Chapter 408: Pay The Bridal Price Seven Times

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Gu Tong was considerably gloomy. She pointed at the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix perched on the roof and asked: “Can one of you help me drive this bird away.”

Li Bailian and the others shook their heads, using hopeful gazes. “Mistress, this is but the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix, the number two Star Beast on the Star Beast List…We cannot defeat it.

Li Bailian’s martial force was weak, so it was excusable that she could say such disheartening words. Female Tiger Gu Tong asked Xinyue and Zou Ke: “What about you.”

They shook their heads.

“Shuangfei, could it be that you are also powerless?” Gu Tong asked the young girl wearing black skintight clothing.

Several dozen darts appeared in the girl’s hands. She giggled: “If Mistress is willing, This Great Sage can use ‘Fingers Linked To Heart,’1 however, This Great Sage cannot guarantee against this Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix.”

“You actually can run, then the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion would be destroyed.” Gu Tong saw that she could not rely on the Sky Soaring Great Sage. Looking at that imposing and mighty phoenix, she gnashed her teeth. The imposing aura this Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix emitted was honestly too powerful, making the other cultivators not dare to enter. It had been an entire day, and there was no business. Gu Tong might as well close for the day.

“This Old Lady actually wants to see just what sort of person that man is.” Gu Tong said to Bai Yutang: “Tangtang, remember this. If that man uses any forceful means on you, you absolutely cannot surrender, know that? We Star Maidens would prefer a Starfall to that, and without any reluctance.”

Bai Yutang nodded, seemingly understanding yet seemingly not.

“For an Elder Sister like Gongsun Huang to care for Tangtang, that is pretty good.” Shi Meng leaned against the Guardian Stone Lion, speaking absentmindedly.

“However, Mistress, if that man truly is coming to pick up Tangtang, what should we do?” Li Bailian giggled. She then grabbed a white wine bottle, the sound of drinking echoed, and a dense white mist hovered.

Gu Tong muttered, answering: “We Sisters shall give him a test.”

“But what if he does not accept.” Xinyue closed one eye, butting in with a laughable interjection.

These words stumped Gu Tong. If the opposing party actually did not accept, they could not defeat him either. “Hmph, we would rather burn both jade and common stone. We will not let him exploit Tangtang. Sister, how do you feel?”


“Fine either way.”


Not one of them shrunk back, even if they were fully aware of the consequences of them destroying everything was that they would entirely break down.

“Mama.” Tangtang widened her full eyes, somewhat unable to bear this.

“Mama will never let a Star Master exploit you.” Gu Tong made her decision.

The six Star Maidens began to each discuss Gongsun Huang, the topics of some trials for her master. At nightfall, the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix suddenly straightened its graceful body, spread its beautiful wings and let out a phoenix cry.

“He has come.”

Shi Meng put away her indolent attitude.

In the sky, a young man came riding the wind. On his shoulder sat an exceedingly refined little girl. When the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix saw its mistress, it flapped its wings and flew over.

The expressions of Gu Tong and the others were grave. Each of them had their Star Weapons in hand, their palms unable to help sweating.

Su Xing gently landed in front of the restaurant. He was a bit astonished to see the beauties in front of him. He had thought of taking in Tangtang’s Elder Sisters and Mama, but he did not think there would be so many.

Including Tangtang, this Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion had at least seven Star Maidens.

“Papa.” Tangtang’s voice was like cotton candy, spreading her arms towards Su Xing.

“Tangtang.” Gu Tong hastily stopped her baby bird from casting itself into the forest.

Su Xing’s brows could not help but wrinkle. He cupped his fist: “Your Servant is Su Xing and has come to pick up Tangtang. Your Servant has offended everyone.”

“Hmph.” Gu Tong stiffened her face, speaking with displeasure: “So it is you who used flowery words to deceive Tangtang?”

“Your Servant is genuine and sincere, that is all.” Su Xing said, taking a step forward. The other Star Maidens immediately stretched their bodies taut, like tigers on the hunt, glaring at prey.

