Chapter 424: Dreams Of A Butterfly

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Several blue magic circles floated around ranked seventieth Full Star Jade Flagpole Meng Hudie’s body. Her delicate hands held a completely crystalline treasure banner fluttering in the water with five flowing stars. One array after another entered the sea. This flag’s name was “Eastern Sea Crystal Blue Flag”1 Full Star Meng Hudie’s Destined Star Weapon.

Soon after, a large portion of the sea already was covered in every sort of profound array. These arrays and the arrays that cultivators used were not the same. Every kind of water-type puppet gathered in the center of the array. Whether it be lions or tigers, whales or sharks, or boats and blades, although each was different they were tigers that had grown wings inside the water. Even a powerful cultivator would unavoidably waste a lot of energy if they intruded into it.

The Black Turtle Temple’s highest priority was to rush to the Black Turtle Idol in the deepest layer to seize the Dragon Snake Good Fortune Pills. Furthermore, whoever’s speed was the fastest appeared particularly significant. These endless water puppets that Jade Flagpole created could, by lucky coincidence, become the magic weapon of victory.

“Hudie, let us go.” Jiang Shiyu looked at the water array and showed a grin. With this many water puppets, the other Star Master perhaps would waste a lot of pipe. He looked to be the first to reach this Black Turtle Idol.

Meng Hudie nodded.

Just as the two were about to leave.

Suddenly, the depths rolled with a storm. Space shook, and all of the water arrays were completely revealed.

Meng Hudie and Jiang Shiyu were stunned at the same time. Immediately, they assumed vigilant stances.

A muffled noise.

Several water puppets promptly disintegrated. A Frost Fair Blade of rolling devil qi appeared in their line of sight, and Jiang Shiyu’s face suddenly changed.

“Full Star Jade Flagpole Meng Kang, you truly love to stir up trouble.”

Flying Swords moved about unbridled in the depths. Countless puppets were twisted to pieces. An evil man appeared. When he saw Meng Hudie, he could not help but sneer.

An extraordinarily heroic young girl also cut apart the array and appeared.

Great Saint Starkiller!!

Brave Star Guan Ying.

“Go!” Jiang Shiyu did not hesitate to shout.

“Thinking of fleeing?”

Great Saint Starkiller was disdainful. At once, he waved his hand without uttering a word. Suddenly, there was a clear ring, and several dozen starlight-like Flying Swords swam out like fishes from the void, becoming streaks of sword-light about one chi long. They circled around in front of his body.

Immediately, Great Saint Starkiller chanted and formed hand seals, rushing a bit at Jiang Shiyu.

All of the sword-lights shook. The light of stars radiated, and one instantly became seven, multiplying several hundred times into unique sword-lights. Slightly fluttering, the star-like sword-qi practically filled half a sea, appearing like a dazzling galaxy, extremely astonishing.

Jiang Shiyu knew that the Flying Swords Great Saint Starkiller favored was the renowned Immemorial Sword Chant Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Sword, and he knew of its might as well. With a great shout, he suddenly raised his hand. Flying Soul Scattered Spirit Swords simultaneously rose, instantly becoming countless black wisps of qi, directly advancing for a confrontation. His other hand held a pearl that was also raised. After pinpricks of green light flashed, it transformed into a green barrier that he protected his front with.

Immediately, Jiang Shiyu lowered his head and continuously flipped through hand seals.

The black and baleful Flying Soul Scattered Spirit Swords each formed malevolent python-sized tendrils that penetrated into the Supervoid Sword Array of Great Saint Starkiller’s Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Swords.

“The Flying Soul Scattered Spirit Sword, the Fiend Soul Sect also has spent its capital.” Great Saint Starkiller smiled. Both of their Flying Swords suddenly locked in battle. His own Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Swords’ sword array unexpectedly had been locked down.

“Watch this.”

Full Star Meng Hudie very quickly took action, shaking the Eastern Sea Crystal Blue Flag.

She used her Yellow Rank Technique – Fish Back In Water!

The flag’s countless scripts swam about like tadpoles. The Star Crest on Meng Hudie’s forehead glimmered, reflecting with her master’s. The waves rolled, and countless water puppets were then created, baring their fangs and claws, biting at Great Saint Starkiller with the maws.

The Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade spurt forth purple qi, slashing from the front.

It slashed and ripped.

A Four Star Destined Weapon Great Blade, the water puppets completely were unable to withstand this.

Guan Ying bit her lip, raising the Great Blade as she rushed at Meng Hudie.

Meng Hudie continuously waved her banner. One water puppet after another appeared from the surroundings, attacking Guan Ying in an unending stream.

Despite the Brave Star’s extremely powerful martial force, the Four Star Destined Weapon in her hand even more exceptional, the deep sea hindered her power. She was far from as smooth and steady as she was on land. Even the Guanghan Red Hare was incapable of use underwater, otherwise even if the Full Star was a genius, she was incapable of withstanding the Brave Star.

“Guan Ying, today, you will Starfal!”

Upon seeing Guan Ying was entangled by the water puppets, Meng Hudie suddenly shouted. The Five Star Eastern Sea Crystal Blue Flag’s blue light glowed, illuminating several li of the sea. Even the surface of the sea surged with a blue mist.

The Full Star’s flag shook.

An enormous rumble.

A giant water beast awoke. Its body was large as a mountain, its mouth swallowing the heavens.

Dark Rank Technique – Sea Swallower.2

“Does Little Sister say these words to make This General not hold back at all?” Guan Ying slashed apart the puppet, and she coldly spoke.

The Sea Swallower opened its mouth, and the water current madly rushed downwards.

A black shadow flickered. Great Saint Starkiller defended in front of Guan Ying, his Flying Swords whooshing together to form a shield.

Great Saint Starkiller’s complexion was slightly pale. This Sea Swallower giant’s power was far more tyrannical than he had imagined.

“Fish Back In Water.”

Meng Hudie continuously used her Yellow Rank. By relying on the deep sea’s area, the Full Star’s Yellow Rank practically had no limits at all. A large water puppet was called forth. Jiang Shiyu also wanted to seize the chance to see if he could dispatch the Black Turtle Territory’s number one Star Master. His most powerful attack magic weapon “Soul Breaking Platform”3 was simultaneously used.

“Jiang Shiyu, you also dare show off in front of This Great Saint.”

Great Saint Starkiller sneered.

Suddenly, a bell hung above his head.


A crisp and melodious ring.

That instant, the entire sea area sunk into a mysterious realm of stillness. All sounds, noises and even the flow of water stopped this moment.

The second ring.

Jiang Shiyu’s Soul Breaking Platform lost its edge and returned to his palm.

“Boundless Bell!!”

Jiang Shiyu’s complexion was extremely unsightly.

“Hudie, we are leaving!”

The moment the Boundless Bell appeared, Jiang Shiyu then knew that regardless of what happened, he could not possibly kill Great Saint Starkiller.

“Thinking of escaping?”

Great Saint Starkiller pointed, and the Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Swords pursued.

A large water flow bubbled forth that obstructed his Flying Swords. Great Saint Starkiller turned his head to see that the Full Star still waved her flag. Although the countless puppets and arrays  she created were unable to budge under the Boundless Bell, the Dark Rank Technique of the Full Star’s Five Star Destined Weapon could not be helped.


Innumerable water arrows shot over.

Guan Ying at this time raised the blade already to slash Meng Hudie. The latter retreated, once again shaking her flag.

“Never expected Great Saint Starkiller would be so quick to use the Boundless Bell. It seems you are merely so.” Jiang Shiyu chuckled. He pulled Meng Hudie, the both of them quickly escaping under the protection of the Sea Swallower.

Several minutes afterward.

The Sea Swallower was slain by the combined efforts of Great Saint Starkiller and Guan Ying.

Seeing the Full Star had unexpectedly escaped from under their noses, Great Saint Starkiller’s gaze was extremely cold.

“This Great Saint shall see just where you can run.”


Su Xing and Zhang Yuqi headed for Black Turtle Temple’s deepest level when they suddenly heard a clear bell sound in the murky depths. Su Xing immediately recognized this sound.

“Great Saint Starkiller is unexpectedly using the Boundless Bell right now.” Su Xing’s brow wrinkled.

“They’re already very far away. Let’s go first.”

