Chapter 399: “Heaven Shaking Thunder” Ling Feixue

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Gududu!1 Gududu! Gududu!

The hundred cultivators of the Three Ruans Water Fort seized this chance to lay down the Still Breeze Quiet Waves Array. There was the sound of water, and their hands formed seals. Several crystalline water dragons interwove together. The ten li in front of Su Xing formed a mysterious array with a range of three thousand zhang. Stars swirled around in the center of the array, as if it was a sparkling screen of water, containing Su Xing within. It was utterly vast and utterly beautiful.

Within this array, Su Xing could not escape even if he wanted to.

Last night when he was immersed in the moonlight, Su Xing had already specially asked Zhang Yuqi about the matter with the Three Ruans Water Fort. He knew that the Three Ruan Star Maidens were powerful. The Ruans Water Fort really did not rise over several years. They were somewhat like Chai Ling, with contracts for the Three Ruan Sisters being extremely rare in the previous Star Duels. This Water Fort had always been passed down, and fancy that with the name of the Three Ruans so great, a call to action would receive a response.

However, although their influence was tremendous, these Star Duels had nothing to do with outsiders, after all. What those hundred cultivators of the Three Ruans Water Fort could do was merely to lay down an array, and that was all.

Furthermore, Hu Niangzi’s Double Sabers had been stopped by Defeat Star Ruan Xiaoqi’s Dragon King Dagger. In Ruan Mei’er’s arms, a killing intent leaked out, directly sending Hu Niangzi into retreat.

Hu Sanniang fell through the air, her double sabers dancing together.

Two beams of fang-like saber-qi were sent forth.

Ruan Mei’er suddenly opened her mouth and read an incantation. A Dragon King Beast appeared, opening its large mouth and swallowing Hu Niangzi’s saber-qi. Hu Niangzi sneered, flashing herself in.

The double sabers barely penetrated.

“This time will not be so easy.”

Ruan Mei’er sat on the Anitya Dragon King Beast.2 The Dragon King Dagger in her hand suddenly became a dragon that twined around her arm. It extended without limit, as if it was a whip. The Star Beast Anitya Dragon King Beast simultaneously spat out a water jet.

The Dragon King Dagger was pulled over, directly cutting open the seawater. Whipping down, the oceans soared into the sky.

Hu Niangzi’s double sabers barely blocked.

A Light Smoke Dance Step quickly evaded the Dragon King Beast’s attack.

“Hate Transmission!”

The Yellow Rank Saber Technique that was hateful to the bone emerged in the blink of an eye.

The Dragon King Dagger retracted and sprung forth, battling the double sabers.

When Su Xing saw this, at the same time he flipped out the Birth Treasure Outline, he also formed hand seals. The twelve Heaven Tearing transformed into a roaring dragon, the sword-shadow instantly flashing towards the Dragon King Beast’s water jet to help alleviate the burden of Hu Niangzi. Then, his right hand consecutively snapped. Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder blossomed like lotus flowers that he fired with full power. This counted as the two Ruan Sisters choosing just the perfect time. He had only just emerged from the Black Turtle Deep Sea after collecting Gen Wu Divine Iron, so Su Xing had expended most of his strength. Otherwise, Su Xing honestly wanted to use the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lantern to directly deal with them.

The Birth Treasure Outline’s materials manifested.

Star Position: Defeat Star3

Star Name: Ruan Xiaoqi4

Nickname: Living King Yama5

True Name: Ruan Mei’er6

Rank: Thirty-first

Star Weapon: Dragon King Whip Dagger7 (Four Star)

Star Beast: Anitya Dragon King Beast

Realm: Matchless First Stage

Innate Skill: Water Healing8

Five Elements: Water

Yellow Rank Special Move: Dragon King’s Thundering Roar9

Dark Rank Special Move: Azure Dragon Breaking Eastern Wind10

Current Status: No contractor (can be conquered)

Detailed Materials: …

Matchless Realm?

Su Xing was stunned. Living King Yama’s realm was even higher than he had imagined, far surpassing Hu Niangzi’s. After Ruan Mei’er rode her Star Beast, her attacks were incomparably more powerful than before. A Four Star Dragon King Dagger Whip was impressive, imposing, just like a dragon’s shadow winding around the surroundings. Hu Sanniang basically could not draw near.

Hu Sanniang flipped backwards. Upon landing, she sat on her own Star Beast Blood Sweat Silver Hair Horse. Golden Wind and Morning Dew quickly spread her murderous aura. Hu Sanniang was unwilling to lag behind, spurring on her horse to attack.