Su Xing smiled. “There’s no need to be so battle-ready. If I honestly had the heart to hurt Tangtang, against six Star Maidens, what Star Master would pay no heed?”

With Gongsun Huang present, Gu Tong and the others naturally had no way to retort, but the Female Tiger was not willing to give up.

“Since you said you want to protect Tangtang, then This Old…Tong’er asks you, can you actually contract Tangtang?” Gu Tong solemnly said.

“But of course.” Su Xing nodded. “I’ll sign a contract with Tangtang right now.”

“Mistress, this is a good idea.”

Li Bailian seductively turned her head around.

Gu Tong glared at her. Su Xing’s very self-confident reply made the Female Tiger somewhat skeptical. “However, we cannot believe a Star Master’s words at all…If you truly wish to sign a contract with Tangtang, do you dare to accept the trial we will give you?”

Gu Tong and the others acted as Tangtang’s Elder Sisters and Mama. To test him, Su Xing did not feel this was odd, but recently, time was somewhat short. Su Xing did not wish to give rise to too many troublesome twists and turns. “Let’s hear it first, if it’s not too excessive.”

Gu Tong looked around at the other Sisters.

“We will each give you one test. If you can pass, then you can contract her.”

“You ought to know that if I can’t pass that I won’t actually give up either.” Su Xing smiled and said.

“Su Xing, what you said is honestly very direct. However, Bailian likes this sort of man.” Li Bailian licked her lips, very alluring.

“Could it be that you do not even have the courage to dare try?” Gu Tong glared at him. “This Old Lady is willing to hand her daughter over to you. Could it be you cannot pay the bridal price seven times?”

Su Xing laughed: “You’ve made this seem like you’re marrying off your daughter…Sure.” Although he felt this was rather strange, he still nodded his head and agreed.

Was there anything not permissible with allowing these Elder Sisters to test him.

“This Old Lady has fed you all for such a long time, yet you still do not go obstruct him, make this Star Master lower his head.” Gu Tong glared at them.

“First is me…” Shi Meng said in a low voice, a peculiar luster flashing past her eyes.

“Do you mind if I take a look at your identity?” Su Xing said.


While she was still bewildered, a golden book flew out.

“Birth Treasure Outline!!”

The girls were shocked.

Star Position: Ugly Star2

Star Name: Shi Yong3

Nickname: Stone General4

True Name: Shi Meng5

Rank: Ninety-ninth

Star Weapon: Cloud Piercing Rock Splitting Boxing Gloves6 (Three Star)

Star Beast: Stone Suan’ni7

Realm: Thousand Militaries Eight Stage

Innate Skill: Petrification Skin8

Five Elements: Earth

Yellow Rank Special Move: Landslide9

Dark Rank Special Move: Rock Breaking Sky Shocking10

Current Status: No Contractor (can be conquered)

Detailed Materials: …

“So you’re the Stone General.”

“Hey, Mistress, he surprisingly has the Birth Treasure Outline.

The other Star Maidens thought they had gone blind. They blinked with all of their strength, making certain that golden book was in fact the most precious valuable asset of the Second Phase Birth Treasure Outline, the treasure capable of seeing all of the materials of the Star Maidens.

How could they have expected this sort of treasure would unexpectedly appear before them. However, when they remembered Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Huang, they then somewhat understood.

“Hmph.” Shi Meng’s eyelids jumped.

“How do you want to test me?” Su Xing asked.

“I heard Little Ke said in Evil Smiting Hall that Zou Ke could not deal with you?” Shi Meng gazed at the Single Horned Dragon  

“That was luck.” Su Xing modestly said.

Shi Meng felt the same. For a Star Master to think of besting a Star General in close combat basically was an idiot daydreaming. Maybe if they had some powerful magic weapon on them, or perhaps of some other talents, but hearing Zou Ke say this, the man before her completely used martial arts like those of a Star General. Across all of the Star Duels, only Majestic Star Panther Head Lin Chong’s Innate Skill could allow a Star Master to achieve this, but Shi Meng certainly did not believe that Su XIng would contract two top-notch Star Generals the likes of the  Majestic Star and the Leisure Star.

