Chapter 42: If You Don’t Enter the Dragon Nest, You Won’t Get a Dragonling

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“Young Master, what artifact is this?” Wu Xinjie was stunned.

The Thunder Fire Bullets with extra Star Energy added that were fired frightened even Su Xing, the one who stood behind the barrel that let loose this awesome power. These exceeded the power of normal bullets by too many magnitudes. Checking and seeing that Lin Yingmei was not seriously injured, Su Xing did not test any further the remaining twenty-four projectiles.

“Now let’s go find that Immortal Hero Princess.” Su Xing took out the Thousand Miles Incantation Transmittance Talisman and stirred its magic energy. The script upon the charm turned into a serene light that shot out and away, and Su Xing immediately followed it after he used it. The Thousand Miles Incantation Transmittance Talisman script could find the designated Divine Intent carved into it as long as it was within one thousand miles.1

After a moment, Su Xing found Gong Caiwei within the Heavenly River’s highlands.

“You’re very late.” Gong Caiwei cast an indignant glance, carrying herself in low spirits.

“You didn’t watch the Water and Land Assembly?” Su Xing knew the moment he asked that this was a useless question. The other side was the princess of the Great Liang Dynasty, so it was very unlikely that she only rarely watched such large spectacles.

Sure enough, Gong Caiwei showed an appearance of great disdain. “Watch out for yourself in a moment. The Star Cultivators that are entering the Flower Dragon Cave include strong adversaries not few in number, and this Gong does not ponder this variable.”

“I don’t need you to tell me.” Su Xing did not take her overbearing manner very well.

Seeing as they still had time, Su Xing sat down cross-legged and gazed at the Heavenly River’s endless expanse as he sunk into his own thoughts. To one side was the Heavenly Mountain, and to the other was White Horse Highland. And beyond this White Horse Highland was Liangshan Continent’s golden age dynasty — the Great Liang. Suddenly, Su Xing recalled a problem: this White Horse Highland covered several tens of thousands of li, and Gong Caiwei wanted to travel for just how long.

Su Xing was about to ask when he suddenly saw several escaping lights flying out of the horizon. Seeing clearly, they were unexpectedly several cultivators using the wind to control their swords, traveling the horizon. Su Xing’s eyes were fixed upon them.

“That’s Riding Sword Flight?”

Gong Caiwei turned her head, not understanding why Su Xing said this.

“Can you do that, too?” Su Xing asked, embarrassed.

“You can learn Sword Manipulation Arts at Nebula Late Stage. There’s nothing impressive about it.” Gong Caiwei coolly said.

“Then that group of cultivators are all Nebula Late Stage?” Su Xing was amazed.

Waiting here in the meantime, the great many of these fleeing lights coming from the sky were just like shooting stars. Seeing those cultivators flying swiftly through the wind, he had a content expression, but Su Xing’s heart itched. He was a pilot, after all, and had always yearned for the sky, but this flying was far more fun than the J14.2 It was just a pity that he was still far from Nebula Late Stage.

Another escaping light flashed once more, and suddenly, the cultivator atop the sword stopped. Spotting Gong Caiwei and Su Xing, he altered the sword’s course towards them.

Seeing the Nebula Late Stage Cultivator rush towards them, Su Xing did not dare to be careless.

That cultivator hovered before them. He was thirty-five, thirty-six years old and very mild in appearance. Seeing Su Xing was only a Nebula Early Stage cultivator, he paid Su Xing no mind; all of his attention was placed on Gong Caiwei. Cupping his fist: “This one is the Dry Tree Mountain’s Yun Youzi.3 This Lady definitely came to explore the Flower Dragon Cave. This one does not know if you would or would not form a partnership? This one will most definitely not disappoint the Lady.”

“Are you a Star Master?” Gong Caiwei asked coolly.

Yun Youzi went blank. He thought this was a joke, but seeing Lin Yingmei, Wu Xinjie and Zhu Sha, these three girls with peerless beauty, he immediately raised a smile, saying: “Yun Youzi was rude.” Saying that, he left upon his sword. When he was far away, he turned his head around, his eyes flashing a hint of malice.

“There’re so many Nebula Late Stage Cultivators.” Wu Xinjie blinked her eyes. Those escaping lights absolutely dazzled the eyes.

During the time they were waiting, more than twenty cultivators had passed by.

“This Blooming Water Divine Thunder thing is wanted by everyone. A great many cultivators at the Water and Land Assembly’s opening will intentionally suppress their cultivations for this one moment. Danger lurks around every corner in there. This is absolutely not a laughing matter.”

“Why does this Flower Dragon cave intentionally restrict the cultivation level?” Lin Yingmei completely did not understand.

