Chapter 400: Thunder Clap Fire Rain, White Treasure Monkey

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The underground palace rumbled, just like ten thousand galloping horses.

The fire dragon was like falling rain. The defense of the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain let out louder and louder whines. Ling Feixue’s face wore an innocent smile. The triple-barreled cannons hovering over her shoulders were more spiritual than Flying Swords. Immediately after Ling Feixue’s chanting, it endlessly attacked.

The fire dragons were practically endless.

The ancient ground already had been torn into pieces by the fire dragons.

The air burned with crackling sounds. When Han Bing saw, she controlled the thirty-three Dark Sky Star Frost Swords to plunge into the cannonfire. The frost-like Flying Swords endlessly slashed against the Eight Gates Black Gold Chains, flashing sparks in all directions.

Wu Xinjie stood in the center of the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain. Although the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain guarded against the pair’s combined powerful attack, in the end, there was a limit. Cold sweat dotted her forehead, and following an even more berserk attack from Ling Feixue, the palace was already consumed by a sea of fire.

“Master!” Hua Xue let out a grave warning.

“Wait.” Wu Xinjie activated the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain. The Black Gold Chains spiraled at an increasing rate, forming a storm. Ling Feixue chuckled, her cannons firing without any signs of stopping.

Assist Star Heaven Shaking Thunder Ling Zhen was using her skill with cannons. In Liangshan Continent, cannons were indeed an extremely rare sight, and the reason was that they were not that useful. After all, each and every one of a Star Cultivator’s abilities far outmatched a cannon. However, once in Ling Zhen’s hands, things were completely different. Ling Zhen’s Star Weapon Silent Destruction Star Meteor Cannon far surpassed the cannons of Liangshan Continent. Sieges on castle walls were mere trifles, and particularly when a Star Weapon reached a certain level, it could destroy Prehistoric Spirit Treasures.

This type of powerful injury potential could not be matched by even some incredible Star Generals, however, Ling Zhen’s Silent Destruction Star Meteor Cannon had one fatal flaw, which was its cannonballs – the cannon that Ling Zhen used was known as Flashing Brilliance Heaven Shaking Thunder.1 In fact, to speak frankly, it was her own Star Energy converted into substance and then detonated. Just like Star Cultivators, Star Generals and the sword-qi of Flying Swords, killing intent could seem to be substantial.

Each boom consumed vast amounts of Star Energy. As far as the fifty-second ranked Assist Star could say, to truly exhibit the might of the Silent Destruction Star Meteor Cannon, she required the support of a Star Master. Otherwise, her Star Energy would have been the first thing to not be able to persevere. For this reason, it could be said that Ling Zhen was one of the one hundred and eight Star Maidens who were required to sign a contract. Wu Xinjie saw that Han Bing’s history was not clear, but her cultivation surprisingly reached Supercluster Stage. Her teamwork with Ling Zhen was simply terrifying somewhat.

The situation would be bad if this continued.

Every time Ling Feixue fired on the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain, she consumed her own Star Energy as well as Wu Xinjie’s strength. The surroundings still had those Flying Swords lying in wait. The situation Wu Xinjie was confronted with could be said to be challenging.

“As expected of the legendary Eight Gates Black Gold Chain, the Knowledge Star’s Divine Weapon. For Elder Sister to surprisingly have it in her possession, Little Sis is impressed, however, how much longer can you last.” Ling Feixue leisurely said.

“Little Sister ought worry about herself.” Wu Xinjie smiled.

Suddenly, several chains changed direction and flew towards Ling Feixue.

Their speed was quick, instantly drawing near.

Ling Feixue was taken aback. She hastily retreated, the Silent Destruction Star Meteor exploding with a fire dragon.

There were fireworks, and a golden serpent emerged.

“Yellow Rank Technique – Weather Is Not Predictable!!”2

Wu Xinjie shouted. The Eight Gates Black Gold Chains that had shot over shuddered. One became two, two became four, and layer upon layer of chains emerged, endlessly changing. Within a breath’s time, there already were about to trap Ling Feixue.

Han Bing shouted.

The Flying Swords crossed and congregated into a line of ice.

But the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain was full of changes, indeterminate. The Flying Swords surprisingly were incapable of a breakthrough.

So powerful, this is the Yellow Move of the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain?

Han Bing was astonished. She said: “Feixue, careful!!”