“How about this. So long as you can receive my Rock Breaking Sky Shocking, then Your Servant shall acknowledge you.”

“How do I receive it? Could it be Your Servant just lets you punch once…” Su Xing smiled.

“Exactly…” Before she even finished, without any warning, Shi Meng violently brandished her fist.

The punch was powerful, with an explosive sound.

In the instant her punch lashed out, the ground beneath her immediately received pressure and unexpectedly pressed down into a giant hole.

“Rock Breaking Sky Shocking!!”

It was like a cannonball. Su Xing’s eyes narrowed. He long already had taken precautions, and taking a step backwards, his steps were like smoke and mist, mysterious beyond compare. This punch of the Rock Breaking Sky Shocking directly boom with a destructive power that reached several dozen zhang, but it nevertheless could only bring about minor injuries to Su Xing.

“This somewhat ungenerous.” Su Xing shrugged his shoulders.

Shi Meng was stunned. She never expected that Su Xing’s vigilance would be so high. Her sudden use of a Dark Rank unexpectedly had been evaded.

“Now that you have made your move, do you still wish to test me?” Su Xing calmly asked, patting Gongsun Huang’s leg.

The Dragon in the Clouds understood tacitly, floating into the air and away.

“Hmph, Your Servant can use her Dark Rank twice. There is another one.” Her fair skin turned into stone, and Shi Meng was already full of fighting intent.

The air suddenly gave rise to a giant explosion. Instantly, Su Xing’s figure quickly disappeared from sight. The shrill scream of ripping air poured out, and a hurricane from who knew when suddenly appeared behind Ugly Star Stone General Shi Meng. In this ear-splitting shriek, it drew a perfect line.

What swift speed!!

Shi Meng’s expression focused. She could not have thought that the speed of the Star Master in front of her was quick to this degree. His figure was a blur. In that instant, Shi Meng could only lean half to the side in time. Her stone-like fingers suddenly slashed out five trails of blade-like killing intent. Her wrist quickly flipped over repeatedly, and the air suddenly let out a series of ringing noises.

It was as if there really were rocks colliding with each other. Poignant sparks flickered one after another, surprisingly combining into one.

Su Xing took a step back, surprised to see Shi Meng could unexpectedly receive this attack. It had to be noted that his strike was using full power, and he thought this attack could force Shi Meng into using Rock Breaking Sky Shocking.

The girl’s petrified skin was more powerful than magic weapon armor. Su Xing felt his fist was a bit hurt.

“Do not underestimate me!” Shi Meng’s pupils turned white, suddenly clutching her fist and charging.

Su Xing smiled. He thoughtfully waved a hand, and the Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder in his fingers seemed to shake off the restrictions of any rules. Flying in like a wisp of smoke, it was fast to the point it made people incapable of clearly seeing his speed’s constant fluctuations. Everything moved within one square cun.

Suddenly, the Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder already covered all of the places Shi Meng could go.

A silhouette rushed out. Shi Meng was completely unharmed.

This Innate Skill was powerful.

Su XIng was slightly astonished. If he was to talk about boxing, he actually was not the slightest bit inferior. With the Majestic Star’s Battle Doctrine, the Bright Star’s Light Smoke Dance Steps and the Skilful Star’s Boxing Arts combined together, the current Su Xing practically could make Earthly Stars feel envy.

However, Su Xing had no way to contend against the Star Weapons that Star Generals were intensely proud of. In a direct confrontation, this was absolutely not a good result. Su Xing used the protective armor ability of the Earth Book on his body, and then he stepped in, his figure like a whirlwind as he tangled together with Shi Meng.

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  1. 十指連心
  2. 地丑星
  3. 石勇
  4. 石將軍
  5. 石夢
  6. 穿雲裂石拳套
  7. 石狻猊
  8. 石化肌膚
  9. 山崩
  10. 石破天驚, for all you Gundam fans out there, this is also pronounced as Sekiha Tenkyo in Japanese


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