Living King Yama Ruan Mei’er gently waved one arm. The Dragon King Dagger had no blind spots, its attack pelting her, searching for a gap in Hu Sanniang’s defenses.

Regardless of Star Weapon or Realm, or even Star Beast, the Defeat Star far exceeded the Bright Star.

This was dangerous.

Su Xing promptly advanced to assist.

“The Birth Treasure Outline, hand it over.” The Ruan Ping’er on the other side did not sit and wait. Seeing Su Xing flip open the Birth Treasure Outline, she grinned, and the Ancient Dragon Alligator arrived in an instant.

Several water dragons also attacked.

Heaven Tearing criss-crossed, the golden sword-lights gathering to form a giant sword that slashed downwards.


Ruan Ping’er’s claws waved.

Water pillars rose into the sky, shaking apart the Flying Swords. The Ancient Dragon Alligator then opened its maw to bite down. Su Xing promptly evaded, raising the Prehistoric Spirit Treasure Green Lotus Peak.

The mountaintop spun and suddenly became giant.

A green mountain smashed towards the Ancient Dragon Alligator.

“Dragon King Break.”

Ruan Ping’er’s claws wielded the seawater, forming a seadragon shape that propped up the Green Lotus Peak. However, it was a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure, after all. Without even a moment, the Dragon king Break was squashed to pieces, and at this time, Ruan Ping’er already dove beneath the waves with the Ancient Dragon Alligator, thus surprisingly evading the Prehistoric Spirit Treasure like this.

Su Xing thought to himself this was regrettable.

Flying to an altitude of a hundred zhang, the twelve Heaven Tearing stirred.

With a sky-shaking boom.

Several water dragons rolled upwards.

Su Xing leaned to dodge. Surprisingly, the ocean waves rolled. A giant shadow pounced out of the ocean depths in the blink of an eye. The movement was more nimble than a flying bird. Astonishingly, it was that Ancient Dragon Alligator. Ruan Ping’er stood on the Ancient Dragon Alligator’s back, cruelly smiling. “Truly a reckless Star Master, surprisingly thinking you can best me, the Guilt Star, in combat!!”

Just as the Ancient Dragon Alligator was about bite Su Xing apart, just as Su Xing was about to activate the Chaotic Tail Escape.

Just at this moment.

There was a hiss, and a giant white python rushed forth from the side and knocked the Ancient Dragon Alligator aside.

At this unforeseen turn of events, Ruan Ping’er screamed in surprise. The Alligator Dragon’s sea-swallowing claws promptly flung out several Star Magics. Su Xing’s finger pointed, and Heaven Tearing flit across as a golden light that directly slashed down.

Although the Ruan Ping’er was too late to defend, she used the Alligator Dragon’s Sea Swallowing Claws to block most of Su Xing’s Flying Swords, there were still two the pierced through her Star Energy and injured her.


Su Xing’s fingers extended, and a magic weapon knife shot out at the same time.

The Ancient Dragon Alligator used its tail to sweep aside the knife.

When Ruan Mei’er saw that Ping’er was stalled, the Dragon King Whip dagger released countless whip shadows. Just like a roaring dragon, astonishingly, this was a Dragon King’s Thundering Roar outside of Star Magic.

Hu Niangzi’s double sabers promptly returned to defend. The girl’s body techniques could be rated as incomparably nimble. Golden Wind and Morning Dew formed a saber-net that broke this Dragon King’s Thundering Roar.

“Wife, look out.” Su Xing shouted.

Hu Niangzi was startled. A water sword pierced her chest. The Bright Star hurt terribly. She waved her double sabers, immediately retreating.

Ruan Mei’er did not pursue, but she looked at the injured Ruan Ping’er and wrinkled her eyebrows. She put away her children’s picture book. Her palm stuck to Ruan Ping’er’s body. Seawater sprinkled down, and her palm emitted white qi.

The condition of Ruan Ping’er’s injury instantly healed over, intact.

“He has really infuriated me.” When Ruan Ping’er saw that the one who attacked her was surprisingly Zhang Shun’s Star Beast Urgent Seas White Python, she was unable to restrain her anger: “Zhang Shun, will you offend our Three Ruans Water Fort for the sake of a Star Master?”

“Little Sister, this is a bandit’s behavior, how can the Three Ruans Water Fort have become a bandit fortress?” Zhang Yuqi smiled. She stood on the Urgent Seas White Spirit Python’s head, calm.

“Hee, hee. Zhang Shun has unexpectedly spoken up for a Star Master, is your brain waterlogged?” Ruan Ping’er sinisterly said.

