Chapter 395: Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill

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“Lin Chong, I hear that you and the Purple Thunder Monster signed a contract?” Hua Wanyue’s expression stared. The Heaven Earth Sun Moon Bow was beginning to stir. The radiance of Three Stars made Lin Yingmei unable to help but squint her eyes.

“You truly make Me disappointed. I decided to not sign a contract, yet I never expected that the Majestic Star has not signed a contract in a thousand years would make an exception.” She practically did not give Lin Yingmei any time to reply, drawing the bow to a full moon.


An arrow of crimson light shot out from the bow.

The snow to the sides of its path melted.

Spear-light broke, and Lin Yingmei directly cut down this arrow.

“Then allow Me to see just how different the Majestic Star who has signed a contract is.” Accompanying this assertion of no surrender, Hua Wanyue leapt into the air. A Red Luan Bird appeared, and Hua Wanyue stepped onto its back. Without hesitation, she fired “Dance Through The Willows.”

The arrow-light suddenly shattered into countless more lights, and each beam evaporated the icy air, falling towards Lin Yingmei.

Lin Yingmei quickly stepped back as the forest filled with wild booms.

The snowflakes filling the sky drowned out any lines of sight, but Hua Wanyue curled the corner of her lips into a grin. Within a range of ten li, the trail of a flying bird could not escape the Hero Star’s eyes. “Are you not together with the Purple Thunder Monster? Lin Chong.”

Cold light rushed out of the snow.

Lin Yingmei straddled the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast, shooting over like an ice-cold lightning bolt. The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s wings of light flapped, striking with ice-light.

The Heavenly Hero Red Luan Bird screeched, spitting out a fierce flame.

Hua Wanyue continuously pulled her bow, air-splitting noises sounding out in a row.

The first arrow, the second arrow, the third arrow, and gradually an unending stream stopped Lin Yingmei’s counterattack, a swathe of burning flame. The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast howled like a heavenly wolf, suddenly transforming into a frost shadow that took its mistress together and disappeared under Hua Wanyue’s attack.

The Hero Star’s Divine Intent completely opened, and a chilly sound broke out within the flames.

“Could it be, Hua Wanyue, that you have forgotten Young Master’s graciousness?”


Hua Wanyue suddenly turned her head back. The Arctic Star Serpent Spear already swung down.


The Red Jade Star Splitting Short Spear blocked. The spear’s power made Hua Wanyue’s hand go numb. Lin Yingmei shouted, and Hua Wanyue and the Red Luan Bird were shaken back a hundred meters.

“What did you say?” Hua Wanyue coldly stared at Lin Yingmei: “Why do you know My True Name?”

“Of course it is because Young Master mentioned it to Your Servant.” Lin Yingmei did not pursue an attack, even not showing much fighting intent.

Hua Wanyue was taken aback. Those in the world that knew her True Name could be counted, and among the Star Masters, the only one was the man that helped her capture the Heavenly Hero Red Luan inside Evil Smiting Hall. “That was the Purple Thunder Monster?” Hua Wanyue was astonished.

Lin Yingmei stowed her spear. The famous and renowned Majestic Star disdained to use a glib tongue as her method.

With her fighting intent vanishing simultaneously, Hua Wanyue gazed at Lin Yingmei pensively: “So it was him. No wonder Elder Sister would sign a contract with him. Never expected him to surprisingly be able to contract a pair of Stars.”

“My Young Master holds you in extremely high regard. Your Servant does not wish at all to go against Young Master’s wishes and Star Duel against you, Hua Wanyue. If you insist, Your Servant can only accompany you to the end.” Lin Yingmei’s tone was indifferent, yet it had a courage incapable of rejection.

Hua Wanyue stared for a long time, and then the bow and spear simultaneously disappeared. “I will not be one who forgets favors.”

“Elder Sister’s True Name?”


“Lin Yingmei, you must have come to Jade Dragon Mountain Range in search of materials to upgrade to a Four Star Destined Weapon.”

Lin Yingmei did not say anything.

“I just happen to have a few pieces of ‘Flowing Snow Luster Dream Stones,’1 I wonder if you have use for them, Lin Yingmei?” Hua Wanyue’s palm opened, and five water-colored gems the size of chicken eggs flew out.

