Chapter 411: Drunken Lord Husband, Little Wife

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Chugging down the Orange Jasmine, the blood vessels in his whole body seemed about to explode. The strength of the wine shocked Su Xing into a stupor, and he nearly fell over.

“Heh, heh, how is it. Not bad, right.” The Female Tiger put down the wine jug, her cheeks already completely red.

Staving off the alcohol, Su Xing’s line of sight gradually cleared. After all, the Heart Like Mirror was at its peak, so how could the Orange Jasmine be worth a mention. Su Xing did not answer. He gulped down the wine, leaving the aroma on his lips and teeth. His body’s cells seemed to be invigorated. This intoxication honestly was hard to describe.

Female Tiger also drank a big mouthful when she saw this.

“Hey, this is but the Orange Jasmine, not water.” Sun Xinyue looked at the two, speechless.

The entire restaurant very quickly was permeated with the scent of alcohol. Just smelling it would make a person’s bones go limp. Tangtang’s face were slightly red, somewhat hazy.

The first jug of Orange Jasmine was practically completely drunk at the same time.

“Good wine.” Su Xing did not hesitate at all to drink the second jug.

Gu Tong showed slight surprise. She also grabbed the second jug, stepping onto the table with one leg as she drank a large mouthful.

The wine’s fire and warmth rolled like alternating ice and fire within Su Xing’s body. His internal organs flipped up and down, his awareness hazy. All sounds seemed to disappear, and a supreme stupor made Su Xing only wish to die in the intoxication. He was delighted, extremely delighted.

Licking up the last drop, Su Xing wished to continue.

Sun Xinyue and the others looked at Su Xing as if they were looking at a monster – two jugs of Orange Jasmine, yet he unexpectedly still was not drunk. This capacity for alcohol was simply terrifying.

“Got more?” Su Xing twitched his lips. His whole body was enveloped in the scent of wine, his capillaries completely opened.

“How about you drink a bottle of White Bones Wine to decompress?” Li Bailian enticingly said.

“Tong’er, you lost.” Sun Xinyue wanted to tug at Gu Tong.

The Female Tiger was clearly somewhat drunk, her eyes unfocused, her speech slurred. “Hmph, as if This Old Lady would give her daughter to you…Hmph…This Old Lady is Tangtang’s Mama, she is unwilling to give her daughter to you…” As she said this, Gu Tong’s eyes were completely red, and she choked up. She honestly had an attitude of being unwilling to marry off her daughter. Even advising Tangtang was no use.

“Tong’er is drunk.” The group apologetically said.

“Su Xing, you can really hold your liquor. Never expected that Tong’er would not be able to outdrink you.” Sun Xinyue said. She was somewhat manly, confident and straightforward, considerably forthright.

“Is she alright?” Su Xing apologetically asked.

Seeing the disorderly Gu Tong, Sun Xinyue helplessly smiled: “It seems that Mistress is done for the day. However, we Sisters already are at peace. So long as Your Distinguished Self is truly capable of signing a contract and protecting her, the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion will support your kind efforts.”

Su Xing looked at the cute Tangtang. Those full eyes were like pure jades that made people incapable of destruction. “Tangtang shouldn’t participate in the Star Duels.”

Sun Xinyue smiled, not replying.

Su Xing covered his head. The Orange Jasmine’s aftereffects were surfacing, and his eyes were seeing stars.

Sun Xinyue saw that the outside of the restaurant was already cool as water, with a night wind blowing. She said: “The time is already late. Tonight, Your Distinguished Self Su Xing can stay at the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion. Tomorrow, when Tong’er wakes, we will then turn Tangtang over to Your Distinguished Self. She will also be at ease…” The girl was somewhat embarrassed.

“Alright.” Su Xing nodded. There was no need to decline. He indeed needed to properly rest for a night right now.

At this time, Gu Tong was in a drunken frenzy. Suddenly, she tore open her lapel, exposing a pink bodice. This bodice was completely incapable of supporting the Female Tiger’s great breasts. The bodice enormously bulged, and an erotic sight was leaked. The wine that Su Xing drank was nearly sprayed out.