When Zhang Yuqi heard that the bell was already increasingly farther away, she knew some Star Master was already rushing before them, but those puppets the Full Star created were truly a headache. The endless puppets were near invincible. Although their martial force was not strong, tangling with them was ceaseless.

“Do you want to drink Seemingly Drunk And Stupefied.” Su Xing said as he looked at her.

“Seemingly Drunk And Stupefied?” Zhang Yuqi winked.

Bai Yutang appeared against Su Xing’s chest. Her fair hands cupped Dreamless. Even in the deep sea, the scent of alcohol could be smelled. “So cute.” Zhang Yuqi was entranced by Bai Yutang’s fairy-like and cute eyes. She reached out to pinch her.

Su Xing seized her groping hands. “This is my daughter, don’t mess around. Do you want a drink?”

“Why do you want Yuqi to drink wine? Could it be you want to make Yuqi drunk to help give you a blowjob?” Zhang Yuqi grinned.

“Could you not mention the word blowjob in front of my daughter?” Su Xing was speechless.

“Papa, Tangtang can give a blowjob.”5 The innocent Bai Yutang did not understand the meaning of her words, pitifully speaking.

Zhang Yuqi stifled a laugh.

Su Xing ruthlessly glared at Zhang Yuqi.

“The wine that the Rat Star brewed? Yuqi definitely wants a taste.” Zhang Yuqi snickered. Her red lips slightly parted, and she poured herself some wine from Dreamless. Her cheeks were flushed, and Zhang Yuqi immediately became charming.

“Tangtang, we’ve troubled you.” Su Xing tenderly smiled.

Bai Yutang showed a sweet smile. She was not accustomed to the deep sea, and after making Zhang Yuqi drink Seemingly Drunk And Stupefied, she entered the Star Nest.

“What an incredible alcohol content…” Zhang Yuqi looked at her white palm. Her body seemed to have endless strength about to bubble forth.

Su Xing more or less explained Seemingly Drunk And Stupefied’s benefits. It was a pity that only one cup could be brewed per day, otherwise, several more cups would be truly unrivalled.

Zhang Yuqi had the Urgent Seas White Spirit Python return. She jumped up, beckoned to Su Xing, hooking with her finger. She made Su Xing also mount the snake’s back, and countless puppets already rushed over. Zhang Yuqi flashed the White Water Mirror Heart.

Blue light from her fingertip pierced all directions.

All Rivers Reach Seas!

A blue wave marking like a ripple undulated from her ring. In a split second, all of the water arrays and puppets were torn apart by a powerful whirlpool. Under the stirring of the light rays, the water array and puppets disintegrated in succession.


Zhang Yuqi commanded.

The Urgent Seas White Spirit Python broke through the water like a sharp sword, like a white shooting star.

All Rivers Reach Seas was unstoppable. Combined with the Urgent Seas White Python tearing through everything like dry vegetation, she ripped open a bloody path.

By doing so, Su Xing became much more relaxed.

Gongsun Huang sat on Su Xing’s shoulder and tugged at his clothes.

Su Xing lifted his gaze.

Gongsun Huang suddenly pointed at a place.

Following the direction she pointed in, there was a black and obscure murkiness several li away. However, he could see clearly in the waterflow that place had countless water puppets battling with other cultivators that had entered the Black Turtle Temple.

If it was only this, Gongsun Huang would not purposefully indicate to Su Xing.

Su Xing looked and listened. Amidst the countless voices of battle, there came the soundwaves of a lion-like roar. That sound was especially ear-piercing.

This sound…Su Xing frowned.

“Yuqi, go take a look over there.” Su Xing suddenly said.

Zhang Yuqi was confused. Seeing that Su Xing’s face was somewhat grim, she did not say a word. She made the Urgent Seas White Spirit Python change direction.

Like a white arrow piercing the waves, very quickly, they saw a young woman in a pink skirt struggling in the middle of innumerable water puppets.

That young woman’s movements were somewhat funny. She opened her mouth, and expelled a soundwave that shattered the water puppets. Only, that these water puppets were honestly too numerous. The girl clearly was somewhat unable to persist.

“Why’s Female Tiger Gu Dasao also here?”

Zhang Yuqi was stupefied.

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  1. 東海晶藍旗
  2. 吞海
  3. 斷魂台
  5. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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