only choice was to engage in hand-to-hand combat.

If you do not think this can easily reach success in one smooth stroke, then you are gravely mistaken.

King Yama Demands Blood!!10

Ruan Mei’er’s eyes were completely fearless. Living King Yama was just like her nickname. Outside of very high attainment in Star Magic, her martial force also was not to be underestimated. The instant Hu Sanniang’s high leap fiercely slashed down from midair, the shrieking blades of wind from the Defeat Star’s Dragon King Dagger soared into the sky, carrying a pure golden light.

A great expanse of red sprinkled towards her head. Under the blossoming sunlight, it bloomed. Ruan Mei’er’s attack injured Hu Niangzi, and it was at the moment Hu Niangzi was completely launching her attack.

But amidst the scarlet downpour, Ruan Mei’er’s eyes showed inconceivable shock. In the time of this frozen moment, a glint flit past Hu Niangzi’s eyes. That sort of expression seemingly said that what she had been waiting for was precisely Ruan Mei’er’s full power strike.

Hu Niangzi softly fell in front of Ruan Mei’er.

In one hand, she raised Golden Wind.

The short saber and the Dragon King Dagger stopped in midair. Before the rain of blood fell, the saber-qi was being drawn towards the middle without any way to stop, and through it, Hu Sanniang maintained a smooth posture. Even Ruan Mei’er  with her excellent vision was incapable of seeing this movement.

Her figure landed.

Hu Niangzi finally broke through all the defenses. Her short-saber squarely stuck her target’s weak belly. The powerful strike in that instant pierced Living King Yama’s body, making the airflow behind her radiate in all directions with deep cracks.

A burst of thick blood suddenly erupted from the Defeat Star’s mouth.

“…Truly, This Niangzi is a bit apologetic.” Hu Niangzi’s voice floated over, distant as if she was not here in this world.

Ruan Mei’er showed disbelief.

Just at this moment, two biting cold chills attacked from the surroundings.

Hu Niangzi had long been on guard. Two of the Water Fort’s cultivators finally took action.

“Do not disturb my wife.”

Before Hu Sanniang could take action, Su Xing already leapt forth.

The countless Flying Swords of the cultivators reflected in the air. Their body techniques were similarly exceptional. In a direct confrontation, they completely were not at a disadvantage. When the battle began, after the Three Ruans Water Fort’s Supercluster Cultivator once again launched, Su Xing defeated two people with one blow. After this, a cultivator’s figure already suddenly scuttled out, rolling an intense whirlwind towards him. They planned to continue this unfinished battle.

The speed was fast practically to being like a bolt of black lightning.

In terms of speed, Su Xing certainly was not slow. Several dozen units of distance was crossed in practically an instant, and immediately after he arrived, there were still those sharp weapons baring their fangs. Due to their high speed, although the cultivators did not possess any formidable strength, they nevertheless were capable of attaining considerable physical injury.

If they were touched by the claws of his full-speed charge, even a stronger Star Energy would be inevitably pierced through.

It looked like he needed to teach them a lesson.

Su Xing curled his lips, turned around, and pointed a finger. The air was filled with a frightening shriek. He attacked with Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder. How could the pitiful cultivator’s imposing air that only looked fierce be able to catch onto Su Xing’s long already concentrated full power strike. Surprisingly, he did not withstand even a single face-to-face meeting. He was struck by Su Xing’s cruel Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder. His body unexpectedly was lifted high up and flung far, far away.

At the same time, Su Xing’s silhouette once again suddenly vanished from where he stood. When he reappeared, he already arrived behind another cultivator in a sneak attack.

He turned pale with fright!

Su Xing’s speed far exceeded this cultivator’s calculations, and in his shock, he did not even have the chance to react. His head was seized by a giant hand from behind him.

The experience of countless battles allowed Su Xing to pick things up in passing, to fight with a Star General. How could these cultivators be his opponent. One hand grabbed this cultivator’s head from behind, and suddenly, he hastily ascended into the sky, like a fire arrow.

Because the speed was too quick, the course of all of his movements completely could not be seen. His speed made the defenders capable of only powerlessly struggling, putting enormous pressure on him. To move even a finger too extreme difficulty.

In no more than an instant, Su Xing already reached several zhang into the sky.

Beautifully turning around in the air, one hand once again pressed on the cultivator’s cranium. The entire person was thrown down head-first, violently falling like a meteor.

He fell among the other cultivators, making their next attack crumble.


A terrifying noise!!

Countless waves and fragments of qi shot in all direction. A giant qi wave surprisingly rose more than one zhang high, like a real tidal wave, raising a terrible tide. In the blink of an eye, he made everyone’s attacks stop.

The giant Urgent Seas White Spirit Python opened its maw, flicking out its tongue.

Living King Yama Ruan Mei’er at this time also fled Hu Sanniang’s attack. Although Hu Niangzi wanted to kill her, but on these seas, Living King Yama was a Heavenly Star Water General. Several bolts of Star Magic made Hu Niangzi’s attacks result in failure.


Seeing that the situation was increasingly hopeless, Ruan Mei’er promptly shouted.

“Excuse Little Sister, you ought to believe Yuqi’s perspective now.” Zhang Yuqi smiled and said.