Lin Yingmei’s brows rose. To upgrade to a level four Star Weapon, she required twenty-four pieces of Supreme Grade ice-type Spirit Stones and one hundred sixty liang of ice-type Spirit Sand. Hua Wanyue’s pieces of Flowing Ice Luster Dream Stones were just perfect. In the past few days, Lin Yingmei had collected ten pieces on her own.

Hero Star Wanyue smiled: “Since that man is your Young Master, I shall present these stones to you as repayment, Lin Yingmei. However, I wonder whether or now Elder SIster would like to go do some things that are more interesting?”

“What things?” Lin Yingmei asked.

I know of a ruin, it possesses a Double Star Forbddiance. It cannot be opened by Me alone.” Hua Wanyue said.

Double Star Forbiddance?

Lin Yingmei muttered to herself. Ruins that possessed a Star Crest Forbiddance often required a Star General to open. The interior often had many things that could increase strength in the Star Duels. “How about it. Since I had the fate to encounter Elder Sister, come along with Me. These Flowing Snow Luster Dream Sones will be gifted to Elder Sister.” Hua Wanyue’s delicate fingers danced, and the five stones flew over.

Lin Yingmei grasped them, a luster glinting in her eyes. She self-confidently smiled: “Your Servant naturally will accompany you!!”

Ruan Mei’er’s face was calm as she returned to the Water Fort, as if nothing had occurred. As for the two matters of the White Stripe in the Waves’ refusal and being stopped by Hu Sanniang, she downplayed what happened.

“Hu Sanniang?!”

Not long before did she hear about information on Hu Sanniang from Ruan Ping’er did Ruan Jin’er though she had misheard. “Why would you run into Hu Sanniang? Mei’er, did you see clearly?”

“The Golden Wind and Morning Dew double sabers, Mei’er is very certain that is Bright Star Hu Sanniang.” Ruan Mei’er took out a children’s picture book and began reading.

“Seventh Sister, you threw,2 did you not? That was on the ocean, how could you not defeat Hu Sanniang?” Ruan Ping’er cruelly smiled.

“Completely insignificant.” Ruan Mei’er’s reply was considerably blunt.

“Mei’er is correct. It seems Hu Sanniang’s Star Master, the man named Su Xing, has formed a relationship with Zhang Shun. If they had actually battled, it would be very unfavorable for Mei’er.” Ruan Jin’er was pensive.

“We Ruan Sisters truly are too humiliated. Two of us have been repelled by Hu Sanniang…” Ruan Ping’er licked her lips, not even a bit with the dejection of defeat. On the contrary, the evil in her expression was even more brilliant.

Ruan Mei’er expressionlessly looked at her book. Victory was fine, defeat was fine, she was not concerned with either.

“Right, Big Sister, I recall that man has the Birth Treasure Outline.” Ruan Ping’er suddenly recalled this matter.

Ruan Jin’er and Ruan Mei’er both showed expressions of shock.

“What? The Birth Treasure Outline? The Second Phase’s Birth Treasure Outline?”

Ruan Jin’er asked.

“Of course, he even used it on me.” Remembering this, Ruan Ping’er was in a bad mood.

Ruan Jin’er’s inquisitively looked to Ruan Mei’er. The latter shook her head, indicated that Su Xing did not use it on her.

“The Birth Treasure Outline…” Ruan Jin’er mumbled to herself. The Birth Treasure Outline not only could be used to reveal the identities and status of all Star Generals, in the final Star Duels, it could wield unimaginable usefulness. In the past Star Duels, the majority of the victors possessed this treasure.

The Black Turtle Territory’s Birth Treasure Outline had been taken by the Devil Star Palace’s Great Saint. Ruan Jin’er always had been brooding over this.

“Since he can be in possession of the Birth Treasure Outline, this indicates he is a very formidable character.” Ruan Jin’er muttered.

“What I said was right, his cultivation has even reached Supercluster Stage.” Ruan Ping’er said.

“The Azure Dragon Territory’s was taken by the Purple Thunder Monster who contracted Lin Chong, and the whereabouts of the Vermilion Bird Territory’s and White Tiger Territory’s are unknown…” Ruan Jin’er thought, discovering the identity of their target honestly was somewhat mysterious, however, it was most likely he was without the support of a sect, otherwise, it was impossible to not have a Star General at his side when he was in possession of the Birth Treasure Outline.

“Will Elder Sister go greet Zhang Shun? White Stripe in the Waves needs to be taught a lesson before she listens.” Ruan Ping’er evilly said.

