Chapter 425: Double Starfall

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Zhang Yuqi could not understand. As everyone knows, the Black Turtle Temple was extremely dangerous, and it was even located within the deep sea. Star Generals that were normally of extraordinary of martial force would not necessarily dive in search of treasure, much less the hundredth and first ranked Yin Star Female Tiger Gu Dasao. With just merely water puppets for now, the Female Tiger already was somewhat unable to persist. Just as she was in wonder, a figure beside her already rushed out.

“Young Su??”

Zhang Yuqi said in shock.

Su Xing did not reply.

Zhang Yuqi’s brow wrinkled. Seeing Su Xing so grave, she even thought that Su Xing was preparing to go kill Female Tiger. After all, after the Black Turtle Temple began, most of the Star Masters were on the path to the Star Duels. However, Zhang Yuqi also knew Su Xing’s personality. She thought to herself this guy probably was thinking of using the classic hero saving the beauty plot. Truly boring.

As expected, he was not outside of her anticipations. Su Xing immediately arrived in front of Female Tiger, shooting out a large Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder barrier.

Zhang Yuqi could only follow him upon seeing this.

“Su Xing.” The already very exhausted Gu Tong was somewhat in despair. She had never thought that she would be nearly destroyed by these countless water puppets before even encountering a Star Master inside Black Turtle Temple.

Just at this moment, she saw Su Xing suddenly descend like a divine soldier. In that instant, Gu Tong thought that she was seeing things from being in heat.

Only when Su Xing’s hand seized her by the waist and leap away from an attack did she realize this was real.

Just as Gu Tong was secretly fuming about Su Xing’s hand that took advantage of her, those countless water puppets already launched an attack. Tightly-packed water arrows whistled forth, surrounding the pair.

Blue light suddenly flashed. A giant white python appeared at this moment and rolled over the puppets. On the white python was slender young girl with golden twin tails. Countless splashes burst forth, breaking the water arrows.

Not needing any time, most of the puppets in the water were destroyed.

“Young Su, your desire is truly insatiable, to even not let go of Gu Dasao.” Zhang Yuqi winked.

“Young Su? Hmph, unfaithful man.” Gu Tong snorted.

“I haven’t even taken care of you.” Su Xing was helpless.

Zhang Yuqi’s face slightly blushed, not knowing whether to be happy or shy upon hearing this.

“Can you take your hand away?” Gu Tong actually was resentful.

Only then did Su Xing notice his hand was still wrapped around her waist. However, the girl completely was able to break free on her own. Perhaps she had forgotten.


Bai Yutang once again emerged from the Star Nest and hopped into Gu Tong’s bosom. She buried her head into the latter’s plump breasts, making Su Xing dry cough for a while.


Zhang Yuqi was confused.

“Gu Tong, why would you be in Black Turtle Temple?” Su Xing and Zhang Yuqi had the same thinking. With Female Tiger’s status and strength, she honestly should not have appeared in Black Turtle Territory.

“Why must This Old Lady not appear?” Gu Tong was displeased.

“Mama, Papa is only concerned about you.” Bai Yutang miserably widened her innocent eyes. Gu Tong’s poker face immediately crumbled. Her face flushed, and she tenderly said: “Has he bullied you? Tangtang.”

Bai Yutang shook her head like a rattle, making Gu Tong smile.

“Don’t tell me the others also came to Black Turtle Temple.” Su Xing asked.

“Of course they came.” Gu Tong matter-of-factly replied.

“Are you all idiots?!” Su Xing shouted.

Gu Tong was taken aback, very surprised Su Xing’s tone would be so heavy. She pursed her lips, a considerably grieved expression: “What are you so mad for…”

“Do you all want to die?”

“Right, do you also want to obtain the Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill? Young Su is so serious, he truly cares about you.” Zhang Yuqi was deadpan.

“Of course we have no interest in the Good Fortune Pill.” Gu Tong naturally knew that Black Turtle Temple was not at all a place they could come to, but they could not help the unexpected.

Zhang Yuqi saw they were wasting too much time chatting in this place. She first rode the Urgent Seas White Spirit Python towards the Black Turtle Idol.

On the Urgent Seas White Spirit Python, Gu Tong explained everything from beginning to end.

Originally, after Su Xing contracted Tangtang away, Gu Tong made a decision after careful consideration with the Sisters in the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion. Selling off the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion, they sought aid from the Black Turtle Sea’s Three Ruans Water Fort.