“I assume this Flower Dragon Cave must be hiding the secret of the Blooming Water Divine Thunder. Only opening once every fifty years, the interim fifty years is reportedly the period during which the Blooming Water Thunder takes shape. The reason why there is a cultivation restriction is perhaps because of this point. They fear that a cultivator with magnificent power will enter and pull the Blooming Water Thunder out by its roots.” Wu Xinjie giggled. She was completely unable to explain her profound idea: “It must definitely have a connection to the true Blooming Water Divine Thunder that the princess spoke of.”

Gong Caiwei gave her praise: “As expected of the Knowledge Star. You were able to deduce this from such a small clue. Indeed, there is a connection.”

“Young Master, consider this for a moment. Perhaps the true Blooming Water Divine Thunder is also not simple to obtain.” Wu Xinjie said to Su Xing

Gong Caiwei stared glanced pensively at Su Xing: “Young master Su Xing has only just advanced to the Nebula Stage. If he sounds the retreat now, this Gong will understand.”

“If you don’t enter the dragon nest, you won’t get a dragonling!” Su Xing’s resounding words held great force.

The Knowledge Star still felt anxious, for the Flower Dragon Cave’s restrictions also gave Star Generals no way to enter. If this woman really was playing some sort of trick, she and Lin Chong could only watch helplessly.

Su Xing smiled at Gong Caiwei: “If this is truly very dangerous, Lady Caiwei, you wouldn’t mind if I used a Water Escape Talisman?” Speaking of this Water Escape Talisman, most of the cultivators that were entering Flower Dragon Cave had prepared some. After all, everyone knew that the inside was a lawless killing ground. No one wanted to unexpectedly lose their lives so easily. In the end, treading the Star Road was not easy, so as a result, several Star Cultivators in Heavenly River City began to place bets and speculate. Making great fortunes, on a normal day, a 200 liang gold Primary Water Escape Talisman could sell for 500 liang of gold, a considerable profit.

“As long as you help me open the Heavenly Star Forbiddance, the rest is up to you.”

Gong Caiwei said, downplaying the situation.

After another stretch of time, atop the Flower Dragon Terrace, the Water and Land Assembly entered its final stages. The emperor4 ascended the terrace, praying to the heavens for blessings. Countless talents used their unique skills to answer the heavens. The Emperor of Rippling Wave Kingdom guided a courtier to face the river and pray.

The sky filled with thick clouds, thunderbolts increasing in number. Several bolts of lightning even broke through the cloud layers and struck the Heavenly River, erupting multiple ocean sprays. Magic clouds, lightning flashes, thunderclaps all in great numbers would, to the layman, seem as if Heaven really gave an answer. One by one, they all knelt in worship, not rising from their knees as they prayed.

The cultivators that had been waiting for ages began to grow excited.

“This Emperor is actually very smart, exploiting this to hoodwink the masses.” Su Xing said. “It reinforces his authority as the Son of Heaven.”

“Don’t mind this sort of mundane affair. Make ready, the Flower Dragon Cave is about to appear.” Gong Caiwei was imposing, staring attentively at the Heavenly River.

Upon the tranquil expanse of the Heavenly River, several hundred congruent whirlpools varying in size magically appeared on the water’s surface. By their rapid counterclockwise rotations, a fantastic flower bud took shape, the entire scene incomparably spectacular.

The magic clouds, thunder and lightning were all sucked into the whirlpools on the lake’s surface.

The wind started to blow fiercely, and the lightning bolt strikes became increasingly concentrated, dazzling the eyes. Everyone’s line of sights reached the Heavenly River’s surface that was already covered densely by whirlpools. Su Xing watched as eager and wary cultivators alike all rushed towards the inside of the whirlpool.

Placing down Tracing Snow, it grew bigger a size, and then, “Get on!”

Su Xing stepped onto the flying sword, both hands supporting the young girl’s slender waist.5

“You guys wait here!”

““Young Master (Princess), be careful!””

The Star Maidens advised.

Gong Caiwei nodded. With a light step of her foot, her sword was immediately covered in a dark blue escaping light and shot towards the Heavenly River.

Author’s Note:

It came late. I was fascinated watching Wannian’s elementary students’ theater. This unexpected occurrence wasn’t bad.

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  2. The next-generation fighter he crashed into Lin Yingmei.
  3. 枯樹山雲遊子
  4. Really? They use 皇帝 for the leader of a kingdom?
  5. Hey, he got what he wanted!


  1. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! Hope he has enough bullets to last this adventure. Given the amount of people here who are at a higher cultivation than him 24 bullets doesn’t seem like many at all.

    1. You hit the nail on the head. It really is not useful against opponents with a higher cultivation unless he has the element of surprise. Though, it is psychologically a devastating weapon, as you shall soon see in Chapters 45 and 46 :).

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