“Not waterlogged, you made a move right under Yuqi’s nose. Yuqi is unable to sit idly and watch. Yuqi has just made a deal with Su Xing, and asks that the Three Ruan Sisters make things easy…Otherwise, by the time the Black Turtle Temple ends, you will have to find a deserted place to settle. Be it a blowjob or a Star Duel, your choice. Yuqi is fine with either.” Zhang Yuqie giggled.

Su Xing truly prostrated himself in worship of her, to be able to display those two words with full energy at any time.

“What’s a blowjob?” Ruan Ping’er naturally did not understand. She smiled evilly: “White Stripe in the Waves Zhang Yuqi, we will give you another chance. Quickly escape through the water, otherwise, you will be an enemy of the Three Ruans Water Fort.”

“To seek a Star Master’s cooperation for the Black Turtle Temple…Your brain isn’t waterlogged…Rather, you don’t have a brain at all.” Ruan Ping’er’s words were considerably unforgiving.

“Yuqi cannot make a loss on a transaction.”

Zhang Yuqi feigned vexation.

“Since things are like this, then I will send you off here.”

Ruan Mei’er was expressionless, her murderous aura magnifying.

The Dragon King Whip Dagger was increasingly malevolent, and the Dragon King Beast she sat on turned even more towering. The pair seemed to become one, a deathly stillness hitting everyone in the face.

“Look out for her King Yama Demands Blood.”

Zhang Yuqi put away her smile, flashing her White Water Mirror Heart.

“Stupid Zhang Shun, you have made a stupid decision.” Ruan Ping’er grinned evilly, spreading her arms.

Lightning flashed and thunder rolled in the sky. The seas rolled perilously.

The world became dusky and gloomy.

The Connecting Heaven Main Hall was even more vast than they had imagined. From the gates behind them came the never-ending sounds of combat. The rumbling explosions were increasingly ear-piercing, shaking this still tomb into rocking about.

Dark clouds of intense danger enshrouded the place.

“Yuan’er.” Wu Xinjie called, making Shi Yuan first go search for hidden treasures inside the tomb.

Shi Yuan knew intuitively, using Wind Chasing Shadow Hiding to immediately disappear.

The sounds of chills and explosions drew increasingly near.

“Master!” Hua Xue was grave.


Wu Xinjie grunted. Turning around, she saw that the powerful general reliefs had been shattered. Wu Xinjie could sense the powerful airflow even from very far away. Two figures quickly flew over.

The Nine Tailed Spirit Fox Hua Xue possessed her, and Wu Xinjie’s hand held her fan, smiling charmingly.

“Elder Sister, doing this is certainly dishonest.”

The young girl rubbed her temples. Seeing Wu Xinjie was unaccompanied standing before them, she broke into laughter. “Elder Sister, you are the Knowledge Star? Is blocking in front of us not too risky?”

“If Xinjie proposes that the Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb should be apportioned according to ability, will Little Sister agree?” Wu Xinjie enticed them.

“Of course…You must be dreaming, to speak of stealing things, who can compare to the Thief Star…” Feixue’s gaze looked all around: “Where has Little Sister gone? I cannot find her.”

“That is truly a pity.” Wu Xinjie sighed.

Han Bing’s ice-cold gaze flashed with chilliness. The thirty-three Dark Sky Star Frost Swords formed a sword array and descended.

Wu Xinjie remained indifferent.

Just when the Flying Swords were about to fall, shuffling arose in the air. The Eight Gates Black Gold Chains simultaneously unfurled and whirled about her surroundings, forming an iron defense. The Immemorial Sword Chant unexpectedly was blocked.

Han Bing was greatly surprised.

“The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain…No wonder Elder Sister is so bold…Then Feixue’s Brilliant Flash Heaven Shaking Thunder11 shall test this.” Feixue curled into a smile.

Two three-barreled cannons abruptly appeared on the girl’s back.

The pitch-black muzzles aimed at the Knowledge Star.

Wu Xinjie could not help but be surprised.

Silent Destruction Star Meteor Cannon!!12

“You are…” Wu Xinjie’s tone sunk.

“Assist Star Heaven Shaking Thunder Ling Zhen,13 paying you a visit!!”

Ling Feixue laughed.


The cannonfire was completely red, and red thunder suddenly roared forth.

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  1. 咕嘟嘟, SFX gurgle
  2. 無常龍王獸
  3. 天敗星
  4. 阮小七
  5. 活閻羅
  6. 阮梅兒
  7. 龍王鞭刺
  8. 水療
  9. 龍王咆哮
  10. 青龍破東風
  11. 閃煌轟天雷
  12. 寂滅星隕炮, could also be Solitary Destruction Star Meteor Cannon
  13. 地軸星轟天雷凌振


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