“Hmph, Su Xing, compete with This Old Lady in this. If This Old Lady loses, This Old Lady shall go with you.” Gu Tong’s hands grabbed and fondled her chest, very unresigned as she charged Su Xing in argument.

She had wanted to run over.

But she was promptly held back by Sky Soaring Great Sage and Zou Ke.

Sun Xinyue painfully facepalmed.

“Bailian, quickly go take Su Xing to his room.”

“Gu Tong, I won’t let down Tangtang. You can be reassured. If you don’t believe words, if you’re willing tomorrow after you sober up, then you can accompany me together.” Su Xing shook his head, leaving behind these words.

“Hm, hm, hm…This Old Lady does not want to marry off her daughter to you…” Gu Tong was in a stupor.

Arriving in the room, Li Bailian sweetly smiled: “Hero Su Xing, do you require any other services? Do not hesitate to ask…”

“Then I will have to trouble you.”

Su Xing felt that Heaven and Earth were reversed, that the world was beginning to turn upside down. The Orange Jasmines’ powerful alcohol content could not be suppressed even by using the Heart Like Mirror. That scent of wine enveloped his whole body. His body was light as a swallow, and only after Li Bailian left did Su Xing collapse onto the bed, asleep.

A blue figure emerged.

Hu Niangzi looked at Su Xing’s unbearable sleeping posture with a harsh frown. Although the scent of the Orange Jasmine was enough to intoxicate people, as far as the Hu Niangzi who stuck rigidly to custom and remained cleanly was concerned, Su Xing’s body permeated with the smell of alcohol made her heart very displeased.

“Does Gongsun Huang wish to help wash the Young Lord?”

Gongsun Huang blinked, not declining.

Then, Gongsun Huang had Li Bailian bring hot water. When Li Bailian dallied Gongsun Huang on whether Gongsun Huang wanted her to help wash Su Xing, the Leisure Star sent her out with a stream of wind.

Hu Niangzi held Su Xing, dragging him behind the screen door to the bathtub.

“Dear Husband? Dear Husband?”

Hu Niangzi called out several times.

Su Xing slept like a dead pig, his mouth muttering something about good wine and pleasure. If right now that Star Master was here, he basically was just a fish on the chopping board to be taken advantage of, “If you cannot drink, then do not drink. Liangshan’s supreme Excellent Wines, could it be you do not feel injured from drinking two jugs?” Hu Niangzi’s appearance was practically that of a little wife grumbling about seeing her dead drunk Lord Husband stumble back home.

Then, her fingers directly stripped Su Xing naked and pulled him into the tub.

A pair of perfect, pure white fingers began to wipe Su Xing’s whole body clean. Although Hu Niangzi’s face blushed to the point of erupting fire, her movements did not stagnate in the slightest, very expertly displaying an aspect of a wife.

“Gongsun Huang?” Hu Niangzi was slightly startled. She saw that Gongsun Huang was undressing.

The little loli blinked and took off all of the clothes on her body. Her petite and fine body still was full of a certain immaturity like an unripened apple.1

“What are you doing?”

Hu Niangzi could not make sense of things for a time.

Gongsun Huang floated into the bathtub. Her pair of tiny hands then scrubbed along Su Xing’s body, her intent very clear.

“Married couple’s bath?”

This phrase flashed through Hu Niangzi’s mind, and her face was even more red, like a tomato.

“You, you…this…”

The Gongsun Huang who had already bathed with Su Xing before in a married couple’s bath found this as a matter of course. The Leisure Star was indifferent as before.

Hu Niangzi lowered her face, not uttering a word, forcefully wiping Su Xing’s body.

The Su Xing currently immersed in a beautiful dream was completely oblivious to this covetous treatment.

After helping Su Xing bathe with much difficulty, Hu Niangzi’s whole body was soaked. Then, she made the bed and again she carried Su Xing over. In spite of Su Xing’s sturdy body, Hu Niangzi had plenty of strength to do so. After she put Su Xing into the bed, Gongsun Huang also finished washing.

Seeing that Su Xing was still dead drunk, Hu Niangzi sternly said to Gongsun Huang: “Niangzi is not too convinced by Female Tiger and the rest. Niangzi fears that something surprising will happen to the drunken Su Xing. Tonight, we must look after Dear Husband, keep close by.”