“Ah,” Ling Feixue’s cannons continuously boomed. Although these cannons were powerful enough to stop the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain, the attack method was very clumsy. Several chains quietly arrived behind Ling Feixue, rolling over just like vines.

Ling Feixue’s body techniques already were extremely quick, but the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain’s Yellow Technique Weather Is Not Predictable exceeded normal levels of power. Those Black Gold Chains changed constantly, dazzling the eyes, completely unable to differentiate between what was real and fake. Ling Feixue hesitated for a moment. She was slow by only a step, and then she was trapped by the python-like Eight Gates Black Gold Chains. Five black chains flowed with a dim light.

Ling Feixue’s face went pale. She was shocked to discover her Star Energy was incapable of blocking it.

The Black Gold Chains bundled up her body. Just at this moment, those white clothes on Ling Feixue’s body suddenly issue a glaring white light. The Black Gold Chains were suppressed by the white light, surprisingly incapable of breaking through for a time.

Heavenly Spirit Astral Treasure??

Wu Xinjie was greatly surprised.

“Master, look out!!” Hua Xue suddenly shouted. Wu Xinjie threw herself, jumping out of the way.

A sharp, crystalline sword stuck into the place she had been standing at. The surroundings immediately froze over.

What a powerful magic weapon.

Wu Xinjie promptly controlled the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain to first take down Assist Star Heaven Shaking Thunder, but how could that Han Bing give her the chance. After her “Ice Sealing Sword” was dodged, Han Bing softly yelled, and the palm of her hand flipped out a knife.

Carved on the knife was a silver dragon, and the flat of the blade glinted with cold light.

She threw that knife.

That knife immediately became five phantom white dragons. These white dragons were like razors, turning into countless specters in the air. The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain was completely unable to stop them. Instantly, the dragons were in front of Wu Xinjie.

“Evil Cleanup Knife?!”3

How could Wu Xinjie not recognize this treasure, for this surprisingly was the ranked ninth Prehistoric Spirit Treasure of the Spirit Sealing List. The Knowledge Star’s expression was solemn. She threw out several defensive talismans, and on the other hand, using the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain to bind Ling Feixue, to leave her with even less room.

The five white dragon knife shadows whooshed and flashed on the talismans. Instantly, the High Grade Talismans were ripped to shreds.

Wu Xinjie’s flew backwards slightly.

Han Bing pointed.

The five white dragons suddenly flashed onto Wu Xinjie, their cold to the bone saber-qi slashing her body with a rustle.


Wu Xinjie could only helplessly recall the Eight Gates Black Gold Chains to defend.

The chains coiled, and the ice-cold knife-qi poured out of her body. Wu Xinjie endured the intense pain, retreating a hundred meters. Her body had already been filled with cuts and bruises from the Evil Cleanup Knife, leaving her unable to stand steadily.

This was not over yet.

Han Bing’s finger pointed again. A puff of white smoke spurted out, transforming into a net. A white pearl manifested, about the size of the diameter of a bowl. Unexpectedly, it was yet another Prehistoric Spirit Treasure. That white net covered and severed Wu Xinjie’s escape route.

The thirty-three Dark Sky Star Frost Sword became a graceful waterfall that descended.

Just what was the background of this woman?

Consecutively using two Prehistoric Spirit Treasures, Wu Xinjie did not dare be careless. The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain arranged into a dark and mysterious array, making the Flying Swords return with no results.

“Elder Sister, it is my turn now.”

The panting Ling Feixue shouted. The Silent Destruction Star Meteor Cannon blasted out fire dragons. These fire dragons blossomed in the sky, instantly forming a rain of fire. Crammed into the entire airspace of the palace, in front of Wu Xinjie was a shower of meteors and fire that was vast enough to make her feel stifled.

“Watch this Dark Rank Technique!!!”

Ling Feixue shouted.


Han Bing waved her arm, and the Star Crest on Ling Feixue’s forehead flickered, resonating .

The fire rain in the sky instantly swelled several sizes, from its original thickness of about an arm to the width of a bucket, “Elder SIster, if you have not signed a contract, your death is certain.”


Countless drops of fire with sentience fell towards Wu Xinjie, completely with no place to hide from the swelling wind and thunder.

The Assist Star’s Dark Rank Move.

Thunder Clap Fire Rain!!4

The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain suddenly manifested an array, tightly encircling Wu Xinjie’s surroundings.

The Knowledge Star tightly bit her lip.

Boomboomboomboomboomboom…Countless explosions rocked the underground palace upside down. The powerful airflow blew over countless pillars and buildings, and an immense hole suddenly appeared.