It was just by chance that at this moment, the Nine Dragons Aromatic Cart of the Nine Dragons Palace made them surprised. However, Su Xing actually did not feel this was a coincidence at all. Come to think of it, Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jinglun was in the vicinity of Yellow Crane Island, encountering Gu Tong and the others on her way back was not odd.

The Nine Dragons Palace’s influence was very tremendous. It was just that the Nine Dragons Palace in the Star Duels was rumored to have only two Star Generals. Even if Shi Jinglun was a formidable Heavenly Star, nine Star Weapons at hand was hard to contend with the Three Ruans.

Since she had run into six Sisters, Shi Jinglun naturally invited them.

Recalling that Su Xing spoke of Great Saint Starkiller stirring up trouble in the Black Turtle Territory, Gu Tong and the others agreed to go to the Nine Dragons Palace together.

Afterwards, the Black Turtle Temple opened.

“Shi Jinglun forced you to come to Black Turtle Territory?” Su Xing’s voice chilled.

Gu Tong heard the fury in Su Xing’s words. Her heart had an indescribable sort of delight, yet her expression still was a wooden board. “No, Queen Jinglun actually did not force us. But since we six Stars rely on the Nine Dragons Palace for aid, of course we cannot live under her charity. The Black Turtle Temple, we discussed coming together. It would be good if we can obtain the Good Fortune Pill, but if not, the Black Turtle Temple’s rare treasures and other materials will do.”

Gu Tong and the others made every sort of preparation, but they did not expect to encounter such enormous numbers of water puppets.

“The Black Turtle Temple is in the deep sea. If you run into Great Saint Starkiller, you won’t be able to run even if you wanted.” Su Xing shook his head, feeling the decision of Gu Tong’s group was not at all wise.

The Star Duels began at this moment. The six entered the halls, and the odds of danger could well be imagined.

“Many thanks for your concern, but we are not as weak as you imagine.” Gu Tong was displeased: “Even if we Starfall, so what. We long have already made plans for Starfall. What is a Star Master like you worrying about This Old Lady. Truly baffling.”

“You are Tangtang’s Mama. Young Su worrying about you is very inevitable and right. You are conceited because you in someone else’s good graces.” The first half of Zhang Yuqi’s words made Su Xing feel particularly comfortable. He felt that Zhang Yuqi quite cared about him. Just as his heart was feeling good, White Stripe in the Waves’ second sentence made Su Xing very much want to bit her dead.

“Careful that Young Su makes you give a blowjob.”

“Zhang Yuqi, you blowjob woman.” Su Xing smiled and cursed her.

“You dare!” Gu Tong’s face turned red, and she puffed out her chest.

“We’re going to the Black Turtle Idol right now, what do we do?” Zhang Yuqi asked Su Xing.

“That Boundless Bell rang in front of us just now. It’s clear that Great Saint Starkiller is up ahead. This place’s puppets have been destroyed, so there shouldn’t be any danger. However, who know if the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole from behind…1 Tong’er, do you want to go back first?”

Mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole from behind. Gu Tong actually remembered something, and then she earnestly said: “You truly are a very intelligent man. Truly, something like this can happen. For the sake of thinking of Tangtang, I feel it is better for you give up on Black Turtle Temple.”


Su Xing and Zhang Yuqi glanced at each other, feeling Gu Tong was implying something.

Just as they were about to ask.

Just at this moment, suddenly, a biting cold rainbow fell into the deep sea. In the pitch-black depths, it appeared incomparably dazzling. That crimson light spread just like a ring of blood, making the pitch-black sea turn dark red like blood.

Immediately afterwards, another streak of blood-light fell down.

The Black Turtle Temple was bathed in a blood-red from all directions in a split second.

Su Xing, Zhang Yuqi, Gu Tong and the others were simultaneously startled, their faces pale.

Two Starfalls!!!!

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  1. 螳螂捕蟬黃雀在後, meaning to be so focused on pursuing something that you are unaware of danger


  1. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! Starkiller has been good at hiding the fact that Guan Ying’s weapon has the nether stone infused now.

  2. Okay I was wrong, they didn’t even arrive at the water castle, and they were not forced.
    However, I am almost sure that those two were Tangtang’s elder sisters.
    It is one think to Starfall, but not from that asshole. Their souls will be refined after all, in hellish pain

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