Gongsun Huang nodded, sleeping to one side of Su Xing.

Deep night.

“Wife…Wife…”2 Su Xing talked in his sleep.

“Dear Husband, Niangzi is here. Is something the matter…” Hu Niangzi opened her eyes and walked before Su Xing.

Su Xing opened his eyes in a daze. In his line of sight, there appeared a beautiful young girl. She had a heroic air, eyes like cold stars, and brows like crescent moons. In his mind, the beautiful figure of the young girl seemed to carry an Arctic Star Serpent Spear, standing atop a snowy cliff.


Hu Niangzi gasped, for she was pulled into Su Xing’s embrace without any warning.

“Dear Husband…” Hu Niangzi had never been embraced so intimately by a man.

The sweet scent of masculinity after a bath hit her in the face. Hu Niangzi’s mind was uneasy. She wanted to push Su Xing away. Struggling, she suddenly heard Su Xing’s sleeptalk. Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue Hu Niangzi’s body froze. Her eyes were complex, and her heart immediately softened. She allowed Su Xing to hold her, an indescribable sadness bubbling forth in her heart. Hu Niangzi lightly bit her lip, half resentful.3

The candle light extinguished, and the moonlight faded.

This night was quiet.

The next day.

When Su Xing got up, he only felt that he had a bewildering dream. In his dream, it seemed that he had his wedding night with Lin Yingmei. Lin YIngmei served him with a bath, extremely tender to the utmost of her abilities. At this time, Su Xing recalled the dream of golden millet of Divine Mathematician Jiang Shuishui Heavenly Mystery. He then recalled all kinds of fantasies of making love to Lin Yingmei.4 For a time, he nervously held her against his chest, speaking every tender sentiment that he could not say aloud. In the end, the two became one, ascending the peak.

“Your Highness!”

A soft call came to his ear. Su Xing opened his eyes. Against his chest, there indeed was a girl, but she was not Yingmei. Rather, she was Gongsun Huang.

The little girl was slightly red.

“Little Huang, I was drunk last night?” Su Xing rubbed his forehead. He sniffed himself. Weird, I surprisingly don’t reek of alcohol.

Gongsun Huang slightly nodded.

“The Orange Jasmine is very formidable. The aftereffects are so strong. If at that time I had encountered an evil Star Master, then I definitely would be dead.” Su Xing had lingering fears. Although an Excellent Wine was good, only a dabble would suffice. However, that Orange Jasmine was indeed powerful. His lips still were left with a soft feeling.

“It is very good that Dear Husband can think of this.”

Hu Niangzi walked out from behind the screen. The young girl clearly had been bathing not long before. Her hair was soaked with water droplets, permeating with a fresh smell from head to foot. Seeing that Su Xing still had a bit of reflection, Hu Niangzi’s face was even redder.

“Last night, it was Hu Sanniang who helped wash Your Highness.” Gongsun Huang said.

“Wife, I’ve truly troubled you.” Su Xing apologetically said.

Hu Niangzi stared at Su Xing for a long while. She pursed her lips: “It seems that Gu Dasao and the others did not conspire against Dear Husband at all. Niangzi is also relieved.”

This instant, Su Xing had a sort of illusion of being cared for by a wife. He stared blankly at Hu Niangzi.

“Dear Husband, is something the matter?” Hu Niangzi wrinkled her brow.

Worthy of being called the absolute beauty among the nine generations of Maiden Mountain’s Star Maidens, she made Su Xing unexpectedly feel somewhat out of control. He said: “Let’s go down first.”


“Do you want to return to the Star Nest for now?” Su Xing suddenly asked.

He already had a contracted Gongsun Huang at his side. If he let Gu Tong know that he had also contracted the Bright Star, he feared that some twists and turns may arise, so last night, he had Hu Niangzi continuously conceal herself.

How could he have anticipated that Hu Niangzi would decline. “No need, Dear Husband. Last night, Dear Husband already conquered those Sisters. If Niangzi has not anticipated incorrectly, today, they will allow Bai Yutang to sign a contract with Dear Husband. There is no need for Niangzi to hide.”

Su Xing also thought so.

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