“Did she turn into ash?”

Ling Feixue thought.

The smoke and fire still rolled and soared in the air.

Those Eight Gates Black Gold Chains floating in the air disappeared, as if they had lost the light of life.

Ling Feixue fired off a few more bursts, inspecting her front.

“Be careful!”

Han Bing’s Flying Sword blocked. An Eight Gates Black Gold Chain that had suddenly flown over was stopped by the Flying Sword, leaving Ling Feixue in a cold sweat of shock.

Han Bing struck a hand seal, activating an ability. Ice rose in the hall, and frost formed in the air. The flames were instantly extinguished. A girl stood inside a giant hole, or to be precise, stood on the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain above the hole.

Several dozen lines of Black Gold Chain emitted a lively dim light, coming alive and writing.

“How is this possible.” Ling Feixue did not dare believe that the resonated Dark Rank would unexpectedly be able to defeat the defense of the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain.

“Little Sister Feixue’s Star Master truly makes Xinjie expand her horizons. Xinjie does not know what your background is, to be able to possess so many magic weapons. Are you of the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace or the Crystal Dragon Palace?” Wu Xinjie smiled. Her appearance looked relaxed, yet on the inside, she was full of grimness.

“Master, the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain cannot last much longer.”

Hua Xue warned.

Wu Xinjie grunted. Under Ling Feixue’s powerful bombardment and Han Bing’s Immemorial Flying Swords and Prehistoric Spirit Treasure, the defenses the Eight Gates Black Gold could make already far outmatched the myriad Spirit Treasures. However, everything had a limit.

“Just one more time will do. Shi Yuan is nearly done.”

Wu Xinjie thought to herself, her expression assuming an otherworldly adept’s dismissive attitude.

“Whatever methods you have, fully use them. Xinjie also wishes to know where the limits of the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain lay at.”

“Elder Sister, you are too arrogant.”

Ling Feixue was furious. Her triple barreled cannons rotated, then blasting out fire snakes.

Han Bing’s brows wrinkled. That Thief Star still was wantonly plundering the Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb. She definitely did not wish to stand here and be stalled by the Knowledge Star, but to make Ling Feixue alone face the Knowledge Star, she could not rest at ease. Against a Knowledge Star able to wield the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain, the Assist Star perhaps was not an opponent. Her mind brainstormed. Han Bing extended a white wrist, and she suddenly blew gently.

A completely white-haired and crystalline monkey that possessed a pair of diamond eyes the size of almonds jumped out.

“White Treasure Monkey!”5

Wu Xinjie was stunned.

This White Treasure Monkey actually was not a Star Beast, but rather a sort of Ancient Strange Beast that dwelled deep in the snowy mountains. Its figure was vigorous, more intelligent than humans and able to search for the treasures in the world. It picked treasures as if it was picking cabbage, thus it was called the White Treasure Monkey.

This is bad, what is the background of this girl, to unexpectedly be able to have this Strange Beast.

Wu Xinjie felt danger. In possession of the White Treasure Monkey, it was no wonder this girl had so many high magic treasures on her body.


Han Bing sneered.

The White Treasure Monkey became a streak of ice and frost.

“Where do you think you are going.”

Wu Xinjie extended a hand an pointed. One Eight Gates Black Gold Chain rolled over. How could she have anticipated that that White Treasure Monkey would easily dodge, evading the Black Gold Chain. Then, the Star Frost Flying Swords blocked to form a gap. The White Treasure Monkey’s reactions were extremely quick, disappearing into the main hall with only several leaps, entering the inner chambers.

“Han Bing, let us properly entertain the Knowledge Star that possesses the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain?” Ling Feixue rubbed her palms. “Elder SIster, allow Feixue to kindly ask – can you sign a contract?”

Wu Xinjie forced a smile.

The Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb was extraordinary, as expected, to surprisingly encounter such a powerful Star Master.

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  1. 閃煌轟天雷
  2. 風雲莫測
  3. 清君側, a negatively connotated phrase that means “to rid the evil ministers around the emperor.” This is a phrase commonly associated with those who stage coup d’etat to seize power for themselves.
  4. 驚雷火雨
  5. 白寶猿


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    Wu Xinjie extended a hand an pointed. One Eight Gates Black Gold Chain rolled over. How could she have anticipated that that White Treasure Monkey would easily dodge, evading the Black Gold CHain.
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