“But he clearly has another goal seeking out Zhang Shun. Perhaps this is the purpose for which he has come to the Black Turtle Territory.” Ruan Mei’er leisurely said.

“Then let us Ruan Three Sisters go meet him. I actually want to know how magnificent the invitation of us three can be. Would White Stripe in the Waves still decline then?”

Ruan Jin’er indifferently said.

“Fine, we can take the Birth Treasure Outline at the same time. Hmph, a man that has signed a contract is not a good man.” Ruan Ping’er smiled.

Ruan Mei’er flipped through her book without saying anything.

Facing the sea with the spring flowers blossoming.3

The place Zhang Shun lived at could be described with these eight words.

An unusual bamboo building was constructed on a mountain. The surroundings were an emerald green bamboo forest, and far off was the azure ocean. As far as ordinary people were concerned, this undoubtedly was an exceptionally good villa, but to Star Cultivators and even Star Generals, this was not up to standard.

“There isn’t even a bit of spiritual influence, and you live in this place?” Su Xing was perplexed. Spiritual influence could enrich cultivators, and places that were full of spiritual influence offered dwellings that practically all cultivators were in consensus.

“Yuqi does not cultivate and does not have a Star Master. What would I want with those dwellings with spiritual influence?” Zhang Yuqi giggled. She spread open her arms and said: “Isn’t it awfully wonderful to be surrounded by this serenity?”

Su Xing could not easily meddle with the interests of others. He changed the topic: “Then let’s go now and not delay any further.”

“Is Young Su honestly so impatient die with Yuqi together for love?” Zhang Yuqi smiled. Her hand pointed, and two cups of green tea flew before Su Xing and Hu Niangzi.

“This is called Four Seasons Spring,4 a Spirit Tea that can bolster spiritual power.


“What do you mean die together for love? Do you feel we will die?” Su Xing wrinkled his brow, using the Four Seasons Spring to moisten his throat.

“To go naturally needs to wait until you completely recover. Yuqi certainly does not want to bring along helpless children.”5 Zhang Yuqi mockingly said.

Su Xing had no words to say. He was indeed very exhausted after coming out of the deep sea, and he required rest to recuperate.

“And we still need to discuss something.” Zhang Yuqi sat on a bamboo chair, slowly speaking.

“So long as it doesn’t go against my conscience, I’ll oblige you.” Su Xing said instantly.

“Then what if I want to see you eat out your wife? Does that count as being within your conscience?”

Su Xing: “…”

Hu Niangzi: “…”

Su Xing subconsciously glanced at Hu Niangzi. The girl glared at him, then turned her head away.

“I can do it on you.” Su Xing said seriously.

“Relax, something as good as this wouldn’t convenience you.” Zhang Yuqi no longer joked around: “I want you to help me obtain one Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill!”6

“Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill?” Su Xing wrinkled his brow. He had heard of the Dragon Snake Good Fortune Pill, which was capable of increasing cultivation and Star Energy, but the Great Good Fortune Pill… “Don’t tell me it’s a pill that substantially increases cultivation?”

“No mistake.”

“This thing seems to be extinct?” Su Xing’s brow was creased even deeper. It was categorized as a legend like the Thousand Year Tears of Empress Wa.

“Extinct is only because there aren’t Star Duels. Recently, it has re-emerged.” Zhang Yuqi indifferently tasted her tea, the corner of her mouth wearing a thoughtful grin.

“What? Is what you’re saying true?” Su Xing was astonished.

“Have you heard of the Black Turtle Temple?” Zhang Yuqi asked.

Su Xing said: “One of Liangshan Continent’s Seven Great Ancient Tombs?”

“Could it that the rumor the Black Turtle Territory will open the Black Turtle Temple is true?” Hu Niangzi blurted out in astonishment.

“Yeah, at that time, all of the Black Turtle Territory’s Star Masters will go. The strife will be considerably intense, and the Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill is inside the Black Turtle Temple. This is also an opportunity for all Star Generals that have not signed contracts to be able to increase their power.” Zhang Yuqi pensively smiled. Her deep eyes gazed at Su Xing, as if saying – You, will you shrink back?

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  1. 流雪瑩夢石
  2. As in the sports term, “throw a game”
  3. 面朝大海,春暖花開, title of a song
  4. 四季春
  5. 拖油瓶, to bring children into a second marriage.
  6. 龍蛇大造化丹


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