“Mei’er shall inform Elder Sister as such.” Defeat Star Ruan Mei’er cast another Star Magic, and the wounds on her body instantly healed.

“You make it sound so pleasant. Next time, Yuqi shall go seek out Little Sister Jin’er11 for a drink.” Zhang Yuqi smiled.

Ruan Mei’er expressionlessly nodded, glancing at Su Xing. She did not say anything more, immediately following everyone else and flying away from this place.

“Just what the hell is going on?” Su Xing asked.

“The Three Ruans Water Fort, huh, the Black Turtle Territory has very big influence.” Zhang Yuqi helplessly said.

“That so?”

“I’ll tell you when we get back.” Zhang Yuqi smiled, again looking at Hu Sanniang: “Little Sister is too impulsive. If Ruan Mei’er actually was enraged, she would not be so easy to sort out.”

“Is she very powerful?” Su Xing could not tell.

White Stripe in the Waves Zhang Yuqi nodded: “Living King Yama’s nickname is not in vain, but it’s best to not see her face.”

“Oh.” Hearing her mysterious words, Su Xing somewhat was regretful that he did not use the Birth Treasure Outline on her.

“Right, Yuqi, do you actually agree to help me?” Su Xing returned to this topic.

Zhang Yuqi winked: “My darling Young Su, do not mistrust me…You certainly can make Thief Star blow…”

“You still speak of that, do you believe I won’t eat you out.”12 Su Xing glared at her.

“Hee, hee.”

Zhang Yuqi covered her smile. Seeing that Su Xing and Hu Sanniang were somewhat weak from only just emerging from the deep sea, “First follow Yuqi back and rest for a bit…Right, Yuqi also has a request she wants to ask Young Su.”

“No problem.”

Su Xing nodded, turning his head to look at Hu Sanniang: “What about Wife?”

“None.” Hu Niangzi shook her head.

Her tenacious appearance made Su Xing wryly smile. He thought of Lin Yingmei and wondered how she was right now. Su Xing gazed at the horizon and slightly sighed.

This extremely longing expression made Zhang Yuqi and Hu Niangzi both somewhat curious.

Jade Dragon Snowy Mountain.[1 .玉龍雪山]


Amidst tremendous noise, a blizzard dispersed. An iron-like shadow attack, and the figure of a human-shaped Demon Beast was like a kite with its string severed. It fell suddenly from the sky, the two weapon-wings on its back flapped futilely, yet they could not offer the slightest bit of use.

As it fell, the figure of a mighty young girl cold as ice and snow abruptly appeared behind the Demon Beast, rolling like a violent gale. She spun her spear and stabbed, right into the center of the Demon Beast’s back. Enormous strength thereupon burst.

The pitiful Demon Beast did not even have the chance to react. It suddenly shot away, the crisp sound of bones breaking stirring the air, making one shudder, but not from cold.

What a pity that Lin Yingmei’s attack had only just begun.

Because Lin Yingmei’s attack was excessively intense, the Demon Beast’s Star Energy defense covering completely only put up futile resistance. This made Lin Yingmei’s consecutive attacks become endless.

The violent spear flung, its body flying up and rolling. A mighty shout already came out of Lin Yingmei’s mouth, and an immense whirlwind suddenly tore upon the Demon Beast’s body, forcing its flying body to stop in the air.

Immediately, Lin Yingmei’s killing intent once again descended.

“Bang, bang,” the sounds linked into one. Instantly, Lin Yingmei’s spear transformed into a dazzling attack. A terrifying noise resounded in the air, and with a spin, the violent attacks would link together into one.

The Arctic Star Serpent Spear twinkled with a brilliant red light. The mournful wind filled every inch of space, and in the middle was mixed the Demon Beast’s muffled groans.

Suddenly, it snapped in two, and at the same time, it spat out a blue gem.

Seeing that Demon Beast pellet-like gem, Lin Yingmei’s Divine Intent rolled over.

“Worthy of Majestic Star Lin Chong, you honestly are formidable, for the Ice Jade Lizard13 to be unexpectedly unable to withstand a single blow.”

Just at this moment, a soft laugh sounded out.

Lin Yingmei seemed to have long already known. She merely did not speak, clutched her spear and faced the newcomer.

The blizzard in the forest whooshed apart, and a cold and graceful young woman walked out.

Her complexion was calm, with a sort of indescribable gracefulness, and her hand held a bow and arrow.

Seeing her, Lin Yingmei curled into a smile.

“Hua Rong!”

This woman was none other than Hua Wanyue!

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  1. Here we go, the lotion cliche
  2. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. 龍王刺
  4. 天敗星活閻羅阮小七
  5. 梅兒
  6. 郎, lots of ways this can be interpreted. It can be in reference to a government official’s position, a title for a youth, or it can mean “husband.”
  7. 龍王咆哮
  8. As in a glitch or cheat, Unlimited Contract Works lol
  9. 青龍破東風
  10. 閻王索命; 索命, lit. demand someone’s life as recompense.
  11. 金兒妹妹
  12. 吹簫, Su Xing uses these words, which is “blowjob.” But you can’t give a girl a blowjob, usually, so I’ll use this to refer to oral sex done on a girl.
  13. 冰玉蜥蜴


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